APPROVAL of your image will exalt it, but also that your T 4 B 18 T(192)C 19
and try to glorify and exalt it. But while it stands W 72 L 7 W(138)
it to do. In its exaltation, you COMMANDED it to die T 19 J 7 T(723)547
that you love Him. The exaltation of the body is given T 19 K 5 T(727)551
a teacher either to be exalted or rejected, but I do T 4 B 19 T(192)C 19
CANNOT triumph, but you ARE exalted. And in your exalted state T 9 G 8 T(403)230
ARE exalted. And in your exalted state, you seek others like T 9 G 8 T(403)230
from God. It IS an exalted answer, because of its Source T 9 G 12 T(404)231
in littleness with His own exalted answer to the question of T 9 G 12 T(404)231
beyond its scope, and to exalted aims which it cannot accomplish W 135 L 8 W(286)
now using it. Right-Mindedness neither exalts nor depreciates

T 2 C 15 T(92)91
it. That is the final exam, which you will have no T 1 B 16b T(5)-5-
helpful than a more cursory examination of a large number. Two W 24 L 3 W(40)
You have every right to examine MY credentials in fact, I T 1 B 22q T(8)-8-
it is not necessary to examine ALL possible outcomes to which T 8 H 7 T(372)C 199
is insane. If you will examine the evidence ON BOTH SIDES T 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
IS. It IS necessary to examine each one, as long as T 15 J 5 T(595)- 422
the exercises. Do not, however, examine your mind for more than W 4 L 4 W(7)
my peace of mind. Then examine your mind for whatever is W 5 L 3 W(8)
perception. Actually, if it is examined objectively, it is quite apparent T 2 F 4 T(118)117
1 B 24f. For example, if the identification is with T 1 B 24f T(14)14
flu shot. This was an example of how miracles should work T 1 B 30ad T(21)21
its own. It is an example of the scarcity fallacy, from T 1 B 33b T(23)23
This is a good example of the curiously literal regression T 1 B 36k T(26)26
you are ambivalent. A good example of this is your response T 1 B 36l T(26)26
to stop. This is an example of the indiscriminant or uncontrolled T 1 B 37i T(30)30
and statistics is an interesting example of this whole issue. Note T 1 B 37y T(34)34
bring both, as an excellent example of how extremely good HS T 1 B 37af T(36)36
But this is just another example of the reciprocal nature of T 1 B 41j T(46)46
B. had) provide an excellent example of how you switch. (Now T 1 B 41q T(47)47
get it. This is an example of the need to know T 1 B 41ae T(50)50
of error. It is an example of the foolish consistency his T 1 B 42b T(54)54
The kleptomaniac is a good example of the latter. T T 1 C 11 T(58)58
throwing-away (bankruptcy) may result. An example is the inveterate or compulsiveT 1 C 25 T(61)61
to be considered later. For example, dejection, which is obviously associatedT 2 A 7 T(64)64
throwing-away (bankruptcy) may result. An example is the inveterate or compulsiveT 2 A 16 T(69)69
Hinda. This was an excellent example of misperception which led to T 2 B 13 T(75)75
ordinary expressions reflect this. For example, when you say dont T 2 E 8 T(102)101
of awareness of thought-power. For example, you say, just an idle T 2 E 9 T(102)101
superego is a particularly interesting example of the real power of T 2 E 41 T(110)109
death. This is an outstanding example of upside-down perception. Actually, ifT 2 F 4 T(118)117
3 B 1a. For example, I do NOT regard time T 3 B 1a T(130)129
he IS. This is an example of the createdcreator confusion T 3 F 5 T(153)152
and is a reasonably representative example of the kind of thinking T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
teaching is nothing but an example of your own intense separation T 4 B 7 T(189)C 16
There could be no better example of the fact that the T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
state is the best concrete example B. could have of how T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
C 4. An extreme example is a good teaching aid T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
your present state as an example of how the mind can T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
offers a very good teaching example of alternations between Soul and T 4 C 5 T(199)C 26
urge you to follow my example as you look at yourselves T 4 E 5 T(214)C 41
for BOTH, is a good example. This is understandable to the T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
in their own judgment. For example, although all forms of perceived T 4 H 3 T(229)C 56
guidance, and above all BY EXAMPLE. If you will to learn T 5 F 12 T(250)C 77
7. As an extreme example of dissociation yourself, you should T 5 G 7 T(255)C 82
often said that an extreme example is a particularly helpful learning T 6 A 2 T(271)C 98
Bill had become an outstanding example of allegiance to apathy, and T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
you have become a startling example of fidelity to variability. But T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
nothing more than an extreme example. Its value, like the value T 6 B 1 T(272)C 99
merely asked to follow my example in the face of much T 6 B 6 T(273)C 100
you must still follow my example in how to perceive them T 6 B 11 T(275)C 102
Bill is an outstanding example of this confusion, and has T 6 B 18 T(276)C 103
Hearing and being is an example, to which we can also T 6 D 1 T(282)C 109
could not have a better example of the Holy Spirits T 7 D 5 T(311)C 138
FEEL. Sickness is merely another example of your insistence on asking T 8 H 8 T(372)C 199
contribution is to present an example of one whose direction has T 9 D 9 T(394)221
RESTS on exclusion. What better example could there be of the T 16 F 6 T(617)444
special case, or an extreme example, of what EVERY situation is T 17 I 1 T(657)484
holy instant is the shining example, the clear and unequivocal demonstrationT 17 I 1 T(657)484
true. They are the best example you could have of how T 18 C 2 T(664)491
benefit. Each miracle is an example of what justice can accomplish T 25 J 9 T(899)718
T 27 F. The Healing Example (N 1901 12:36) T 27 F 0 T(950)776
or event it contains; for example: This thought about does not W 4 L 3 W(6)
you ascribe to it. For example: I am not angry at W 5 L 2 W(8)
application of the idea. For example: I am angry at because W 6 L 1 W(10)
Look at a cup, for example. W 7 L 3 W 7 L 2 W(11)
whatever catches your eye. For example:

--- Manuscript
W 7 L 4 W(11)
of your thoughts specifically, for example: I seem to be thinking W 8 L 4 W(14)
W(16) For example: I do not see that W 9 L 3 W(16)
to you, include them. For example, you might think of a W 12 L 3 W(20)
is not real. Say, for example: God did not create that W 14 L 4 W(24)
not use general terms. For example, do not say, God did W 14 L 5 W(25)
about are not neutral. For example, you might say: I do W 17 L 2 W(30)
so. It is merely an example of the belief that some W 21 L 3 W(36)
as possible. You may, for example, focus your anger on a W 21 L 4 W(36)
understood at these levels. For example, you do understand that a W 25 L 4 W(42)
you so select, say, for example: I do not know what W 25 L 6 W(43)
is important to say, for example, Above all else I want W 28 L 2 W(47)
not in a table, for example, as you see it. Yet W 29 L 2 W(49)
of self-selection as possible. For example, a suitable list might include W 29 L 5 W(49)
your casual survey. Say, for example: My holiness envelops that rug W 36 L 3 W(59)
own. You might like, for example, to include thoughts such as W 38 L 5 W(63)
One practice period might, for example, consist of the following: I W 40 L 3 W(67)
idea. You might think, for example: Vision must be possible. God W 42 L 4 W(70)
sufficient. You might say, for example: God is my Source. I W 43 L 4 W(72)
are with someone else, for example, try to remember to tell W 43 L 7 W(73)
of. You might say, for example: I cannot be guilty because W 46 L 6 W(82)
obey. These would include, for example, the laws of nutrition, of W 76 L 8 W(150)
take their place. Say, for example: I am not weak, but W 91 L 8 W(175)