is wrong. One of the difficulties inherent in trance states is T 3 C 28 T(139)138
4. All of your difficulties ultimately stem from the fact T 3 E 4 T(147)146
of conflict, and AWAY from difficulties which concern you not. But T 31 D 1 T(1052)866
your holiness to all problems, difficulties, or suffering in any form W 38 L 3 W(62)
you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure W 50 L 4 W(88)
escape from all your perceived difficulties. It places the key to W 65 L 3 W(119)
will review his faults, the difficulties you have had with him W 78 L 6 W(155)
applying the idea when specific difficulties seem to arise might be W 81 L 3 W(164)
In addition to recognizing your difficulties with sustained attention, you mustW 95 L 5 W(185)
trust in all the seeming difficulties and the doubts which the W 107 L 4 W(216)
The belief in order of difficulties is the basis for the M 9 A 1 M(25)
responsible for some of the difficulties the individual faces now, his M 25 A 2 M(58)
there is no order of difficulty among them. One is not T 1 B 1 T(1)
there is no order of difficulty in miracles. T 2 T 2 A 25 T(71)71
behavior, I will have little difficulty in clarifying the means. You T 2 B 38 T(78)78
notes were taken with great difficulty by HS, and constitute the T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
therefore not have too great difficulty with this. The Sonship in T 2 E 52 T(114) 113
there would have been no difficulty whatever in the cab situation T 3 A 18 T(124)123
not. He therefore had no difficulty at all in overcoming this T 3 C 31 T(140)139
there is an order of difficulty in miracles: YOU do. I T 4 E 21 T(218)C 45
the other hand, has no difficulty in seeing YOU dissociate, and T 5 F 3 T(248)C 75
Without a range, order of difficulty IS meaningless, and there must T 6 F 11 T(291)118
concern itself with order of difficulty, but with CLEAR-CUT PRIORITY FOR T 6 H 5 T(299)C 126
The world perceives orders of difficulty in EVERYTHING. This is because T 7 L 1 T(343)C 170
THERE IS NO ORDER OF DIFFICULTY IN MIRACLES, you will convince T 7 L 1 T(343)C 170
NATURAL state there IS no difficulty, because it is a state T 7 L 1 T(343)C 170
There is no order of difficulty in miracles because all of T 10 G 10 T(442)269
there is no order of difficulty in miracles, when you have T 11 H 1 T(471)- 298
that anything without order of difficulty can occur. The miracle, thereforeT 14 F 3 T(554)- 381
there be ANY order of difficulty among them?

T 14 F 13 T(557)- 384
you instantly that order of difficulty in miracles is quite impossible T 16 C 3 T(604)431
and you will have no difficulty in perceiving the decision as T 16 F 15 T(620)447
there MUST be order of difficulty in miracles, all you mean T 17 B 1 T(630)457
the ILLUSION of order of difficulty in miracles REMAIN with you T 17 B 2 T(631)458
insane. You have but little difficulty now in realizing that the T 17 E 6 T(641)468
comes NOT of you. Your difficulty with the holy instant arises T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
whole belief in orders of difficulty in miracles is centered on T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
There is no order of difficulty in miracles, for they ARE T 19 E 6 T(709)533
denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away BEFORE T 20 E 9 T(747)570
understand. You will perceive NO difficulty in understanding what this visionT 22 B 6 T(798)618
HE has not a greater difficulty in resolving some than others T 26 C 1 T(904)723
when clearly seen. No-one has difficulty making up his mind to T 27 H 2 T(957)783
But confuse it not with difficulty in the simple things salvation T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
in outcome, and incredible in difficulty, will withstand the simple lessonsT 31 A 6 T(1043)857
H 3. In every difficulty, all distress, and each perplexity T 31 G 3 T(1069)883
If you begin to experience difficulty in thinking of specific subjects W 34 L 4 W(55)
little, you will have no difficulty in recognizing that its opposition W 44 L 6 W(76)
well, you should have no difficulty in finding a number of W 46 L 4 W(81)
of problems today. Whenever any difficulty seems to rise, tell yourself W 79 L 10 W(159)
L 3. The major difficulty that you find in genuine W 134 L 3 W(281)
that even the insane have difficulty in believing it. For it W 163 L 7 W(357)
Him as Guide through every difficulty and all pain that you W 361 EP 4 W(619)
can be no order of difficulty in healing merely because all M 9 A 5 M(26)
The illusion of orders of difficulty is an obstacle the teacher M 15 A 3 M(37)
You may find that the difficulty will diminish and drop away M 17 A 4 M(41)
them recognizes no order of difficulty in resolving them. He is M 17 A 7 M(42)
There is no order of difficulty in miracles because there are M 23 A 1 M(53)
there is no order of difficulty in healing. For this, however P 4 B 2 P(21)
there is no order of difficulty in healing. This is a P 4 B 7 P(23)
also recognize that order of difficulty in healing is meaningless. Yet P 4 B 8 P(23)
there is no order of difficulty in healing, he must also P 4 B 9 P(23)
the Soul, whose beauty and dignity are beyond doubt, beyond perception T 4 B 32 T(195)C 22
There is a real dilemma here, which only the truly T 2 E 13 T(103)102
The results of this dilemma are peculiar, but no more T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
no more so than the dilemma itself. The ego has reacted T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
ego resolves this completely insane dilemma in a completely insane way T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
can do, to solve a dilemma which seems very real to T 16 E 7 T(613)440
he is SAVED from this dilemma if HE can forgive. The T 30 G 4 T(1034)848
and did not pause in diligence to judge it hard to T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
ourselves for our lapses in diligence, and our failures to follow W 95 L 9 W(186)
hear, and less than halfway diligence and partial trust. Here is W 122 L 4 W(244)
which you have pursued quite diligently, has merely brought you FEAR T 10 F 12 T(436) 263
in what you have so diligently taught yourself to believe? But T 16 D 2 T(608)435
the idea (which is still dim to HS) that the reason T 1 B 22i T(7)-7-
real vision is still so dim. Everyone can use his body T 1 B 40j T(39)39
that something happened in the dim past, when it is so T 4 C 7 T(200)C 27
day that brightens and grows dim. There is no loss. Nothing T 12 G 1 T(505)332
has ever brought even a dim imagining of what it is T 13 E 1 T(521)348
will suffer the pain of dim awareness, that his true function T 14 B 3 T(540)- 367
images of other gods must dim the mirror that would hold T 14 E 5 T(553)- 380
but a moment, and grow dim, as darkness blots them out T 14 F 5 T(555)- 382
your sight grows weak and dim and limited, for you have T 15 I 13 T(592)- 419
diamonds, and gleam in the dim light in which the offering T 17 E 8 T(642)469
your appreciation flickered and grown dim, in what SEEMED to be T 17 F 12 T(649)476
sickness and pain, darkness and dim imaginings of terror, cold fantasies T 17 I 4 T(658)485
ancient state not quite forgotten; dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether T 21 B 5 T(765)587
altar disappears, the light grows dim, the temple of the Holy T 23 B 11 T(824)643
grown long accustomed to the dim effects perceived at twilight. And T 25 G 2 T(883)702
cannot calculate. The world grows dim and threatening, and not a T 26 K 6 T(932)758
to save the world is dim and lusterless. And no-one laughs W 100 L 3 W(200)
truth. There will be no dim figures from your dreams, nor W 136 L 16 W(294)
His sight. Its sounds grow dim. A melody from far beyond W 164 L 2 W(359)
their sound. The sound grows dim and disappears as we approach W 170 R5 12 W(384)
created you. Nor can you dim the light of your perfection W 197 L 7 W(442)
put out its radiance nor dim its light. It stands forever W 299 L 2 W(548)
one another, fade and grow dim and disappear. Those who would M 3 A M(5)