change the FORM of sin, granting that it was an error T 19 D 3 T(702)526
taking everything away before it grants the welcome boon of death W 101 L 3 W(203)
Freud gave a very graphic but upside-down account of how T 3 F 11 T(154)153
that equality is beyond its grasp, and charity becomes impossible. T 4 C 17 T(203)C 30
everything else the mind can grasp. T 4 G 5 T 4 G 4 T(225)C 52
is a difficult concept to grasp, precisely because it IS symbolic T 5 B 7 T(235)C 62
destroy, but entirely within your grasp. It BELONGS to you because T 5 F 4 T(248)C 75
What is more difficult to grasp is the lack of order T 14 F 4 T(554)- 381
and UNwilling to attempt to grasp for peace YOURSELF, Salvation will T 15 D 12 T(573)400
and it disappears; attempt to grasp it, and your hands hold T 18 J 7 T(691)515
understand what reason IS? Or grasp the information it would give T 21 F 5 T(781)602
repeated, but is difficult to grasp as yet. To minds intent T 24 E 3 T(850)669
endless, timeless, and within your grasp BECAUSE your hands are his T 24 F 9 T(854)673
that makes it hard to grasp the whole extent to which T 24 H 8 T(862)681
sets you spinning round, to grasp uncertainly at any straw that T 28 H 3 T(987)813
and hold you in its grasp as prisoner to itself. And T 29 C 9 T(996)822
These are not hands that grasp in dreams of pain. They T 29 F 4 T(1002)816
learn, or too complex to grasp. T 31 A 3 T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
and perfectly within your learning grasp. T 31 D 5 T 31 D 4 T(1053)867
the world is loosening its grasp upon your mind. And be T 31 E 15 T(1059)873
only strength he has; his grasp cannot exceed its tiny reach T 31 G 1 T(1068)882
seeing suffers. Your mind cannot grasp the present, which is the W 8 L 1 W(13)
this idea very difficult to grasp at this point. You may W 29 L 2 W(49)
that, evading capture and escaping grasp. It does not hide. It W 107 L 6 W(217)
world obeys can help you grasp loves meaning. What the W 127 L 5 W(259)
on and their minds to grasp. Now can the truth, which W 155 L 6 W(334)
think specifically can no longer grasp abstraction in the sense that W 161 L 4 W(350)
and wishes in its blighting grasp; all goals perceived but in W 163 L 2 W(356)
language far beyond his simple grasp? Forgiveness represents your function hereW 192 L 2 W(425)
must remain beyond my present grasp. I will not think I W 243 L 1 W(487)
they hear or reach to grasp? What would they sense at W 250 W4 1 W(495)
salvation, it is necessary to grasp the concept of time which M 3 A 2 M(4)
No one on earth can grasp what Heaven is, or what M 24 A 6 M(57)
your understanding and your simple grasp. Yet He has willed you S 2 D 1 S(17)
wholly sure and with consistent grasp of what the world can G 1 A 2 G(1)
from the very hands that grasped it, it will be wrenched T 12 G 10 T(508)- 335
anything that cannot be immediately grasped. There is a borderland of T 26 D 2 T(907)726
possibility of freedom has been grasped and welcomed, and the means T 30 F 2 T(1030)844
they are possessed, or even grasped. Yet this is also the W 300 L 1 W(549)
of the world cannot be grasped by those not yet prepared M 15 A 4 M(38)
Once this is even dimly grasped, the Way is open. Now M 18 A 8 M(46)
as little left within his grasping fingers as in yours. W 195 L 3 W(435)
moment goes irrevocably past their grasping hands, which cannot hold them S 3 B 2 S(20)
wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of Gods T 17 C 6 T(634)- 461
hatred fades, to let the grass grow green again, and let T 26 J 2 T(928)754
have miracles sprung up as grass and flowers on the barren T 26 J 3 T(928)754
to change one blade of grass from something living to a T 29 I 4 T(1010)824
were as blameless as the grass; as white as snow. It W 134 L 4 W(281)
apart from water, or the grass to grow with roots suspended W 156 L 3 W(337)
given us by God. The grass is pushing through the soil W 230 W2 4 W(473)
reprieve upon each blade of grass and feathered wing and all S 3 E 2 S(25)
all-encompassing thing. If you are grateful to each other you are T 4 G 16 T(227)C 54
to each other you are grateful to God for what He T 4 G 16 T(227)C 54
IS STILL THERE. I am grateful to him for that, and T 4 G 17 T(227)C 54
17. I am very grateful to the Apostles for their T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
your weakened ability to BE grateful, or you cannot appreciate God T 6 B 19 T(277)C 104
brothers, but he is NOT grateful to them. This is because T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
APPRECIATE, and you CANNOT be grateful for what you do not T 8 K 10 T(384)211
who ASK for love, are grateful for it, and in their T 12 F 10 T(503)330
Have you been similarly grateful to each other? Have you T 17 F 12 T(649)476
shine so brightly in your grateful vision, that you will merely T 20 F 4 T(749)572
is powerless, love enters thankfully, grateful that it is one with T 22 B 11 T(800)620
forever. But be you, rather, grateful that YOU can be the T 22 G 3 T(813)632
J 5. Heaven is grateful for this gift of what T 26 J 5 T(929)755
such a world. I am grateful that this world is not W 53 L 2 W(96)
but we can well be grateful for our gains, which are W 123 L 1 W(248)
in the dark alone. Be grateful He has saved you from W 123 L 2 W(248)
is changeless as Himself. Be grateful you are saved. Be glad W 123 L 3 W(248)
at home. It will be grateful to be free a while W 128 L 6 W(262)
at last, and we are grateful that the choice is made W 129 L 9 W(265)
come again to our awareness, grateful to restore His home to W 152 L 11 W(323)
of God, And I am grateful that I have the means W 154 L 13 W(332)
169 L 14. Be grateful to return, as you were W 169 L 14 W(376)
for this, for He is grateful only unto God, and He W 197 L 6 W(442)
Your way. And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of W 298 L 2 W(547)
Him, we will indeed be grateful. For as we remember Him W 350 L 2 W(604)
cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind. God M 24 A 4 M(57)
Why would you not be grateful to him? He has asked M 24 A 5 M(57)
What could he be but grateful for them and to them P 4 A 4 P(20)
doubt. Who would not be grateful for such a gift? Yet P 4 C 4 P(26)
to him, so is He grateful for the gifts His Son G 4 A 1 G(10)
become a light which Heaven gratefully acknowledges to be its own W 135 L 21 W(289)
them back, when He has gratefully accepted them?

W 197 L 4 W(441)
as an impulse toward sexual gratification. T 1 B 24j T 1 B 24i T(14)14
its inherent vulnerability to fantasy gratification. Doing the best you canT 1 B 41ba T(53)53
creation is avoided, and fantasy gratification is substituted.) T 1 T 1 C 7 T(56)56
to recognize as WHOLLY without gratification, WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
they were NOT suited to gratify your fantasies. This was not T 1 B 41av T(52)52
its own, and able to gratify its needs at the expense M 9 A 2 M(26)
they serve a need or gratify a want. Perceived as purposeless M 15 A 1 M(37)
you seek for satisfaction in gratifying your needs as YOU perceive T 15 G 1 T(581)408
help almost unheard amid the grating sounds and harsh and rasping W 183 L 6 W(395)
27. Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe. Man should thank T 1 B 27 T(16)16
bridge the little gap. Your gratitude to each OTHER is the T 4 G 15 T(227)C 54
what He created. Through your gratitude you can come to know T 4 G 16 T(227)C 54
them in return, out of gratitude. T 5 A 4 T 5 A 3 T(233)C 60
LEARNED. I do not need gratitude any more than I needed T 6 B 19 T(277)C 104
The unhealed healer wants gratitude FROM his brothers, but he T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
their minds, and by our gratitude to them make THEM aware T 7 F 15 T(323)C 150
This is our gift of gratitude to Him, which He will T 8 E 12 T(356)C 183
the Holy Trinity, created in gratitude for YOUR creation. They do T 8 F 6 T(360)C 187
willed to wake them, their gratitude, and their appreciation of what T 9 E 6 T(397)224
rushing into your heart, in gratitude for your gift to Him T 9 K 7 T(416)- 243
appropriate response to your brother. Gratitude is due him for both T 11 B 4 T(450) 277 -
will shine on them in gratitude, because they brought you here T 12 F 11 T(504)- 331
Spirit, and their power and gratitude to you for THEIR creation T 16 D 5 T(609)436
to help you learn. Their gratitude has joined with yours and T 16 D 6 T(610)437
it to the teacher in gratitude, and shares it WITH him T 16 D 7 T(610)437
him. As you learn, your gratitude to your SELF, Who teaches T 16 D 7 T(610)437
on all your brothers with gratitude, because your creations were created T 16 E 8 T(613)440
of HIS wholeness, and His gratitude to you for His completion T 16 E 11 T(614)441
this LACK of thanks and gratitude, you make YOURSELVES unable to T 17 F 12 T(649)476
in Him in peace and gratitude, and accept His gift of T 18 B 8 T(662)489
If you but recognized His gratitude! Or mine through His! For T 18 C 10 T(666)493
the other, and how much gratitude is due him. AND BE T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
to appreciate each other. The gratitude you owe to Him, He T 19 D 17 T(707)- 531
gather ALL your thanks and gratitude which you have offered Him T 19 D 18 T(707)- 531
in the presence of HIS gratitude?

--- Manuscript
T 19 D 18 T(707)- 531
what is offered you, in gratitude for giving peace its home T 19 G 8 T(716)540
each other, the debt of gratitude you offer to the Son T 19 L 12 T(731)555
as one. And, as his gratitude goes out to you who T 21 G 10 T(786)607
stand APART from blessing. The gratitude he offers you reminds you T 21 G 10 T(786)607
would you not exchange, in gratitude and gladness, the function of T 22 C 11 T(804)624
the shift from hate to gratitude before forgiving eyes. You WILL T 22 G 3 T(814)633
theirs along with His. The gratitude of God Himself is freely T 25 C 10 T(871)690
you. Gods justice warrants gratitude, NOT fear. Nothing you give T 25 J 2 T(897)716
Heaven, but a song of gratitude and love and praise, by T 26 E 3 T(910)729
and sing their song of gratitude and praise. T 26 T 26 E 4 T(911)730
in Heaven brighter grow in gratitude for what has been restored T 26 J 6 T(929)755
His Son give LESS in gratitude for so much MORE? T 26 J 6 T(929)755
came to kill. In gentle gratitude do God the Father AND T 26 J 7 T(930)756
and shines on you in gratitude and love. He is himself T 29 D 5 T(998)824
Love rests upon Him. His gratitude to you is past your T 30 F 7 T(1032)846
friends. The innocent release in gratitude for THEIR release and what T 31 C 6 T(1051)865
over to yourself today, with gratitude and conviction. You have recognizedW 80 L 2 W(160)
Practice todays idea with gratitude. This is the truth that W 110 L 5 W(225)
A day devoted now to gratitude will add the benefit of W 123 L 1 W(248)
L 4. Today in gratitude we lift our hearts above W 123 L 4 W(248)
receives your gifts in loving gratitude, and gives them back a W 123 L 6 W(249)
world with gladness and with gratitude. W 123 L 7 W 123 L 6 W(249)
you, how perfect is His gratitude to you. Remember hourly to W 123 L 8 W(249)
times today, in thanks and gratitude, we gladly give five minutes W 130 L 7 W(267)
giant step with you in gratitude. Nor will you fail to W 130 L 9 W(267)
again before you sleep, His gratitude surrounds you in the peace W 140 R4 9 W(313)
minds in gladness and in gratitude to Him Who has restored W 151 L 17 W(319)
give less at night in gratitude and joy. W 153 W 153 L 15 W(327)
you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet W 156 L 4 W(337)
and rise to Him in gratitude and love. W 168 W 168 L 5 W(372)
hell and Heaven. Let our gratitude unto our Teacher fill our W 190 L 11 W(421)
he gives to everyone in gratitude to Him Who pointed out W 191 L 5 W(423)
the way I walk in gratitude. W 195 W 195 L 0 W(435)
W 195 L 1. Gratitude is a lesson hard to W 195 L 1 W(435)
sees another suffer more? Your gratitude is due to Him alone W 195 L 1 W(435)
equally insane to fail in gratitude to One Who offers you W 195 L 2 W(435)
do not offer God your gratitude because your brother is more W 195 L 4 W(435)
Love makes no comparisons. And gratitude can only be sincere if W 195 L 4 W(435)
in sincerity. And let your gratitude make room for all who W 195 L 5 W(436)
8. Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For W 195 L 8 W(436)
complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that W 195 L 8 W(436)
we learn to think of gratitude in place of anger, malice W 195 L 9 W(437)
us or for our future. Gratitude becomes the single thought we W 195 L 9 W(437)
195 L 10. Our gratitude will pave the way to W 195 L 10 W(437)
you could ever dream of. Gratitude goes hand in hand with W 195 L 10 W(437)
other must be found. For gratitude is but an aspect of W 195 L 10 W(437)
love, along with Him. Your gratitude to Him is one with W 195 L 10 W(437)
road except the way of gratitude, and thus we go who W 195 L 10 W(437)
It can be but my gratitude I earn. W 197 L 0 W(441)
again, unless you find external gratitude and lavish thanks. Your gifts W 197 L 1 W(441)
can only mirror yours. Your gratitude is all your gifts require W 197 L 3 W(441)
they are given. In your gratitude are they accepted universally, and W 197 L 4 W(441)
Their Will is One. Their gratitude to all They have created W 197 L 7 W(442)
created has no end, for gratitude remains a part of love W 197 L 7 W(442)
because you are Himself. All gratitude belongs to you because of W 197 L 7 W(442)
of God. Earn now the gratitude you have denied yourself when W 197 L 8 W(442)
and accept His gift with gratitude? And is it not a W 197 L 5 W(444)
the way I walk in gratitude. The Holy Spirit is my W 215 L 1 W(457)
It can be but my gratitude I earn. Who should give W 217 L 1 W(458)
holy times to You in gratitude to Him Who taught us W 220 IN2 7 W(460)
to all the hymns of gratitude the world is singing underneath W 293 L 2 W(542)
298 L 1. My gratitude permits my love to be W 298 L 1 W(547)
holy gifts to us. In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with W 306 L 2 W(556)
Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy, and my mind W 315 L 1 W(566)
offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me W 315 L 2 W(566)
but with a sigh of gratitude. Now are you free of M 11 A 5 M(30)
God has given you. And gratitude to God becomes the way M 24 A 4 M(57)
Him alone go with Christís gratitude upon their hearts, and His M 26 A 6 M(61)
down an instant in our gratitude to Him Who called to U 8 A 5 U(13)
therapist repays the patient in gratitude, as does the patient repay P 4 C 4 P(26)
world? Do not forget the gratitude of God. Do not forget S 3 E 3 S(26)
given you. And with My gratitude will come the gift first S 3 E 9 S(27)
God does not accept with gratitude. He loves His Son. And G 4 A 1 G(10)
gifts His Son gives Him. Gratitude is the song of Heaven G 4 A 1 G(10)
one with its Creator. For gratitude is love expressed in joining G 4 A 1 G(10)
you have given Him in gratitude. G 4 A 10 G 4 A 9 G(12)
What is your life but gratitude to Him Who loves you G 5 A 3 G(13)