credit with me with some dependability in keeping my own promises T 4 B 39 T(197)C 24
answers their call, and His dependability makes THEM more certain. ChildrenT 6 F 5 T(290)C 117
MUCH stronger, and much more dependable. They no longer oppose the T 2 B 61 T(85) 84
depend on it. Make it dependable in my name, because my T 5 F 13 T(251)C 78
are true, they are perfectly dependable, and therefore universal in applicationT 7 E 7 T(315)C 142
s foundation sure as love, dependable as Heaven, and as strong T 25 H 1 T(886)705
H 11. What is dependable EXCEPT Gods Love? And T 25 H 11 T(889)708
trust. Nothing in madness is dependable. It holds out no safety W 53 L 3 W(96)
you nor B. has developed dependably as yet. T 2 T 2 D 13 T(99)98
grounds on which to rest dependably and sure. It is an W 126 L 5 W(256)
ability, and cannot be used dependably. It is almost inevitable that M 26 A 5 M(61)
COULD not will that happiness DEPENDED on what you could never T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
fear has entered, CANNOT be depended on, because it is NOT T 15 F 4 T(578)405
it always was, to be depended on in every need, and W 107 L 4 W(216)
confused and senseless reasoning be depended on for anything? M M 9 A M(26)
you fully recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know T 1 B 41l T(46)46
you must recognize your total dependence on God, a statement which T 2 B 6 T(74)74
are stated clearly implies their dependence on time, making it quite T 2 C 21 T(95)94
them. Since perceptions CHANGE, their dependence on time is obvious. They T 3 E 5 T(148)147
function lies in your complete dependence on God, Whose function He T 10 F 6 T(434)- 261
you the knowledge of your dependence on God, IN WHICH YOUR T 10 F 7 T(434)- 261
no way changes its total dependence on them FOR ITS BEING T 18 I 4 T(686)510
LIES. The ego sees ALL dependency as threatening, and has twisted T 10 F 7 T(434)- 261
symbiotically related. They are COMPLETELY dependent on each other. The creationT 2 B 7 T(74)74
from the demands of the dependent, and from the sight of T 4 I 4 T(232)C 59
are. Yet ITS existence IS dependent on your mind, because it T 7 I 7 T(336)C 163
share it, He becomes as dependent on you, as you are T 10 F 6 T(434)- 261
12. God is as dependent on you as you are T 10 F 12 T(436) 263
but by no means TOTALLY dependent on their One Creator for T 18 I 5 T(686)510
emotion that keeps you blind, dependent on the self you think T 22 B 5 T(798)618
as He, a tiny newcomer, dependent on the holiness of your T 22 B 9 T(799)619
reciprocal. They make or create depending on whether the ego or T 7 G 1 T(324)C 151
therefore produces abundance or scarcity, depending on how you choose to T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
with pain or with joy, depending on which teacher YOU are T 8 D 7 T(352)C 179
Christ or for the ego, depending on what you perceive in T 10 F 19 T(438)265
release as well as imprison, depending on whose interpretation of it T 12 F 4 T(501)328
while you are still asleep, depending on the PURPOSE of your T 28 C 4 T(973)- 799
could be anyone or anything, depending on whose evil dream you T 28 E 1 T(979)805
which has many answers, each depending on the one of whom T 29 I 7 T(1011)825
love or look with hate, depending only on the simple choice T 31 G 12 T(1066)880
may be slow or rapid, depending on whether he recognizes the M 23 A 2 M(54)
can be right or wrong, depending on the voice to which U 2 A 5 U(2)
are an industrial necessity. Industry depends on cooperation, and cooperation dependsT 1 B 20 T(6)-6-
depends on cooperation, and cooperation depends on miracles. (see page 8 T 1 B 20 T(6)-6-
the spiritual eye, which always depends on light. Remember the Biblical T 1 B 22b T(6)-6-
WOULD help him personally. It depends on how he listens, and T 1 B 25i T(16)16
perceive accurately, because appropriate behavior DEPENDS on lack of level confusionT 1 B 36f T(25)25
himself. His hierarchy, in turn, depends on his perception of what T 1 B 41am T(51)51
are usually merely disruptive. Transfer depends on SOME common elements inT 1 B 41bb T(53)53
is quite apparent that this depends on the kind of knowledge T 2 A 14 T(67)67
Mind of the mentally healthy DEPENDS on it. T 2 T 2 B 4 T(73)73
clear understanding of the second depends on it. T 2 T 2 B 23 T(77)77
perhaps even longer. Its length depends, however, on the effectiveness of T 2 F 1 T(117)116
The VALUE of the experience depends on the need of each T 3 A 7 T(121)120
reason for this. (This, however, depends upon what you mean by T 3 H 7 T(176)C 3
by resorting to inhibition. Society depends on inhibiting the former, but T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
inhibiting the former, but SALVATION depends on disinhibiting the latter. T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
continued existence depends on your continuing belief in T 4 D 9 T(210)C 37
the ego, because the ego DEPENDS on the specific. It is T 4 H 2 T(229)C 56
As you well know, transfer depends on common elements in the T 5 C 2 T(235)C 62
the INCREASE of the Kingdom depends on it, just as THEIR T 7 C 7 T(308)C 135
is an art because it depends on inspiration in the sense T 7 E 6 T(314)C 141
WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND depends, at any given moment, on T 7 J 10 T(340)C 167
to SEE a logical outcome depends on the WILLINGNESS TO SEE T 7 J 11 T(340)C 167
you WILL attack. The ego depends SOLELY on your willingness to T 9 G 6 T(402)229
BE accepted, but its acceptance depends on your WILLINGNESS TO HAVE T 9 J 3 T(412)- 239
Your ability to ACCEPT Him depends on your willingness to give T 10 B 9 T(422)- 249
not REAL freedom, for it depends on how you see it T 10 C 9 T(426)253
in or not. Real freedom depends on welcoming REALITY, and of T 10 C 9 T(426)253
willingness to learn of Him depends on your willingness to question T 10 H 7 T(445)- 272
out of denial, and denial DEPENDS on the real belief in T 11 C 1 T(452)279
you have done, and thus depends on one-dimensional time, proceeding from T 11 J 12 T(483)310
12 E 9. Vision depends on light, and you CANNOT T 12 E 9 T(498)- 325
SEE, for sight of IT depends upon DENYING vision. But from T 12 E 9 T(498)- 325
different kind of seeing, and depends on what you cherish. The T 12 G 1 T(505)332
this most peculiar learning goal depends, means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This DOEST 13 G 1 T(527)354
created one, so its oneness depends not on time at all T 15 C 2 T(567)394
of the host of God, depends on willingness, and NOT on T 15 E 5 T(575)- 402
NO-ONE well. But its survival DEPENDS on your belief that YOU T 15 H 4 T(585)- 412
and reality, because the choice DEPENDS on which you value more T 17 D 12 T(638)- 465
healing. Its health or sickness depends ENTIRELY on how the mind T 19 B 1 T(694)518
guilt, as surely as fear DEPENDS on it. Love is attracted T 19 F 1 T(711)535
world is seen. And this depends on which emotion was called T 19 F 3 T(711)535
And every gift it offers depends on what it WANTS. It T 20 C 2 T(735)559
It changes NOTHING in creation, depends ENTIRELY upon the madness of T 21 C 12 T(771)593
light, be one with what DEPENDS on darkness to be seen T 21 D 11 T(776)597
But on this choice depends far more than you may T 21 F 2 T(780)601
sights you choose to see, depends ENTIRELY your whole belief of T 21 F 2 T(780)601
reason in insanity, for it depends ENTIRELY on reasons absence T 21 F 10 T(782)603
The egos whole continuance depends on its belief you cannot T 22 D 2 T(805)625
11. On your learning depends the welfare of the world T 22 G 11 T(817)636
can NEVER share, for it depends on goals that you ALONE T 24 B 6 T(840)659
meaning from the other. Each depends upon the other for whatever T 25 F 1 T(880)699
ON its changelessness the world depends. The magic of the world T 25 H 1 T(886)705
Think not that this belief depends upon the form it takes T 25 H 5 T(887)706
have NEVER sinned. Their world DEPENDS on sins stability. And T 25 I 6 T(892)711
of himself, for YOUR identity depends on his reality. Think, rather T 28 E 3 T(979)805
BE saved. On saving YOU depends his happiness. For who is T 29 D 1 T(997)823
are dreams, and that escape depends, NOT on the dream, but T 29 E 1 T(999)813
which it can be reached depends on only this; your willingness T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
you will believe your happiness DEPENDS on being right. But this T 30 B 7 T(1018)832
by it, and even now depends on nothing else. The lessons T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
Your concept of the world DEPENDS upon this concept of the T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
is rooted in time, and depends on your not learning these W 7 L 2 W(11)
The salvation of the world depends on it. Yet you will W 20 L 1 W(34)
108 L 1. Vision depends upon todays idea. The W 108 L 1 W(219)
138 L 5. Choosing depends on learning. But the truth W 138 L 5 W(301)
still what all the rest depends on. As you take the W 169 L 11 W(375)
186. Salvation of the world depends on me. W 186 L 0 W(406)
part, and that the whole depends on you, be sure that W 186 L 5 W(407)
go. Salvation of the world depends on you, and not upon W 186 L 7 W(407)
still. Salvation of the world depends on you who can forgive W 186 L 14 W(409)
that the way to liberty depends for both of them. W 192 L 8 W(426)
you fear, and your deliverance depends on you. W 196 W 196 L 7 W(439)
186) Salvation of the world depends on me. I am entrusted W 206 L 1 W(455)
You created him. Your memory depends on his forgiveness. What he W 350 L 1 W(604)
world as we perceive it depends on the body being the M 6 C 1 M(19)
but try, and his success depends on his conviction that he M 17 A 8 M(42)
In this world, however, forgiveness depends on justice, since all attack M 20 A 1 M(48)
the concept helpful? And that depends, of course, on what it M 25 A 1 M(58)
the extent of their success depends on how much of this P 3 D 2 P(8)
The level of your prayers depends on this, for here it S 2 B 10 S(15)