nor could you sanely be enraged if he seems freer. Love W 195 L 4 W(435)
the mad idea you have enshrined upon your altars, AND WHICH T 21 C 7 T(769)591
you. Nothing of God will enslave His Son, whom He created T 10 H 10 T(446)- 273
you, or desert you or enslave you, you will respond as T 11 A 1 T(449)- 276
with his Creator. You CAN enslave a body, but an IDEA T 19 B 15 T(698)522
you made has power to enslave its maker. This is the T 22 C 9 T(803)623
to learn, to pardon, or enslave. It gives no orders that T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
well. Without the power to enslave, it is a worthy servant W 199 L 6 W(448)
demonstrates that you are NOT enslaved. T 6 E 11 T 6 E 10 T(287)C 114
freedom to all who are ENSLAVED by time, and thus make T 15 B 11 T(566)393
pity on yourselves, so long enslaved. Rejoice whom God hath joined T 22 A 1 T(795)- 616
in idols who has not enslaved himself to littleness and loss T 29 I 2 T(1009)823
to the world. You have enslaved the world with all your W 132 L 3 W(273)
who still believe they are enslaved within a body. Be you W 199 L 7 W(448)
engaging in any form of enslavement, even though he is not T 2 C 13 T(92)91
central place in your perceived enslavement, a fact which ITSELF demonstratesT 6 E 10 T(287)C 114
W 135 L 14. Enslavement of the body to the W 135 L 14 W(287)
willingness to use defenses to ensure it. T 2 B T 2 B 35 T(78)78
retaliation or abandonment, and thus ensure that the future will remain T 5 H 3 T(259)C 86
Holy Spirit for ANYTHING, will ensure a response. But it is T 8 K 3 T(382)- 209
future in your minds, to ensure the egos continuity. For T 11 J 12 T(483)310
on guilt enables it to ensure its continuity, by MAKING THE T 12 D 4 T(493)320
on to the past TO ENSURE A DESTRUCTIVE FUTURE. And time T 12 D 10 T(495)322
comes safely, for He will ensure it never can become a T 12 G 12 T(508)- 335
forgiveness, that the ego can ensure the guilt which holds ALL T 15 H 7 T(586)- 413
the Sonship to you, to ensure your perfect creation. This was T 15 I 5 T(589)- 416
is your special function to ensure the door be opened, that T 26 B 7 T(903)722
your giving it can He ensure that everyone receives it equally T 26 C 5 T(905)724
NO resolution possible, and to ensure NO answer will be plain T 27 E 1 T(947)773
YOU would make eternal, to ensure that ONLY Heaven would not T 29 G 3 T(1004)818
these things are cherished to ensure a body identification. They are W 50 L 2 W(88)
sickness. Your purpose was to ensure that healing did not occur W 70 L 4 W(131)
Gods purpose was to ensure that it did. Today we W 70 L 4 W(131)
we look upon. And to ensure this holy sight is ours W 187 L 11 W(412)
in any way. He would ensure his holy rest remain untroubled W 193 L 9 W(429)
cheat you of defenses to ensure that when He strikes He W 197 L 1 W(441)
murder it before it can ensure its safety by attacking them W 330 W12 2 W(583)
to suffer. Why should he ensure himself pain? But he does M 5 H 2 M(15)
and seeks by definition to ensure that its illusive nature is U 3 A 2 U(4)
must the teacher do to ensure learning? What must the therapist P 3 C 8 P(7)
him by you. Yet God ensured that justice WOULD be done T 25 I 10 T(894)713
your ever loving Father has ensured MUST come to you. And T 26 F 8 T(915)741
chosen for himself? God but ensured that you would never LOSE T 30 C 2 T(1021)835
is the end of time ensured. W 75 L 8 W 75 L 7 W(147)
your Father is. It was ensured in your creation, and guaranteed W 77 L 2 W(152)
be in you. He Who ensured your sinlessness must be the W 94 L 2 W(183)
the end of all uncertainty ensured at last. W 121 W 121 L 1 W(241)
is the gain to everyone ensured. The game of fear is W 153 L 12 W(326)
far behind. Its coming is ensured. We ask for grace and W 169 L 14 W(376)
The impersonal nature of miracle-mindedness ensures YOUR own Grace, but onlyT 1 B 39b T(37)37
your BEING as NONexistent. This ensures ITS continuance, if you side T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
is the central lesson that ensures your brother is condemned eternally T 31 E 5 T(1056)870
it will not work. This ensures that the fruitless search will W 71 L 3 W(134)
L 1. My sinlessness ensures me perfect peace, eternal safety W 337 L 1 W(590)
they are less adept at ensuring their own inability to victimize T 3 C 23 T(137)136
sleep has Christ protected you, ensuring the real world FOR you T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
CANNOT hide. This usually does entail fear. T 1 B T 1 B 22c T(6)-6-
manifestly external emphasis which both entail seems to be a safety T 1 C 10 T(58)58
this context, but it DOES entail a recognition that
T 1 C 14 T(58)58
this is inevitable. It may entail more mis-will than we think T 2 B 59 T(84) 83a
in that they do not entail the possession fallacy which DOES T 2 C 13 T(92)91
step toward freedom, then, MUST entail a sorting out of the T 2 F 3 T(118)117
of the guilt it MUST entail, nor of the sadness and T 16 F 10 T(618)445
own belief in justice MUST entail. And so they fear the T 25 I 6 T(892)711
all that the answer MUST entail. For if you answer yes T 25 J 1 T(897)716
occur at all, it would entail the whole of Gods T 27 A 1 T(934)760
forgiveness just BECAUSE they would entail effects which CANNOT be undone T 27 C 4 T(939)765
first. If attack thoughts must entail the belief that you are W 26 L 3 W(44)
no conflict that does not entail the single simple question, What W 139 L 1 W(304)
reparation, and so it must entail levels of learning. Here, the S 1 C 3 S(6)
The lunch need not have entailed either mental or physical strain T 3 A 31 T(127)126
an answer that is NOT entailed within the question asked. It T 27 E 7 T(949)775
have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past or W 8 L 2 W(13)
is fully protected, voting ALWAYS entails both election AND rejection. If T 1 B 37d T(29)29
vertical perception which the miracle entails introduces an interval from whichT 1 B 41 T(43)43
everything else that is true, entails the two steps necessary for T 1 C 1 T(55)55
a strong defense because it entails two levels of error: 1 T 1 C 2 T(55)55
will consider carefully what this entails, the following will become quiteT 2 A 5 T(63) 63
the sense that it always entails the misbelief that what is T 2 C 4 T(89)88
physical sight. The reason this entails fear is because man is T 2 C 19 T(94)93
fear about. This condition always entails a separated Mind-willingness. At thisT 2 D 8 T(98)97
This produces consistent behavior, but entails great strain WITHIN the selfT 2 D 10 T(98)97
able to help me. Miracle-working entails a full realization of the T 2 E 18 T(104)103
capitalized, is HIS Sonship. This entails a set of cause and T 2 E 30 T(107)106
there IS no conflict. This entails a full realization of the T 2 E 37 T(109)108
an empty gesture, unless it entails correction. Without this, it is T 3 B 5 T(130)129
inevitable judgment which it necessarily entails that it is UNNECESSARY. ThisT 4 G 1 T(224)C 51
conflict, and the second still ENTAILS it to some extent, this T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
you WANT to believe, and entails a willingness to RELINQUISH EVERYTHING T 6 H 14 T(302)C 129
THOUGHTS ARE FREE. But this entails the recognition that GUILT IS T 13 H 1 T(530)- 357
learn just what this shift entails, so you will become willing T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
to ANSWER truth with faith entails no strain at all. T 17 I 3 T(657)484
but consider exactly what this entails, you would perceive at once T 18 A 1 T(659)486
consider what this transportation REALLY entails, you will realize that it T 18 G 12 T(680)507
is not error. For sin entails an arrogance which the idea T 19 C 2 T(699)523
escapes the guilt the thought entails. If the INTENT is death T 23 D 2 T(833)652
H 6. All sacrifice entails the LOSS of your ability T 30 H 6 T(1038)852
CANNOT have the changelessness reality entails. The miracle attests salvation FROMT 30 I 1 T(1040)854
as your only function necessarily entails two phases; the recognition of W 65 L 1 W(119)
is in your own mind entails the realization that salvation is W 70 L 3 W(131)
guilt. The truly given gift entails no loss. It is impossible W 105 L 1 W(210)
be perceived as something which entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous W 134 L 1 W(281)
understand it, do what it entails, and to succeed in everything W 154 L 3 W(329)
the cost belief in it entails. In suffering, the price for W 330 W12 4 W(583)
sacrifice indeed - all this entails! Now has the mind condemned M 14 A 3 M(35)
without the suffering that it entails. Their whole equilibrium rests on P 3 A 2 P(3)
everyone, for what he does entails your fate, your feelings, your S 2 B 5 S(13)