is a move toward further fragmentation and unreality. The shadow figures T 17 D 5 T(636)- 463
believes in solving’ conflicts through FRAGMENTATION, and does NOT perceive theT 17 G 6 T(653)480
it was the substitution of fragmentation for wholeness. It has become T 18 B 1 T(660)487
because the notion is too fragmented. What CANt be wrong T 1 B 35e T(24)24
fundamental error, he had already fragmented himself into levels with DIFFERENTT 1 B 41ao T(51)51
becomes one accordingly. Only the fragmented can be confused about this T 1 B 41ao T(51)51
can PERCEIVE the Sonship as fragmented, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for T 7 G 1 T(324)C 151
Its purpose is seen as fragmented into many functions which bear T 8 G 10 T(365)C 192
or NOT MIND is a fragmented (or sick) interpretation. Mind CANNOT T 8 G 11 T(366)C 193
left with a series of fragmented PERCEPTIONS IN WHICH IT UNIFIES T 10 F 16 T(437)- 264
use of relationships is so fragmented, that it frequently goes even T 15 F 7 T(578)405
all sorts of fanciful and fragmented illusions of love, set with T 17 E 8 T(642)469
the substitution occurred is thus fragmented, and ITS PURPOSE SPLIT accordinglyT 18 A 1 T(659)486
SEEMS to come between the fragmented relationships the ego sponsors, to T 18 A 2 T(659)486
REPLACEMENT. Fear is both a fragmented AND FRAGMENTING emotion. It SEEMS T 18 A 3 T(659)486
serious effect lies in the fragmented PERCEPTION from which the behavior T 18 A 3 T(659)486
COULD come of it? Its fragmented ASPECTS are fearful enough, as T 18 B 2 T(660)487
MIND that seems to be fragmented and private and ALONE. Its T 18 G 3 T(676)503
ARE little and limited, so fragmented that they are meaningless. From T 18 J 3 T(690)514
And each part of His fragmented creation would have a DIFFERENT T 19 D 10 T(705)529
how can peace BE so fragmented? It is STILL whole, and T 22 F 2 T(811)630
battle ONLY with themselves. Being fragmented, they fragment. But truth is T 23 B 7 T(823)642
through His eyes is too fragmented to be meaningful. P P 3 C 6 P(7)
is both a fragmented AND FRAGMENTING emotion. It SEEMS, to take T 18 A 3 T(659)486
to your attention during the fragments of Midsummer Nights Dream T 2 A 1 T(62)62
is partial, self-centered, broken into fragments and full of fear. The T 20 G 1 T(750)573
and eyes perceive these countless fragments seen within the gap that T 28 F 6 T(983)809
6. Every defense takes fragments of the whole, assembles them W 136 L 6 W(292)
one. It sees instead but fragments of the whole, for only W 161 L 2 W(350)
awareness the wholeness of the fragments you perceive as broken off M 20 A 4 M(49)
fear of death. For separate fragments must decay and die, but M 20 A 4 M(49)
they go again with added fragrance. Now are they twice blessed W 159 L 9 W(346)
The ego is as frail as Freud perceived it. The T 3 F 14 T(155)154
and support. You are not frail, with God beside you. But T 14 E 3 T(552)- 379
of their seeming power is frail as is a snowflake, but T 20 G 9 T(753)576
You see yourself as vulnerable, frail, and easily destroyed. And at T 22 G 11 T(817)636
s Son be weak and frail and easily destroyed, UNLESS HIS T 22 G 12 T(817)636
special ones feel weak and frail BECAUSE of differences. For what T 24 B 4 T(839)658
into chaos. Truth is not frail. Illusions leave it perfectly unmoved T 24 D 3 T(847)666
is this that makes it frail and helpless in its own T 24 E 2 T(850)669
was CONCEIVED to make YOU frail and helpless. The goal of T 24 E 2 T(850)669
about the body demonstrate how frail and vulnerable is your life T 27 B 5 T(936)762
will endure? Are not the frail ENTITLED to believe that every T 27 B 6 T(936)762
and peace, proclaiming that the frail can HAVE no trust, and T 27 C 1 T(938)764
YOUR voice. And it is frail and little by YOUR wish T 28 G 3 T(985)811
hiding in the bodys frail support. Now must it reconcile W 96 L 6 W(190)
than Everlasting Life, Heaven more frail than hell, and Gods W 136 L 9 W(293)
in its sightless eyes. The frail, the helpless and the sick W 163 L 2 W(356)
or sad, or weak or frail. But it is you who W 190 L 5 W(420)
perceive yourself as weak and frail, with futile hopes and devastated W 191 L 9 W(424)
seek to keep your tiny, frail imaginings apart from Him? The M 21 A 6 M(51)
is clearly shown. Fearful and frail it seems to be to S 3 B 2 S(20)
obeys must I obey; the frailties and the sins which I W 278 W6 1 W(525)
of iron. They unite human frailty to the strength of God T 1 B 21 T(6)-6-
The part about uniting human frailty with the strength of God’ T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
cobwebs are associated with the frailty and iron with strength. If T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
is a witness to your frailty, your vulnerability, and your extreme T 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
not see the OPPOSITE of frailty and weakness is sinlessness? INNOCENCE T 23 A 1 T(819)638
attack would use to COVER frailty, conceals it not. For how T 23 A 1 T(819)638
IT hears, and hate its frailty and its littleness. And you T 28 G 3 T(985)811
in itself, but in the frailty of the little gap of T 28 H 6 T(988)814
die, unable to escape its frailty, and bound by what it T 31 G 1 T(1068)882
The recognition of your own frailty is a necessary step in W 47 L 6 W(84)
but the body has such frailty that constant care and watchful W 135 L 5 W(285)
that does not speak of frailty within you and without; no W 191 L 2 W(422)
strength diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in W 250 L 1 W(494)
do not think about your frailty in comparison. Accept your separation M 18 A 6 M(46)
foolish images, your sense of frailty and your fear of harm M 30 A 7 M(70)
have to turn a whole frame of reference around in order T 3 C 5 T(132)131
This is hardly a miracle-based frame of reference. It also has T 3 D 4 T(144)143
EVERYONE involved in the right frame of mind to help one T 3 G 26 T(165)164
the past, thus removing the frame of reference you have built T 15 F 9 T(579)406
the Holy Spirit substitutes His frame of reference FOR it. His T 15 F 9 T(579)406
of reference FOR it. His frame of reference is simply God T 15 F 9 T(579)406
your hold on the distorted frame of reference, that SEEMED to T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
hold your world together. This frame of reference is BUILT around T 16 G 6 T(623)- 450
you homeless, and WITHOUT a frame of reference. The period of T 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
a perspective without understanding, a frame of reference FOR reality to T 17 B 2 T(631)458
no meaning in illusion. The frame of reference FOR its meaning T 17 B 3 T(631)458
FELT as now. Yet the frame of reference to which the T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
protects, set in a golden frame. The frame is very elaborate T 17 E 7 T(642)469
in a golden frame. The frame is very elaborate, all set T 17 E 7 T(642)469
what it encloses. But the frame WITHOUT the picture, you CANNOT T 17 E 7 T(642)469
the most imposing and deceptive frame of all the defenses the T 17 E 8 T(642)469
offered here, surrounded by a frame so heavy and so elaborate T 17 E 8 T(642)469
its imposing structure. Into the frame are woven all sorts of T 17 E 8 T(642)469
PICTURE. Do NOT let the frame distract you. This gift is T 17 E 9 T(642)469
What you VALUE is the FRAME, for THERE you see no T 17 E 9 T(642)469
see no conflict. But the frame is only the wrapping for T 17 E 9 T(642)469
the GIFT of conflict. THE FRAME IS NOT THE GIFT. Be T 17 E 9 T(642)469
the hypnotic gleaming of the frame. LOOK AT THE PICTURE, and T 17 E 9 T(642)469
picture, too, set in a frame. But if you accept THIS T 17 E 11 T(643)470
you will NOT see the frame at all, because the gift T 17 E 11 T(643)470
of timelessness, set in a frame of time. If you focus T 17 E 11 T(643)470
that it was only the frame that made you THINK it T 17 E 11 T(643)470
was a picture. WITHOUT the frame, the picture IS SEEN AS T 17 E 11 T(643)470
comparing a picture to a frame. It MUST be the PICTURES T 17 E 12 T(644)471
better picture into the wrong frame, and so combine what cannot T 17 E 13 T(644)471
shine in darkness from the frame is EXPOSED TO LIGHT, it T 17 E 13 T(644)471
last that, unprotected by its FRAME, it HAS no meaning. T 17 E 13 T(644)471
IT represents is THERE. The frame fades gently, and God rises T 17 E 15 T(645)472
brothers holiness, the perfect frame for YOUR salvation and the T 24 G 6 T(856)675
better style, or weave a frame of loveliness around your hate T 24 H 4 T(861)680
own. Weave rather, then, a frame of holiness around him, that T 24 H 4 T(861)680
YOU. Christ is within a frame of holiness, whose ONLY purpose T 25 A 1 T(864)683
melt away, that they may frame His holiness in them. T 25 A 1 T(864)683
MEANS for content. And the frame is but a means to T 25 C 4 T(869)688
it can be seen. A frame that HIDES the picture HAS T 25 C 4 T(869)688
purpose. It cannot BE a frame if IT is what you T 25 C 4 T(869)688
WITHOUT the picture is the frame without its meaning. Its PURPOSE T 25 C 4 T(869)688
itself. Who hangs an empty frame upon a wall, and stands T 25 C 4 T(869)688
God has set within this frame is all there IS to T 25 C 5 T(869)688
God has created NEEDS no frame, for what He has created T 25 C 5 T(869)688
would you rather see the frame INSTEAD of this? And see T 25 C 5 T(869)688
The Holy Spirit is the frame God set around the part T 25 C 5 T(869)688
see as separate. Yet its frame is JOINED to its Creator T 25 C 5 T(869)688
you do NOT make the frame INTO the picture when you T 25 C 6 T(869)688
it in its place. The frame that God has given it T 25 C 6 T(869)688
the picture, and cherishes the frame INSTEAD of it. But God T 25 C 6 T(869)688
set His masterpiece within a frame that will endure forever, when T 25 C 6 T(869)688
C 7. Accept HIS frame instead of yours, and you T 25 C 7 T(870)689
and bones, but in a frame as lovely as Itself. Its T 25 C 7 T(870)689
lights up the sinlessness the frame of darkness hides, and casts T 25 C 7 T(870)689
YOU saw it in a frame of death. God kept it T 25 C 7 T(870)689
in him. HE is the frame in which YOUR holiness is T 25 C 8 T(870)689
him, and sees only a frame of darkness, it is still T 25 C 8 T(870)689
specialness it is the perfect frame to set it off; the T 25 D 3 T(873)692
your eyes held in a frame or placed against the eye W 92 L 1 W(177)
single perception, based upon one frame of reference from which one W 108 L 3 W(219)
are perceived from the same frame of reference which unifies this W 108 L 4 W(219)
further jewels to the golden frame that holds the mirror offered W 124 L 11 W(252)
any way from His one frame of reference, wholly unified and W 151 L 12 W(318)
set it in an earthly frame. Let it arise to Christ S 2 D 7 S(19)