that the Atonement was the cure. Burn appeared to be minimal T 2 B 64 T(86)85
question the validity of symptom cure. But NO-ONE believes that the T 5 G 14 T(258)C 85
is the magic that will cure all of your pain; the T 23 C 12 T(829)648
or an affliction WITHOUT a cure, has been transformed into a T 26 C 6 T(906)725
and of joylessness forgiveness CANNOT cure. This means that you prefer T 30 G 6 T(1035)849
the whole world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and W 41 L 3 W(68)
salvation can be said to cure. W 140 W 140 L 0 W(307)
W 140 L 1. Cure is a word which cannot W 140 L 1 W(307)
are gone. And thus they cure for all eternity. W W 140 L 3 W(307)
for that is not a cure. It takes away the guilt W 140 L 4 W(307)
sickness possible. And that is cure indeed. For sickness now is W 140 L 4 W(307)
not in idle dreams. For cure must come from holiness, and W 140 L 5 W(308)
try today to seek to cure what cannot suffer sickness. Healing W 140 L 7 W(308)
sickness, for we seek a cure for all illusions, not another W 140 L 8 W(308)
Voice of healing which will cure all ills as one, restoring W 140 L 10 W(309)
No voice but This can cure. Today we hear a single W 140 L 10 W(309)
salvation can be said to cure. Speak to us, Father, that W 140 L 12 W(309)
salvation can be said to cure.

--- Manuscript
W 150 L 2 W(315)
E 4. The word cure has come into disrepute among P 3 E 4 P(9)
not one of them can cure, and not one of them P 3 E 4 P(9)
How could such a process cure? It is ridiculous from start P 3 E 4 P(10)
there? And how could sickness cure? Are not these both one P 3 E 4 P(10)
the belief that it can cure itself. This has some merit P 3 E 5 P(10)
is but futility. Who can cure what cannot be sick and P 3 G 4 P(15)
this will not effect a cure. That is achieved by only P 3 G 5 P(15)
invites Him. What is symptom cure, when another is always there P 3 H 2 P(16)
the brief nature of the cure. The body yet must die S 3 B 1 S(20)
rests upon the bodys cure, leaving the cause of illness S 3 C 7 S(22)
Yet its effects cannot be cured because it is not real W 41 L 2 W(68)
to you who have been cured in God, and not in W 140 L 5 W(308)
so that it can be cured. There is no remedy the W 140 L 7 W(308)
are false, and can be cured because they are not true W 140 L 9 W(309)
sickness that would not be cured at once. M 6 M 6 C 2 M(19)
accomplished. The body is not cured. It is merely recognized as P 3 E 11 P(11)
separated ones have invented many cures for what they believe to W 41 L 2 W(68)
Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness. For the mind W 140 L 4 W(307)
This is the thought that cures. It does not make distinctions W 140 L 6 W(308)
meaningful concept. Yet must their cures remain temporary, or another illnessP 3 E 5 P(10)
he was not at all curious about what it was. This T 3 A 5 T(120) 119
surrounding it. This is a curious compromise, in which the nonphysical T 3 C 30 T(140)139
on the mind, and some curious symbolic attempt to integrate churches T 3 C 33 T(141)140
virtually intolerable. It is a curious thing that any ability which T 3 H 7 T(176)C 3
E 9. It is curious that the perfect must now T 6 E 9 T(287)C 114
16 F 7. Most curious of all, is the concept T 16 F 7 T(617)444
28 A 4. The curious belief that there is part M 28 A 4 M(64)
he is attacking him. This curious circle of attack-defense is one P 3 E 9 P(11)
this level also comes that curious contradiction in terms known as S 1 C 4 S(6)
a good example of the curiously literal regression which can occur T 1 B 36k T(26)26
unusual abilities which can be curiously tempting. Here are strengths whichM 26 A 4 M(61)
stand for something else. The current emphasis on changing your image T 3 G 5 T(160)159
situations about which you are currently concerned. The emphasis should beW 24 L 4 W(40)
do NOT find. Translated into curricular terms, this is the same T 11 F 7 T(466)- 293
mean that you establish the curriculum. It means only that you T 1 A 1 T(1)
T 7 D. The Unified Curriculum (N 691 7:23) T 7 D 0 T(310)C 137
applied them to a UNIFIED curriculum. The fact that this was T 7 D 5 T(311)C 138
B. The Direction of the Curriculum (N 760 7:92) T 8 B 0 T(346)C 173
8 B 3. The curriculum of the Atonement IS the T 8 B 3 T(347) C 174
IS the opposite of the curriculum you have established for yourselves T 8 B 3 T(347) C 174
outcome, a change in the curriculum is obviously necessary.
T 8 B 3 T(347) C 174
change in DIRECTION. A meaningful curriculum CANNOT be inconsistent. If itT 8 B 4 T(348)C 175
DO NOT EXIST. Their conflicted curriculum teaches them that ALL directions T 8 B 4 T(348)C 175
total senselessness of such a curriculum must be fully recognized before T 8 B 5 T(348)C 175
DISAGREEMENT ABOUT EVERYTHING. Their joint curriculum presents an IMPOSSIBLE learning taskT 8 B 5 T(348)C 175
is the PURPOSE of the curriculum, you MUST learn it of T 8 C 1 T(348)C 175
only the DIRECTION (of the curriculum?) which must be unconflicted, but T 8 C 4 T(349)C 176
The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you T 8 D 6 T(352)C 179
achieve the goal of the curriculum, then, you CANNOT listen to T 8 D 8 T(352)C 179
confuse the goal of His curriculum. T 8 G 9 T 8 G 8 T(365)C 192
to place him in a curriculum which he cannot learn. His T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
depressing. The Holy Spirits curriculum is NEVER depressing because it T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
depressing because it is a curriculum in joy. Whenever the reaction T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
because the goal of the curriculum has been lost sight of T 8 G 9 T(365)C 192
a learning device with a curriculum GOAL is a fundamental confusion T 8 G 14 T(367)C 194
the unified purpose of the curriculum, and is interfering with his T 8 G 17 T(368)C 195
T 11 F. The Sane Curriculum (N 1031 8:135) T 11 F 0 T(465)292
special teacher, and a special curriculum. T 11 F 6 T 11 F 5 T(466)- 293
to THEM to establish the curriculum by which they can ESCAPE T 11 F 6 T(466)- 293
not try to set up curriculum goals, where yours have clearly T 11 F 6 T(466)- 293
The result of this curriculum goal is obvious. Every legitimate T 11 F 8 T(467)294
learning FACILITATION, which this strange curriculum goal is AGAINST. If youT 11 F 8 T(467)294
you expect BUT confusion? The CURRICULUM does not make any sense T 11 F 8 T(467)294
you CANNOT love. For the curriculum you have chosen is AGAINST T 11 F 9 T(467)294
necessary minor, supplementing this major curriculum goal, is in learning howT 11 F 9 T(467)294
take heart. For though the curriculum you set yourself is depressing T 11 F 10 T(467)294
Who knows it, and the curriculum for learning it. The curriculum T 11 F 12 T(468)- 295
curriculum for learning it. The curriculum is totally unambiguous, because theT 11 F 12 T(468)- 295
their part in the unified curriculum of the Atonement. There is T 14 B 7 T(541)- 368
is no conflict in this curriculum, which has ONE aim, however T 14 B 7 T(541)- 368
beyond the scope of our curriculum. Nor is there any need T 18 K 1 T(692)516
beyond the scope of this curriculum. Nor is it necessary we T 26 D 2 T(907)726
becomes the focus of the curriculum. The goal is clear, but T 30 A 1 T(1016)830
that we present in our curriculum. Truth must be true throughout W 156 L 2 W(337)
crucial turning point in the curriculum. We add a new dimension W 157 L 2 W(339)
lessons. Each contains the whole curriculum, if understood, practiced, accepted andW 200 R6 2 W(452)
1 A 3. The curriculum that you set up is M 1 A 3 M(1)
who follows the worlds curriculum, and everyone here does follow M 1 A 4 M(2)
What else, then, would its curriculum be? Into this hopeless and M 1 A 4 M(2)
a manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a M 2 A 4 M(4)
the form of the universal curriculum that he will teach is M 3 A 1 M(4)
not free to choose the curriculum, or even the form in M 3 A 3 M(5)
the absence of Gods curriculum and its replacement by insanity M 5 E 1 M(13)
many other ideas in our curriculum. Its greater strangeness lies merely M 5 H 1 M(15)
of his advancement in the curriculum. Does he still select some M 5 J 1 M(16)
the final goal of the curriculum. It paves the way for M 5 K 2 M(17)
far beyond all learning. The curriculum makes no effort to exceed M 5 K 2 M(17)
18) beyond our curriculum that learning but disappears in M 5 K 3 M(18)
focus properly belongs on the curriculum. It is the function of M 5 K 3 M(18)
opposition to that of our curriculum. The world trains for reliance M 10 A 2 M(28)
for maturity and strength. Our curriculum trains for the relinquishment of M 10 A 2 M(28)
The aim of our curriculum, unlike the goal of the M 11 A 3 M(29)
you cannot learn His Own curriculum. His Word says otherwise. His M 15 A 5 M(38)
for the lessons in the curriculum change each day. Yet he M 17 A 1 M(40)
this the Holy Spiritís whole curriculum is specified exactly as it M 21 A 5 M(51)
do we need a many-faceted curriculum, not because of content differences M 24 A 7 M(57)
regarded as essential to the curriculum. There is always some risk M 25 A 2 M(58)
A 3. Here the curriculum ends. From here on no M 29 A 3 M(66)
come. The goal of the curriculum has been achieved. Thoughts turn M 29 A 3 M(66)
far without realizing that. The curriculum is highly individualized. And allM 30 A 2 M(68)
is the core of the curriculum. The imagined usurping of functions M 30 A 3 M(68)
lets him formulate his own curriculum; not the curriculums goal P 3 C 7 P(7)
his own curriculum; not the curriculums goal, but how he P 3 C 7 P(7)
he did not make the curriculum of salvation, nor did he P 4 A 4 P(20)
needs special training, because the curriculum by which he became a P 4 B 2 P(21)
worlds training follows a curriculum in judgment, with the aim P 4 B 2 P(21)