to correcting this. The neurotic devotes his to compromise. The psychotic T 1 B 41bd T(53)53
and one to which it devotes its maximum vigilance. This is T 4 F 1 T(219)C 46
that the teacher of God devotes his day. Each substitute he M 17 A 10 M(43)
about the artist who kept devoting himself to inventing better and T 1 B 37ab T(35)35
You are DEVOTING your mind to what you T 8 J 14 T(381)C 208
yet by DISTORTING it, and devoting it to evil,’ it T 17 A 2 T(630)457
become a Teacher of God, devoting his life to the function P 3 H 4 P(17)
advance by a miracle of devotion. T 1 B 23e T 1 B 23d T(10)-10-
a brother, and also to devotion, if he is devoted. It T 1 B 40x T(41)41
It is only my own devotion that entitles me to yours T 1 B 40x T(41)41
God on the other. My devotion to my brothers has placed T 1 B 40z T(42)42
28. Cayce and his devotion to me are in no T 3 C 28 T(139)138
T 4 A 2. Devotion to a brother CANNOT set T 4 A 2 T(185)C 12
progress. The result of genuine devotion is inspiration, a word which T 4 A 2 T(185)C 12
delusion, and no form of devotion is possible as long as T 4 B 21 T(193)C 20
other devotions now. Your divided devotion has given you the two T 5 D 8 T(239)C 66
doubt the STRENGTH of your devotion when you consider how faithfully T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
of the extent of their devotion to me. But as you T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
HE puts upon you. My devotion to you is of Him T 8 F 11 T(362)C 189
of the Holy Spirit, where devotion to Him replaces devotion to T 8 G 10 T(366)C 193
where devotion to Him replaces devotion to the ego. In this T 8 G 10 T(366)C 193
WANT. How real can this devotion be? If you do not T 8 J 14 T(381)C 208
15. God, in His devotion to YOU, created you devoted T 8 J 15 T(381)C 208
underestimate the power of the devotion of Gods Son, nor T 10 G 5 T(441)268
guilt with just the same devotion that love looks on itself T 19 F 2 T(711)535
still more about this strange devotion, for it contains the third T 19 I 1 T(721)545
making it WORTHY of their devotion. And each has set a T 20 C 3 T(735)559
briefly by, to offer his devotion to deaths idols, and T 20 G 11 T(754)577
ministry takes on a genuine devotion, and a glow that travels W 157 L 5 W(340)
perhaps, be won after much devotion and dedication, and then be M 27 A 3 M(62)
are not THINGS. They are DEVOTIONS.

--- Manuscript
T 5 D 8 T(238)C 65
But you have other devotions now. Your divided devotion has T 5 D 8 T(239)C 66
sunbeams enemy, which would devour it. And the ocean terrifies T 18 I 3 T(685) 509
reach to its maker and devour him. W 161 L W 161 L 8 W(351)
to their master, to be devoured. T 19 F 5 T 19 F 4 T(712)536
things live because of death. Devouring is nature’s law of life M 28 A 3 M(64)
and also that they are diametrically opposed to one another. These T 5 E 4 T(242)C 69
them, you can arrive at diametrically opposed results. This is because T 7 C 3 T(307)C 134
of this world, in which diametrically opposed outcomes are BELIEVED in T 7 C 3 T(307)C 134
two teachers, each believing in diametrically opposed ideas, it CANNOT be T 8 B 4 T(348)C 175
internally consistent, but they are diametrically opposed in all respects, soT 10 A 1 T(419)- 246
the GOAL of time as diametrically opposed. T 12 D T 12 D 7 T(494)321
plans for salvation which are diametrically opposed in all ways. The W 71 L 5 W(135)
with every minute like a diamond set around the mirror that W 124 L 9 W(251)
the tears are faceted like diamonds, and gleam in the dim T 17 E 8 T(642)469
why all and nothing are dichotomous, WITHOUT A RANGE. This is T 7 D 2 T(310)C 137
from the first, emphasizes the DICHOTOMY between the desirable and the T 6 H 4 T(299)C 126
in Atonement, which I will dictate TO you. T 1 T 1 B 30h T(19)19
his own Right-Mindedness CANNOT BUT dictate. The purpose of time is T 2 F 5 T(119)118
every one has power to dictate each decision you make. For T 24 A 2 T(838)657
But the world can not dictate the goal for which you W 131 L 3 W(269)
goes after basic conflict theory.) (Dictated without notes by HS) T 2 E 45 T(112)111
116) 115 (Dictated without notes by HS) T 2 E 56 T(116)115
15. (The following Introduction dictated by HS without notes.) The T 3 A 15 T(123)122
T 3 C 23. (Dictated directly without notes)pp 7-12 T 3 C 23 T(137)136
Accurate Perception (N not present) (DICTATED WITHOUT NOTES) T 3 D 0 T(144)143
366 5:215) Dictated without notes. T 3 T 3 G 1 T(159)158
because they cannot BUT be dictated by the thought-system to which T 4 C 24 T(206)C 33
littleness. Within the system which DICTATED this choice, the lament IS T 9 F 8 T(400)- 227
imprisonment, because such are the dictates of tyrants. T 1 T 1 B 37g T(30)30
one-mindedness can be restored. Right-mindedness dictates the next step automatically, becauseT 4 C 23 T(205)C 32
vigilant AGAINST the egos dictates as FOR them. T T 4 E 7 T(215)C 42
G 18. Wisdom always dictates that a therapist work through T 4 G 18 T(227)C 54
as is everything else it dictates. Its communication is controlled by T 4 H 3 T(229)C 56
need for ITS guidance. It dictates endless prescriptions for AVOIDING this T 8 H 6 T(371)C 198
do not FIND it. Its dictates, then, can be summed up T 11 E 1 T(463)- 290
it were present. Thus, it dictates reactions to those you meet T 12 D 5 T(493)320
if you FOLLOW its dictates, you will react to your T 12 D 5 T(493)320
relationships which the unholy alliance dictates are not perceived NOR FELTT 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
they will SEE what it dictates. The body will remain guilt T 18 J 6 T(691)515
pseudo-question has no answer. It DICTATES the answer, even as it T 27 E 5 T(948)774
what you CANNOT do. It dictates what its health can tolerate T 29 B 2 T(991)817
no mistakes according to the dictates of his guide. This guidance W 133 L 10 W(279)
who worship them obey their dictates, and refuse to question them W 170 L 6 W(378)
about your own hesitation about dictating at all. This is a T 2 C 16 T(93)92
work) because you were taking dictation is merely because you didn T 1 B 37i T(30)30
to HS reluctance to take dictations as given.) T 2 T 2 A 31 T(72)72
62) Specialness is the great dictator of the wrong decisions. Here T 24 B 5 T(840)659
surpassing excellence or merit.) (from Dictionary, third definition)

T 1 B 23 T(9)-9-
you to take from the dictionary, which will also be helpful T 2 A 2 T(62)62
them does appear in the dictionary should be reassuring. Project (verb T 2 A 2 T(62)62
especially for B, (who originally did not get it.) Intended as T 1 B 18b T(5)-5-
brothers keeper. While you did not cancel Esthers sin T 1 B 23c T(10)-10-
as lack of love) you DID cancel out its EFFECTS. T 1 B 23c T(10)-10-
were created, just as everyone did. T 1 B 23h T 1 B 23g T(12)12
While what he (Cacey)sic did came from Me, he could T 1 B 30g T(18)18
miracles, and to this extent did not fulfill his own full T 1 B 30g T(18)18
revelation was permitted because you did NOT project onto B. the T 1 B 30aa T(21)21
how miracles should work. You did not jump into the question T 1 B 30ad T(21)21
yourself, and even though you DID rush for the phone on T 1 B 30ad T(21)21
the whole question of embarrassment did not occur to her. T 1 B 36r T(28)28
1 B 36t. She did not ask what YOU believed T 1 B 36t T(28)28
replace their former habits, which DID produce scarcity rather than abundanceT 1 B 37m T(31)31
special meaning for you. So did Jack.) Your confusion of sex T 1 B 37y T(34)34
greatest contribution, except that he did not understand what channel reallyT 1 B 40i T(39)39
of anything that anyone ELSE did, this is not dangerous. T 1 B 41ad T(50)50
place to another if he did not think he would somehow T 1 B 41ak T(51)51
long as man KNEW he did not need anything, the whole T 1 B 41ar T(52)52
note that even those who DID understand that could nevertheless EXPRESS T 1 C 18 T(59)59
God, a statement which you did not like.) T 2 T 2 B 6 T(74)74
by the way, that you did not put in the not T 2 B 12 T(75)75
Separation, because the time-space belief did not exist. T 2 T 2 B 41 T(80) 80
leave or forsake you. I did feel a little better, and T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
passively interpreted. Note that B. Did NOT ask MY will re T 2 B 59 T(84) 83a
might be a pis-pot. You DID notice, however, that the INSIDE T 2 B 62 T(85) 84
invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist. Both the Separation T 2 B 66 T(86)85
situation in which two copies did not exist. This reflected two T 2 C 16 T(93)92
not have behaved as he did. You also use phrases like T 2 E 9 T(102)101
on this before, but it did not help very much.) You T 2 E 20 T(105)104
own truly creative ability, but did not extend it to its T 2 E 27 T(106)105
too limited, in that it did not refer to the Separation T 2 E 27 T(106)105
very powerful one, but Rank did not see its real potential T 2 E 28 T(107)106
do not attempt, as Freud did, to split off the fear T 2 E 29 T(107)106
AT that time. If miscreation did NOT engender energy in its T 2 E 32 T(108)107
fallacies of his own, he DID avoid this one in connection T 2 E 34 T(108)107
of the fact that you DID change the order - - T 2 E 38 T(110)109
incarnation was not neglected. He DID succeed in forcing recognition of T 2 E 40 T(110)109
is to remember that he did not create himself. He is T 2 E 44 T(111)110
were ready for Revelation, I did not mean that you had T 2 E 55 T(115)114
is to remember that he did not create himself. He is T 2 E 57 T(116)115
EXCEPT by himself, and he did not choose to pardon it T 3 A 16 T(123)122
choose to pardon it. YOU did, but I am afraid you T 3 A 16 T(123)122
toward Louis, both of whom DID act stupidly. But one stupidity T 3 A 16 T(123)122
door of a cab which did come for that lady, but T 3 A 18 T(124)123
you then was that you DID remember, in the cab, to T 3 A 21 T(125)124
become so misguided that it did not occur to him that T 3 A 21 T(125)124
on remembering this. While you did try to will right in T 3 A 21 T(125)124
right in the cab, you did not quite succeed. The error T 3 A 21 T(125)124
write an excellent position, but did not do so. Answer: You T 3 A 22 T(125)124
3 A 31. B. did not solve this by ACTING T 3 A 31 T(127)126
in a gentle way.) (B. did call HS) T 3 T 3 A 35 T(128)127
A 38. (These notes did not continue at this time T 3 A 38 T(129)128
becomes entirely groundless. The Crucifixion did NOT establish the Atonement. TheT 3 C 1 T(132)131
establish the Atonement. The Resurrection did. This is a point which T 3 C 1 T(132)131
to do with God. He did not create it, and He T 3 C 8 T(133)132
man the evil that ANOTHER did?

--- Manuscript
T 3 C 8 T(133)132
real double-bind, from which he did not recover. When he spoke T 3 C 29 T(140)139
greatly from this error. He did not make either of the T 3 C 29 T(140)139
great that, even when he did this, he was able to T 3 C 29 T(140)139
Cayces case very definitely did not. He therefore had no T 3 C 31 T(140)139
140 What DID hamper him was a profound T 3 C 31 T(141)140
to the fact that Cayce did not apply the Peace of T 3 C 32 T(141)140
mind is the builder, he did not realize that it is T 3 C 34 T(142)141
accept this AS ACCOMPLISHED. He did not fail to recognize the T 3 C 34 T(142)141
Atonement for others, but he did fail to accept its corrective T 3 C 34 T(142)141
prayer for B., which she did as follows: Jesus, help me T 3 E 1 T(147)146
3 F 2. Perception did not exist until the Separation T 3 F 2 T(152)151
regarded as an achievement. He did not RECOGNIZE (a term we T 3 F 5 T(153)152
until he KNOWS that he DID not and CAN not create T 3 F 8 T(153)152
F 12. The ego did NOT arise out of the T 3 F 12 T(154)153
F 16. The mind DID divide itself when it willed T 3 F 16 T(155)154
And as a man, I did not attempt to counteract error T 3 F 21 T(157)156
of a like quality. God DID create the Son in His T 3 G 11 T(162)161
34. Bill, your parents did misperceive you in many ways T 3 G 34 T(168)167
true that you believe they DID something to you. This belief T 3 G 34 T(168)167
the same things. If they did, their respective, though temporary roles T 3 G 37 T(169)168
of this procedure, though he did not understand his own symbolism T 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
NEVER at stake because God did not create it. Your Soul T 4 B 21 T(193)C 20
never at stake because He DID. Any confusion on this point T 4 B 21 T(193)C 20
What else BUT you did the Creator create, and what T 4 D 2 T(208)C 35
one question which the alchemist did not permit himself to ask T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
here I am, Lord, I did not mean in this world T 4 G 8 T(226)C 53
HE understood it before you did, because you are more dissociative T 4 G 8 T(226)C 53
this connection, even though he did not understand that the real T 4 G 11 T(226)C 53
in your case that you did not have to hide it T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
course in repression that you did, because he will give up T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
thrown it away because he did NOT value it. You can T 4 G 23 T(228)C 55
Before the separation you did not need guidance. You KNEW T 5 D 3 T(237)C 64
is also another way. God did not leave His Children comfortless T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
while ago, which he himself did not appreciate or even understand T 5 E 3 T(241)C 68
relationships TO them because you did NOT make them part OF T 5 F 1 T(247)C 74
burden of the ideas you did NOT share, and which were T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
weak to increase, but you did NOT recognize how to UNDO T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
that this is what YOU did, because it believes it IS T 5 G 4 T(255)C 82
said this before, but we did not emphasize the destructive results T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
because, much like Cayce, he did NOT include himself in it T 5 I 4 T(264)C 91
threat to maturity because he did not understand prodigality. He merely T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
have been many healers who did not heal themselves. They have T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
as the world judges, and did NOT share this evaluation for T 6 B 5 T(273)C 100
for myself. And because I did not share it, I did T 6 B 5 T(273)C 100
did not share it, I did NOT strengthen it. I therefore T 6 B 5 T(273)C 100
never deny me, but he did so three times. It should T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
should be noted that he did offer to defend me with T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
as judged by the ego, did not matter. As the world T 6 B 10 T(274)C 101
to Judas Iscariot as they did, if they had really understood T 6 B 16 T(276)C 103
crucifixion was simply that I did NOT. The punishment which I T 6 B 16 T(276)C 103
cannot be ANYWHERE that God did not put you, and God T 6 C 6 T(279)C 106
because you were asleep and DID NOT KNOW.

T 6 E 6 T(285)C 112
it COULD shatter YOURS. God did not blot it out, because T 6 E 14 T(288)C 115
attack it. Being questioned, He did not question. He merely gave T 6 E 14 T(288)C 115
what was not true. YOU DID NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN T 6 F 1 T(288)C 115
CAN OVERCOME DEATH BECAUSE I DID. Death is an attempt to T 6 F 7 T(290)C 117
6 F 8. God did not make the body, because T 6 F 8 T(290)C 117
in teaching it, but you did so often enough to enable T 6 F 16 T(292)119
never heard of it and did not understand it. You might T 6 G 6 T(295)122
Kingdom WHICH YOU VALUED, you did NOT keep the Kingdom of T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
He created YOU, but you did NOT create Him. We have T 7 A 1 T(303)C 130
only extend YOURSELF as He did. Only joy increases forever. Joy T 7 B 2 T(304)C 131
created His co-creators. Because He DID, time applies neither to Him T 7 B 4 T(305)C 132
it, just as THEIR creation did. Laws must be communicated, if T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
EXTEND it AS YOUR CREATOR DID. This needs no translation, because T 7 C 11 T(309)C 136
Truth, and the Light. YOU did not make this power any T 7 D 8 T(312)C 139
power any more than I did. It was created to BE T 7 D 8 T(312)C 139
ITS Being as ITS Creator did. Created BY sharing, its will T 7 J 3 T(338)C 165
as wholly desirable. If you did, you would hardly be willing T 8 A 2 T(346)C 173
because it means that you did NOT get what you WANT T 8 B 2 T(347) C 174
have destroyed yourselves. But God did not will the destruction of T 8 F 3 T(359)C 186
of any value, though he did not know its worthlessness at T 8 F 5 T(360)C 187
can extend yourself AS HE DID. You do not understand this T 8 F 8 T(361)C 188
SOMETHING YOU WANT. If you did NOT believe this, the IDEA T 8 G 1 T(363)C 190
H 5. If you did, you would not consider sickness T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
have used sleep. To whom did you give it? Under which T 8 I 4 T(374)C 201
give it? Under which teacher did you place it? Whenever you T 8 I 4 T(374)C 201
and Gods. If you did not have divided wills, you T 8 J 5 T(378)C 205
You cannot change laws you did not make, and the laws T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
ability to ATTACK, which you DID make, into the ability to T 9 C 3 T(388)215
this was only because you did not know who you WERE T 9 C 11 T(391)218
you CAN create as He did, and YOUR dissociation WILL NOT T 9 E 4 T(397)224
is NOT delusional, BECAUSE YOU DID NOT MAKE IT. YOU have T 9 G 5 T(402)229
9 G 12. You did not ESTABLISH your value, and T 9 G 12 T(404)231
everything that SEEMED to happen DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL. You T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
was FOR you, but you did not ask. When a brother T 9 I 14 T(410)- 237
to hear him. But you did NOT create him, because he T 9 I 17 T(411)- 238
and the father you made did NOT make you. Honor is T 9 I 18 T(411)- 238
YOU CANNOT DO WHAT GOD DID NOT INTEND, because what He T 9 J 6 T(413)- 240
NOT INTEND, because what He did not intend DOES NOT HAPPEN T 9 J 6 T(413)- 240
It is BECAUSE you did not make yourselves, that you T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
are nothing, because your Father did not create them. You cannot T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
Do not perceive ANYTHING God did not create, or you ARE T 9 K 13 T(418)245
your brother, for God Himself did not will to be alone T 10 B 3 T(420)- 247
is not childless. Because He did not will to be alone T 10 B 7 T(421)- 248
was given you because GOD did not will to be alone T 10 B 8 T(422)- 249
but never forget that God did not will to be alone T 10 B 13 T(424)251
KNOW HOW, for if you did, you could never have grown T 10 D 1 T(427)- 254
this be real, if He did not will to be alone T 10 D 2 T(427)- 254
vain. Teach rather that I did NOT die by demonstrating that T 10 G 7 T(441)268
you will recognize that you did NOT believe it. But the T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
is yours, but which you did NOT make, and do not T 10 H 7 T(445)- 272
from. And even if you did, you can escape from everything T 11 C 7 T(455)- 282 -
in my help, for I did not walk alone, and I T 11 C 14 T(458)- 285
our Father walked with me. Did you not know that I T 11 C 14 T(458)- 285
or anger, but what he DID is to exchange his self-love T 11 D 6 T(461)- 288
forget your Father, but you did NOT will to do so T 11 G 3 T(469)- 296
for death, remember that I DID NOT DIE. You will realize T 11 H 16 T(476)- 303
sight into his Father. HE did not change, but YOU did T 11 I 2 T(477)304
did not change, but YOU did. For a split mind and T 11 I 2 T(477)304
reunite you with yourself, and did not abandon you in your T 11 I 4 T(478)305
content WITHOUT reality. What God did not give you has no T 11 I 8 T(479)306
J 1. If you did not feel guilty, you could T 11 J 1 T(480)307
TO SAVE. For if it did, attack WOULD be salvation, and T 11 J 3 T(480)307
of Gods Son, it DID attempt to kill him. And T 12 B 4 T(486) 313
remember His guiltless Son, who did not die because he is T 12 B 7 T(487)314
cornerstone WITHOUT fear, if you did not believe that, WITHOUT THE T 12 C 2 T(488)315
cannot accept love, BECAUSE YOU DID NOT. You would rather be T 12 C 6 T(489)316
for special favor, and God did not give it. For the T 12 C 11 T(490)317
had made, but still more did he fear his REAL Father T 12 C 11 T(491)318
the Father? If the Son did not wish to REMAIN in T 12 C 12 T(491)318
where it is NOT. God did not ALLOW this to happen T 12 C 12 T(491)318
and thus MAKE LONELY. God did not do this to you T 12 C 13 T(491)318
your insanity. AND THIS HE DID. No-one who hears His answer T 12 C 13 T(491)318
and be healed, if you DID question it. And even though T 12 D 3 T(492)319
he slept, CHRISTs VISION DID NOT LEAVE HIM. And so T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
glad exchange for what you did NOT make is willingness to T 12 G 3 T(505)332
Like you, the Holy Spirit did NOT make truth. Like God T 13 G 5 T(528)- 355
himself TO darkness because he did not choose to free his T 13 H 6 T(531)- 358
God breaks no barriers; neither did He MAKE them. When YOU T 13 I 4 T(537)364
understand its meaning. If you did, IT would be clear, and T 14 C 1 T(544) - 371
of this course. Yet God did not abandon you. And so T 14 G 4 T(559)- 386
them necessary. And, because you did, the means on which you T 14 G 8 T(560)- 387
His identity, for if He did, YOU WOULD LOSE YOURS. And T 14 G 8 T(560)- 387
accomplishments AS YOURS, because He did them FOR you. And because T 14 G 11 T(561)- 388
FOR you. And because He did, they ARE yours. He has T 14 G 11 T(561)- 388
you MUST be convinced you did them through Him. It is T 14 G 16 T(562)- 389
alone, no more than I did. It is BECAUSE I learned T 15 D 10 T(572)399
you perceive, that demonstrates you did NOT do them. Why should T 16 C 1 T(604)431
have taught freedom, unless you DID believe in it. And it T 16 D 3 T(608)435
on reality at all, and did not change it. T T 17 A 1 T(630)457
of God for what he did NOT do. The shadow figures T 17 D 1 T(635)- 462
WITH you, to demonstrate he DID what he DID NOT. BECAUSE T 17 D 1 T(635)- 462
demonstrate he DID what he DID NOT. BECAUSE you brought them T 17 D 1 T(635)- 462
EXTEND happiness, as its Creator did. Whatever fulfills this function NOT T 17 E 1 T(640)467
separation. For, although the ego did not understand WHAT had been T 17 E 3 T(640)467
faith. They demonstrate that you did NOT believe that the situation T 17 G 8 T(653)480
AND NOT BY YOU. YOU did not set it, because holiness T 17 H 3 T(654)481
him for is WHAT YOU DID TO HIM. It is not T 17 H 6 T(656)483
Son of God. His faithlessness did this to him. Think carefully T 17 I 5 T(658)485
FOR you, for if you did, the guilt would not be T 18 C 5 T(665)492
you would MAKE YOURSELF? God did not create His dwelling-place unworthy T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
MAKE THE LEARNER DIFFERENT. You did NOT make the learner, nor T 18 E 5 T(672)- 499
your minds, which thought it did, is its undoing needful. T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
every holy instant which you did NOT arrange, thousands will rise T 18 F 3 T(674)- 521
created only this, and He did not depart from it, nor T 18 G 1 T(676)503
Is He a body, and did He create you as He T 18 G 11 T(679)506
you APART, and so you did not RECOGNIZE salvation in each T 19 B 11 T(697)521
their innocence in it. They did not TELL it what it T 20 D 6 T(741)565
it what it was. They did not make adjustments to fit T 20 D 6 T(741)565
its insane answer. How happy did it make you? Did you T 20 D 9 T(742)566
happy did it make you? Did you meet with joy, to T 20 D 9 T(742)566
he held out to you? Did you RECOGNIZE each other as T 20 D 9 T(742)566
gift of God to you? Did you see the holiness that T 20 D 9 T(742)566
And what he sees he did NOT make, for it was T 20 H 9 T(757)580
to do is recognize YOU DID THIS. Once you ACCEPT this T 20 I 8 T(761)583
you see is what YOU did to hurt the Son of T 21 A 2 T(763)585
fall because of what they did NOT recognize, or walk unharmed T 21 B 1 T(763)585
down upon the stones you did not recognize. But fail to T 21 B 1 T(764)586
it saw was true. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. See only T 21 C 5 T(768)590
that you recognize that you did NOT create yourself. THEY ARE T 21 C 11 T(770)592
knows not of. No more did YOU. And yet this part T 21 E 4 T(778)599
been made afraid, because you did not choose to SHARE in T 21 E 5 T(778)599
he wanted happiness. Yet he did NOT desire it BECAUSE it T 21 I 1 T(793)614
being what it IS, you did NOT ask for it. For T 21 I 3 T(793)614
to understand its messages. You did not realize it is IMPOSSIBLE T 22 B 3 T(797)617a
journeys end, why He DID this to you. What could T 22 B 4 T(798)618
safety and in peace. Such did his reason tell him; such T 22 B 10 T(799)619
or an event that you did not anticipate upsets your world T 24 D 3 T(847)666
they curse God because He did not make their dream reality T 24 D 7 T(848)667
in its UNDOING, as he did in MAKING it. He HAS T 25 G 6 T(884)703
for either, as he always did. The specialness he chose to T 25 G 6 T(884)703
he chose to HURT himself did God appoint to be the T 25 G 6 T(884)703
basis of a world He did NOT make be firm and T 25 H 2 T(886)705
it possible that what He did NOT will can NOT be T 25 H 2 T(886)705
or place, or anything God did NOT will. Yet, if His T 25 H 8 T(888)707
your willingness. For, if He did, you would believe He wrested T 25 I 1 T(891)710
sinner for the crimes he did not do, but THINKS he T 25 I 5 T(892)711
not do, but THINKS he did? And where would justice be T 25 I 5 T(892)711
your secret sins BECAUSE you did not choose to let them T 25 J 8 T(899)718
life OR death. For neither did he make, and only ONE T 26 B 6 T(903)722
world in answer to creation, did this world APPEAR to rise T 26 F 5 T(913)732
and has forgiven what he did NOT do. And so is T 27 C 5 T(939)765
of his problem. If he DID, it would be there no T 27 F 7 T(952)778
a victim of attack he did NOT choose. And thus he T 27 H 4 T(958)784
was NOT among them. Nor did you, in ANY way, REQUEST T 27 H 7 T(959)- 785
waken from a dream he did not make. Helpless he stands T 27 H 8 T(959)- 785
to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious T 27 I 6 T(963)789
EXACTLY what you thought YOU did. Except that NOW you think T 27 I 7 T(963)789
you think that what you did is being done to YOU T 27 I 7 T(963)789
its evil deeds, because you did NOT make it, and can T 27 I 7 T(963)789
EXACTLY what you think you did to them. But, once deluded T 27 I 8 T(964)790
it in memory, if you did not DESIRE its effects? Remembering T 28 A 2 T(967)793
a time in which He did not keep it safely in T 28 B 6 T(969)795
for doing ANYTHING, and never did. His Cause IS Its effects T 28 B 12 T(971)797
held in place BECAUSE he did not see that he was T 28 C 7 T(973)- 799
as causeless now, BECAUSE they did not make it. And you T 28 C 10 T(974)- 800
gone from them BECAUSE YOU DID NOT GIVE THEM YOUR SUPPORT T 28 F 2 T(982)808
alien ground which your Creator did not make, and where you T 28 F 3 T(982)808
keeps his. In his creation did his Father say, You are T 28 G 6 T(986)812
idly blamed for what it did not do. It serves to T 28 H 4 T(988)814
Him and He came. You did not hear Him enter, for T 29 C 4 T(994)820
hear Him enter, for you did not wholly welcome Him. And T 29 C 4 T(994)820
way for love which you did not create, but which you T 29 D 4 T(998)824
to be afraid, because you did not RECOGNIZE the fear. You T 29 E 2 T(999)813
cost of holding anything God did not give in minds that T 29 F 5 T(1002)816
you could not lose it, did He ALSO give the same T 29 I 9 T(1011)825
laws been changed because he did not understand.

T 29 J 6 T(1013)827
He joins with YOU. He did not set His kingdom up T 30 C 1 T(1021)835
to your awareness. Yet it did not die when you forgot T 30 D 7 T(1025)839
the boxes and the bears did NOT deceive him, broke no T 30 E 2 T(1027)841
all things that no-one ever did; to overlook what is not T 30 E 7 T(1029)843
have you sought here that did not bring you pain? What T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
because you wanted to, and did not pause in diligence to T 31 A 2 T(1042)856
hidden in. And so you did not hear it, and had T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
away WITHOUT the thoughts you did not want, and that were T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
sins BE sins, if you did not believe they could not T 31 C 2 T(1050)864
real in him, if you did not believe that they are T 31 C 2 T(1050)864
what you ARE? If you did not believe that you DESERVED T 31 C 2 T(1050)864
defeat your purpose here. You did not come to learn to T 31 D 5 T(1053)867
For God IS merciful, and did not let HIS Son abandon T 31 D 9 T(1054)868
he REACT for you? And did he know exactly what would T 31 E 8 T(1057)871
most unlikely. Even if he did, who gave the face of T 31 E 9 T(1057)871
Yet who was it that did the choosing first? If you T 31 E 11 T(1058)872
your sight. For if you did, it would be gone. The T 31 F 3 T(1061)875
effect YOU not. No longer did you choose that you should T 31 G 3 T(1063)877
once believed were your thoughts did not mean anything. W W 10 L 1 W(17)
1969 Lesson 14. God did not create a meaningless world W 14 L 0 W(24)
world is impossible. What God did not create does not exist W 14 L 1 W(24)
then deny its reality. God did not create it, and so W 14 L 4 W(24)
real. Say, for example: God did not create that war, and W 14 L 4 W(24)
it is not real. God did not create that airplane crash W 14 L 4 W(24)
it is not real. God did not create that disaster (specify W 14 L 4 W(24)
it is not real. God did not create that illness(specify W 14 L 4 W(24)
example, do not say, God did not create illness, but, God W 14 L 5 W(25)
not create illness, but, God did not create cancer, or heart W 14 L 5 W(25)
does not matter. What God did not create can only be W 14 L 6 W(25)
repeating todays idea. God did not create a meaningless world W 14 L 6 W(25)
in applying it. Say: God did not create a meaningless world W 14 L 7 W(25)
create a meaningless world. He did not create (specify the situation W 14 L 7 W(25)
guilt is hell? If you did, you would see at once W 39 L 2 W(64)
L 4. 14) God did not create a meaningless world W 53 L 4 W(97)
meaningless world exist if God did not create it? He is W 53 L 4 W(97)
what I think. If I did not think I would not W 54 L 2 W(98)
under the egos guidance. Did you find it? Were you W 66 L 9 W(122)
find it? Were you happy? Did they bring you peace? W 66 L 9 W(122)
was to ensure that healing did not occur; Gods purpose W 70 L 4 W(131)
was to ensure that it did. Today we will practice realizing W 70 L 4 W(131)
God shares with his Father? Did God create disaster for His W 73 L 3 W(141)
to justify a function God did not give to me. W 83 L 3 W(166)
remember my Creator. My Creator did not create this as I W 84 L 3 W(167)
may be, have strong support. Did you but realize how great W 91 L 4 W(174)
evil which you think you did was never done, that all W 93 L 4 W(180)
evil you may think you did, you are as God created W 93 L 7 W(181)
you have lost because you did not want to do them W 110 R3 3 W(228)
is not of Him. He did not make two minds, with W 131 L 7 W(270)
The world I seek I did not make alone, The thoughts W 131 L 10 W(271)
the truth you knew, and did not quite forget in wandering W 131 L 13 W(271)
Perhaps you think you did not make the world, but W 132 L 4 W(274)
for what they think they did, and once again by those W 134 L 5 W(282)
on what you think he did, for this is self-deception. Ask W 134 L 9 W(282)
to you. But your defenses did not let you see His W 135 L 19 W(289)
he asks as if he did not know, it merely shows W 139 L 4 W(304)
have a mission here. We did not come to reinforce the W 139 L 8 W(305)
be. Like earthly messengers, they did not write the messages they W 154 L 6 W(330)
loss still deeper, which they did not understand. W 155 W 155 L 4 W(333)
not give experience, because he did not learn it. It revealed W 158 L 5 W(342)
killed, apparently, by those who did not want him to survive W 163 L 7 W(357)
There was a need He did not understand, to which He W 166 L 10 W(366)
causes you cannot control, you did not make, and you can W 167 L 4 W(368)
not fight our function. We did not establish it. It is W 186 L 2 W(406)
you. Accept the plan you did not make instead. Judge not W 186 L 5 W(407)
them. What you thought you did not have is thereby proven W 187 L 4 W(410)
of what we thought it did to us. For it is W 188 L 9 W(415)
be you you crucify, you did not hurt the world and W 196 L 9 W(440)
given us from all we did not know and failed to W 200 R6 4 W(452)
You sent to us. We did not know the way, but W 220 IN2 8 W(460)
know the way, but You did not forget us. And we W 220 IN2 8 W(460)
what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred W 220 W1 1 W(462)
because I was mistaken, and did not affect my own reality W 227 L 1 W(469)
recognize its oneness. Now it did not know itself, and thought W 230 W2 2 W(473)
never living in reality, and did but mock the truth about W 248 L 1 W(492)
before I needed not, and did not even want. My only W 251 L 1 W(496)
want. My only need I did not recognize. But now I W 251 L 1 W(496)
L 1. Father, I did not make myself, although in W 260 L 1 W(505)
my insanity I thought I did. Yet, as Your Thought, I W 260 L 1 W(505)
the murderer? And if he did not die, what proof is W 260 W5 2 W(506)
holy as Myself. And thus did God become the Father of W 276 W6 1 W(523)
This the Word His Son did not create with Him, because W 276 W6 1 W(523)
be another thing as well? Did God create the mortal and W 294 L 1 W(543)
them. We wept because we did not understand. But we have W 301 L 2 W(551)
321 L 1. I did not understand what made me W 321 L 1 W(573)
You gave me. What You did not give has no reality W 322 L 2 W(574)
Father, not my own. I did not understand what giving means W 344 L 1 W(598)
to Him and say we did not understand, and ask Him W 360 FL 6 W(617)
deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as M 2 A 1 M(3)
of God understand that he did not really know what was M 5 B 7 M(11)
so far was that he did not want the valueless and M 5 B 7 M(11)
the valueless and that he did want the valuable. Yet his M 5 B 7 M(11)
Son nor his Creator. Thus did they join their thoughts with M 5 E 2 M(13)
held no mistakes; nothing that did not serve to benefit the M 5 I 1 M(16)
He only thought it did. Nor does he do anything M 6 C 3 M(20)
merely gives up what he did not have. He gives up M 11 A 2 M(29)
His protection! All that he did before in the name of M 17 A 7 M(42)
an end, and nothing He did not create is real. In M 21 A 5 M(51)
at all, for his Father did not create bodies, and so M 23 A 5 M(55)
still available for help? What did he say about this? Remember M 24 A 3 M(56)
you with him, for he did not go alone. And you M 24 A 6 M(57)
be acceptable to God. He did not make death because He M 28 A 4 M(64)
not make death because He did not make fear. Both are M 28 A 4 M(64)
The ego may ask, How did the impossible occur?, To what U 1 A 4 U(1)
the impossible occur?, To what did the impossible happen?, and may U 1 A 4 U(1)
illusion of a world. God did not create it, for what U 5 A 1 U(7)
never forgets one thing; he did not make the curriculum of P 4 A 4 P(20)
the curriculum of salvation, nor did he establish his part in P 4 A 4 P(20)
help from them if they did. Yet no therapist really sets P 4 B 5 P(22)
that it is you who did it, and who can therefore S 1 D 6 S(9)
honesty and recognition that they did not serve. S 1 S 1 F 1 S(10)
not weary of imprisonment? God did not choose this sorry path S 2 D 4 S(18)