DIFFERENT ways, but you can EQUALIZE in ONE WAY ONLY. Equality T 7 D 6 T(311)C 138
AS WEAKER, you attempt to equalize the situation YOU HAVE MADE T 11 F 1 T(465)292
therefore HAVE no need to equalize the situation to ESTABLISH your T 11 F 3 T(465)292
for excelling to potentials for EQUALIZING. This makes them USELESS for T 7 D 5 T(311)C 138
preparation is complete, will be equally surprising. He will need your T 1 B 41i T(46)46
a miracle, he will be equally strong in his belief in T 1 B 41s T(48)48
can be undertaken on an equally false basis. The falseness of T 1 B 41ay T(52)52
assurance of love, and an equally clear emphasis on my own T 2 B 53 T(82) 82
ANY form. Inappropriate denial and equally inappropriate identification of the REALT 2 E 37 T(109)108
be so limited. It was equally apparent to him that the T 3 C 26 T(139)138
KNOWN. All of it is equally true, and knowing any part T 3 G 13 T(163)162
everyone he perceives, which is equally variable. Their interaction IS a T 4 C 2 T(197)C 24
or attack them in an equally feeble show of strength. The T 4 C 19 T(204)C 31
all. While the ego is equally unaware of the Soul, it T 4 C 20 T(204)C 31
Every part benefits, and benefits equally. YOU are being blessed by T 5 A 3 T(233)C 60
mind that God created is equally worthy of being healed because T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
three wholly irrational premises, the equally irrational conclusion that a brotherT 6 A 1 T(271)C 98
and is NOT receiving something equally desirable in return. His TEACHING T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
all. Fear and love are equally reciprocal. They make or create T 7 G 1 T(324)C 151
its Creation and its creating equally whole and equal in perfection T 7 J 2 T(338)C 165
obviously IS. The reason is equally obvious. What is joyful to T 7 K 2 T(341)C 168
OWN inheritance. God gives only equally. If you recognize His gift T 7 L 6 T(345)C 172
Creations, to whom He gives equally whatever is acceptable to Him T 8 E 12 T(356)C 183
a response. But it is equally certain that no response, given T 8 K 3 T(382)- 209
likely to start with the equally incredible idea that HE really T 9 D 1 T(392)219
to Him, but it is equally YOURS. You cannot, then, BE T 9 E 4 T(397)224
do with REALITY, it is equally clear that it has EVERYTHING T 9 I 19 T(412)- 239
you see, but it is equally impossible to see what you T 10 G 1 T(439)266
awareness that HIS criteria are equally applicable to YOU. For to T 11 B 7 T(452)279
s. And the reason is equally clear, for they perceive the T 12 D 7 T(494)321
you love them all, and EQUALLY. Love is not special. If T 13 D 10 T(519)- 346
Whose equal love is given equally to all alike. He leaves T 13 H 15 T(535)362
brought there that is not equally worthy of BOTH, but will T 14 D 11 T(550)- 377
more. HE NEEDS THEM ALL EQUALLY, and so do YOU. In T 15 F 10 T(579)406
suffer guilt. And it is equally impossible to condemn PART of T 15 F 12 T(580)407
the Son of God share equally, and, BY this recognition, you T 15 G 6 T(582)- 409
one, and share one idea equally, the first link in the T 16 C 4 T(605)432
without conviction, and it is equally impossible that conviction be OUTSIDET 16 D 3 T(608)435
you. He loves you both, equally and as one. And as T 18 B 8 T(662)489
is impossible, so is it equally impossible that the holy instant T 18 F 7 T(675)- 572
WITHIN which is his death equally inevitable. T 19 H T 19 H 9 T(720)544
other dreams which are but equally unreal. THIS is no difference T 22 C 3 T(801)621
are all the same and EQUALLY untrue, it would be easy T 23 C 3 T(825)644
ALL His Love as given equally.

--- Manuscript
T 25 C 11 T(872)691
to sanity. But sin is equally insane within the sight of T 25 H 7 T(888)707
witness to. And everyone is EQUALLY entitled to His gift of T 25 J 6 T(899)718
It is received and GIVEN equally. It IS awareness that giving T 25 J 9 T(899)718
ensure that everyone receives it equally.

--- Manuscript
T 26 C 5 T(905)724
fact that ALL are senseless; EQUALLY without a cause or consequence T 26 K 2 T(931)757
it is your own, and EQUALLY belongs to every living thing T 26 K 2 T(931)757
itself. Pleasure and pain are EQUALLY unreal, because their purpose CANNOTT 27 G 1 T(954)780
His Son, AND shares it equally with him. And in Their T 28 D 8 T(977)- 803
not there. But this is EQUALLY forgotten in attack. T T 30 E 5 T(1028)842
one thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful W 3 L 2 W(5)
another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful.

W 3 L 2 W(5)
small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of W 5 L 3 W(8)
small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of W 6 L 3 W(10)
Look about you. This is equally true of whatever you look W 7 L 4 W(11)
you recognize them all as equally destructive but equally unreal. We W 16 L 3 W(28)
all as equally destructive but equally unreal. We will practice this W 16 L 3 W(28)
order which you impose is equally alien to reality. W W 29 L 4 W(49)
without. Todays idea applies equally to both.

W 30 L 5 W(51)
to treat them both as equally as possible. Repeat the idea W 32 L 3 W(53)
equal casualness. Try to remain equally uninvolved in both, and to W 33 L 2 W(54)
debased. All of them are equally unreal because you do not W 35 L 4 W(57)
from Him. This form is equally applicable to strangers and to W 43 L 7 W(73)
purpose, for each one is equally essential to them all. W 100 L 1 W(200)
done throughout the day are equally important, and perhaps of even W 110 R3 9 W(229)
between what is untrue and equally untrue. Here there are no W 140 L 9 W(309)
exactly as they are, and equally aware of where they can W 154 L 2 W(329)
is the world of hatred equally unseen and inconceivable to those W 189 L 4 W(416)
of suffering. But it is equally insane to fail in gratitude W 195 L 2 W(435)
who is present now, is equally released from what he made W 300 W9 4 W(550)
Without judgment are all things equally acceptable, for who could judge M 5 D 1 M(13)
storehouse of treasures laid up equally for the giver and the M 7 A 2 M(22)
Atonement is universal. It is equally applicable to all individuals in M 23 A 6 M(55)
limit his Father. Both are equally meaningless. Yet this will not M 23 A 7 M(55)
does not exist. It is equally obvious, however, that each individual M 26 A 1 M(60)
not make fear. Both are equally meaningless to Him. M M 28 A 4 M(64)
power that another has, not equally bestowed on both as one S 3 D 1 S(23)
dreams, and every one is equally untrue. This is the only G 1 A 3 G(1)
a sign of love among equals. Equals cannot be in awe T 1 B 40w T(41)41
sign of love among equals. Equals cannot be in awe of T 1 B 40w T(41)41
the presence of your own equals.

--- Manuscript
T 3 A 11 T(121)120
because we were created as equals. It was only my DECISION T 5 D 9 T(239)C 66
teaches only to make you equals. This is because you had T 6 F 1 T(288)C 115
see AS brothers, because ONLY EQUALS ARE AT PEACE. T T 7 E 2 T(313)C 140
anything OTHER than their perfect equals, the IDEA of competition HAS T 7 E 3 T(313)C 140
upon, with some amount of equanimity is the PAST. And even T 15 B 4 T(564)391
went so far as to equate it quite literally WITH desire T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
G 2. When you equate yourself with a body, you T 8 G 2 T(363)C 190
to it. It does NOT equate it with what it IS T 8 H 1 T(369)C 196
is the sign that you equate your self with the ego T 16 G 1 T(622)- 449
also be to you who equate yourself with the ego. W 13 L 3 W(22)
God Himself can hardly be equated with the pull of human T 4 D 6 T(209)C 36
and being are still not equated but it is more advanced T 6 G 10 T(296)C 123
11. If paying is equated with GETTING, you will set T 8 K 11 T(385) 212
But if the dreamer is equated WITH the mind, the mind T 9 D 5 T(393)220
one responsibility. Atonement might be equated with total escape from the M 25 A 6 M(59)