is the only REALLY natural happening, because it reflects the nature T 3 G 16 T(163)162
when it is so clearly happening right now? You forget the T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
has no idea what is happening, how appropriately can you EXPECT T 9 C 8 T(390)217
that what he made is happening TO him. He does NOT T 24 F 2 T(852)671
of all that is REALLY happening within yourself. The understanding that T 25 I 12 T(895)714
protect yourself from what is happening, because it must contain what W 135 L 2 W(285)
to your own intent; a happening beyond your state of mind W 136 L 4 W(291)
occurrences, each circumstance, and every happening which seems to touch onW 151 L 12 W(318)
long ago seems to be happening now. Choices made long since M 3 A 3 M(5)
It is impossible that the happenings that come to him were T 21 C 3 T(767)589
of separation, unrelated things, and happenings that make no sense at T 31 F 2 T(1061)875
setting up control of future happenings. It does not think that W 135 L 16 W(288)
for He will judge all happenings and teach the single lesson W 151 L 11 W(318)
everyone, on every circumstance, all happenings and all events, without theW 158 L 7 W(342)
give a different name; all happenings in terms of place and W 184 L 1 W(398)
give it application to the happenings the hour brought, so that W 193 L 12 W(430)
applied to all the seeming happenings throughout the day. One is W 200 R6 2 W(452)
to be impelled by outside happenings. I choose to see what W 335 L 1 W(588)
1 B 22p. This happens to be the simplest of T 1 B 22p T(8)-8-
everyone has found salvation. This happens to be true. It is T 1 B 24a T(13)13
either; so he forgot? It happens all the time, until the T 1 B 30ac T(21)21
needs. Live and let live happens to be a very meaningful T 1 B 41r T(47)47
particular miracles which an individual happens to perform) does not matterT 2 E 23 T(105)104
But this sort of thing happens all the time. It should T 3 A 24 T(126)125
This particularly anti-religious concept happens to enter into many religionsT 3 C 3 T(132)131
3 G 13. What happens to perceptions if there ARE T 3 G 13 T(163)162
because it IS knowledge. Revelation HAPPENS. It is the only REALLY T 3 G 16 T(163)162
of healing IS. It frequently happens that an individual asks for T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
accounts, NOBODY can EXPLAIN what happens in psychotherapy. Nothing real DOEST 9 D 5 T(393)220
you believe that ANYTHING that happens to you is caused by T 9 H 1 T(405)- 232
holy will establishes EVERYTHING that happens to you. Every response you T 9 H 3 T(405)- 232
the condition IN WHICH IT HAPPENS of itself. T 13 T 13 I 2 T(536)363
Oneness out of which creation happens. The link with which the T 14 D 15 T(551)- 378
time, that ALL of it happens at once. For as it T 15 C 2 T(567)394
In the holy instant, nothing happens that has not always been T 15 G 5 T(582)- 409
G 13. What REALLY happens is that you have GIVEN T 18 G 13 T(680)507
you experience much of what happens in the holy instant; the T 18 G 15 T(681)508
that the miracle of Atonement happens. Afterwards, you will see the T 18 H 2 T(682)631a
IS irrelevant to HOW it happens, but NOT to WHY. You T 21 H 9 T(791)612
is a state where NOTHING HAPPENS. There is no victor, and T 23 B 7 T(823)642
dwells there? And think what happens when the house of God T 23 B 11 T(824)643
is Love. Yet all that happens when the gap is gone T 29 B 5 T(992)818
not a separate thing that happens suddenly, as an effect without T 29 C 2 T(993)819
the day, and all that happens now means something else. You T 30 H 1 T(1037)851
your glance rest on whatever happens to catch your eye, near W 25 L 6 W(43)
but knew that everything which happens, all events, past, present and W 135 L 19 W(289)
is not a thing that happens to you quite unsought, which W 136 L 7 W(292)
who rule my destiny. What happens is what I desire. What W 253 L 1 W(498)
is true for everything that happens now or in the future M 5 I 1 M(16)
a realistic goal. If it happens, so be it. If it M 27 A 3 M(62)
that he would be much happier without. He should also note T 3 A 25 T(126)125
in what seems to be happier dreams. Nothing that you have T 3 H 5 T(175)C 2
very holy. Salvation is your happiest accomplishment. It is also the W 44 L 8 W(76)
Self. We will approach this happiest and holiest of thoughts with W 49 L 3 W(86)
no longer afraid, and laughs happily at his own fear. You T 10 H 16 T(447)- 274
whom His mission can be happily accomplished. You who are steadfastly T 13 G 1 T(527)354
of Gods Son, but happily in the celebration of his T 20 A 1 T(733) 557
own identity? Would you not happily exchange your doubts for certainty T 20 I 2 T(758)581
and sounds are looked on happily, and heard with joy. They T 20 I 11 T(762)584
with clear life-giving water running happily beside them in dancing brooksT 20 I 12 T(762)584
it will follow, grimly or happily, but ALWAYS with faith, and T 21 D 2 T(772)594
way is open. Follow it happily, and question not what MUST T 21 E 7 T(779)600
He is YOURS. Reason speaks happily indeed of this. This gracious T 21 G 9 T(786)607
to correction that both may happily be healed as one. T 22 D 9 T(807)627
from sin and fear, and happily returned to love. They share T 23 A 3 T(819)638
brought them their release. And happily your brother will perceive the T 27 F 6 T(952)778
Spirit, and it is fulfilling happily its function here. Yet mind W 96 L 5 W(189)
world unites with us, and happily accepts our holy thoughts, which W 151 L 18 W(320)
certain of Your care, and happily aware I am Your Son W 232 L 1 W(475)
as hell, and love will happily replace all fear.
W 272 W6 2 W(519)
all the needed means are happily provided. Who can grieve or W 314 L 1 W(565)
safe, eternally at peace. And happily I share that Will which W 328 L 2 W(580)
of God lays it down happily the instant he recognizes its M 11 A 6 M(30)
underlies all those who seek happiness with the instruments of the T 1 B 37af T(36)36
in which you can find happiness in this world. This is T 6 C 6 T(279)C 106
God COULD not will that happiness DEPENDED on what you could T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
make, and the laws of happiness were created FOR you, NOT T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
needless. God wills you perfect happiness NOW. Is it possible that T 9 F 2 T(398)- 225
to accomplish ITS goal IS happiness. But it is given YOU T 10 F 12 T(436) 263
s function IS yours, and happiness CANNOT be found apart from T 10 F 12 T(436) 263
to maintain that FEAR is happiness. T 10 F 13 T 10 F 12 T(436) 263
its goal FOR YOU is happiness and peace. Yet you are T 12 B 5 T(486) 313
you believe that misery IS happiness. This has so confused you T 13 G 1 T(527)354
you are deciding AGAINST your happiness, and will NOT learn how T 13 H 3 T(530)- 357
CHOOSING RIGHT, attesting to your happiness that comes from choosing to T 13 H 5 T(531)- 358
glad acknowledgment, for hope of happiness, and release from suffering of T 14 B 6 T(541)- 368
His Son. Learn of His happiness, which is yours. But to T 14 G 5 T(559)- 386
of guilt, that nothing but happiness is there. No darkness is T 15 B 7 T(565)392
as a teaching aid to happiness and peace. Take this very T 15 B 8 T(565)392
you everything that makes for happiness. T 16 C 10 T 16 C 9 T(607)434
a little part of the happiness this sight will bring you T 17 C 1 T(632)- 459
intrude upon the DREAM of happiness. But consider what this means T 17 D 6 T(636)- 463
God created is APART from happiness, and nothing God created but T 17 E 1 T(640)467
God created but would EXTEND happiness, as its Creator did. Whatever T 17 E 1 T(640)467
that you would look for happiness? Or would you not prefer T 18 B 10 T(663)490
fear, NOT happiness. Let Him fulfill the function T 18 F 5 T(675)- 572
pay his debt, by bringing happiness to both. Let him remember T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
whole, which offers all its happiness and deep content to EVERY T 18 I 7 T(687)511
both of you with glowing happiness, and the calm awareness of T 19 D 15 T(706)- 530
yourself. And to LIMIT the happiness that you would have, CALLS T 19 F 10 T(714)538
For guilt creeps in where happiness has been removed, and SUBSTITUTES T 19 F 10 T(714)538
will answer. Think of your happiness, as everyone offers you witness T 19 G 8 T(716)540
your hope of peace and happiness in what MUST fail? Faith T 19 H 2 T(717)541
the bodys pleasure is happiness, but to ITSELF it whispers T 19 H 6 T(719)543
him thanks for all the happiness he held out to you T 20 D 9 T(742)566
remembered gladly. What gives you happiness you WANT to learn and T 21 B 2 T(764)586
you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain, and the T 21 C 2 T(767)589
NO. No-one decides AGAINST his happiness. But he MAY do so T 21 H 12 T(792)613
And, if he sees his happiness as ever-changing, now this, now T 21 H 12 T(792)613
21 H 13. Elusive happiness, or happiness in changing forms T 21 H 13 T(792)613
13. Elusive happiness, or happiness in changing forms that shift T 21 H 13 T(792)613
illusion that has no meaning. Happiness MUST be constant, because it T 21 H 13 T(792)613
Surely he THOUGHT he wanted happiness. Yet he did NOT desire T 21 I 1 T(793)614
2. The constancy of happiness has NO exceptions, no change T 21 I 2 T(793)614
that you CANNOT ask for happiness inconstantly. For, if what you T 21 I 3 T(793)614
you desire you RECEIVE, and happiness IS constant, then you need T 21 I 3 T(793)614
His Will and ARE His happiness, whose will is powerful as T 21 I 4 T(794)615
ALWAYS there to see; the happiness that COULD be ALWAYS yours T 21 I 5 T(794)615
sure indeed that any seeming happiness which does not last is T 22 C 3 T(801)621
KNOW it is impossible their happiness could EVER suffer change of T 23 E 8 T(837)656
from pain and give YOU happiness. And never doubt but that T 24 G 10 T(858)677
to make their Fathers happiness complete, and theirs along with T 25 C 10 T(871)690
equal ease and FAR more happiness, bestow forgiveness. And he will T 25 D 7 T(874)693
scrap and tiny crumb of happiness that you allot yourself. You T 26 B 4 T(902)721A
Be not content with future happiness. It has NO meaning, and T 26 I 8 T(927)753
is yours. Should not His happiness be yours as well? T 26 I 8 T(927)753
awaits YOUR healing and YOUR happiness, that you may DEMONSTRATE the T 27 G 7 T(956)782
thoughtless of his peace and happiness as is the weather, or T 27 H 8 T(959)- 785
miracles and golden dreams of happiness as all the treasures you T 28 D 6 T(977)- 803
he has received the simple happiness of health? What God has T 28 E 9 T(981)807
brothers health; upon his happiness, his sinlessness, and everything his T 28 H 6 T(988)814
and joy, and all the happiness His Presence brings, can be T 29 C 5 T(994)820
On saving YOU depends his happiness. For who is Savior, but T 29 D 1 T(997)823
which you imagine would bring happiness to you. And do not T 29 E 6 T(1000)814
filled with blessing and with happiness! And what a joyous thing T 29 G 5 T(1005)819
can substitute, and find the happiness His Answer brings. Seek not T 29 H 1 T(1006)820
that you are told where happiness abides, and seek no longer T 29 H 1 T(1006)820
of himself that will bring happiness and peace to him. If T 29 H 2 T(1006)820
your hope. For hope of happiness is NOT despair.
T 29 H 8 T(1008)822
reached, you will believe your happiness DEPENDS on being right. But T 30 B 7 T(1018)832
you have sought perceives your happiness. You ALWAYS ask advice before T 30 B 10 T(1019)833
but two who would have happiness this day to promise it T 30 B 12 T(1020)834
are FORMS which will bring happiness, and that, BY limiting, is T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
a place where hope of happiness can be fulfilled. And no-one T 30 F 2 T(1030)844
There is a hope of happiness in him so sure and T 30 F 3 T(1030)844
You never WANTED it. What happiness have you sought here that T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
you pay for is NOT happiness. Be speeded on your way T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
Nor IS there hope of happiness in it. There IS no T 31 A 7 T(1044)858
it is here delay of happiness is shortened by a span T 31 C 1 T(1050)864
learning lead to heights of happiness, in which you see the T 31 D 4 T(1053)867
being reached. Think not that happiness is EVER found by following T 31 D 6 T(1053)867
of infinite value, full of happiness and hope. Hidden under all W 28 L 5 W(48)
and time, to share this happiness with you. W 62 W 62 L 4 W(114)
considering your function, and the happiness and release it will bring W 62 L 5 W(114)
that would bring you greater happiness? W 63 L 2 W 63 L 1 W(116)
using the means by which happiness becomes inevitable. There is no W 64 L 4 W(117)
Each one will lead to happiness or unhappiness. Can such a W 64 L 5 W(118)
1969 Lesson 66. My happiness and my function are one W 66 L 0 W(121)
fulfilling your function and achieving happiness. This is because you do W 66 L 1 W(121)
Holy Spirit about what your happiness is. It is not a W 66 L 2 W(121)
knows that it is your happiness. W 66 L 3 W 66 L 2 W(121)
become hopelessly involved in defining happiness and determining the means forW 66 L 3 W(121)
God gave you and your happiness, but that they are actually W 66 L 4 W(121)
identical. God gives you only happiness. Therefore the function He gaveW 66 L 4 W(121)
He gave you must be happiness, even if it appears to W 66 L 4 W(121)
thoughts: God gives me only happiness. He has given my function W 66 L 5 W(121)
Therefore my function must be happiness.

--- Manuscript
W 66 L 5 W(121)
that God gives you only happiness. This could be false, of W 66 L 6 W(122)
evil, and what is not happiness is evil. God cannot give W 66 L 6 W(122)
Unless God gives you only happiness, He must be evil. And W 66 L 6 W(122)
was ever reasonable to expect happiness from anything the ego has W 66 L 9 W(123)
the application is suggested: My happiness and function are one, because W 66 L 12 W(123)
idea to you and your happiness, remind yourself that your grievances W 69 L 8 W(129)
cannot go. Suffering is not happiness, and it is happiness you W 73 L 6 W(142)
not happiness, and it is happiness you really want. Such is W 73 L 6 W(142)
L 4. 66. My happiness and my function are one W 83 L 4 W(166)
Fulfilling my function is my happiness because both come from the W 83 L 5 W(166)
happy if I would find happiness. W 83 L 6 W 83 L 5 W(166)
are: This cannot separate my happiness from my function. The oneness W 83 L 6 W(166)
function. The oneness of my happiness and my function remains wholly W 83 L 6 W(166)
can justify the illusion of happiness apart from my function. W 83 L 6 W(166)
and can only will for happiness and peace for everyone. It W 92 L 5 W(178)
your little part in bringing happiness to all the world. And W 95 L 15 W(188)
it has no peace, and happiness is alien to its thoughts W 96 L 5 W(189)
be able to accept the happiness which God has given you W 98 L 5 W(195)
open up the way to happiness, and peace and trust will W 98 L 9 W(196)
Will for you is perfect happiness. Why should you choose to W 100 L 2 W(200)
His plan as to your happiness. Your joy must be complete W 100 L 2 W(200)
proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept W 100 L 4 W(200)
the world how great the happiness He wills for you. And W 100 L 4 W(200)
messenger today. You bring His happiness to all you look upon W 100 L 5 W(201)
minute practice periods, by feeling happiness arise in us according to W 100 L 6 W(201)
will for me is perfect happiness. W 101 W 101 L 0 W(203)
continue with the theme of happiness. This is a key idea W 101 L 1 W(203)
If sin is real then happiness must be illusion, for they W 101 L 2 W(203)
Will for you is perfect happiness because there is no sin W 101 L 6 W(204)
Will for me is perfect happiness. There is no sin; it W 101 L 7 W(204)
Will for me is perfect happiness. This is the truth because W 101 L 8 W(204)
share Gods Will for happiness for me. W 102 L 0 W(205)
to help you reach the happiness Gods Will has placed W 102 L 3 W(205)
share Gods Will for happiness for me, And I accept W 102 L 4 W(205)
your only function here is happiness. You have no need to W 102 L 5 W(206)
that you have now accepted happiness as your one function. And W 102 L 5 W(206)
God, being Love, is also happiness. W 103 W 103 L 0 W(207)
W 103 L 1. Happiness is an attribute of love W 103 L 1 W(207)
This strange belief would limit happiness by redefining love as limited W 103 L 1 W(207)
God, being Love, is also happiness. To fear Him is to W 103 L 2 W(207)
is fear. It also emphasizes happiness belongs to you because of W 103 L 2 W(207)
today. Then welcome all the happiness it brings, as truth replaces W 103 L 3 W(207)
God, being Love, is also happiness. And it is happiness I W 103 L 3 W(207)
also happiness. And it is happiness I seek today. I cannot W 103 L 3 W(207)
of Him Who holds your happiness within His hand, held out W 106 L 3 W(213)
ask for safety and for happiness, although we seem to look W 109 L 1 W(222)
and the safety and the happiness you seek. I rest in W 109 L 2 W(222)
Will for me is perfect happiness. Gods Will is perfect W 116 L 1 W(236)
Gods Will is perfect happiness for me. And I can W 116 L 1 W(236)
share Gods Will for happiness for me. I share my W 116 L 2 W(236)
Will for me is perfect happiness. W 116 L 4 W 116 L 3 W(236)
share Gods Will for happiness for me.

W 116 L 4 W(236)
God, being Love, is also happiness. Let me remember love is W 117 L 1 W(237)
Let me remember love is happiness And nothing else brings joy W 117 L 1 W(237)
God, being Love, is also happiness. W 117 L 4 W 117 L 3 W(237)
Which I have made for happiness and peace. W 118 W 118 L 1 W(238)
Forgiveness is the key to happiness. W 121 W 121 L 0 W(241)
to take the key to happiness, and use it on your W 121 L 8 W(242)
role forgiveness plays in bringing happiness to every unforgiving mind, withW 121 L 13 W(243)
Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I will awaken from the W 121 L 14 W(243)
offers it. Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty W 122 L 1 W(244)
offers you another day of happiness and peace. All this forgiveness W 122 L 2 W(244)
L 11. Sink into happiness as you begin these practice W 122 L 11 W(246)
us and offers us the happiness we gave. W 124 W 124 L 3 W(250)
ask for sorrow, not for happiness. This course does not attempt W 133 L 2 W(277)
in ways appointed for your happiness according to the ancient plan W 135 L 21 W(289)
not conceive of all the happiness that comes to you without W 135 L 27 W(290)
merely wants to give you happiness, for such its purpose is W 136 L 12 W(293)
is more than just our happiness alone we came to gain W 139 L 8 W(305)
than that to give us happiness and rest and endless quiet W 140 R4 8 W(312)
time of blessing and of happiness for us; and through our W 140 R4 9 W(313)
Forgiveness is the key to happiness. W 141 L 2 W 141 L 1 W(314)
proclaim the wholeness and the happiness God wills His Son as W 151 L 15 W(319)
We would not let our happiness slip by because a senseless W 153 L 8 W(325)
could be surer that his happiness is fully guaranteed? And who W 153 L 10 W(326)
gone. His game instructs in happiness because there is no loser W 153 L 12 W(326)
them on the way to happiness. Their suffering is but illusion W 155 L 7 W(334)
that can contribute to your happiness. All are laid here already W 159 L 6 W(345)
Son became His Fathers happiness, His Love, and His completion W 162 L 2 W(354)
and death obscure the perfect happiness and the Eternal Life your W 165 L 1 W(362)
way, lighting your mind with happiness and love. Eternity and EverlastingW 165 L 2 W(362)
that can contribute to your happiness. And yet, unless your will W 166 L 1 W(364)
them by showing them the happiness that comes to those who W 166 L 13 W(366)
you. Be witness in your happiness to how transformed the mind W 166 L 15 W(367)
comfort you and bring you happiness. But be you not dismayed W 185 L 8 W(403)
pointed out the way to happiness that changed his whole perception W 191 L 5 W(423)
in that He wills the happiness His Son inherited of Him W 193 L 1 W(428)
replaced with laughter and with happiness. Nor could the even partly W 195 L 2 W(435)
Himself extends His Love and happiness each time you say: I W 199 L 8 W(448)
aside all hope of finding happiness where there is none; of W 200 L 2 W(449)
as easily for love, for happiness, and for eternal life in W 200 L 3 W(449)
You have not found your happiness in foreign places, and in W 200 L 4 W(449)
Will for me is only happiness, to find that only happiness W 235 L 1 W(478)
happiness, to find that only happiness has come to me. And W 235 L 1 W(478)
are bereft of hope and happiness. Send them to me, my W 245 L 1 W(489)
it sometimes seems to picture happiness, but can quite suddenly revert W 260 W5 3 W(506)
me? Can illusions bring me happiness? What but Your memory can W 272 W6 1 W(519)
Thoughts can only bring me happiness. If ever I am sad W 281 L 1 W(529)
could be a substitute for happiness? What gift could I prefer W 287 L 1 W(535)
Lesson 290. My present happiness is all I see. W 290 L 0 W(538)
is not there, my present happiness is all I see. Eyes W 290 L 1 W(538)
day I seek my present happiness, and look on nothing else W 290 L 1 W(538)
that I will see my happiness today.

W 290 L 2 W(538)
Will alone can bring me happiness, and only Yours exists. If W 307 L 1 W(557)
return to peace, security and happiness, and union with your own W 310 W10 3 W(561)
deliverance from suffering. And only happiness can be my state, for W 337 L 1 W(590)
be my state, for only happiness is given me. What must W 337 L 1 W(590)
pleasure. No-one would avoid his happiness. But he can think that W 339 L 1 W(592)
remember even faintly now what happiness was yours without it, that M 21 A 4 M(51)
His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One U 6 A 3 U(10)
everything. Healing is here, and happiness and peace. These are the P 3 H 2 P(16)