quality which this course is aimed at. They may, nevertheless, be T 1 B 25i T(16)16
2 A 18. Defenses aimed at protecting (or retaining) error T 2 A 18 T(69)69
hands of good teachers are aimed at rendering themselves unnecessary. I T 4 C 4 T(198)C 25
well-structured, and carefully planned program, aimed at learning how to offerT 11 C 17 T(458)- 285
is a RITUAL OF FORM, aimed at the raising of the T 16 F 12 T(619)446
and long periods of meditation aimed at DETACHMENT from the body T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
be unlearned except by lessons aimed to teach that you are T 31 E 7 T(1057)871
All your defenses have been aimed at not receiving what you W 135 L 25 W(290)
Gods purpose, rather than aiming to make a SUBSTITUTE for T 17 E 2 T(640)467
its results. Now it is aimless, wandering pointlessly, causing no more T 19 E 8 T(710)534
Do not turn away in aimless wandering again. Accept salvation now W 122 L 7 W(245)
little wish, uprooted and floating aimlessly, can land and settle briefly T 19 E 8 T(710)534
die. It can but follow aimlessly the path on which it T 28 G 2 T(985)811
And thus he wanders aimlessly about, in search of something T 29 H 3 T(1006)820
NO purpose. A sense of aimlessness will come to haunt you T 17 F 9 T(648)475
itself unreal. Since the miracle aims at RESTORING reality, it would T 1 B 42b T(54)54
of the same error it aims to correct. Only man makes T 1 B 42b T(54)54
God is not conflicted. Teaching aims at change, but God created T 6 E 13 T(288)C 115
should be questioned. If learning aims at CHANGE, and that is T 8 B 2 T(347) C 174
GOAL. For, although the ego aims at death and dissolution as T 15 B 2 T(564)391
dissociation for holding its contradictory aims together, so that they SEEMT 15 B 3 T(564)391
LOSE to madness, because your aims can NOT be reconciled. Death T 25 H 14 T(890)709
their different forms. All learning aims at transfer, which becomes completeT 27 F 7 T(952)778
senseless journeys and all goal-less aims. They have no meaning. You T 31 D 9 T(1054)868
its scope, and to exalted aims which it cannot accomplish. Such W 135 L 8 W(286)
nowhere, choices for defeat, and aims which will remain impossible. All W 155 L 7 W(334)
to overlook all little, senseless aims, and to remember that our W 258 L 1 W(503)
therefore it must seek for aims which are curtailed and limiting W 319 L 1 W(570)
bad judgment, and his education aims at strengthening the former and M 11 A 1 M(28)
strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of M 25 A 4 M(59)
overlooking at which the course aims. U 1 A 2 U 1 A 1 U(1)
psychotherapy because it restricts its aims. Nor can the Holy Spirit P 3 B 3 P(4)
with roots suspended in the air. W 156 L 4 W 156 L 3 W(337)
in wrath, and claws the air in frantic hope it can W 161 L 8 W(351)
to breathe again the holy air that fills His Fathers W 183 L 5 W(395)
life, the life within, the air I breathe, the food by W 222 L 1 W(464)
go in peace to freer air and gentler climate, where it S 3 C 4 S(22)
God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is W 14 L 4 W(24)
regarded, i.e., as an airy and temporary home, which can T 1 B 22f T(7)-7-
supremely happy. It is the alarm to which you give response W 167 L 2 W(368)
role. Look carefully at Mrs. Albert. She is working miracles every T 1 B 36i T(26)26
36q. Returning to Mrs. Albert (not Andrews), she corrected your T 1 B 36q T(28)28
F 15. Consider the alchemists age-old attempts to turn T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
The one question which the alchemist did not permit himself to T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
2 A 17. The alcoholic is in a similar position T 2 A 17 T(69)69
all is light, a dismal alcove separated off from what is T 29 I 7 T(1011)825
to the Holy Spirit, and alert to revelation-readiness in my brothers T 1 B 40ab T(42)42
DO train yourself to be alert to any tendency to withdraw T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
only His, will work. Be alert to all temptation to hold W 71 L 9 W(136)
own reality. Then merely rest, alert but with no strain, and W 132 L 15 W(276)
sheltering, its loving protection and alert defense, -- all this is P 3 G 1 P(14)
9 A 1. The alertness of the ego to the T 9 A 1 T(386)213
of joy and an increased alertness, rather than a feeling of W 74 L 5 W(145)
Teaching devices which are totally alien to a learners perceptual T 1 B 41bb T(53)53
certain magical beliefs which were alien to his own Christianity. This T 3 C 32 T(141)140
a fact that is entirely alien to human thinking, in which T 3 G 15 T(163)162
kind of thinking is totally alien to having THINGS, even to T 5 B 3 T(234) C 61
E 5. Perceiving something alien to itself in your MIND T 6 E 5 T(285)C 112
a condition which is so ALIEN to the Kingdom that you T 8 B 1 T(347) C 174
not attempting to force an alien will UPON you. He is T 8 J 3 T(377)C 204
is impossible to communicate in alien tongues. You and your Creator T 8 J 5 T(378)C 205
His Voice grows faint in alien company. He needs your protection T 10 C 6 T(426)253
it. For the request was alien to Him, and you could T 12 C 11 T(490)317
of it. Nothing is so alien to you as the simple T 13 G 3 T(528)- 355
perceives the meaning in your alien language. He will not attempt T 14 C 7 T(545)- 372
is One. And no thought ALIEN to His Oneness can abide T 15 K 2 T(597)- 424
you have taught, and how alien it is to what you T 16 D 1 T(608)435
your FORGIVENESS of this stranger, alien to you and yet your T 20 B 4 T(734)558
Heaven, where its results are alien, and can no more enter T 20 E 2 T(745)568
the egos reasoning. Its alien nature, TO THE EGO, is T 21 F 7 T(781)602
both at once. Reason is ALIEN to insanity, and those who T 21 F 11 T(783)604
joy is a condition quite alien to your understanding. Yet, if T 21 I 1 T(793)614
What NEEDS interpretation MUST be alien. Nor will it EVER be T 22 B 6 T(798)618
For his will be no alien tongue. He will need NO T 22 B 9 T(799)619
specialness is to esteem an alien will, to which illusions of T 24 C 2 T(842)661
have no separation, like an alien will, rise between what He T 24 D 5 T(848)667
son of man perceives an alien will, AND WISHES IT WERE T 24 H 12 T(864)683
are not you, but something alien to yourself and something else T 25 F 2 T(880)699
fair to everyone. Vengeance is alien to His Mind BECAUSE He T 25 I 5 T(892)711
in which you were an alien to yourself, and but a T 28 C 4 T(972)- 798
for He cannot destroy the alien will that He created not T 28 D 5 T(977)- 803
Self, and walk upon an alien ground which your Creator did T 28 F 3 T(982)808
forgotten, and His Son an alien to himself, in exile from T 31 A 4 T(1043)857
a means as yet too alien to your thinking to be T 31 G 1 T(1063)877
idea because of its wholly alien nature. Remember that any order W 29 L 4 W(49)
which you impose is equally alien to reality. W 29 W 29 L 4 W(49)
not the purpose of an alien power, thrust upon you unwillingly W 73 L 9 W(142)
not use this for an alien purpose.

W 81 L 6 W(164)
5. Grievances are completely alien to love. Grievances attack love W 84 L 5 W(167)
Self. My Self thus becomes alien to me. I am determined W 84 L 5 W(167)
no peace, and happiness is alien to its thoughts.
W 96 L 5 W(189)
Todays idea, completely alien to the ego and the W 126 L 1 W(255)
meaningful because it is so alien to the thoughts to which W 126 L 8 W(256)
try longer to impose an alien will upon His single purpose W 131 L 8 W(270)
it reflects. It is as alien to the world as is W 134 L 13 W(283)
is your Self remains an alien to the part of you W 160 L 1 W(347)
to him while he is alien now who is at home W 160 L 2 W(347)
stranger in, and took no alien thought to be Itself. And W 160 L 6 W(348)
know about a plan so alien to His Will. There was W 166 L 10 W(366)
within a body. What is alien to the mind does not W 167 L 6 W(369)
not, and to assume an alien power which it does not W 167 L 9 W(369)
up an enemy within; an alien thought at war with you W 170 L 3 W(377)
an opposite; and fear, the alien, now needs your defense against W 170 L 3 W(377)
Yet still you feel an alien here, from somewhere all unknown W 183 L 1 W(394)
and knows that He is alien here. This Childhood is eternal W 183 L 4 W(394)
outcast in a world of alien thoughts. His patience has no W 183 L 7 W(395)
You are as much an alien here as He. W W 183 L 10 W(396)
teach the mind a thousand alien names and thousands more. Yet W 184 L 5 W(399)
the light in you are alien here as well. The light W 188 L 1 W(413)
any kind are strange and alien to the truth. Yet what W 197 L 8 W(444)
in foreign places, and in alien forms which have no meaning W 200 L 4 W(449)
how long we let an alien will appear to be opposing W 292 L 1 W(541)
but it is perhaps more alien to the thinking of the M 5 H 1 M(15)
This is a mockery so alien to God that it must P 3 E 8 P(11)
seems to be a stranger; alien to the truth and poor P 3 H 7 P(18)