the problems you keep being faced with may ALREADY have been T 3 A 2 T(120) 119
he MUST become depressed. Being faced with an impossible learning situationT 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
of Christ will light YOUR faces, and shine from them into T 22 E 5 T(809)628
of the difficulties the individual faces now, his task would still M 25 A 2 M(58)
rubies, and the tears are faceted like diamonds, and gleam in T 17 E 8 T(642)469
be aware of all the facets of any problem, and to W 47 L 1 W(83)
oppose the Atonement, but greatly facilitate it. The Atonement can only T 2 B 61 T(85) 84
Their purpose is merely to facilitate the thinking of the learner T 2 C 7 T(90)89
do is to fail to facilitate. It does not have the T 2 C 7 T(90)89
to the learning it should facilitate. T 2 C 18 T 2 C 17 T(94)93
use it FOR me, to FACILITATE its coming.

T 19 J 11 T(725)549
find the exercises restful. To facilitate this, select a time when W 32 L 4 W(53)
such a way as will facilitate the readiness which we would W 140 R4 1 W(311)
it is this he must facilitate. He is now the patient M 8 A 1 M(23)
the kind of learning it facilitates. It can be, and has T 6 B 1 T(272)C 99
along your natural path, and facilitates the development of WHAT YOU T 8 C 3 T(349)C 176
is no longer useful for facilitating learning.) T 1 B T 1 B 15 T(4)-4-
learning aids which aim at facilitating a state in which they T 1 B 41e T(44)44
beginner, in helping concentration and facilitating the exclusion or at leastM 22 A 1 M(52)
they are all for learning FACILITATION, which this strange curriculum goalT 11 F 8 T(467)294
vision, I knelt beside you, FACING the light. T 1 T 1 B 40w T(41)41
you see some difficult decisions facing you, be quick to answer W 133 L 14 W(280)
not feel guilty about the fact that you are doubting this T 1 B 3d T(2)-2-
to examine MY credentials in fact, I urge you to do T 1 B 22q T(8)-8-
We also have established the fact that everything involuntary belongs underT 1 B 30i T(19)19
should transcribe the notes. The fact that HE should have done T 1 B 30aa T(21)21
experienced as unstable. But the fact is that NOTHING is less T 1 B 37q T(32)32
examples of this) is the fact that the Nazis spelled their T 1 B 37s T(32)32
if it IS upside-down. In fact, the more consistently upside-down it T 1 B 37u T(33)33
statement, in recognition of the fact that the Father is GREATER T 1 B 40aa T(42)42
of man. It is, in fact, the essential difference. T T 1 B 41ag T(50)50
particularly well worked out. In fact, it WAS already well worked T 1 C 5 T(55)55
SEEM to allay fear. The fact that they usually interfere with T 1 C 10 T(57)57
feeling of emptiness, which in fact is perfectly justified, because he T 1 C 10 T(58)58
work. This recognition ACCEPTS the fact that neither 1) nor 2 T 1 C 14 T(59)59
nature is due to the fact that they are not first T 2 A 2 T(62)62
their chronological appearance. Nevertheless, the fact that each of them doesT 2 A 2 T(62)62
of level involvement, or, in fact, anything except one continuous line T 2 A 9 T(65)65
well as error, and in fact, much better. T 2 T 2 B 34 T(78)78
was a recognition of the fact that the INNER part is T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
a matter of time. In fact, both TIME and MATTER were T 2 B 68 T(87)86
The body is merely a fact. Its ABILITIES can be, and T 2 C 8 T(90)89
which it is expressed. In fact, if it is truly used T 2 C 10 T(91)90
that the remembrance of the fact that ONLY mind can create T 2 C 12 T(91)90
avoiding it, because the very fact that they are afraid HAS T 2 C 14 T(92)91
Right-Mindedness of the receiver. In fact, its purpose is to restore T 2 C 15 T(93)92
altar has BEEN defiled, this fact becomes doubly dangerous unless it T 2 C 20 T(95)94
unwillingness to accept the unequivocal fact that healing is necessary. TheT 2 C 20 T(95)94
We said before, twice in fact, that only Revelation transcends time T 2 C 22 T(96) 95
to others) except for the fact that the part of the T 2 D 10 T(98)97
of cause and effect, in fact the most fundamental one there T 2 E 16 T(103)102
They will, in fact, be entirely different, because, since T 2 E 23 T(106)105
full realization of the basic fact that, although man has miscreated T 2 E 37 T(109)108
confusion arises out of the fact that you DID change the T 2 E 38 T(110)109
- - several times in fact. Actually, it didnt matter T 2 E 38 T(110)109
of fear is meaningless. In fact, it asserts the power of T 2 E 47 T(112)111
is a recognition of the fact that as long as one T 2 E 53 T(114) 113
I am aware of the fact that you would much rather T 2 E 58 T(117)116
about useful for others. In fact, if he will re-read the T 3 A 24 T(125)124
waited to ask ME. In fact, you should not even have T 3 A 29 T(127)126
time, due to the obvious fact that HS was still clearly T 3 A 38 T(129)128
is not symbolic; He is FACT. The Atonement, too, is totally T 3 C 10 T(134)133
down together refers to the fact that strength and innocence are T 3 C 18 T(136)135
and clearly point to the fact that Cayce did not apply T 3 C 32 T(141)140
is also aware of the fact that he is unable to T 3 C 37 T(143)142
difficulties ultimately stem from the fact that you do not recognize T 3 E 4 T(147)146
rather than a revelation. The fact that perception is involved at T 3 E 7 T(148)147
is subject to degrees, a fact which clearly demonstrates a lack T 3 F 9 T(154)153
darkness by establishing the clear fact that it ISNT THERE T 3 F 18 T(156)155
We have already emphasized the fact that knowing does not DO T 3 F 18 T(156)155
his own recognition of the fact that it can always be T 3 F 19 T(156)155
power of the Soul. The fact that each Soul has this T 3 G 15 T(163)162
this power completely is a fact that is entirely alien to T 3 G 15 T(163)162
wisdom in doing so. In fact, the whole historical approach can T 3 G 27 T(166)165
unconscious in this connection. In fact, it was so relevant that T 3 H 2 T(174)C 1
is really without meaning. In fact, their meaning is lost to T 3 H 4 T(175)C 2
At least, it acknowledged the fact some TRUE authorship is necessary T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
judgment. It is merely a fact. (No, Helen, you SHOULD use T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
you SHOULD use the word fact. This is just as much T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
is just as much a fact as God is. A fact T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
fact as God is. A fact is literally a making or T 3 H 16 T(180)C 7
idea, in view of the fact that nobody means the physical T 3 I 8 T(182)C 9
a perfectly reasonable question; in fact, the best question either of T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
no better example of the fact that the ego is an T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
not at all surprising. In fact, it duplicates in many ways T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
the reality of itself. In fact, its whole perception of other T 4 C 16 T(202)C 29
be true it becomes a fact, after which no-one attempts to T 4 C 25 T(206)C 33
it unless its status AS fact is questioned. T 4 T 4 C 25 T(206)C 33
has accorded the status of fact is questionable, because facts are T 4 C 26 T(206)C 33
EVERYTHING. This is the one fact which MEANS that the ego T 4 D 21 T(213)C 40
not choose to listen. The fact that you DO listen to T 4 E 1 T(213)C 40
convinced as yet. The very fact that you are preoccupied with T 4 G 12 T(226)C 53
grown vaguely aware of the fact that there is another way T 5 D 13 T(240)C 67
We have repeatedly emphasized the fact that one level of the T 5 E 7 T(243)C 70
your brothers keeper. In fact, you do not WANT to T 5 F 14 T(251)C 78
the ego in it, the fact that you have accepted it T 5 G 7 T(256)C 83
This quotation therefore emphasizes the fact that vengeance CANNOT be sharedT 5 H 9 T(261)C 88
vicious. It is used, in fact, as an attempt to guarantee T 5 H 10 T(261)C 88
is merely a statement of fact, if the word perish is T 5 H 11 T(262)C 89
care with something desirable. In fact, he even went so far T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
yourselves fully aware of the fact that the UNDOING process, which T 5 I 20 T(269)C 96
understood AS an impossibility. In fact, unless it IS fully understood T 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
you try to keep the fact that you must have attacked T 6 C 2 T(278)C 105
NOT a belief, but a fact. T 6 C 7 T 6 C 6 T(279)C 106
YOU fully understand one basic fact that the ego does not T 6 E 3 T(284)C 111
must now be perfected. In fact, it is impossible. But you T 6 E 9 T(287)C 114
in your perceived enslavement, a fact which ITSELF demonstrates that you T 6 E 10 T(287)C 114
first lesson as insane. In fact, this is its only alternative T 6 G 5 T(294)121
because it FOLLOWS. The very fact that you have accepted THAT T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
NEVER changes the meaning. In fact, his whole PURPOSE is to T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
to a UNIFIED curriculum. The fact that this was NOT the T 7 D 5 T(311)C 138
the question by establishing the fact that to QUESTION reality is T 7 E 5 T(314)C 141
confused WITH the mind. This fact, too, can be used either T 7 F 3 T(319)C 146
total because it senses the fact that all commitments which the T 7 G 6 T(326)C 153
level ARE NOT PROBLEMS OF FACT. But they ARE problems in T 7 G 11 T(328)C 155
is joyful, and are, in fact, very apt to confuse them T 7 K 1 T(341)C 168
possible except for the crucial fact that both are teaching you T 8 B 5 T(348)C 175
If you will accept the fact that I am with you T 8 E 5 T(355)C 182
thing in the world. In fact, it is ultimately WHY the T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
only UPHOLD truth. The very fact that the will of God T 8 J 1 T(377)C 204
8 J 13. The fact that God is love does T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
effort is wasted. The very fact that one has asked the T 8 K 3 T(382)- 209
Salvation, in recognition of the FACT that you do NOT know T 9 C 6 T(390)217
projecting onto them the fearful fact that YOU MADE THEM TO T 9 I 16 T(411)- 238
sickness for your brothers; in fact, you would HAVE to do T 9 I 19 T(412)- 239
he would not accept the fact that, although he was a T 9 K 4 T(416)- 243
the denial of this simple fact takes many forms, and these T 10 E 4 T(430)- 257
REAL. We have accepted the fact already that its EFFECTS can T 10 F 2 T(433) 260
does not mean anything. In fact, it contains exactly the contradiction T 10 F 3 T(433) 260
compelling power lies in the fact that it represents what YOU T 10 G 6 T(441)268
This is demonstrated by the fact that you REACT to your T 11 A 2 T(449)- 276
dream of separation with the fact of unity. For the separation T 11 C 3 T(453)- 280
want to do. The very fact of his insistence should tell T 11 D 2 T(459)286
until you accept the eternal fact that GODs SON IS T 11 J 4 T(481)308
wrong, even apart from the fact that you WERE wrong? For T 12 D 3 T(492)319
PAST DOES NOT EXIST, a fact which belongs to the sphere T 13 A 1 T(510)337
fail to understand the simple fact that, what they do NOT T 13 H 9 T(532)- 359
DENIES the other. Apart, this fact is lost from sight, for T 14 D 5 T(548)- 375
BRING THEM TOGETHER, and the fact of their complete incompatibility is T 14 D 5 T(548)- 375
which YOU establish. The very fact that you can DO this T 14 F 5 T(555)- 382
study of the mind. In fact, the ego enjoys the study T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
though careful to conceal this fact behind a lot of words T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
its lack of content. The fact of union tells them it T 14 F 10 T(556)- 383
bring, and thus establishes the fact that guiltlessness MUST BE. T 14 G 8 T(560)- 387
essential that you accept the fact, and accept it gladly, that T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is IN T 15 F 13 T(580)407
difficult to accept is the fact that, LIKE your Father, YOU T 15 G 2 T(581)408
body, and to accept the fact that the ego has NO T 15 I 10 T(591)- 418
you can NOT accept the fact that SACRIFICE GETS NOTHING. Sacrifice T 15 J 6 T(595)- 422
is DESTRUCTIVE, lies in the fact that it is applied ONLY T 16 A 2 T(601)428
to recognize and ACCEPT the fact that you do NOT know T 16 B 2 T(602)429
to recognize and accept the fact that He DOES know. You T 16 B 2 T(602)429
3. Does not the fact that you have NOT learned T 16 D 3 T(608)435
AN ILLUSION. It is a FACT. Where DISillusionment is possible, there T 16 E 4 T(612)439
Salvation lies in the simple fact that illusions are NOT fearful T 16 F 14 T(620)447
perceived as fearful. But the fact that IT IS JUST A T 17 E 14 T(645)472
but it IS unequivocal. In fact, in ORDER to be simple T 17 G 1 T(651)478
WHOLE. The goal establishes the fact that EVERYONE involved in it T 17 G 6 T(652)479
it. Now it becomes a fact, from which faith can no T 17 I 3 T(657)484
seriously on awaking, because the fact that, in them, reality is T 18 C 2 T(664)491
ITS BLESSING, lies in the fact that it is now impossible T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
this Purpose to DEMONSTRATE the fact that separation has occurred. The T 19 B 1 T(694)518
requires NO adjustment, and, in fact, is lost if any shift T 20 D 1 T(740)564
Once you ACCEPT this simple fact, and take unto YOURSELF the T 20 I 8 T(761)583
a choice, and NOT a fact. T 21 F 2 T 21 F 1 T(780)601
to him is but a fact, NOT an interpretation. How can T 21 G 6 T(785)606
an interpretation. How can a fact be fearful, unless it DISAGREES T 21 G 6 T(785)606
will tell you that this fact is your RELEASE. Neither your T 21 G 6 T(785)606
with fear upon this happy fact, and think not that it T 22 G 16 T(818)637
be WILLING to accept the fact their savage purpose is directed T 23 D 5 T(834)653
their safety in this happy fact. Their joy is in the T 25 E 1 T(877)696
special form in which the fact that God is NOT insane T 25 H 8 T(888)707
simple statement of a simple fact. But in this world there T 26 D 4 T(908)727
really IS? For this is fact, and does NOT change whatever T 26 F 6 T(914)740
that he may hear a fact in what is there to T 26 F 7 T(914)740
merely a denial of the fact that consequence and cause MUST T 26 I 8 T(927)753
meaningLESS. And this DENIES the fact that ALL are senseless; EQUALLY T 26 K 2 T(931)757
it a statement of the fact that your salvation SACRIFICES his T 27 C 8 T(940)766
and do not overlook the fact that EVERY thought extends, because T 27 C 13 T(942)768
simple statement of a simple fact. You WILL not make decisions T 30 B 10 T(1019)833
as well is but a fact. For you and your adviser T 30 B 11 T(1020)834
roles the script assigns. The fact they have no meaning in T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
take, the form obscures the fact that you believe it to T 31 C 1 T(1050)864
is it not a well-known fact the world deals harshly with T 31 E 3 T(1055)869
understand time, and cannot, in fact, understand anything. W 8 W 8 L 1 W(13)
necessary at this point. In fact, the recognition that you do W 9 L 1 W(15
classification of any kind. In fact, if you find it helpful W 10 L 4 W(17)
this idea lies in the fact that it contains a correction W 12 L 1 W(20)
meaning. In recognition of this fact, conclude the practice periods by W 14 L 6 W(25)
is no exception to this fact. Thoughts are not big or W 16 L 1 W(28)
we are again emphasizing the fact that minds are joined. This W 19 L 2 W(32)
privacy. Yet it is a fact that there are no private W 19 L 2 W(32)
5. You could, in fact, gain vision from just that W 28 L 5 W(48)
you see means anything. In fact, it explains every idea we W 29 L 1 W(49)
possible to reach God. In fact it is very easy, because W 41 L 8 W(69)
5. You may, in fact, be astonished at the amount W 42 L 5 W(70)
you know well. Try, in fact, not to make distinctions of W 43 L 7 W(73)
for today simply states a fact. It is not a fact W 48 L 1 W(85)
fact. It is not a fact to those who believe in W 48 L 1 W(85)
and what I am. The fact that I see a world W 53 L 5 W(97)
His beloved Son. The very fact that I see such things W 55 L 1 W(100)
purpose your acceptance of the fact that not only is there W 66 L 4 W(121)
W(136) fact that you are doing the W 71 L 8 W(136)
is to replace God. In fact, the ego is the physical W 72 L 2 W(137)
of God quite convincing. In fact, if the body were real W 72 L 5 W(138)
for anything. You state a fact that cannot be denied. W 77 L 6 W(152)
your request is granted. The fact that you accepted must be W 77 L 6 W(153)
simple statement of a simple fact. You will receive the assurance W 77 L 6 W(153)
a reminder of a simple fact. Tell yourself often today: I W 77 L 7 W(153)
been given you. Accept that fact, and you are ready to W 80 L 1 W(160)
96 L 2. The fact that truth and illusion cannot W 96 L 2 W(189)
If you forget this happy fact, remind yourself with this: Today W 131 L 15 W(272)
which hides the very simple fact that no decision can be W 133 L 12 W(279)
when you can accept the fact that pardon is not asked W 134 L 2 W(281)
concerned. Mistake this not for fact. Defenses must make facts unrecognizableW 136 L 5 W(292)
13. It is this fact which demonstrates that time is W 136 L 13 W(293)
with God. This is a fact and represents the truth of W 140 R4 2 W(311)
give unless he has. In fact, giving is proof of having W 187 L 1 W(410)
self-deception. It is not a fact at all. There is no W 190 L 1 W(419)
illusions gone. In this one fact is sinlessness proclaimed to be W 191 L 4 W(422)
for today. It may, in fact, appear to be a sign W 196 L 2 W(438)
peace of God. Accept this fact, and save yourself the agony W 200 L 1 W(449)
is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on W 304 L 1 W(554)
is impossible, and on this fact forgiveness rests upon a certain W 359 L 1 W(614)
they necessarily recognize this; in fact, they generally do not. They M 4 A 5 M(8)
a result of learning. In fact, perception is learning, because cause M 5 B 1 M(8)
is open and easy. In fact, it is here. Who would M 5 B 8 M(11)
meaning of the word; in fact, it is a meaning that M 5 H 1 M(15)
essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that M 7 A 3 M(22)
not an opinion but a fact. In order to judge anything M 11 A 3 M(29)
world is, is but a fact. You cannot choose what this M 12 A 1 M(30)
realize and to accept the fact that the world has nothing M 14 A 2 M(34)
statement, it is to this fact that the teacher of God M 17 A 10 M(43)
always obvious. It can, in fact, be easily concealed beneath a M 18 A 2 M(44)
can be angry at a fact. It is always an interpretation M 18 A 4 M(45)
this can hardly be a fact is obvious. Yet that it M 18 A 5 M(45)
it can be believed as fact is surely so. And herein M 18 A 5 M(45)
battle. Accept it as a fact and then forget it. Do M 18 A 6 M(46)
an interpretation and not a fact, it is never justified. Once M 18 A 8 M(46)
do believe in it as fact. Now is escape impossible until M 18 A 9 M(47)
ceased to confuse interpretation with fact, or illusion with truth. If M 19 A 1 M(47)
perceives it, and may, in fact, confront him with a situation M 22 A 5 M(53)
Christís Name. He will, in fact, be unable to recognize his M 23 A 5 M(55)
and pupil may raise. In fact, it covers only a few M 30 A 1 M(68)
so increasingly. Yet the very fact that it has levels and U 2 A U(3)
significant extent. He hopes, in fact, to stabilize it sufficiently to P 3 A 3 P(3)
is a process, not a fact. The therapist cannot progress without P 3 D 4 P(8)
the psychotherapist must deal. In fact, this is his central task P 3 E 9 P(11)
real principles of healing. In fact, it probably tried to teach P 4 B 2 P(21)
you can safely ask. In fact, if you do not feel S 1 A 9 S(3)
has forgiveness. It has, in fact, become a scourge; a curse S 2 B 1 S(12)