holy instant is this exchange effected and MAINTAINED. Here is the T 21 C 4 T(768)590
there. Their CAUSE has been effected, and they MUST be present T 29 C 2 T(993)819
on you, instead of one effected by your self.
W 136 L 4 W(291)
that they will always be effective. I am the only one T 1 B 30h T(19)19
device for perception-correction which is effective quite apart from either theT 1 B 42a T(54)54
absence of truth can be effective. T 1 C 3 T 1 C 2 T(55)55
the underlying depreciation was too effective for tolerance. T 2 T 2 E 14 T(103)102
This means that, to be effective teachers, they MUST interpret teaching T 3 G 41 T(171)170
teacher is unlikely to be effective unless he begins with BEING T 3 G 46 T(173)172
about another ego is as effective in changing relative perception as T 4 C 3 T(198)C 25
model has always been most effective. Howard Hunt made a very T 4 G 11 T(226)C 53
BELIEVED THAT THE ATTACK WAS EFFECTIVE, you behold yourself as weakened T 11 F 1 T(465)292
Man cannot operate (or behave) effectively while he operates at split T 1 B 41aq T(51)51
The Golden Rule can work effectively only on this basis. T 2 B 24 T(77)77
fill, or you cannot function effectively in any of them. This T 3 G 44 T(172)171
a truth that lies conceal effectively. The egos unreality is U 3 A 3 U(4)
B 66. For perfect effectiveness, the chalice of the Atonement T 2 B 66 T(86)85
length depends, however, on the effectiveness of the present speed-up. We T 2 F 1 T(117)116
The underlying basis for their effectiveness is that they OFFER what T 17 E 7 T(642)469
you DID cancel out its EFFECTS. T 1 B 23d T 1 B 23c T(10)-10-
she forgiven but that the effects of all her sins are T 1 B 23d T(10)-10-
at the description of the EFFECTS of Revelation. you will see T 1 B 24g T(14)14
Man can never control the effects of fear himself, because he T 1 B 41bc T(53)53
into areas such as the effects of stones on the mind T 3 C 33 T(141)140
very accurate in describing its effects. Whatever you accept INTO your T 5 G 6 T(255)C 82
is anything BUT ineffectual. Its effects will follow automatically UNTIL THET 5 G 10 T(257)C 84
WOULD be responsible for the effects of all your wrong thinking T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
infinite patience CAN produce immediate effects. This is the way in T 5 H 15 T(263)C 90
This IS a decision. The effects of the egos decision T 7 F 1 T(318)C 145
completely, so that ALL their effects will vanish from your minds T 7 I 8 T(337)C 164
literal about fear and ITS effects, but NOT about love and T 8 I 7 T(375)C 202
to the Holy Spirit, the effects of error are TOTALLY non-existent T 9 C 6 T(389)216
consistently canceling out ALL its effects, EVERYWHERE AND IN ALL RESPECTS T 9 C 6 T(389)216
then attempts to dispel its EFFECTS by DEPRECIATING THE IMPORTANCE OF T 9 D 4 T(393)220
in you, EXCEPT by His EFFECTS? You cannot see Him with T 9 E 1 T(396) 223
the fact already that its EFFECTS can be dispelled, merely by T 10 F 2 T(433) 260
recognize that WHAT HAS NO EFFECTS DOES NOT EXIST. T T 10 F 2 T(433) 260
for it cannot have any effects if its source is not T 10 F 4 T(434)- 261
attack on YOURSELF had no effects. For others DO react to T 11 F 3 T(465)292
But if you see its effects, YOU KNOW IT MUST BE T 11 H 2 T(471)- 298
separate, or isolated in its effects. Every decision is made for T 13 H 9 T(532)- 359
CANNOT happen, can have no effects to fear. Be quiet in T 13 H 14 T(534)361
HAS BEEN accomplished, BEFORE its effects are manifest. Learning is thereforeT 14 G 3 T(558)- 385
they CANNOT know, UNLESS the effects of understanding are with them T 14 G 14 T(562)- 389
to deny the Source of effects so powerful, they COULD not T 14 G 16 T(562)- 389
Holy Spirit, and in the EFFECTS of His teaching, if you T 16 C 5 T(605)432
Cause of truth, and ITS effects. T 16 D 3 T 16 D 2 T(608)435
attempt to limit the destructive EFFECTS of hate, by finding a T 16 E 3 T(611)438
MAKE IT POWERLESS IN ITS EFFECTS. You HAVE received the holy T 17 F 13 T(650)477
you will also accept the EFFECTS of the holy instant, and T 17 F 15 T(650)477
Can it interfere with the EFFECTS of summers sun upon T 19 E 10 T(710)534
the result of letting the effects of sin be lifted, so T 20 H 4 T(756)579
you, so will be its EFFECTS. T 20 I 3 T 20 I 2 T(758)581
have been mistaken, and ALL effects of your mistakes will disappear T 21 C 2 T(767)589
BE the cause, producing real EFFECTS. T 21 C 11 T 21 C 10 T(770)592
11. Nothing can have effects WITHOUT a cause, and to T 21 C 11 T(770)592
come to you. ALL its effects are gone, because its source T 21 C 13 T(771)593
that you still experience its effects, but it is NOT your T 21 D 2 T(772)594
this decision leads to its effects is NOT your problem. But T 21 H 8 T(790)611
as you look on the EFFECTS of sin, in ANY form T 21 H 9 T(791)612
forgives you BOTH, undoing the effects of what you both believed T 22 A 2 T(795)- 616
be released entirely from ALL effects of sin. Would you have T 22 C 13 T(804)624
in the MIND, and its effects are felt but where it T 24 E 3 T(850)669
means to GAIN these same effects, believing them to be the T 25 E 2 T(877)696
long accustomed to the dim effects perceived at twilight. And they T 25 G 2 T(883)702
peace, complete deliverance from ALL effects of sin, and to the T 25 I 14 T(896)715
to be released from ALL effects of sin? You CANNOT answer T 25 J 1 T(897)716
not their source, and their effects but SEEM to be apart T 26 H 3 T(918)744
for only there can its effects be utterly undone, and without T 26 H 3 T(918)744
HAVE no witnesses, and no effects. Who looks on them is T 26 H 6 T(919)745
guilty, though without understanding WHY. Effects are SEPARATED from their sourceT 26 H 11 T(921)747
the cause can merely shift effects to other forms. And this T 26 H 13 T(922)748
just the same in its EFFECTS as is the WHOLE idea T 26 H 13 T(922)748
is attack DEPRIVED of its effects, and hate is answered in T 26 H 15 T(923)749
is made yours and its EFFECTS will come to you. In T 26 I 2 T(925)751
cause as yet HAS no effects. And therefore MUST it be T 26 I 4 T(926)752
no cause. Who can predict effects without a cause? And who T 26 I 4 T(926)752
cause? And who could fear effects UNLESS he thought they had T 26 I 4 T(926)752
cause must be, if its effects ALREADY have been judged as T 26 I 5 T(926)752
relationship has IN it all effects that you will see. They T 26 I 5 T(926)752
all. Why are not its effects apparent, then? Why in the T 26 I 6 T(926)752
the reasoning which would maintain effects of PRESENT cause must be T 26 I 8 T(927)753
or consequence, and CANNOT have effects of ANY kind. Their Presence T 26 K 2 T(931)757
ever done, or ever had effects of any kind. That NO T 27 B 4 T(935)761
just BECAUSE they would entail effects which CANNOT be undone and T 27 C 4 T(939)765
a foolish wish, with NO effects. Your health is a result T 27 C 7 T(940)766
for conflict HAS no limited effects. Yet, if God gave an T 27 E 1 T(947)773
DEMONSTRATES that war has no effects. For all the hurt that T 27 F 3 T(950)776
opposites, and bring the SAME effects. All healing MUST proceed in T 27 F 8 T(952)778
will be ONE of its effects, as will your brothers T 27 F 10 T(953)779
will you behold its multiplied effects. Yet all the witnesses that T 27 F 10 T(953)779
what they REPRESENT has no effects. And this it proves BECAUSE T 27 G 5 T(955)781
it proves BECAUSE its own effects have come to take their T 27 G 5 T(955)781
deny, for it is the EFFECTS of life it brings. The T 27 G 5 T(955)781
if you but carry its effects with you. And no-one will T 27 G 7 T(956)782
seeing it APART from its effects. The cause PRODUCES the effects T 27 H 5 T(958)784
effects. The cause PRODUCES the effects, which then bear witness to T 27 H 5 T(958)784
NOT themselves. Look, then, BEYOND effects. It is NOT here the T 27 H 5 T(958)784
be free to choose BETWEEN effects, when only ONE is seen T 27 H 10 T(960)786
ARE, they HAVE no more effects on him BECAUSE he understands T 27 I 4 T(963)789
understands he GAVE them their effects BY CAUSING THEM, and MAKING T 27 I 4 T(963)789
willing are you to ESCAPE effects of all the dreams the T 27 I 4 T(963)789
of both accomplishment and real effects. Together, we can laugh them T 27 I 6 T(963)789
Without the cause do its effects seem serious and sad indeed T 27 I 8 T(964)790
cause, and looks NOT to effects. How else could He correct T 27 I 9 T(964)790
Him a while. YOU judge effects, but HE has judged their T 27 I 9 T(964)790
And by His judgment are effects removed. Perhaps you come in T 27 I 9 T(964)790
memory, APPEARS to have immediate effects. This world was over long T 28 A 1 T(967)793
has truly gone HAS no effects. REMEMBERING a cause can but T 28 A 1 T(967)793
ILLUSIONS of its presence, NOT effects. T 28 A 2 T 28 A 1 T(967)793
A 2. All the effects of guilt are here no T 28 A 2 T(967)793
you did not DESIRE its effects? Remembering is as selective as T 28 A 2 T(967)793
again. And thus do their effects appear to be INCREASED by T 28 B 3 T(968)794
And see, instead, the NEW effects of cause accepted NOW, with T 28 B 5 T(969)795
causeless, and could never BE effects. The miracle reminds you of T 28 B 7 T(969)795
IS. And YOU are Its effects, as changeless and as perfect T 28 B 7 T(969)795
You would DENY Him His effects, yet have they never BEEN T 28 B 8 T(970)796
Cause to have Its OWN effects, and doing NOTHING that would T 28 B 8 T(970)796
not be deprived of His effects. The instants silence that T 28 B 10 T(970)796
PRESENT Cause and Its benign effects. Now does he understand what T 28 B 12 T(971)797
made is causeless, making NO effects at all. He HAS done T 28 B 12 T(971)797
did. His Cause IS Its effects. There never WAS a cause T 28 B 12 T(971)797
DIFFERENT past or future. ITS effects are changelessly eternal, BEYOND fearT 28 B 12 T(971)797
cause there can be no effects, and yet, without effects, there T 28 C 1 T(972)- 798
no effects, and yet, without effects, there is no CAUSE. The T 28 C 1 T(972)- 798
cause is MADE by its effects; the Father IS a father T 28 C 1 T(972)- 798
a father by His Son. Effects do not CREATE their cause T 28 C 1 T(972)- 798
CAN be healed by its EFFECTS, which are as limitless as T 28 C 2 T(972)- 798
its cause is GIVEN its effects. For sickness is a meaningless T 28 C 2 T(972)- 798
a meaningless attempt to give effects to causelessness, and MAKE it T 28 C 2 T(972)- 798
that he is Loves EFFECTS, and must be cause BECAUSE T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
recognition, causelessness is GIVEN no effects, and none are SEEN. A T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
the other mind, creating with effects UNLIKE yourself. And, AS their T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
will you give it real EFFECTS. For that would change its T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
a stable cause with GUARANTEED effects. T 28 C 7 T 28 C 6 T(973)- 799
he is suffering from its effects, but NOT their cause. He T 28 C 7 T(974)- 800
Father was deprived of His effects, and powerless to keep them T 28 C 8 T(974)- 800
learn, and SHOWS you its effects are what you WANT. In T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
its forgiving dream, are the EFFECTS of yours undone, and hated T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
see that it has no effects. Now are you freed from T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
ALSO shows that, HAVING no effects it is NOT cause, because T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
of causation is to HAVE effects. And where effects are gone T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
to HAVE effects. And where effects are gone, there IS no T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
caused NOTHING, and had NO effects. T 28 C 12 T 28 C 11 T(975)- 801
dream. They are the glad effects of taking back the consequence T 28 C 12 T(975)- 801
dream will fade away, without effects. For it is your SUPPORT T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
CAUSE of sickness, and perceived effects. Healing is the effect of T 28 D 2 T(976)- 802
He created not. Let its effects be gone, and clutch them T 28 D 5 T(977)- 803
YOU. Thus have they NO effects. And YOU are free of T 28 E 1 T(979)805
causing you, and GIVING you effects. You stand apart from them T 28 E 2 T(979)805
not of Him has NO effects. What, then, would you perceive T 28 E 9 T(981)807
and so it cannot HAVE effects. T 28 F 5 T 28 F 4 T(983)809
wish, it CAN have no effects. Whoever says, There IS no T 28 G 5 T(986)812
as yet perceived. And its effects are THERE, though not yet T 29 C 2 T(993)819
Where they are causeless, their effects ARE gone, and love MUST T 29 C 3 T(993)819
misery and loss, and ALL effects of hatred and attack. No T 29 C 3 T(993)819
and you should WELCOME the effects of love.

T 29 C 3 T(993)819
powerful, and gives it all effects that it will EVER have T 30 B 12 T(1020)834
that can have no REAL effects at all? What could it T 30 E 5 T(1028)842
that have been given no effects. But what you see as T 30 G 9 T(1036)850
is changeless, and has no effects which anything in Heaven or T 30 I 2 T(1040)854
occurred, and CAN have no effects. And that is all. Can T 31 A 1 T(1042)856
not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing. W 18 L 0 W(31)
not alone in experiencing the effects of how I see . Conclude W 18 L 3 W(31)
not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing. A minute W 18 L 3 W(31)
not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. W 19 L 0 W(32)
not alone in experiencing the effects of this thought about . W 19 L 3 W(32)
are changing the cause. The effects will change automatically. W W 23 L 2 W(38)
and of being attacked. Their effects are exactly the same, because W 23 L 7 W(39)
attack. And what would have effects through you must also have W 26 L 1 W(44)
through you must also have effects on you. It is this W 26 L 1 W(44)
of the problem. Yet its effects cannot be cured because it W 41 L 2 W(68)
I will escape all the effects of the world of fear W 53 L 3 W(96)
continue to suffer from the effects of my own insane thoughts W 53 L 4 W(97)
But thoughts cannot be without effects. As the world I see W 54 L 1 W(98)
not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing. If I W 54 L 3 W(98)
not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. I am W 54 L 4 W(98)
am perfectly free of the effects of all laws save God W 88 L 5 W(171)
are as strong in their effects as is the truth. A W 132 L 1 W(273)
swayed by questioning his thoughts effects. It is but when their W 132 L 1 W(273)
causeless. Now are they without effects. They cannot be concealed becauseW 138 L 9 W(302)
are no more, and all effects they seemed to have are W 158 L 9 W(343)
one which leads to opposite effects from those He wills. Impossible W 166 L 2 W(364)
every mind which recognizes its effects on you.

W 169 L 4 W(373)
meaningful, a cause of true effects, with consequence inherent in itself W 184 L 3 W(398)
sooner does he question its effects. Learning which stops with what W 184 L 7 W(399)
may be absolved of all effects our errors seemed to have W 184 L 15 W(401)
does nothing. It has no effects at all. It merely represents W 190 L 6 W(420)
an effect it cannot make effects. As an illusion it is W 190 L 7 W(420)
does illusion cease to have effects, and all it seemed to W 197 L 1 W(443)
be its influence and its effects have not occurred at all W 197 L 2 W(443)
source has gone, and its effects are gone as well. W 240 W3 1 W(484)
love is obvious, and its effects apparent. All the world shines W 293 L 1 W(542)
real. Yet it has no effects. Within me is the holiness W 309 L 1 W(559)
you from them, and all effects they ever seemed to have W 310 W10 3 W(561)
being formless, it has no effects. Death will not claim the W 314 L 1 W(565)
that You will gather Your Effects into the tranquil Heaven of W 326 L 1 W(578)
mistakes which have no real effects on us. Sin is impossible W 359 L 1 W(614)
them also go all the effects they seemed to cause. Cause M 6 C 4 M(20)
recognize in advance all the effects of his judgments on everyone M 11 A 3 M(29)
He does know all the effects of His judgment on everyone M 11 A 4 M(29)
which never were but the effects of his mistaken choice, have M 11 A 6 M(30)
pathetic. They can have no effects; neither good nor bad, neither M 17 A 9 M(43)
easily escaped. What has no effects can hardly terrify. M M 17 A 9 M(43)
do, and cause and its effects must still be one. U 3 A 5 U(4)
forgiven because they carried no effects at all. And so they U 6 A 4 U(10)
what he thought projected its effects on him were made by P 2 A 4 P(2)
future, and of all the effects that may occur in them P 3 H 5 P(17)
that they are asking for effects without the cause. And this S 1 E 2 S(10)
For no one can receive effects alone, and choose a cause S 1 E 2 S(10)
remains, and will not lack effects. The cause is still the S 3 C 2 S(21)