am happy, peaceful, loving and contented. Another might be something as W 40 L 3 W(67)
which he justified by the contents of the recent notes a T 3 A 21 T(125)124
homes he makes, yet none contents his restless mind. He does W 183 L 3 W(394)
understand it better in this context. T 1 B 30q T 1 B 30p T(20)20
is profoundly debased in this context, but it DOES entail a T 1 C 14 T(58)58
12. 2. In this context, your remark that after the T 2 B 12 T(75)75
be entirely meaningful in this context. It should read And God T 2 E 52 T(113)112
lofty are meaningless in this context. Insight is not the way T 3 F 24 T(158)157
but in a somewhat different context. To profess is to identify T 4 B 4 T(188)C 15
and a little in this context are the same, decides that T 4 G 5 T(225)C 52
correct it in a specific context. Bill is right that you T 4 H 1 T(229)C 56
ALL reality in the glorious context of its real relationship to T 4 H 7 T(230)C 57
619) 446 context in which it is thought T 16 F 10 T(619)446
your mind in any specific context, try to take several minutes W 34 L 6 W(56)
do not appear in this context. They would be most inappropriate M 5 K 3 M(17)
rests on certainty and NOT contingency. IT RESTS ON YOU. And T 20 E 9 T(748)571
elsewhere, it WOULD rest upon contingency, but there IS nothing else T 20 G 1 T(750)573
of perception, there is a continual process of accepting and rejecting T 3 G 12 T(162)161
way. And prayer is as continual as life. Everyone prays without S 1 C 2 S(5)
the fundamental question which man continually asks of himself, but which T 3 G 5 T(160)159
others’ egos, and is therefore continually preoccupied with the scarcity principleT 4 C 15 T(202)C 29
HIS perception into sureness by continually extending it, and ACCEPTING ITST 9 D 10 T(394)221
fear. One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered BY the T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
chant the bodys praise continually, in solemn celebration of the T 19 H 9 T(720)544
MAINTAINED by guilt in its continuance. Guilt is inescapable for those T 5 G 13 T(258)C 85
as NONexistent. This ensures ITS continuance, if you side WITH it T 7 G 4 T(325)C 152
and yet dedicated to the CONTINUANCE of loneliness, they seek RELIEF T 15 H 9 T(586)- 413
The egos whole continuance depends on its belief you T 22 D 2 T(805)625
in place, and guarantees its continuance. While I see the world W 56 L 3 W(102)
for today is obviously a continuation and extension of the preceding W 21 L 1 W(36)
He does not have to continue to believe what is not T 2 A 10 T(65)65
some detail, and will also continue after the following:
T 2 A 15 T(68)68
real sense, he need neither continue to do so, nor to T 2 E 37 T(109)108
that you would much rather continue with the parallels involved in T 2 E 58 T(117)116
and imprisoned will cannot but continue. The first step toward freedom T 2 F 3 T(118)117
the unprofitable kind. B. will continue to experience this need from T 3 A 31 T(127)126
(These notes did not continue at this time, due to T 3 A 38 T(129)128
Soul existed before, and will continue to exist afterwards, after a T 4 C 22 T(205)C 32
a CONTINUING. Everything that CAN continue has already BEEN born. But T 5 F 5 T(248)C 75
in our brothers as we CONTINUE together. T 8 F T 8 F 1 T(359)C 186
ceasing, so that YOU will continue to hope it can offer T 8 H 3 T(370)C 197
How, then, can its existence continue, if you realize that by T 10 F 8 T(435)262
C 3. Would you continue to give imagined power to T 14 C 3 T(544) - 371
the knowledge of creation MUST continue forever. The reflections that you T 14 F 1 T(554)- 381
Our task is but to continue, as fast as possible, the T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
and meaningless activity. They merely continue, unaware that they are fearedT 18 I 4 T(686)510
made for hate, and will continue in deaths services. Each T 29 F 6 T(1002)816
could be easier than to continue with And so I HOPE T 30 B 6 T(1018)832
fear MUST rise. Do not continue thus, my brothers. We have T 30 H 7 T(1039)853
It is necessary, however, to continue to look at each subject W 15 L 4 W(26)
in thinking of specific subjects, continue to repeat the idea to W 34 L 4 W(55)
Then open your eyes and continue as before. W 36 W 36 L 3 W(59)
L 5. You may continue the practice period with your W 37 L 5 W(61)
idea once more, and then continue to look for related thoughts W 42 L 5 W(71)
with me. Why should I continue to suffer from the effects W 53 L 4 W(97)
to find. Try, however, to continue a minute or so longer W 65 L 6 W(120)
and that you need to continue adding other thoughts related to W 67 L 4 W(124)
that the fruitless search will continue, for the illusion that, although W 71 L 3 W(134)
L 1. Today we continue with the one idea which W 94 L 1 W(183)
To allow a mistake to continue is to make additional mistakes W 95 L 10 W(187)
1. Today we will continue with the theme of happiness W 101 L 1 W(203)
For several days we will continue to devote our longer practice W 102 L 3 W(205)
IN2 3. We will continue spending time with Him each W 220 IN2 3 W(459)
IN2 4. We will continue with a central thought for W 220 IN2 4 W(459)
do not exist. Shall we continue to allow Gods grace W 258 L 1 W(503)
and your Self. He will continue; now you walk with Him W 361 EP 4 W(619)
Amen. In peace we will continue in His way, and trust W 361 EP 6 W(620)
The body’s eyes will continue to see differences, but the M 9 A 6 M(27)
possible at this level to continue to ask for things of S 1 C 3 S(6)
fear, but both of you continued to look around for chances T 1 B 41av T(52)52
C 37 continued existence depends on your continuing T 4 D 9 T(210)C 37
yourselves. Your other life has continued without interruption, and has beenT 4 G 7 T(225)C 52
more than this. You have continued, taking every step, however difficult T 31 A 4 T(1043)857
exercises are also to be continued during the day, as often W 32 L 5 W(53)
one of them to be continued til the next is given W 220 IN2 12 W(461)
first to be told that continued concern is attack. It has M 8 A 4 M(24)
upon Adam. While the Bible continues to associate this sleep as T 2 A 11 T(65)65
peace while this authority problem continues. But the truth is still T 3 H 14 T(178)C 5
residue IS restored, and therefore continues in creation. What is truly T 5 G 2 T(254)C 81
it has no voids. It continues forever, however much it is T 10 B 5 T(421)- 248
sun and ocean, your Self continues, unmindful that this tiny part T 18 I 6 T(686)510
brought together, and only ONE continues past the gate where Oneness T 26 D 3 T(907)726
anticipated outcomes for each situation continues, you will probably find someW 26 L 7 W(45)
1. Todays idea continues with the thought that joy W 104 L 1 W(208)
the mind awakes, it but continues as it always was. W 167 L 9 W(369)
moment of the day and continues into sleeping thoughts as well M 1 A 1 M(1)
mind is not unified. Creation continues unabated because that is the U 2 A 4 U(2)
is a symptom of a continuing will to remain separated. This T 4 B 18 T(192)C 19
continued existence depends on your continuing belief in the Separation. ReducingT 4 D 9 T(210)C 37
a beginning; it is a CONTINUING. Everything that CAN continue has T 5 F 5 T(248)C 75
5 H 1. The CONTINUING will to remain separated is T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
the only possible reason for continuing guilt feelings. We have said T 5 H 1 T(258)C 85
justification for entering into a continuing, unholy alliance with the ego T 17 D 11 T(638)- 465
the UNholy relationship is a continuing hymn of hate in praise T 17 F 1 T(646)473
1. Today we are continuing to develop the theme of W 32 L 1 W(53)
1. Today we are continuing with the idea for yesterday W 44 L 1 W(75)
because of the appearance of continuing symptoms is a mistake in M 8 A 4 M(24)
waking take your quiet time, continuing a minute or two after M 17 A 4 M(41)