intense love that you have felt. (Dont get embarrassed by T 1 B 3c T(1)
from HS: Last night I felt briefly but intensely depressed, temporarily T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
he had, HE would have felt better.

T 2 B 59 T(84) 83a
so. The reason why you felt the vast radiation range of T 2 C 17 T(93)92
This was exactly how he FELT about it. T 2 T 2 E 42 T(111)110
him, but NOTE that you FELT FREE at that time to T 3 A 34 T(128)127
If the Apostles had not felt guilty, they never could have T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
have made it BECAUSE he felt guilty. No-one is punished for T 6 B 18 T(277)C 104
and nothing you have ever felt, APART from Him, that resembles T 14 A 2 T(539)- 366
lifting of the veil, and felt himself drawn irresistibly into the T 15 G 5 T(582)- 409
dictates are not perceived NOR FELT as now. Yet the frame T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
EXPERIENCE of it is ALWAYS felt. But, without EXPRESSION, IT IS T 17 F 1 T(646)473
MIND, and its effects are felt but where it IS. Nor T 24 E 3 T(850)669
BEHIND the pleasure will be felt no more. Sins witnesses T 27 G 2 T(954)780
on some the thorns are felt at once. The choice is T 31 D 2 T(1052)866
this strength. When you have felt the strength in you, which W 91 L 4 W(174)
sense of quiet that you felt be multiplied a hundred times W 107 L 2 W(216)
path he follows, and has felt defeat and hopelessness as he W 166 L 6 W(365)
reflection of the Unity he felt an instant back to bless W 169 L 13 W(375)
joy within. What they have felt in them they look upon W 189 L 4 W(416)
In no-one instant is depression felt, or pain experienced, or loss W 194 L 3 W(432)
in darkness what is truly felt, and seeks to raise illusions P 3 F 1 P(12)
seen as the male and female role. Since neither will be T 1 C 9 T(57)57
triumphant. (HS note re submission-dominance, feminine-masculine roles, entered into this.) WhileT 1 B 37z T(34)34
The body is a tiny fence around a little part of T 18 I 2 T(685) 509
the rest. Nor does a fence surround it, preventing it from T 18 I 6 T(686)510
The body is a fence the Son of God imagines W 260 W5 1 W(506)
parts. It is within this fence he thinks he lives, to W 260 W5 1 W(506)
and crumbles. For within this fence he thinks that he is W 260 W5 1 W(506)
Though it was made to fence him into hell without escape W 260 W5 4 W(506)
Do not accept this little, fenced-off aspect as your Self. The T 18 I 7 T(686)510
The little that the body fences off BECOMES the self, preserved T 26 B 1 T(901)720
s impermanence is proof his fences work, and do the task W 260 W5 2 W(506)
sick of breathing in the fetid scent of death. Let it T 27 B 9 T(937)763
were but the dreams of fever that has passed away. Let W 109 L 5 W(223)
true, and many come from feverish imaginations, hot with hatred and T 31 E 6 T(1056)870
consequences sin has wrought in feverish imagination. Say: Gods Will W 101 L 7 W(204)
a burden, it retreats into feverish dreams. And in these dreams M 9 A 2 M(26)
2 E 7. Very few people appreciate the real power T 2 E 7 T(101)100
this is one of the few times that he had to T 3 A 18 T(124)123
well aware of the exceedingly few times he now makes errors T 3 A 26 T(126)125
ideas were condensed into relatively few pages here. This is because T 3 C 24 T(137)136
Many are called but few are chosen SHOULD read, ALL T 3 F 23 T(157)156
read, ALL are called but few choose to listen. Therefore, they T 3 F 23 T(157)156
of re-awakening with just a few simple concepts: Thoughts INCREASE by T 5 B 4 T(234) C 61
We need cite only a few examples to see how the T 5 H 7 T(261)C 88
bargain with them for a few special relationships, in which you T 15 K 1 T(597)- 424
you do not WANT. The few remaining trinkets still seem to T 21 E 5 T(778)599
It is only the first few steps along the right way T 22 E 2 T(808)808a
go ahead with just a few more steps you need to T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
not require more than a few minutes, and it does not W 1 IN1 2 W(1)
to think about illusions. Very few minds have realized what is W 8 L 2 W(13)
are accustomed to using. A few subjects, honestly and carefully consideredW 24 L 3 W(40)
more helpful to cover a few situations thoroughly than to touch W 26 L 6 W(45)
this, select a time when few distractions are anticipated, and when W 32 L 4 W(53)
idea to yourself slowly a few times. You may also find W 39 L 9 W(65)
it helpful to include a few short intervals in which you W 39 L 9 W(65)
short period in thinking a few relevant thoughts of your own W 45 L 6 W(79)
the situation permits. Let a few related thoughts come to you W 61 L 5 W(113)
will take in the next few weeks. Try today to begin W 61 L 7 W(113)
To review our last few lessons, your function here is W 64 L 3 W(117)
longer, attempting to catch a few of the idle thoughts which W 65 L 6 W(120)
you, and then spend a few minutes adding some relevant thoughts W 67 L 2 W(124)
anywhere else. Then devote a few minutes with your eyes closed W 70 L 6 W(132)
urge you to omit as few as possible. Using the first W 95 L 7 W(186)
God has elected all, but few have come to realize His W 153 L 11 W(326)
form, and still select a few you would not cherish, and W 163 L 6 W(357)
L 3. Our next few lessons make a special point W 180 IN2 3 W(387)
for more than just a few instants of respite; just an W 183 L 5 W(395)
have said these words. But few indeed have meant them. You W 185 L 2 W(402)
to be sure how very few they are. The world would W 185 L 2 W(402)
idea, we will add but few formal expressions or specific thoughts W 200 R6 6 W(453)
certainty, we undertake these last few steps to You, and rest W 220 IN2 8 W(460)
seek as we accomplish these few final steps which end a W 225 L 2 W(467)
world. Many hear it but few will answer. But it is M 2 A 2 M(3)
learning. These relationships are generally few, because their existence implies thatM 4 A 5 M(7)
it will engender enormous conflict. Few teachers of God escape this M 5 B 5 M(10)
the deluded. Only a very few can hear Godís Voice at M 13 A 3 M(32)
you now sacrifice that Call? Few have heard it as yet M 14 A 6 M(36)
to those remaining behind are few indeed. And they need helpers M 27 A 3 M(62)
fact, it covers only a few of the more obvious ones M 30 A 1 M(68)
helps him to avoid a few of the pitfalls along the P 3 D 1 P(8)
to you limited to the few you actually see. You can P 4 A 3 P(19)
called a kind of happy fiction; a way in which the U 4 A 2 U(6)
become a startling example of fidelity to variability. But this IS T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
Spirit demonstrates does not exist. Fidelity to premises is a law T 6 E 12 T(288)C 115
faithful to His laws. But fidelity to other laws is also T 6 E 12 T(288)C 115
is the egos law. Fidelity unto this law lets no T 13 C 1 T(513)340
light in, for it DEMANDS fidelity to darkness, and FORBIDS awakening T 13 C 1 T(513)340
obey it. The ego rewards fidelity to it with pain, for T 13 C 2 T(513)340
from conflict to the quiet fields of peace. No chill of W 97 L 1 W(192)
love cannot even SEE. The fierce attraction that guilt holds for T 19 F 3 T(711)535
adjust. This one wild thought, fierce in its arrogance and yet T 20 D 8 T(742)566
grow large and dangerous and fierce and wild? This does the T 29 J 5 T(1013)827
It is a dream of fierce retaliation for a crime that W 190 L 2 W(419)
overcome because it holds no fierce attraction now, and guilt is W 192 L 4 W(425)
looking back at me. How fierce they seemed! And how deceived W 265 L 1 W(511)
God is seen as outside, fierce and powerful, eager to keep M 6 B 1 M(18)