because it has never been destroyed. This is not a literal T 3 F 19 T(156)155
to his new office and destroyed it, it is quite apparent T 3 G 30 T(167)166
willing to let it be destroyed. The many times that he T 3 G 30 T(167)166
am undone as I am destroyed. The ego will NOT be T 5 H 11 T(262)C 89
The ego will NOT be destroyed, because it is part of T 5 H 11 T(262)C 89
it were, you would have destroyed yourselves. But God did not T 8 F 3 T(359)C 186
will NOT learn. They have destroyed their motivation for learning, BY T 14 G 13 T(561)- 388
but the Other TO BE DESTROYED. T 15 J 9 T 15 J 8 T(596)- 423
is WHO is to be destroyed, you or another? You seek T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
you are both destroyer and destroyed IN PART, but with the T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
even if the body is destroyed, PROVIDED THAT you see NOT T 15 K 7 T(599)- 426
as vulnerable, frail, and easily destroyed. And at the mercy of T 22 G 11 T(817)636
weak and frail and easily destroyed, UNLESS HIS FATHER IS? You T 22 G 12 T(817)636
Now must his body be destroyed and sacrificed, that you may T 23 C 12 T(829)648
you not the picture is destroyed in ANY way. What God T 25 C 6 T(869)688
of God believes can be destroyed. But what is truth to T 26 D 4 T(908)727
is your life; how easily destroyed is what you love. Depression T 27 B 5 T(936)762
child. What hurts him is destroyed; what helps him, blessed. Except T 29 J 6 T(1013)827
life. You think you are destroyed, but you are saved. W 93 L 4 W(180)
s eternal Son has been destroyed? W 260 W5 3 W 260 W5 2 W(506)
is not mine to be destroyed by sin. It is not W 299 L 2 W(548)
Will of God has been destroyed. It dreams of punishment, and W 330 W12 2 W(583)
over. It will not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched M 15 A 2 M(37)
well are doomed to be destroyed as certainly. And so do M 28 A 3 M(64)
in which you are both destroyer and destroyed IN PART, but T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
enemy, the scavenger and the destroyer of the brother and the T 27 H 12 T(960)786
He is not Father but destroyer. He is not Creator but M 28 A 5 M(64)
Vengeance is His. His great destroyer, death. And sickness, suffering andS 3 E 5 S(26)
if they were capable of destroying their own Purpose is wrong T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
neither MY function nor YOURS. Destroying the devil is a meaningless T 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
ugly and unsafe, attacking and destroying, dangerous in all its ways W 360 FL 1 W(616)
there who stands apart? Judgment destroys honesty and shatters trust. No M 5 D 1 M(13)
impossible, then ANYTHING that is destructible cannot be real. Therefore, itsT 6 B 4 T(272)C 99
be equating yourself with the destructible, and are therefore regarding yourselfT 6 B 4 T(273)C 100
the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the T 6 F 8 T(290)C 117
their mind (not name) about destruction (or hate) do not need T 1 B 36o T(27)27
blood. It does not confuse destruction with innocence, because it associatesT 3 C 21 T(137)136
not an ACTIVE process of destruction at all. We have already T 3 F 18 T(156)155
a position where their own destruction was possible? The tree which T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
feel the fear of the destruction of your thought-systems upon you T 3 I 14 T(184)C 11
lead to the relinquishment (NOT destruction) of the ego to the T 4 B 10 T(190)C 17
the ego makes, not by destruction, but by understanding. Understanding is T 5 E 10 T(244)C 71
perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came T 5 F 2 T(247)C 74
even destroy it. But if destruction ITSELF is impossible, then ANYTHING T 6 B 4 T(272)C 99
cannot be real. Therefore, its destruction does NOT justify anger. To T 6 B 4 T(272)C 99
God did not will the destruction of His Creations, having created T 8 F 3 T(359)C 186
can be very destructive. The destruction is no more real than T 9 I 7 T(409)- 236
the world is not its destruction, but its TRANSLATION into Heaven T 10 H 5 T(444)- 271
For this belief is the DESTRUCTION of peace, a goal in T 11 H 5 T(473)- 300
until you die. For your destruction is the one end toward T 11 H 14 T(476)- 303
your function on earth is destruction, and that you have no T 12 D 1 T(492)319
your reality, and that your DESTRUCTION is the final proof THAT T 12 D 2 T(492)319
you interpret your function as DESTRUCTION, you will lose sight of T 12 D 10 T(495)322
yields to life, simply because destruction IS NOT TRUE. The light T 14 C 4 T(544) - 371
to support ITS belief in destruction. The ego, like the Holy T 15 A 2 T(563)- 390
lies simply in the fantasy DESTRUCTION of loves meaning. And T 16 F 15 T(620)447
hate, are fantasies of YOUR destruction. T 16 H 4 T 16 H 3 T(626)- 453
your ALLIANCE in your own destruction, the ego could not hold T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
relationship, YOU ARE ALLOWING YOUR DESTRUCTION TO BE. That this is T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
truth, YOU THREATEN TRUTH WITH DESTRUCTION. And YOUR defense must now T 17 E 10 T(643)470
yourself in peace. NOT through destruction, NOT through a breaking out T 18 G 16 T(681)508
those who PREFER pain and destruction. T 18 H 2 T 18 H 1 T(682)631a
death, nor use it for destruction. Teach me how NOT to T 19 J 11 T(725)549
How can the engine of destruction be PREFERRED, and chosen to T 20 I 5 T(759)582
and NOT correction. For the DESTRUCTION of the one who makes T 23 C 4 T(826)645
mistakes for which his own destruction becomes inevitable. T 23 T 23 C 4 T(826)645
help that can succeed. ONLY destruction can BE the outcome. And T 23 C 8 T(827)646
What is intent on your destruction, is NOT your friend. T 23 C 18 T(831)650
hated and worthy only of destruction. Whatever gentleness it offers is T 24 E 1 T(850)669
is real. In danger of destruction, it MUST kill, and YOU T 24 E 1 T(850)669
and salvation can ONLY mean destruction of the world, EXCEPT YOURSELF T 24 E 1 T(850)669
does it lead but to destruction? Yet think not that it T 24 F 4 T(853)672
otherwise would evil triumph, and destruction be the total cost of T 25 H 12 T(889)708
the dream of danger and destruction, sin and death; of madness T 29 G 1 T(1004)818
a little while by his destruction. Yet the worms as well M 28 A 3 M(64)
himself or choose his own destruction. He may ask for injury M 30 A 6 M(70)
made clean and ready. Where destruction was perceived the face of U 5 A 4 U(8)
teach, to save it from destruction and to make the means S 2 D 6 S(19)
which is mindless, and therefore destructive, or rather, the uncreative useT 1 B 14 T(4)-4-
yourself, and it is very destructive. Miracles need freedom from fear T 1 B 23f T(11)11
that sexual fantasies are ALWAYS destructive (or depleting), in that they T 1 B 41v T(48)48
is essentially mindless, or the destructive (miscreated) use of mind. PhysicalT 2 C 13 T(92)91
By denying his mind any destructive potential, and reinstating its purely T 2 C 17 T(94)93
they DO kill spiritually. ALL destructive thinking is dangerous. Given a T 2 E 13 T(103)102
would be unable to produce destructive behavior, which it very patently T 2 E 32 T(108)107
T 2 E 44. Destructive behavior IS instinctual. The instinct T 2 E 44 T(111)110
to your perception, and wholly destructive of your knowledge. This is T 3 G 34 T(168)167
he HIMSELF realizes is self destructive, but which he does NOT T 3 I 5 T(181)C 8
devil. It is powerful, active, destructive, and clearly in opposition to T 3 I 12 T(183)C 10
we did not emphasize the destructive results of this decision at T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
Used negatively, it WILL be destructive, because it will be used T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
you do can be very destructive. The destruction is no more T 9 I 7 T(409)- 236
then, is SELF-destructive, not God destructive. It means that you are T 9 K 3 T(415)- 242
him far away from your destructive thoughts, but YOU know neither T 11 I 1 T(477)304
there. For the egos destructive urge is so intense, that T 12 B 1 T(485)312
the past TO ENSURE A DESTRUCTIVE FUTURE. And time WILL be T 12 D 10 T(495)322
The delusional can be very destructive, for they do not recognize T 12 E 4 T(497)- 324
that could ENDANGER freedom. Nothing destructive ever was, or will be T 13 D 16 T(520)- 347
For you see love AS DESTRUCTIVE, and your only question is T 15 J 9 T(596)- 423
the ego uses it, is DESTRUCTIVE, lies in the fact that T 16 A 2 T(601)428
an attempt to limit the destructive EFFECTS of hate, by finding T 16 E 3 T(611)438
For your wish to make destructive what CANNOT destroy, can have T 18 G 5 T(677)504
You cannot make His Will destructive. You can make FANTASIES, in T 18 G 6 T(677)504
IN ANY FORM IS EQUALLY DESTRUCTIVE. Its PURPOSE does not change T 23 D 1 T(833)652
as justice to be more destructive to themselves and to their T 25 I 6 T(892)711
recognize them all as equally destructive but equally unreal. We will W 16 L 3 W(28)
nor demanding sacrifice, healing nor destructive, quieting nor fearful. When allM 17 A 9 M(43)