way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls T 5 H 15 T(263)C 90
One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered BY the eternal T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
Faith is as easily exchanged for knowledge as is the T 19 B 11 T(697)521
Here the unholy instant is exchanged in gladness for the holy T 20 G 10 T(753)576
Yet even they will be exchanged at last for what we W 129 L 3 W(263)
sight proves that you have exchanged your blindness for the seeing W 165 L 5 W(363)
the goal of Heaven been exchanged for the pursuit of hell W 260 W5 4 W(506)
the happy dreams the miracle exchanges for your own. It does T 28 C 5 T(973)- 799
purpose of your relationship by exchanging yours for His, the goal T 17 H 8 T(656)483
egos, you RENOUNCED death, exchanging it for life. We know T 19 I 3 T(721)545
period you share with Him, exchanging every instant of the time W 98 L 9 W(196)
up the world, but on exchanging it for what is far W 129 L 1 W(263)
carry healing to the world, exchanging curse for blessing, pain for W 137 L 13 W(299)
statement, because it does not exclude the negative. We have already T 1 B 40o T(40)40
simple. The ego projects to EXCLUDE and therefore to deceive. The T 6 C 14 T(281)C 108
ONLY thing that you must exclude. T 6 H 9 T 6 H 8 T(301)128
will NEVER be able to exclude yourself from what you project T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
not know your own self-fullness. Exclude ANY part of the Kingdom T 7 J 5 T(338)C 165
It is One. If you exclude YOURSELF from this union, you T 8 E 14 T(357)C 184
Universe is Himself. Can you exclude yourself from the Universe, or T 10 B 4 T(421)- 248
there is no desire to exclude ANYONE from your completion, in T 15 I 1 T(588)- 415
God. For through guilt, you EXCLUDE your Father and your brothers T 15 K 4 T(598)- 425
with you what you would EXCLUDE. And they will TAKE THE T 16 D 5 T(609)436
do so. But you MUST exclude MAJOR AREAS of fantasy FROM T 17 F 7 T(648)475
accordingly. To fragment IS TO EXCLUDE, and substitution is the strongest T 18 A 1 T(659)486
gift of sight to you. Exclude the outer world, and let W 188 L 6 W(414)
though fallaciously, while it is excluded from 1) and 2). T 1 C 15 T(59)59
the Kingdom, and have therefore excluded yourself FROM it in your T 6 H 8 T(301)128
giving it OUT you have excluded from WITHIN is a complete T 7 I 5 T(336)C 163
part from which it is excluded. The soul KNOWS that the T 7 J 2 T(338)C 165
everywhere, and you CANNOT be excluded from them. The ego teaches T 8 D 9 T(353)C 180
of the Son can be excluded, if he would know the T 10 D 7 T(428)255
does not will to BE excluded. T 12 C 5 T 12 C 4 T(489)316
MAKES THE ENCOUNTER HOLY, is excluded from your sight. The Holy T 12 D 7 T(494)321
for this, light MUST be excluded. Dreams disappear when light has T 12 E 9 T(498)- 325
purity, from which no-one is excluded. Within its holy circle, is T 14 B 9 T(542)- 369
journey fails, because it has EXCLUDED what it would FIND. T 14 F 11 T(557)- 384
bids them be. What you excluded from yourself seems fearful, for T 15 K 4 T(598)- 425
union from which UNION IS EXCLUDED, and the BASIS for the T 16 F 6 T(617)444
such dreams are cherished have EXCLUDED me. Let me enter, in T 17 D 13 T(639)- 466
from which NO error is excluded and NOTHING kept hidden, what T 22 G 7 T(815)634
wills. Nor that you be excluded from the Will that IS T 28 B 13 T(971)797
What is everywhere has been excluded, and been kept apart? What T 29 I 4 T(1010)824
nothing you see is specifically excluded. One thing is like another W 1 L 3 W(3)
sure that nothing is specifically excluded.

--- Manuscript
W 2 L 2 W(4)
whom your holiness belongs be excluded from it? God does not W 39 L 4 W(64)
power, for the SEPARATE union EXCLUDES THE UNIVERSE. Far more is T 16 G 4 T(623)- 450
in sin, if the belief excludes ONE living thing, and holds T 22 C 4 T(802)622
inclusiveness or for a time excludes some problem areas from it M 23 A 2 M(54)
T 5 I 14. Excluding yourself from the Atonement is T 5 I 14 T(268)C 95
is yours. You are therefore EXCLUDING yourself from it, by the T 6 C 2 T(278)C 105
your brothers. It begins by excluding something you think exists in T 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
and leads directly to your excluding yourself from your brothers. T 6 C 4 T(278)C 105
GIVE UP peace, you are EXCLUDING yourself FROM it. This is T 8 B 1 T(347) C 174
union becomes a way of EXCLUDING even the one with whom T 17 D 6 T(636)- 463
and the essential rule of excluding nothing. It is emphasized again W 9 L 3 W(15
holding grievances I am therefore excluding my own only hope of W 86 L 5 W(169)
The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no one, limitless in gentlenessM 15 A 1 M(37)
false idea about his own exclusion from Universal Love is fallacious T 1 B 35c T(23)23
specialness does NOT stem from exclusion, but from inclusion. ALL My T 1 B 35c T(23)23
T 6 C 2. Exclusion and separation are synonymous. So T 6 C 2 T(277)C 104
powerful to be subject to exclusion. You will NEVER be able T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
is truth. There is NO exclusion in the holy instant, because T 15 G 8 T(583)- 410
goes the whole basis FOR exclusion. Without ITS source, exclusion vanishesT 15 G 8 T(583)- 410
FOR exclusion. Without ITS source, exclusion vanishes. And this permits YOURT 15 G 8 T(583)- 410
is perceived as separation and EXCLUSION. T 16 F 4 T 16 F 3 T(616)443
ATTEMPT at union RESTS on exclusion. What better example could there T 16 F 6 T(617)444
have, AS THEIR PURPOSE, the EXCLUSION of the truth about the T 17 D 3 T(635)- 462
faithlessness has not forced ANY exclusion on it. It is a T 17 I 1 T(657)484
should not be attempted, specific exclusion must be avoided. Be sure W 9 L 3 W(15
indiscriminately, without self-directed inclusion or exclusion.

--- Manuscript
W 43 L 5 W(72)
with the self to the exclusion of the patient. It is M 8 A 6 M(25)
helping concentration and facilitating the exclusion or at least the controlM 22 A 1 M(52)
not to make any specific exclusions. W 34 L 5 W 34 L 4 W(55)
long, because they are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE

--- Manuscript
T 6 H 5 T(299)C 126
seeing. It is not an exclusive commitment. It is a commitment W 28 L 4 W(47)
is still seen, but NOT exclusively, as it is seen here T 16 G 5 T(623)- 450
On the contrary, we are exclusively concerned with what he does W 72 L 4 W(137)
set up is therefore determined exclusively by what you think you M 1 A 3 M(1)
and would hardly advance the excuse that you could not help T 2 D 4 T(97)96
this fancied undependability as an excuse for keeping certain dark lessons T 14 G 9 T(560)- 387
of ANY goal, is your excuse for variable goals YOU hold T 29 B 4 T(992)818
from this schedule as an excuse not to return to it W 95 L 7 W(186)
gladness, the function of an executioner YOU gave him for the T 22 C 11 T(804)624
in misthought are as well exemplified here as elsewhere. There is T 3 A 15 T(123)122
teach it, too, if we exemplify the words in us. W 350 W14 2 W(605)
have done so does not exempt you from your own omission T 1 B 30aa T(21)21
they govern EVERYTHING. You cannot exempt yourself from His laws, although T 8 E 1 T(354)C 181
it IS. YOU cannot be exempt from it, if you are T 8 E 16 T(357)C 184
in peace and joy. But exempt no-one from your love, or T 12 C 10 T(490)317
not welcome. And you will exempt YOURSELF from His healing power T 12 C 10 T(490)317
will not be possible to EXEMPT YOURSELF from what the Holy T 13 E 7 T(523)350
this. You will NOT be exempt from the effect of this T 14 B 8 T(542)- 369
your belief that YOU are exempt from its evil intentions. It T 15 H 4 T(585)- 412
healing from which nothing is exempt. We will succeed to the W 140 L 9 W(309)
idea. And would you be exempt from the acceptance of the W 199 L 5 W(448)