and attack; of pain and age, of grief and suffering. Here T 31 C 5 T(1051)865
constant attack? Pain, illness, loss, age and death seem to threaten W 56 L 1 W(102)
would be only the same age old impossible dream in but M 19 A 1 M(47)
Consider the alchemists age-old attempts to turn base metal T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
The miracle of life is ageless, born in time, but nourished T 19 J 9 T(724)548
regarding the censor as an agent for the protection of consciousness T 2 E 26 T(106)105
used to represent the activating agent of Spirit, supplying its creative U 2 A 1 U(2)
have come home, no special agents will be necessary. But do T 1 B 41n T(47)47
underestimate the power of special agents now, or the great need T 1 B 41n T(47)47
to heal it through non-creative agents. It does not follow, however T 2 C 9 T(90)89
decides that it is. Special agents seem to be ministering to M 6 C 2 M(19)
because of the sex and aggression confusion. T 1 B T 1 B 37y T(34)34
The confusion of sex with aggression, and resulting behavior which is T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
of life as being born, aging, losing vitality, and dying in M 28 A 1 M(63)
and in its pain and aging and the mark of death S 3 B 2 S(20)
a major one a while ago, which he himself did not T 5 E 3 T(241)C 68
11 D 9. Long ago we said that God so T 11 D 9 T(461)- 288
11 J 5. Long ago we said that the Holy T 11 J 5 T(481)308
of what YOU are. Long ago we said this course will T 14 F 13 T(557)- 384
join you there, as long ago I promised, and promise still T 19 F 8 T(713)537
song you knew so long ago, and held more
T 21 B 6 T(765)587
maker thinks IT causes. Long ago, we spoke of your desire T 21 C 10 T(770)592
24 E 5. Long ago we said consider not the T 24 E 5 T(851)670
but for an instant, long ago, before its unreality gave way T 26 F 4 T(913)732
brought to Certainty so long ago that it is hard indeed T 26 F 4 T(913)732
to rise. So VERY long ago, for such a tiny interval T 26 F 5 T(913)732
that has been so long ago corrected and undone. Can sin T 26 F 8 T(914)740
an instant gone by long ago, which cannot BE relived. And T 26 F 12 T(916)742
journey that was over long ago. Look gently on each other T 26 F 12 T(916)742
This world was over long ago. The thoughts that made it T 28 A 1 T(967)793
time this happened very long ago. In reality it never happened M 3 A 2 M(4)
of illusion. What happened long ago seems to be happening now M 3 A 3 M(5)
learned and understood and long ago passed by is looked upon M 3 A 3 M(5)
HAVE begun the journey. Long ago the end was written in U 8 A 3 U(13)
again an ancient journey long ago begun that but seems new U 8 A 4 U(13)
an ancient dream so long ago no-one remembers now. Its time G 3 A 9 G(8)
brothers slept during the so-called agony in the garden, but I T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
in the garden of seeming agony and death. So will we T 19 L 11 T(731)555
as natural as fear and agony APPEARED to be before the T 31 G 5 T(1070)884
with the world twisting in agony because your fears have laid W 191 L 6 W(423)
fact, and save yourself the agony of yet more bitter disappointments W 200 L 1 W(449)
will relieve you of the agony of all the judgments you W 311 L 1 W(562)
mind that suffers from the agony of doubt. S 3 S 3 D 3 S(24)
dream of separation, agony and loss has been dispelled G 3 A 7 G(8)
appealing. While he may yet agree that these are merely teaching T 4 G 3 T(225)C 52
you would be tempted to AGREE with the ego, that it T 19 C 9 T(701)525
ALL your doubts, if you agree that He is one with T 24 F 9 T(854)673
could never be, AND YOU AGREE, then must the Maker of T 25 D 5 T(874)693
from him. Unless you BOTH agree this is your wish, it T 28 G 5 T(986)812
right to separate will you agree to meet from time to T 29 B 1 T(991)817
you and your adviser must AGREE on what you want BEFORE T 30 B 11 T(1020)834
of Heaven and the world agree. But here they also separate W 159 L 1 W(344)
all the while its worshippers agree, and kneeling down with foreheads W 163 L 5 W(357)
completely changed should any two agree these words express the only W 185 L 2 W(402)
a smaller one? Will he agree more quickly to the unreality M 9 A 5 M(26)
prayer are contradictory; sometimes they agree. It does not matter. God M 22 A 1 M(52)
point at which their thoughts agree, their gifts unite in kind G 1 A 4 G(1)
Their task is to make agreeable whatever is called on, however P 3 G 3 P(14)
it is a temporary device, agreed on beforehand, to check the T 3 A 6 T(120) 119
serves the purpose THEY have agreed to set. THIS IS THE T 17 F 6 T(647)474
you in the darkness you agreed to leave with ME? In T 18 D 4 T(669)496
hand as surely as you agreed to take each others T 18 D 6 T(669)496
NOR WITH HIMSELF. When you agreed to join each other, you T 19 G 5 T(715)539
alliance with them, you have agreed never to let the fear T 19 K 4 T(727)551
point on which you both agreed to keep intact. And violating T 29 A 3 T(990)816
IS no meaning. No-one has agreed with you on what it T 30 H 6 T(1038)852
note of compromise with your agreeing with Jack, he wrote in T 1 B 37z T(34)34
mean, except that you are AGREEING with the egos evaluation T 9 F 6 T(400)- 227
If HE attacks, you are agreeing with this belief, and if T 11 D 3 T(459)286
same thing MUST be in agreement about what they believe. T 6 H 13 T(302)C 129
differently. And it is the AGREEMENT of their Thought that makes T 25 H 5 T(887)706
T 28 D. The Agreement to Join (N 1955 12 T 28 D 0 T(975)- 801
2. If you WITHHOLD agreement, and accept the part YOU T 28 D 2 T(976)- 802
was made in secret, IN AGREEMENT with anothers secret wish T 28 G 5 T(986)812
healed. Let THIS be your agreement with each one; that you T 28 G 5 T(986)812
occur. It is but this AGREEMENT which permits all things to T 30 B 11 T(1020)834
this become impossible, for your AGREEMENT makes interpretation stabilize and lastT 30 H 5 T(1038)852
for today, we are in agreement with God. He does not W 70 L 4 W(132)
enough. He has entered an agreement with God, even if he M 2 A 1 M(3)
word; and no word lacks agreement with another. Such are the M 5 C 1 M(12)
is sick until another mind AGREES that they are separate. And T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
the teacher of God finally agrees to look past them, he M 5 G 1 M(14)
1 B 4b. (Plan ahead is good advice in this T 1 B 4b T(2)-2-
Make NO attempts to plan ahead in this respect.) T T 1 B 4b T(2)-2-
the past as he goes ahead. It UNDOES his past errors T 2 B 47 T(81) 81
quite apparent, you cannot go ahead. You MUST go one way T 22 E 1 T(808)808a
now, if you go straight ahead, the way you were going T 22 E 1 T(808)808a
wake, will put you well ahead. And if you find resistance T 30 B 1 T(1016)830
enough to let you go ahead with just a few more T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
no longer, for what lies ahead is all you EVER wanted T 30 F 7 T(1032)846
a bit behind, a bit ahead, would be a safer place T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
back when he would go ahead? For so do you forget T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
being lifted up and carried ahead. Your little effort and small W 69 L 6 W(129)
and blustering, afraid to go ahead, afraid to stay, afraid to W 121 L 3 W(241)
lifts his foot to stride ahead, a star is left behind W 134 L 12 W(283)
make? To let illusion walk ahead of truth is madness, but W 155 L 2 W(333)
can the truth, which walks ahead of you, speak to them W 155 L 6 W(334)
are tempted still to walk ahead of truth, and let illusion W 155 L 9 W(334)
but dwindles as he goes ahead to nowhere. Still he wanders W 166 L 5 W(364)
practicing today. We look neither ahead nor backwards. We look straight W 181 L 10 W(390)
today. From there we go ahead quite rapidly. For once you W 196 L 8 W(439)
not backward now. We look ahead, and fix our eyes upon W 220 IN2 7 W(460)
fear behind and only peace ahead. How still the way Your W 225 L 1 W(467)
and help his brothers walk ahead with him and find the W 325 L 1 W(577)
sense that he walks slightly ahead of the patient, and helps P 3 D 1 P(8)
follower, for One should walk ahead of him to give him P 3 D 1 P(8)
another can be dimly seen ahead. Most professional therapists are still P 4 B 8 P(23)
are ready for a step ahead now. There are joint decisions S 1 A 5 S(2)