it hurts you, and feels exonerated in beating a child. Can T 3 C 6 T(133)132
for his guilt, but NOT exonerated. And if you forgive him T 27 C 1 T(938)764
Son of God. This demonstration EXONERATES those who misperceive, by establishingT 3 G 31 T(167)166
beneficence, your little garden will expand, and reach out to everyone T 18 I 10 T(687)511
lies deeply within, must first expand, and FLOW ACROSS the obstacles T 19 D 16 T(706)- 530
be the best means to expand communication. Yet the ego would W 72 L 2 W(137)
and forever gaining scope, eternally expanding in the joy of full W 193 L 1 W(428)
your relationship. As this peace expands, from deep inside yourselves, to T 19 D 14 T(706)- 530
contained at all. The light expands and covers everything, extending to T 21 B 7 T(766)588
G 16. The sudden EXPANSION of the self that takes T 18 G 16 T(681)508
the truth. You do not expect to grow when you say T 2 E 10 T(102)101
And what you will you EXPECT. This is NOT delusional. T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
you become defensive because you EXPECT ATTACK. The decision to react T 5 I 18 T(269)C 96
is an hallucination. You cannot expect the EGO to say I T 8 A 3 T(346)C 173
or GIVE anything else, and expect joy in return? And what T 8 F 7 T(360)C 187
such as these, and actually expect to RECEIVE them? The Holy T 8 J 9 T(379)C 206
happening, how appropriately can you EXPECT him to react? But you T 9 C 8 T(390)217
DEFEAT ITSELF, what can you expect BUT confusion? The CURRICULUM does T 11 F 8 T(467)294
purpose. You see what you expect, and you expect what you T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
what you expect, and you expect what you invite. Your perception T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
relationships at all. Can you EXPECT to use your brothers as T 13 D 4 T(517)344
to be. For the guilty EXPECT attack, and, having ASKED for T 15 H 6 T(585)- 412
on awakening, you do NOT expect it to be gone. In T 18 C 3 T(664)491
a miracle YOURSELF, and THEN expect one to be made FOR T 18 E 5 T(672)- 499
die, and what would you expect, but to PERCEIVE the signs T 29 H 4 T(1007)821
the innocence within, and thus EXPECT to see it everywhere. And T 31 G 11 T(1066)880
he may be what they expect of him. This is the T 31 G 11 T(1066)880
it was ever reasonable to expect happiness from anything the ego W 66 L 9 W(123)
and joy becomes what you expect to take the place of W 103 L 3 W(207)
and to receive? Ask and expect an answer. Your request is W 106 L 8 W(214)
simple words of welcome, and expect our Father to reveal Himself W 220 IN2 4 W(459)
way but this could I expect to recognize my Self, and W 287 L 2 W(535)
outside? What remedy can guilt expect? But seen within your mind U 5 A 6 U(8)
way. And can you now expect to see in him an P 3 H 9 P(18)
of this world do not expect this outcome, and many of P 4 B 5 P(22)
hush in Heaven, a happy expectancy, a little pause of gladness T 19 E 7 T(709)533
yourself; and wait in silent expectancy for the truth. God has W 94 L 4 W(183)
brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more W 270 L 1 W(516)
be given you. Bolster this expectation frequently throughout the day, andW 103 L 3 W(207)
For we wait in quiet expectation for our God and Father W 220 IN2 2 W(459)
love follows. What can be expected from insane premises EXCEPT an T 6 A 1 T(271)C 98
an insane defense can be expected, but can NOT establish that T 26 H 6 T(919)745
understood. What else could be EXPECTED from a thing that has T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
the enemy. You are not expected to believe the statement at W 13 L 5 W(23)
but psychotherapy can hardly be expected to establish reality. That is P 3 A 1 P(3)
and then pause a while, expecting to receive the gift you W 108 L 9 W(220)
Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of W 285 L 1 W(533)
GIVE. Justice is a temporary expedient, or an attempt to teach T 2 B 8 T(74)74
mathematical rather than an actual expedient. (This is a major limitation T 2 E 53 T(114) 113
perception is merely a temporary expedient. It is necessary ONLY because T 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
too often misused as an expedient for sharing the egos T 4 I 1 T(231)C 58
from fear. If it is expedient to spend this time earlier M 17 A 5 M(42)
here is temporarily a real expeditor. Actually, Cause is a term T 2 E 30 T(107)106
you withdraw from Creation you expend on fear. This is not T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
waste of energy which you expend in denying truth. What would T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
as he is willing to expend some little effort on behalf T 16 D 8 T(610)437
on its behalf is NECESSARILY expended on nothing. T 10 T 10 F 4 T(434)- 261
against sin. Enormous effort is expended in the attempt to make T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
prepared, no time to be expended, and no plans that need T 31 B 1 T(1046)860
the aim of effort and expenditure of time. Without decision time W 138 L 3 W(300)
reach; a senseless series of expenditures of time and effort, hopefulness W 96 L 2 W(189)
join with one at the EXPENSE of another. T 3 T 3 A 28 T(127)126
his own mind at the EXPENSE of his body. T T 3 C 26 T(139)138
BELONGING to anyone AT THE EXPENSE of another. This perception makes T 7 D 8 T(312)C 139
ALWAYS choose one AT THE EXPENSE of the other. T T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
use one relationship AT THE EXPENSE of another, and NOT suffer T 15 F 12 T(580)407
place of God, at the EXPENSE of content. There IS no T 16 F 12 T(619)446
a little time a small expense to offer for the gift W 137 L 13 W(299)
gratify its needs at the expense of others. M 9 M 9 A 2 M(26)
you choose nothing at the expense of the awareness of everything M 14 A 8 M(36)
Universal Miracle which was the experience of intense love that you T 1 B 3c T(1)
Revelation is PURELY a love experience. Physical closeness CANNOT achieve thisT 1 B 24i T(14)14
essentially incomprehensible. Revelation induces ONLY experience. Miracles, on the other handT 1 B 25e T(15)15
be thrust upon you. The experience cannot last. T 1 T 1 B 25f T(15)15
taking today reflect the Revelatory experience. This does NOT produce the T 1 B 25i T(16)16
COOPERATIVE nature of your joint experience. You can help only by T 1 B 25i T(16)16
leads to the highly PERSONAL experience of Revelation. This is why T 1 B 30l T(19)19
it is NOT done an experience of lack results. This is T 1 B 40c T(37)37
on new chapters in their experience, and thus improve their record T 1 B 40d T(37)37
set up as a learning experience in gaining Grace. T T 1 B 40d T(38)38
they have the ability to EXPERIENCE revelations themselves, and also to T 1 B 40k T(39)39
into words enough of the experience to serve as a basis T 1 B 40k T(39)39
unspeakable, because it is an experience of unspeakable love. The word T 1 B 40v T(41)41
to respect for his greater experience, and a reasonable amount of T 1 B 40x T(41)41
the Priestess was once to experience Revelations and to work miracles T 1 B 41o T(47)47
or another person, or both, experience inappropriate sex impulses, KNOW FIRSTT 1 B 41u T(48)48
this refers to a visionary experience of HS) introduced some error T 1 C 6 T(56)56
then in a condition to experience nightmares, precisely because he was T 2 A 14 T(67)67
a restatement of an earlier experience, now as if it were T 2 B 53 T(82) 82
and that is why your EXPERIENCE of it has been minimal T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
The VALUE of the experience depends on the need of T 3 A 7 T(121)120
God, because you should not experience awe in the presence of T 3 A 11 T(121)120
confused with fear, and the experience will be more traumatic than T 3 A 13 T(122)121
himself in a condition to experience a fear rather than a T 3 A 22 T(125)124
kind. B. will continue to experience this need from time to T 3 A 31 T(127)126
involved at all removes the experience from the realm of knowledge T 3 E 7 T(148)147
of inequality of ability and experience. The aim of the teacher T 3 G 36 T(169)168
because separation WAS their first experience of change. T 4 T 4 B 6 T(189)C 16
you will both engender and experience hope, and you will inspire T 4 B 38 T(197)C 24
There is a kind of experience that is so different from T 4 D 13 T(211)C 38
because only the ego CAN experience guilt. THIS NEED NOT BE T 4 E 8 T(215)C 42
a teacher with some experience, I must remind you that T 4 F 11 T(222)C 49
No-one who has learned from experience that one choice brings peace T 4 G 10 T(226)C 53
is right that she will experience things that will cut across T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
his own Being and its experience of His Sonsí experience. The T 4 H 9 T(231)C 58
its experience of His Sonsí experience. The constant GOING OUT of T 4 H 9 T(231)C 58
reason why Bill needs this experience is because he needs rehabilitating T 4 I 2 T(232)C 59
Only the healed mind can experience revelation with lasting effect, becauseT 5 B 1 T(234) C 61
effect, because revelation is an experience of pure joy. If you T 5 B 1 T(234) C 61
said this before, but in EXPERIENCE. T 5 E 2 T 5 E 1 T(241)C 68
to your ego, you WILL experience guilt, and you WILL fear T 5 G 5 T(255)C 82
will affect both behavior AND experience. And what you will you T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
not asked to repeat my experience, because the Holy Spirit which T 6 B 11 T(275)C 102
C 108 experience perfection as a difficult accomplishment T 6 C 12 T(281)C 108
confusion that a child would experience if he were told, Do T 6 F 4 T(289)C 116
in which he will not experience strain, because that is where T 7 L 2 T(344)C 171
the grounds of your own experience with the egos teaching T 8 C 2 T(349)C 176
then, there IS no other experience. But the WISH for other T 8 D 2 T(351)C 78
But the WISH for other experience will block this, because God T 8 D 2 T(351)C 78
forced upon you, being an experience of total WILLINGNESS. T T 8 D 2 T(351)C 78
peace and joy, unless you experience ONLY this you MUST be T 8 E 1 T(354)C 181
you separate or join, and experience pain or joy accordingly. My T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
CONDITIONS of truth, but the experience is of God. Together we T 8 F 12 T(362)C 189
a body, you will ALWAYS experience depression. When a Child of T 8 G 2 T(363)C 190
DO distort reality you will experience anxiety, depression, and ultimately panicT 8 J 16 T(381)C 208
You know, from your own experience, that what you see in T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
hold in vain. What you experience, when you deny your father T 10 E 2 T(430)- 257
ITSELF. The real conflict you experience, then, is between the ego T 10 F 6 T(434)- 261
EGO WANTS TO YOU TO EXPERIENCE IT, is therefore the basic T 10 F 10 T(435)262
T 10 G. Experience and Perception (N 975 8 T 10 G 0 T(439)266
up on the basis of experience, and experience leads to beliefs T 10 G 1 T(439)266
the basis of experience, and experience leads to beliefs. It is T 10 G 1 T(439)266
are learned WITH beliefs, and experience teaches. I am leading you T 10 G 3 T(439)266
to a new kind of experience which you will become less T 10 G 3 T(439)266
you insist on refusing, and experience a quick response of opposition T 11 D 2 T(459)286
merely conceal it. You DO experience guilt FEELINGS, but you have T 12 A 2 T(485)312
threat you think you COULD experience. For hell and oblivion are T 12 D 2 T(492)319
natural to use your PAST experience as the reference point from T 12 F 2 T(500)327
the basis of your PAST experience and plan for it accordingly T 12 F 4 T(501)328
was. Every reaction that you experience will be so purified, that T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
of His Son: What I experience I will make manifest. If T 13 H 3 T(530)- 357
is no parallel in your experience of the world to help T 14 A 2 T(539)- 366
ASK for guilt and WILL experience it. PROTECT his purity from T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
single second, and begin to experience it as timeless, is to T 15 C 7 T(569)- 396
timeless, is to begin to experience yourself as NOT separate. Fear T 15 C 7 T(569)- 396
on the past, for PAST experience is the basis on which T 15 F 1 T(577)404
to be guilty. For to experience yourself AS alone, is to T 15 F 3 T(577)404
the ego, as a learning experience which points to truth. Under T 15 F 4 T(578)405
in you, and you will experience the full communication of ideas T 15 G 8 T(583)- 410
here it is that you experience yourself as you were created T 15 I 1 T(588)- 415
with you forever, you would experience the attraction of the Eternal T 15 I 12 T(592)- 419
ARE no bodies. And you experience ONLY the attraction of God T 15 J 1 T(593)- 420
thought-system is a carefully-contrived learning experience, designed to lead AWAY fromT 16 F 15 T(620)447
in ALL respects, between your EXPERIENCE of truth and illusion. But T 16 H 7 T(627)- 454
with you, will weaken the EXPERIENCE of Him for a while T 16 H 7 T(628)- 455
prevent you from KEEPING the experience in your mind. Yet the T 16 H 7 T(628)- 455
relationships is evident. Your OWN experience has taught you this. But T 17 D 4 T(635)- 462
you to yours, you will experience again the MEANING of relationship T 17 E 15 T(645)472
holy instant NEVER fails. The EXPERIENCE of it is ALWAYS felt T 17 F 1 T(646)473
a constant reminder of the experience in which the relationship became T 17 F 1 T(646)473
lose sight of it. The experience of an instant, HOWEVER compelling T 17 F 12 T(649)476
comes of itself. If you experience PEACE, it is because the T 17 G 5 T(652)479
believes the situation BRINGS the experience. The Holy Spirit knows the T 17 G 5 T(652)479
bring but the ILLUSION of experience, and the illusion of peace T 17 G 7 T(653)480
all the fear that you experience is really past. Time has T 18 D 8 T(670)497
for either of you to experience fear alone, or to attempt T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
release from physical restrictions, you experience much of what happens inT 18 G 15 T(681)508
time and space, the sudden experience of peace and joy, and T 18 G 15 T(681)508
Those who choose freedom will experience only ITS results. Their power T 20 E 4 T(746)569
the contrast better than the experience of both a holy and T 20 G 2 T(751)574
To the extent you still experience it, you are REFUSING to T 20 H 2 T(755)578
I CHOSE the feelings I experience, and I DECIDED ON the T 21 C 2 T(767)589
may IMAGINE that you still experience its effects, but it is T 21 D 2 T(772)594
vulnerable, and afraid. You WILL experience depression, a sense of worthlessnessT 21 F 3 T(780)601
the CONSTANT peace you could experience forever. Here is what denial T 21 I 5 T(794)615
more in line with your experience. And therefore it is necessary T 22 G 15 T(818)637
ONE thinks, the OTHER will experience WITH him. What can this T 22 G 15 T(818)637
need you look to your experience WITHIN the world, which is T 25 I 12 T(895)714
It stands apart from ALL experience of fear OR love. For T 27 B 8 T(937)763
and the things you WOULD experience. And say, If I make T 30 B 3 T(1017) 831
made on different aspects of experience. And then, in looking back T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
of the feelings as you experience it. Further examples are: I W 5 L 4 W(9)
or even less if you experience discomfort. Remember, however, to repeat W 10 L 5 W(18)
Terminate the exercises whenever you experience a sense of strain. W 12 L 6 W(21)
maximum benefit, even if you experience resistance. However, if you do W 17 L 4 W(30)
degree of the emotion you experience does not matter. You will W 21 L 2 W(36)
mind, and that you must experience disappointment in connection with some W 24 L 6 W(41)
once or twice you should experience a sense of restfulness as W 29 L 6 W(50)
If you begin to experience difficulty in thinking of specific W 34 L 4 W(55)
which all the separated ones experience. Depression is an inevitable consequenceW 41 L 1 W(68)
the exercises correctly, you should experience some sense of relaxation, andW 44 L 10 W(76)
to recognize this today, and experience the peace this recognition brings W 74 L 2 W(144)
your eyes and try to experience the peace to which your W 74 L 5 W(145)
Joy characterizes peace. By this experience will you recognize that you W 74 L 5 W(145)
even if you do not experience the peace you seek. W 74 L 6 W(145)
response to any temptation to experience ourselves as subject to other W 76 L 13 W(151)
my function, I will not experience the joy that God intends W 82 L 5 W(165)
I cannot suffer, I cannot experience loss, and I cannot die W 84 L 2 W(167)
me. This day I will experience the peace of true perception W 87 L 2 W(170)
if you choose. You can experience the strength in you. W 91 L 5 W(175)
body. You need a real experience of something else, something more W 91 L 7 W(175)
the exercise period, try to experience these truths about yourself. ConcentrateW 91 L 9 W(176)
yourself. Concentrate particularly on the experience of strength. Remember that allW 91 L 9 W(176)
practice period in trying to experience what God has given you W 93 L 8 W(181)
is not there. Try to experience the unity of your One W 93 L 9 W(181)
you are One Self, you experience yourself as two; as both W 96 L 1 W(189)
Now are you ready to experience the joy and peace you W 105 L 7 W(211)
Father gave. Today we would experience ourselves at one with Him W 124 L 7 W(251)
recognition of reality. In our experience the world is freed. As W 124 L 7 W(251)
it. Others find it in experience that is not of this W 132 L 7 W(274)
be controlled by learning and experience obtained from past events and W 135 L 16 W(288)
its future goals. Its past experience directs its choice of what W 135 L 17 W(288)
it ushers in a new experience, a different kind of feeling W 157 L 1 W(339)
new dimension now; a fresh experience which sheds a light on W 157 L 2 W(339)
thinks of you. For your experience today will so transform your W 157 L 5 W(340)
the vision of what you experience this day to light the W 157 L 6 W(340)
the world. We cannot give experience like this directly. Yet it W 157 L 6 W(340)
the sooner to the same experience in which the world is W 157 L 6 W(340)
L 7. As this experience increases and all goals but W 157 L 7 W(340)
and start today, with the experience, this day holds out to W 157 L 8 W(340)
found early in the text. Experience cannot be shared directly in W 158 L 2 W(341)
The script is written. When experience will come to end your W 158 L 4 W(341)
The teacher does not give experience, because he did not learn W 158 L 5 W(342)
for here the journey ends. Experience, unlearned, untaught, unseen, is merelyW 158 L 6 W(342)
a state completely different from experience with which it is familiarly W 169 L 3 W(373)
of God to hasten the experience of truth, and speed its W 169 L 4 W(373)
This is beyond the experience we try to hasten. Yet W 169 L 7 W(374)
final gift salvation can bestow. Experience that grace provides will end W 169 L 12 W(375)
receive, through grace, in your experience, to all who see the W 169 L 12 W(375)
ask for grace and for experience that comes from grace. We W 169 L 14 W(376)
which we share a new experience for you, yet one as W 170 R5 10 W(383)
We place faith in the experience that comes from practice, not W 170 R5 12 W(384)
use. We wait for the experience, and recognize that it is W 170 R5 12 W(384)
their lifting brings. But the experience of freedom and of peace W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
what impedes our progress still. Experience of what exists beyond defensivenessW 180 IN2 5 W(387)
brothers sins, and you experience the peace that comes from W 181 L 2 W(388)
give our trust to the experience we ask for now. Our W 181 L 10 W(390)
state in which you will experience the gifts of grace. You W 182 L 9 W(393)
Fathers Name, we would experience this peace today. And in W 182 L 11 W(393)
of the Name of God. Experience must come to supplement the W 184 L 13 W(401)
to go beyond them to experience which might affront their stance W 186 L 5 W(407)
seems to change as we experience a thousand shifts in mood W 186 L 8 W(407)
you will see by your experience that you have laid the W 194 L 4 W(432)
cause him pain, or bring experience of loss to him? What W 194 L 7 W(433)
For now we seek direct experience of truth alone. The lessons W 220 IN2 1 W(459)
the periods of wordless, deep experience which should come afterwards. TheseW 220 IN2 12 W(461)
cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience unhappiness, when he belongs toW 244 L 1 W(488)
be. And what I will experience is not of time at W 310 L 1 W(560)
me but learn from my experience that this is true, and W 327 L 1 W(579)
will never fail in my experience, if I but test them W 327 L 2 W(579)
the advanced teachers of God experience is largely due to their M 5 C 2 M(12)
who has not had this experience? Would you know how many M 11 A 4 M(29)
always requests some kind of experience, the specific things asked for M 22 A 2 M(52)
the bringers of the desired experience in the judgment of the M 22 A 2 M(52)
the chief barrier to direct experience of the Holy Spirit, Whose M 26 A 2 M(60)
God may have a brief experience of direct union with God M 27 A 3 M(62)
is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but U 1 A 2 U(1)
but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is U 1 A 2 U(1)
is no answer; only an experience. Seek only this, and do U 1 A 4 U(1)
requires elaboration here. Religion is experience; psychotherapy is experience. At theP 3 C 2 P(5)
Religion is experience; psychotherapy is experience. At the highest levels theyP 3 C 2 P(5)
clearly seen. Yet who could experience the end of guilt who P 3 H 5 P(17)
make a vast area of experience more manageable. But that means S 1 A 7 S(3)