the time it took to fix your minds so firmly on T 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
greet the summer sun, than fix your gaze upon a disappearing T 19 E 10 T(710)534
now. We look ahead, and fix our eyes upon the journey W 220 IN2 7 W(460)
recognizes that man CAN be fixated at a point in development T 5 I 6 T(265)C 92
at which the mind is fixated is more real to ITSELF T 5 I 7 T(265)C 92
same position. You were eternally fixated on God in your creation T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
T 5 I. The Eternal Fixation (N 586 6:150) T 5 I 0 T(264)C 91
3. The concept of fixation is a very helpful one T 5 I 3 T(264)C 91
A man who knows what fixation REALLY means and does NOT T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
to it is terribly afraid. Fixation is the pull of God T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
6. The concept of fixation, as Freud saw it, has T 5 I 6 T(265)C 92
Third, although Freud interpreted fixation as irrevocable danger points toT 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
his thought-system, the threat of fixation remained, and could never be T 5 I 9 T(266)C 93
the mind to escape from fixation forever, even though he KNEW T 5 I 9 T(266)C 93
and the pull of this fixation is so strong that you T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
reason is perfectly clear. The fixation is on a level that T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
Holy Spirit, because it is fixed on God. It is also T 5 I 2 T(264)C 91
on God. It is also fixed in you. You, then, ARE T 5 I 2 T(264)C 91
in you. You, then, ARE fixed in the peace of God T 5 I 2 T(264)C 91
on whom your mind IS fixed because of the Holy Spirit T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
vacillation. Unless a mind is fixed in its purpose, it is T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
Holy Spirit, whose mind is fixed on God. ONLY the Holy T 6 C 13 T(281)C 108
of His Sons Creation, fixed forever in the Mind of T 9 K 10 T(417)- 244
is not until beliefs are fixed that perceptions stabilize. In effect T 10 G 1 T(439)266
you can decide BETWEEN is fixed, because there are no alternatives T 13 H 4 T(531)- 358
and where his abode was fixed in perfect peace forever. T 13 H 14 T(534)361
your minds from their FIXED position here. This will not T 16 G 7 T(624)- 451
OPPOSITE of the egos fixed belief in salvation through vengeance T 16 H 6 T(627)- 454
had twisted your perception, and fixed it on the
T 17 C 6 T(633)- 460
means. Yet the GOAL is fixed, firm and unalterable. And the T 17 F 14 T(650)477
protest AGAINST reality, and your fixed and insane wish to CHANGE T 18 C 6 T(665)492
holy instant arises from your fixed conviction that you are not T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
have a MIGHTY purpose; the fixed and unchangeable dedication to sin T 19 E 8 T(710)534
it is the egos fixed belief that all relationships DEPEND T 20 D 2 T(740)564
to correction leads to its fixed belief in sin, and DISREGARD T 22 D 2 T(805)625
just as certain is its fixed belief it has an enemy T 23 B 1 T(821)640
make sense to hold the fixed belief that there IS reason T 25 C 3 T(868)687
9. Sin is the fixed belief perception CANNOT change. What T 25 D 9 T(875)694
to it. You HAVE no fixed allegiance. But remember salvation is T 25 I 2 T(891)710
here, where purpose is NOT fixed, however changeless it APPEARS to T 29 G 3 T(1004)818
because your Function HAS been fixed by God. All other goals T 29 G 4 T(1005)819
about the MEANING of a fixed belief that SOME appearances are T 30 G 6 T(1035)849
have been so overlearned and fixed they rise like heavy curtains T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
Yet it need not be fixed, unless you choose to hold T 31 G 6 T(1064)878
temptation, and who looks with fixed determination toward the light that T 31 G 10 T(1071)885
These are beliefs so firmly fixed that it is difficult to W 93 L 2 W(180)
never change. It is the fixed belief ideas can leave their W 167 L 4 W(368)
What can come between a fixed projection and the aim that W 220 W1 2 W(462)
carefully. It is the one fixed, unchangeable belief of the world M 28 A 1 M(63)
the patient in abandoning his fixed delusional system, and to begin P 2 A 1 P(1)
blood and fire seems to flame from him, he is but W 170 L 7 W(378)
while specialness stands like a flaming sword of death between them T 24 D 4 T(848)667
Nov. 24, HS had sudden flash of illumination and very much T 3 E 1 T(147)146
L 16. Healing will flash across your open mind as W 136 L 16 W(294)
seen at most in lovely flashes. Now we can behold Him S 3 C 3 S(21)
surrounds him without end or flaw. Disturbance of his peace can T 12 G 6 T(506)333
loveliness is so complete and flawless that he sees in it M 24 A 5 M(57)
employs for this will function flawlessly, and with the strength that W 135 L 14 W(287)
regard his body with its flaws and better points as well W 78 L 6 W(155)
and love for them has fled as if from you. And G 1 A 3 G(1)
of sin a curse. And flee the blessing of the Holy T 25 I 7 T(893)712
be need for you to flee. T 29 A 2 T 29 A 1 T(990)816
salvation, from which you would flee. T 29 C 10 T 29 C 9 T(996)822
savage punishment? Who would not flee salvation, and attempt in every W 101 L 4 W(203)
Godís final judgment. Who could flee forever from the truth? But M 16 A 1 M(39)
the content of consciousness is fleeting. Consciousness is the level which T 1 B 24e T(14)14
fear producing attitudes. They were fleeting enough to be more will-of-the-wispsT 3 A 16 T(123)122
then dismiss it uncorrected. These fleeting awarenesses represent the many opportunitiesP 3 G 2 P(14)
word (or thought) was made flesh. Strictly speaking, this is impossible T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
Thought cannot be MADE into flesh except by belief, because thought T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
and thought CANNOT be made flesh. But mind can be manifested T 8 G 16 T(367)C 194
of bones and skin and flesh. They have been taught to T 19 F 5 T(712)536
the belief in sin made flesh, and then projected outward. This T 20 G 11 T(754)577
to be a wall of flesh AROUND the mind, keeping it T 20 G 11 T(754)577
believe this crumbling thing, with flesh already loosened from the bone T 24 F 5 T(853)672
Son, whom you mistook as flesh, and bound to laws that T 24 G 9 T(857)676
that thought it, NOT in flesh and bones, but in a T 25 C 7 T(870)689
1. You see the flesh or recognize the Spirit. There T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
established what you are, as flesh or Spirit in your own T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
own belief. If you choose flesh, you never will escape the T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
may see the world of flesh no more, except to heal T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
You are not made of flesh and blood and bone, but W 107 L 8 W(217)
a solid wall of sickened flesh which it can not surmount W 137 L 2 W(296)
you had seen as merely flesh and bone, and recognize that W 161 L 12 W(352)
down in pain upon unwilling flesh, but as a gentle welcome S 3 C 4 S(22)
deep into it. A little flicker of your eyelids, closed so T 18 D 3 T(668)495
and your hope of success flicker and go out, repeat your W 72 L 11 W(139)
It does not change and flicker and go out. It does W 92 L 7 W(178)
mistakes? Or has your appreciation flickered and grown dim, in what T 17 F 12 T(649)476
incorruptible. The light no longer flickers, and will never go out S 1 C 7 S(7)
what GOES AGAINST the truth, flies in the face of reason T 22 F 2 T(811)630
T 2 B 29. Flight can be undertaken in whatever T 2 B 29 T(77)77
that the concept itself implies flight FROM something. Flight from error T 2 B 29 T(77)77
itself implies flight FROM something. Flight from error is perfectly appropriateT 2 B 29 T(77)77
it oppose an eagles flight, or hinder the advance of T 19 E 10 T(710)534
its core, but just the flimsy covering. T 29 E T 29 E 4 T(1000)814
to what is real, is flimsy and transparent in the light W 138 L 11 W(302)