in constant flux, and make allowance for stability of meaning ANYWHERE T 30 H 3 T(1037)851
any order, and make no allowance for differences in the kinds W 1 L 3 W(3)
sure sign that you have allowed your mind to miscreate, i T 2 D 6 T(97)96
miscreate, i.e., have NOT allowed Me to guide it. It T 2 D 6 T(97)96
strained yesterday is because he allowed himself a number of fear T 3 A 16 T(123)122
ungrateful of me if I allowed his work to produce a T 3 C 38 T(143)142
Bs better contact has allowed him the strength to retain T 5 F 3 T(247)C 74
you have accepted it, or allowed it to enter, MAKES IT T 5 G 7 T(256)C 83
hardly be consistent if He allowed you to STRENGTHEN what you T 6 H 3 T(298)C 125
which has been blocked has allowed itself to be vulnerable to T 8 G 11 T(366)C 193
what you are. You HAVE allowed the Thought of your reality T 16 G 8 T(624)- 451
how much joy YOU have allowed yourself to see in you T 21 A 2 T(763)585
awareness. And nothing you have allowed to STAY in it is T 21 F 5 T(781)602
itself; the Son of God allowed to be himself, and all T 26 H 17 T(924)750
unfair, and NOT to be allowed. When you perceive it AS T 26 K 1 T(931)757
dream preceded his awaking, and allowed his calmer mind to welcome T 27 H 13 T(961)787
that instant is His memory allowed to offer all its treasures T 28 B 10 T(970)796
of treaty not to be allowed.

--- Manuscript
T 29 A 3 T(990)816
were treacherous indeed if it allowed you still to be afraid T 29 E 2 T(999)813
to each one has He allowed the grace to be a T 31 G 8 T(1065)879
sight of him. You have allowed the Holy Spirit to express W 78 L 8 W(155)
about your choice, you have allowed the egos goals to W 133 L 11 W(279)
remain where it has been allowed to enter. And it comes W 136 L 14 W(294)
save as true forgiveness is allowed to come from His eternal S 2 D 6 S(19)
reinforce the error, rather than allowing it to be undone FOR T 5 I 18 T(269)C 96
WILL to let Him by allowing Him to decide for God T 5 I 20 T(270)C 97
PROTECTION for your minds by allowing you to identify ONLY with T 6 H 9 T(301)128
T 7 G 14. Allowing INsanity to enter your minds T 7 G 14 T(329)156
as YOU have projected it, allowing the Holy Spirit to project T 11 D 12 T(462)- 289
past and future, and not allowing the miracles, which could intervene T 12 F 4 T(501)328
judge the difference FOR you, allowing Him to demonstrate which MUST T 13 E 2 T(521)348
Who created them. And by allowing Him to enter, the remembrance T 15 K 9 T(599)- 426
the special relationship, YOU ARE ALLOWING YOUR DESTRUCTION TO BE. That T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
the miracle a lesson in allowing Cause to have Its OWN T 28 B 8 T(970)796
Five practice periods are urged, allowing a full minute for each W 21 L 1 W(36)
insane thoughts, and am not allowing my real thoughts to cast W 53 L 5 W(97)
way you see by not allowing sight to stop before it W 78 L 2 W(154)
then devote several minutes to allowing your mistaken thoughts about your W 91 L 8 W(175)
should this occur, by not allowing your defensiveness to hurt you W 136 L 19 W(295)
goal He set for us; allowing Him to teach us how W 200 R6 7 W(453)
thus becomes his own. In allowing this to happen, he has M 23 A 5 M(55)
it calls forth, or better, allows it to come. We have T 5 B 8 T(235)C 62
The only time the ego allows anyone to look upon, with T 15 B 4 T(564)391
way in which the ego allows the fear of hell to T 15 B 5 T(564)391
thing that the ego NEVER allows to reach awareness, is that T 16 H 5 T(627)- 454
vicious by their master, who allows them to feast only upon T 19 F 4 T(712)536
no longer WANT it. No-one allows a purpose to be REPLACED T 21 D 2 T(772)594
world of attack. As forgiveness allows love to return to my W 55 L 3 W(100)
belongs to me. Each one allows a past mistake to go W 316 L 1 W(567)
except that he preferred to ally it only with mans T 2 E 27 T(106)105
NOT the mind as its ally BECAUSE the body is not T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
has ALREADY MADE IT AN ALLY. It is still true that T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
The ego IS an ally of time, but NOT a T 15 B 1 T(563)- 390
egos goal, as its ally. The past is gone; seek T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
from His Love. Be an ally of God, and NOT the T 16 H 10 T(628)- 455
do with IT as your ally. For what you do through T 24 G 13 T(859)678
LESS deserving, then is He ALLY to specialness. What He cannot T 25 J 6 T(899)718
all. Forgiveness is prayers ally; sister in the plan for S 2 A 1 S(12)
the Sonship appears to involve almost endless time. But we know T 1 B 40ad T(43)43
paralyze himself, reduce his creativity almost to nothing, and even introduceT 1 B 41f T(44)44
my perception of them. I ALMOST thought briefly that he turned T 2 B 54 T(83) 83
s defenses have been used almost entirely to defend themselves AGAINST T 2 B 63 T(85) 84
are, overevaluated. However, it is almost impossible to deny its existence T 2 C 8 T(90)89
the shortening process can be almost immeasurable. But it is essential T 2 F 1 T(117)116
to use words which are ALMOST impossible to distort, but man T 3 C 9 T(134)133
This is why it became almost inaccessible to the mind, and T 3 F 18 T(156)155
however, that this ingenuity has almost totally divorced him from knowledgeT 3 G 7 T(160)159
at this level there IS almost endless variation. But there is T 4 B 1 T(188)C 15
lofty that they could reach almost back to Him. T T 5 C 1 T(235)C 62
the same thing simultaneously, or almost simultaneously, for the ego alwaysT 5 H 5 T(260)C 87
SEEMED to be endless is ALMOST complete, for what IS endless T 16 E 12 T(615)442
is very near. YOU HAVE ALMOST RECOGNIZED IT. Turn with me T 16 E 12 T(615)442
fade and to be questioned, almost at once. Once it is T 17 D 5 T(636)- 463
elaborate, that the picture is almost obliterated by its imposing structureT 17 E 8 T(642)469
over, that it is now almost impossible to perceive it once T 18 B 1 T(660)487
it IS the sun; this almost imperceptible ripple hails itself as T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
you would RECEIVE. It is almost Easter, the time of Resurrection T 19 L 10 T(731)555
not be. This course requires almost NOTHING of you. It is T 20 H 1 T(755)578
to holiness, should now be almost over. To the extent you T 20 H 2 T(755)578
you now. Yet it IS almost over, IN YOUR AWARENESS, and T 22 E 5 T(809)628
the war against yourself is almost over. The journeys end T 23 B 4 T(822)641
enter here, for time is almost over. And the forms which T 29 J 7 T(1014)828
this gain is paid in almost equal loss, for now YOU T 31 E 12 T(1058)872
can practice quite well under almost any circumstance, if you really W 40 L 2 W(67)
obscured, His calls for help almost unheard amid the grating sounds W 183 L 6 W(395)
is the need for practice almost done. For in this final W 220 IN2 11 W(461)
is returned, that time is almost over, and Gods Son W 230 W2 5 W(473)
Our use for words is almost over now. Yet in the W 350 W14 2 W(605)
purpose. Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end. A W 353 L 1 W(608)
to change their life situation almost immediately, but these are generallyM 10 A 1 M(27)
be used dependably. It is almost inevitable that, unless the individual M 26 A 5 M(61)
In this world, it is almost impossible that this endure. It M 27 A 3 M(62)
of decision; it can reach almost to Heaven or go no P 3 D 2 P(8)
ladder risen. You have come almost to Heaven. There is little S 1 F 3 S(11)
be conceived of as satisfying alone, and both will be associated T 1 C 9 T(57)57
his OWN special language, let alone mine, and you cannot read T 3 A 8 T(121)120
but Timelessness belongs to God alone. In time, we exist for T 3 B 8 T(131)130
has commented on this event alone would suggest that the extreme T 3 G 30 T(167)166
s copyright, because His Authorship alone CAN copy right. Your own T 4 A 3 T(185)C 12
You cannot understand yourselves alone. This is because you have T 5 E 11 T(244)C 71
cancel out your past errors alone. They will NOT disappear from T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
perfect inclusion in Him Who alone IS perfect. To deny this T 6 C 7 T(279)C 106
no more pray for yourselves alone than you can find joy T 6 C 9 T(279)C 106
C 107 alone. Prayer is a re-statement of T 6 C 9 T(280)C 107
IT HAS NEVER BEEN. BEING alone lives in the Kingdom, where T 6 E 7 T(286)C 113
willed what they CANNOT complete alone, THEY ARE NO LONGER ALONE T 6 F 15 T(292)119
alone, THEY ARE NO LONGER ALONE. T 6 F 16 T 6 F 15 T(292)119
foster joy, and so He alone can keep you wholly joyous T 6 H 2 T(298)C 125
keep the Kingdom of God alone in your minds, and thus T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
unbelievable CANNOT make this judgment alone. By accepting the Atonement forT 7 I 10 T(337)C 164
belief that you can BE alone, thus dispelling the idea of T 7 I 10 T(337)C 164
NOT asked to dispel them alone. You are merely asked to T 8 A 3 T(346)C 173
you happy. On this basis alone, its value should be questioned T 8 B 2 T(347) C 174
s teaching, should not this alone disqualify it as your future T 8 C 2 T(349)C 176
to your learning than this alone. Learning is joyful if it T 8 C 3 T(349)C 176
The Kingdom CANNOT be found alone, and you who ARE the T 8 D 7 T(352)C 179
the Kingdom cannot find YOURSELVES alone. T 8 D 8 T 8 D 7 T(352)C 179
your strength is in you ALONE. The Holy Spirit teaches that T 8 D 9 T(353)C 180
and glory belong to God alone. So do YOU. God gives T 8 D 11 T(353)C 180
loneliness if you are NOT alone. T 8 E 3 T 8 E 2 T(354)C 181
joint will. But my will alone will not help you. Your T 8 E 9 T(356)C 183
offering you mine on YOURS. Alone we can do nothing, but T 8 E 15 T(357)C 184
not in any of us alone.

--- Manuscript
T 8 F 10 T(361)C 188
would not have us be alone because HE does not will T 8 F 10 T(362)C 189
does not will to be alone. That is why He created T 8 F 10 T(362)C 189
of the body, for perception alone can be distorted. T T 8 I 1 T(373)C 200
This is not my name alone, for ours is a shared T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
you CANNOT WITHDRAW FROM ME ALONE. You can only withdraw from T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
the atheist believes he is alone and the martyr believes that T 8 J 8 T(379)C 206
Voice for God in yourself alone, because you are NOT alone T 8 K 6 T(383)210
alone, because you are NOT alone. And His answer is only T 8 K 6 T(383)210
created a Voice for you alone? Could you hear His answer T 8 K 7 T(384)211
that ANYTHING is for you ALONE. To forgive is to OVERLOOK T 9 C 1 T(388)215
and therefore NOT in yours alone. To accept yourself as He T 9 G 11 T(404)231
helpless without the Father, Who alone IS his Help. We said T 9 K 4 T(416)- 243
will not take this journey alone. I will lead you to T 10 B 2 T(420)- 247
did not will to be alone.

--- Manuscript
T 10 B 3 T(420)- 247
B 4. To be alone is to be separated from T 10 B 4 T(421)- 248
did not will to be alone, He created a Son like T 10 B 7 T(421)- 248
to you. Could YOU be alone there, if it was given T 10 B 8 T(422)- 249
did not will to be alone? Gods Mind cannot be T 10 B 8 T(422)- 249
did not will to be alone. He SHARES His Will with T 10 B 13 T(424)251
did not will to be alone Himself? And if your will T 10 D 2 T(427)- 254
but you also cannot enter alone. All your brothers must enter T 10 D 7 T(428)255
YOUR will not to be alone. God blessed His Son forever T 10 D 8 T(429)256
for God cannot be remembered alone. THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE T 11 C 5 T(454)- 281
for I did not walk alone, and I will walk with T 11 C 14 T(458)- 285
have overcome death for myself alone? And would eternal life have T 11 H 16 T(476)- 303
SINGLE OUT is to MAKE ALONE, and thus MAKE LONELY. God T 12 C 13 T(491)318
this world their maker moves alone, for only HE perceives them T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
called upon them, and he ALONE believes they answered him. Projection T 12 E 3 T(496)- 323
reality, as if you were ALONE in all the universe. In T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
for you look upon yourself ALONE. T 12 E 7 T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
Nor will they see Him ALONE, for He is no more T 12 E 12 T(499)- 326
for He is no more alone than THEY are. Because they T 12 E 12 T(499)- 326
YOU. In sleep you are alone, and your awareness is narrowed T 12 F 12 T(504)- 331
giving, for you were NOT alone. Even in sleep has Christ T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
no streets where people walk alone and separately. There are no T 12 G 1 T(505)332
cannot sing redemptions hymn alone. My task is not completed T 12 G 15 T(509)- 336
no-one untouched and no-one left alone. And suddenly, time will be T 13 B 6 T(512)- 339
he is lost in guilt, alone in a dark world, where T 13 D 7 T(518) - 345
One with His Own Son. Alone we are all lowly, but T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
intense, that none of us alone can even think on it T 13 D 14 T(520)- 347
but in delusions. For there alone their SEEMING clearness SEEMS TO T 13 F 1 T(525)352
You do NOT want either alone, for without both, you do T 13 H 2 T(530)- 357
BY yourself, or FOR yourself alone. No thought of Gods T 13 H 9 T(532)- 359
WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED ALONE. It will never happen that T 13 H 10 T(532)- 359
which is all that YOU ALONE can

T 13 H 10 T(532)- 359
it. Every decision you undertake alone but signifies that you would T 13 H 12 T(533)- 360
you will think you know alone, and will decide AGAINST your T 13 H 13 T(534)361
that Salvation lay in you alone. Salvation is of Him to T 13 H 13 T(534)361
leaves you no-one OUTSIDE yourself, alone WITHOUT you. And so He T 13 H 15 T(535)362
not withhold it from them alone. T 14 B 5 T 14 B 4 T(541)- 368
left outside, to suffer guilt alone. The power of God draws T 14 B 9 T(542)- 369
Christ is not for Him alone, but for Him WITH YOU T 14 D 8 T(549)- 376
9. You cannot see alone. Sharing perception with Him Whom T 14 D 9 T(549)- 376
NOTHING you see means ANYTHING alone. Seeing WITH Him will SHOW T 14 D 9 T(549)- 376
s chosen condition. For no-one ALONE can judge the ego truly T 14 F 10 T(556)- 383
remember God in secret and alone. For remembering Him means you T 14 F 11 T(557)- 384
Him means you are NOT alone, and willing to remember it T 14 F 11 T(557)- 384
certain aspects of your lives alone, that the guidance of the T 14 G 9 T(560)- 387
and never can be found alone. Each brings the other WITH T 14 G 13 T(561)- 388
know Him not, only because, alone, it is impossible to know T 14 G 16 T(562)- 389
SHARED, and CANNOT be yours alone. Remember, then, when you are T 15 B 11 T(566)393
is it asked of you alone. T 15 D 5 T 15 D 4 T(571)- 398
you learn not for yourself alone, no more than I did T 15 D 10 T(572)399
ONLY to recognize that you alone CANNOT know where it is T 15 E 5 T(575)- 402
keeping your thoughts TO YOURSELF ALONE. For, in private thoughts, KNOWN T 15 E 7 T(575)- 402
keep what you would HAVE alone, and share what YOU would T 15 E 7 T(575)- 402
IS TO BELIEVE YOU ARE ALONE. T 15 F 3 T 15 F 2 T(577)404
F 3. To be alone IS to be guilty. For T 15 F 3 T(577)404
For to experience yourself AS alone, is to deny the Oneness T 15 F 3 T(577)404
NOT based on changeless love alone. And love, where fear has T 15 F 4 T(578)405
this IS love, for this alone is natural, under the laws T 15 G 4 T(581)408
communicate, is to MAKE YOURSELF ALONE? It is CLEARLY insane to T 15 H 11 T(587)- 414
meet together. You are NOT alone in this. The will of T 15 I 3 T(589)- 416
have MADE it. In Him alone, lies the awareness of what T 15 I 7 T(590)- 417
on this: I am not alone, and I would not intrude T 16 A 4 T(602)429
you have NOT done them alone. You have succeeded whenever you T 16 C 4 T(605)432
RECOGNIZE it. Can you BE alone, with witnesses like these? T 16 C 10 T(607)434
WHAT YOU TAUGHT IS TRUE. Alone, you stand OUTSIDE your teaching T 16 D 6 T(610)437
you see Him, AND HIM ALONE, as guilty, leaving the Sonship T 16 F 1 T(616)443
wholly insane, NOR NO LONGER ALONE. For loneliness in God MUST T 17 H 8 T(656)483
will NOT be for you alone, for therein lay its misery T 18 C 8 T(666)493
each other you were not alone. Do you believe that I T 18 D 4 T(669)496
come from your little willingness alone. It is ALWAYS the result T 18 E 4 T(671)- 498
Purification is of God alone, and THEREFORE for you. Rather T 18 E 6 T(672)- 499
it to ascend to Heaven alone. T 18 F 3 T 18 F 2 T(674)- 521
of you to experience fear alone, or to attempt to DEAL T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
attempt to DEAL with it alone. Never believe that this is T 18 F 6 T(675)- 572
be fragmented and private and ALONE. Its guilt, which KEEPS it T 18 G 3 T(676)503
as the ocean. Think how alone and frightened is this little T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
mind, a DISCONNECTED thought, living alone and in no way joined T 18 I 5 T(686)510
depart as they had come, alone. T 18 I 10 T 18 I 9 T(687)511
too weary to go on alone. Go out and FIND them T 18 I 10 T(687)511
could no more know God alone, than He knows you without T 18 I 12 T(688)512
let them go for yourselves alone. Christ asks it of you T 19 E 2 T(708)532
can stand before this obstacle alone, for he could not have T 19 L 2 T(728)552
can give it to himself alone. And yet your savior stands T 19 L 6 T(730)554
timid way through constant dangers, alone and frightened, hoping at most T 20 D 4 T(741)565
follows HIS laws, and His alone. Nor is it possible for T 20 E 4 T(746)569
other serves but you two alone. For the whole new world T 20 E 7 T(747)570
that the ego is NOT alone. Its rule IS tempered. And T 21 E 1 T(777)598
this. And more than this alone. But any part of knowledge T 21 F 9 T(782)603
way for correction in you alone. Correction cannot BE accepted OR T 21 G 2 T(784)605
what but SEEMS like yours alone, have no effect at all T 21 G 3 T(784)605
nor yourself can be attacked alone. But neither can accept a T 21 G 6 T(785)606
for completing HIM. And here alone does reason tell you that T 21 G 10 T(786)607
dark ones, silent and afraid, alone and not communicating, fearful the T 21 H 2 T(788)609
sin? Only the lonely and alone, who see their brothers DIFFERENT T 22 A 2 T(795)- 616
failed to understand, this course alone is OPEN to your understanding T 22 B 6 T(798)618
Christ has entered, no-one is alone, for never could He find T 22 B 9 T(799)619
the same will NOT decide alone. OR DIFFERENTLY. Either you give T 22 C 7 T(803)623
that stands between you. Either alone will see it as a T 22 E 5 T(809)628
lonely journey where you walked alone. The gates of Heaven, open T 22 E 6 T(809)628
it was not given him alone. Such is the function of T 22 E 9 T(810)629
For in this quiet state alone is strength and power. Here T 22 F 3 T(811)630
are weak, BECAUSE YOU ARE ALONE. This is the cost of T 22 F 6 T(812)631
its form. Neither of you alone can serve at all. Only T 22 G 4 T(814)633
you REGRET you cannot fear alone, when your relationship can also T 22 G 17 T(818)637
Leave him not frightened and alone in his temptation. But help T 23 A 5 T(820)639
reached? If not, you walk alone. Ask, then, your Friend to T 23 C 23 T(832)651
depends on goals that you ALONE can reach. And he must T 24 B 6 T(840)659
for Him alone. And it is this you T 24 C 10 T(845)664
but unto you, and you alone, apart and separate from all T 24 C 13 T(845)664
birthright to it, leaving HIM alone and unforgiven, and yourself in T 24 D 2 T(847)666
Faith is invested in yourself alone. Everything else becomes your enemy T 24 E 1 T(850)669
yourself. It stands for you alone, as self-created, self-maintained, in needT 24 G 11 T(858)677
memory of God shines not alone. What is within your brother T 24 H 2 T(860)679
not His Will to be alone. And neither is it YOURS T 25 C 10 T(871)690
yet no-one has entered it alone. Nor need he stay more T 25 D 6 T(874)693
the other. Each is meaningless alone, but SEEMS to draw a T 25 F 1 T(880)699
SHARE in it with him. Alone does NEITHER have it. So T 25 F 4 T(881)700
Heaven is lost to him alone. Nor can it be regained T 25 F 4 T(881)700
or toward hell, but NOT alone. How beautiful his sinlessness will T 25 F 5 T(881)700
special function in salvation he alone can fill; a part for T 25 G 4 T(884)703
share it. NOT for you alone, but for the Self which T 25 H 14 T(890)709
you keep it for yourself alone, and recognize that what brings T 25 I 1 T(891)710
something still remains for you alone. And FOR this little to T 26 B 2 T(901)720
hard indeed to wander off, alone and miserable, down a road T 26 F 2 T(912)731
he who lives in memories alone is unaware of where he T 26 F 5 T(913)732
the safety that the truth alone can give? Who can believe T 26 G 1 T(917)743
Who dwells with shadows is alone indeed, and loneliness is NOT T 26 G 3 T(917)743
JOINED with him, and NOT alone. We call it wish because T 26 H 8 T(920)746
is NOT Theirs, but yours alone, and at the cost of T 26 K 4 T(932)758
escape. You CANNOT crucify yourself alone. And if you are unfairly T 27 A 1 T(934)760
see. You CANNOT sacrifice yourself alone. For sacrifice is total. If T 27 A 1 T(934)760
forgive, and NEVER to accuse. Alone, you CANNOT see they are T 27 C 10 T(941)767
given both, but neither one alone. And when it is fulfilled T 27 C 15 T(942)768
led you down. The miracle alone is your concern at present T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
5. But NEVER you alone. This world is but the T 28 H 5 T(988)814
dream that you can BE alone, and think without affecting those T 28 H 5 T(988)814
apart from you. To be alone MUST mean you are apart T 28 H 5 T(988)814
strength lies NOT within itself alone. It is an ark of T 28 H 7 T(989)815
away, and leave you quietly alone in peace. The body, innocent T 29 B 4 T(992)818
believing they are separate and alone. They WILL be healed when T 29 C 4 T(994)820
is himself, but not himself alone. And as his Father lost T 29 D 5 T(998)824
shut you off from Him, alone in darkness. Yet the light T 29 I 3 T(1009)823
that they can not decide alone, to GUARANTEE the joy they T 30 B 12 T(1020)834
not set His kingdom up alone. And Heaven itself but represents T 30 C 1 T(1021)835
is the IDEA you are alone, and separated OFF from what T 30 D 3 T(1023)837
it ever paid by you alone. T 30 F 9 T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
way you go together, NOT alone. And in THIS choice is T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
and accepted by you both. Alone it is denied to both T 31 B 9 T(1049)863
following, you think you walk alone, with no-one by your side T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
be given while you walk alone, and so you cannot SEE T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
forward in the darkness and alone. Yet are these but appearances T 31 B 10 T(1049)863
you to use for you alone; a time when everyone conflicts T 31 D 1 T(1052)866
beyond the sight your eyes alone can offer you to see T 31 G 4 T(1064)878
WAS NOT MADE FOR YOU ALONE. Born as a gift for T 31 G 4 T(1064)878
would not leave you comfortless, alone in dreams of hell, but T 31 G 3 T(1069)883
own unreality. And on this alone it is correct. W W 13 L 2 W(22)
Lesson 18. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 18 L 0 W(31)
to say: I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 18 L 3 W(31)
general statement: I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 18 L 3 W(31)
Lesson 19. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 19 L 0 W(32)
seeing does not affect you alone. You will notice that at W 19 L 1 W(32)
so, say: I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 19 L 3 W(32)
will not be making them alone.

--- Manuscript
W 23 L 4 W(38)
exercises will apply to you alone, recognizing that your salvation is W 39 L 3 W(64)
go. You can never be alone because the Source of all W 41 L 4 W(68)
closed, and when you are alone in a quiet place, if W 50 R1 3 W(90)
18) I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 54 L 3 W(98)
19) I am not alone in experiencing the effects of W 54 L 4 W(98)
of my thoughts. I am alone in nothing. Everything I think W 54 L 4 W(98)
in vain. He cannot be alone in anything. It is therefore W 54 L 4 W(98)
holiness does not bless me alone. Everyone and everything I see W 58 L 2 W(106)
go. How can I be alone when God always goes with W 59 L 1 W(108)
sort. This has left you alone in all the universe in W 68 L 5 W(127)
are not searching for it alone, and that you do know W 69 L 8 W(129)
body, keeping it separate and alone, and unable to reach other W 72 L 2 W(137)
You really think you are alone unless another body is with W 76 L 3 W(149)
impossible, but you are not alone in this. W 91 W 91 L 3 W(174)
now, it thinks it is alone and separate, attacked by armies W 96 L 6 W(190)
now to go their way alone. And they will hear the W 109 L 7 W(223)
you wander in the dark alone. Be grateful He has saved W 123 L 2 W(248)
We do not go alone. And we give thanks that W 123 L 5 W(248)
of seeing that your eyes alone have ever seen before. And W 130 L 9 W(267)
seek I did not make alone, The thoughts I want to W 131 L 10 W(271)
you could never be released alone. W 132 L 17 W 132 L 16 W(276)
remember this: No-one is crucified alone, and yet, No-one can enter W 134 L 18 W(284)
healed, I am not healed alone. W 137 W 137 L 0 W(296)
and keeps it isolated and alone. W 137 L 2 W 137 L 1 W(296)
impossible that anyone be healed alone. In sickness must he be W 137 L 3 W(296)
But you are never healed alone. And legions upon legions will W 137 L 10 W(298)
healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my W 137 L 14 W(299)
healed I am not healed alone. And I would bless my W 137 L 15 W(299)
overcome by death. In death alone are opposites resolved, for ending W 138 L 7 W(301)
more than just our happiness alone we came to gain. W 139 L 8 W(305)
deceive, and let this Thought alone engage it fully and remove W 140 R4 5 W(312)
will not come from you alone, for they will all be W 140 R4 5 W(312)
healed I am not healed alone. W 149 L 2 W 149 L 1 W(315)
not believe. It is itself alone that it condemns. It is W 151 L 5 W(317)
let the Voice for God alone be Judge of what is W 151 L 7 W(317)
true. We think of truth alone as we arise, and spend W 152 L 11 W(323)
abandoned by your Father, left alone in terror in a fearful W 153 L 13 W(326)
as we attend Him. He alone can speak to us and W 154 L 10 W(331)
could you walk the world alone and separate from your Source W 156 L 1 W(337)
before its image, thinking it alone is real, inevitable, worthy of W 163 L 2 W(356)
of their trust. For it alone will surely come. W W 163 L 2 W(356)
live and breathe in You alone. We are not separate from W 163 L 9 W(357)
creators; or in one, himself alone. But never in One God W 166 L 2 W(364)
on in misery and poverty, alone though God is with him W 166 L 5 W(364)
feel that you are not alone. You even think the miserable W 166 L 9 W(365)
have are not for you alone. What He has come to W 166 L 12 W(366)
hate and fear. By grace alone the hate and fear are W 169 L 2 W(373)
belongs to it and it alone, love is endowed with attributes W 170 L 5 W(378)
we have received from You alone. We choose again and make W 170 L 13 W(380)
so am I. This Self alone knows love. This Self alone W 170 R5 4 W(381)
alone knows love. This Self alone is perfectly consistent in Its W 170 R5 4 W(381)
gift to me. For this alone I need; that you will W 170 R5 9 W(383)
not a way we walk alone. In him I walk with W 170 R5 9 W(383)
these blocks, however briefly. Words alone can not convey the sense W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
will not return to it alone. W 183 L 10 W 183 L 9 W(396)
L 4. Yet compromise alone a dream can bring. Sometimes W 185 L 4 W(402)
request be limited to you alone? No gift of God can W 185 L 12 W(404)
within you is sufficient. It alone has power to give the W 188 L 6 W(414)
It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing W 190 L 5 W(420)
awakening. Pain is deception; joy alone is truth. W 190 W 190 L 10 W(421)
and you assail the universe alone, without a friend, a tiny W 191 L 3 W(422)
all of them. The form alone is changed, with different circumstances W 193 L 3 W(428)
gratitude is due to Him alone Who made all cause of W 195 L 1 W(435)
our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from W 195 L 6 W(436)
now the Word of God alone remains upon it. Only That W 197 L 11 W(445)
time on thorny byways. God alone is sure, and He will W 200 L 9 W(451)
them. Each of these ideas alone would be sufficient for salvation W 200 R6 1 W(452)
seek direct experience of truth alone. The lessons which remain are W 220 IN2 1 W(459)
seek the peace that You alone can give. I come in W 221 L 1 W(463)
ready to receive Your Word alone for what I really am W 228 L 2 W(470)
rule my mind, which I alone must rule. W 236 L 0 W(479)
direct my mind, which I alone can rule. And thus I W 236 L 1 W(479)
beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to W 240 W3 4 W(484)
will not lead my life alone today. I do not understand W 242 L 1 W(486)
try to lead my life alone must be but foolishness. For W 242 L 1 W(486)
instead of in my mind alone. Today I see the world W 265 L 1 W(511)
and at home in God alone, does Christ remain at peace W 270 W6 3 W(517)
of things we cannot understand alone, nor learn apart. It is W 275 W6 1 W(522)
to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to W 280 W6 2 W(527)
Thoughts I think with You alone are true. W 281 W 281 L 1 W(529)
we would learn, and that alone. And so our learning goal W 296 L 2 W(545)
mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved; sure W 298 L 1 W(547)
cause me pain. Your Will alone can bring me happiness, and W 307 L 1 W(557)
afraid of Love. For It alone can heal all sorrow, wipe W 310 W10 4 W(561)
fill; a role for me alone. Salvation waits until I take W 317 L 1 W(568)
my freedom is in You alone. W 321 W 321 L 0 W(573)
my freedom is in You alone. Father, it is my will W 321 L 1 W(573)
can be found in God alone.

--- Manuscript
W 321 L 2 W(573)
reflect, for Yours and Yours alone establish truth.

W 325 L 2 W(577)
death, and what opposes God alone is true. W 330 W 330 W12 1 W(583)
save the world. For this alone will never fail in anything W 333 L 2 W(586)
truth. It is to this alone that I respond, however much W 335 L 1 W(588)
these thoughts belong to him alone, he has the power to W 338 L 1 W(591)
leads me to salvation. Mine alone will fail and lead me W 338 L 2 W(591)
what I desired for myself alone. And as I looked upon W 344 L 1 W(598)
with Heavens treasures, which alone are real. Thus is the W 344 L 1 W(598)
let me give this gift alone today, which, born of true W 345 L 1 W(599)
here, and I am not alone. Surrounding me is everlasting Love W 348 L 1 W(602)
not a Son of God; alone and friendless in a fearful W 351 L 1 W(606)
through Your Voice. For He alone gives judgment in Your Name W 351 L 1 W(606)
Forgiveness looks on sinlessness alone, and judges not. Through this W 352 L 1 W(607)
with Him. Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have W 353 L 1 W(608)
remember what I really am alone remember what I really want W 358 L 1 W(613)
with you. You are not alone. No-one who calls on Him W 361 EP 1 W(619)
does. You do not walk alone. Gods angels hover close W 361 EP 6 W(620)
is not done by words alone. Any situation must be to M 1 A 2 M(1)
time. Yet it is time alone that winds on wearily, and M 2 A 4 M(4)
not go on from here alone.

--- Manuscript
M 5 B 6 M(10)
they never do their will alone. They choose for all mankind M 5 C 2 M(12)
the world entirely. And that alone is faithfulness. Nothing but that M 5 J 1 M(16)
in quiet certainty on That alone to which all faithfulness is M 5 J 2 M(17)
be at peace, for they alone see reason for it. M 5 K 1 M(17)
is responsible for seeing. It alone decides whether what is seen M 9 A 3 M(26)
does not make this decision alone. To do that would be M 13 A 5 M(33)
M(34) Unity alone is not a thing of M 13 A 6 M(34)
guaranteed His judgment, and His alone, will be accepted in the M 16 A 3 M(40)
to place reliance on himself alone. Forget not this is magic M 17 A 8 M(43)
enemy. And he must stand alone in his protection, and make M 18 A 5 M(45)
or be killed, for here alone is choice. Beyond this there M 18 A 7 M(46)
It is not the form alone in which the difference lies M 19 A 1 M(47)
eyes now see; its ears alone are thought to hear. Its M 19 A 3 M(48)
reigns forever, and His . laws alone prevail upon you and upon M 19 A 3 M(48)
does it judge, and this alone. Here all attack and condemnation M 20 A 5 M(50)
at all. The Holy Spirit alone understands what this Word stands M 22 A 3 M(52)
for he did not go alone. And you were with him M 24 A 6 M(57)
them to Him and Him alone go with Christís gratitude upon M 26 A 6 M(61)
leave the world with them. Alone they are nothing. But in M 27 A 1 M(62)
God is insane, and fear alone is real. M 28 M 28 A 3 M(64)
would profit more from prayers alone? Who needs but a smile M 30 A 2 M(68)
attempt to answer these questions alone. Surely no teacher of God M 30 A 2 M(68)
responsibility is His, and He alone is fit to assume it M 30 A 2 M(68)
holiness, for you are not Alone and friendless. I give thanks M 30 A 8 M(71)
the course is directed. Here alone consistency becomes possible because hereU 1 A 2 U(1)
consistency becomes possible because here alone uncertainty ends. U 1 U 1 A 2 U(1)
death is sure and this alone is certain in their world U 3 A 1 U(4)
cannot be denied for it alone seems real. How could God U 3 A 2 U(4)
egos opposite and here alone we look on what the U 3 A 5 U(4)
and the self that seemed alone in all the universe. This U 3 A 8 U(5)
the symbol of His Will alone it cannot be divided. And U 4 A 5 U(6)
about your Identity, Which God alone established in reality. Helpers are U 6 A 1 U(9)
not His reality, which God alone knows along with Christ, His U 7 A 1 U(11)
which the face of Christ alone is seen. He never forgets U 7 A 3 U(12)
His Voice along with him. Alone he cannot be the Helper U 7 A 5 U(12)
Gods Son for he alone is functionless. But joined with U 7 A 5 U(12)
sure we do not walk alone. For God is here, and U 8 A 5 U(13)
no one will find sanity alone.

--- Manuscript
P 3 C 5 P(6)
9. Communion is impossible alone. No one who stands apart P 3 C 9 P(7)
limits. Neither can do this alone, but when they join, the P 3 D 2 P(8)
and must heal. Divided goals alone can interfere with perfect healing P 3 D 3 P(8)
what they believe will harm alone can help. Progress becomes impossible P 3 F 2 P(12)
do. There is one way alone by which we come to P 3 F 8 P(13)
No one is healed alone. This is the joyous song P 3 G 7 P(15)
the tiny self of one alone against the universe able to P 3 H 5 P(17)
no one can receive effects alone, and choose a cause from S 1 E 2 S(10)
mind that thought it was alone and stood against the world S 1 F 1 S(10)
left, and you, who seemed alone, are one with him. S 1 F 3 S(11)
key was made, and where alone it fits? Therefore we make S 2 B 9 S(15)
s Son undo. But not alone. For he has thrown away S 3 B 4 S(21)
6. Gods Voice alone can tell you how to S 3 D 6 S(25)
truth, for what is true alone will never fail. All else G 1 A 5 G(2)
way that we can go alone. But when we come together G 1 A 10 G(3)
do not answer for yourself alone. G 3 A 6 G 3 A 5 G(7)
likeness being yours in this alone. G 4 A 3 G 4 A 2 G(10)