of love that his version contains is WAY off the Mark T 1 B 35d T(24)24
is perfectly consistent. Since it contains NOTHING BUT an acknowledgment ofT 1 B 41b T(44)44
Like all these fallacies, it contains a denial mechanism, which swings T 1 C 22 T(61)61
psychic structure. If the psyche contains fearful levels from which it T 2 E 26 T(106)105
capable. This is because it contains a hint of recognition that T 4 C 9 T(200)C 27
level of the unconscious thus contains the call of God as T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
mean anything. In fact, it contains exactly the contradiction in terms T 10 F 3 T(433) 260
And every miracle you do contains them all, as every aspect T 13 B 4 T(511)338
holy function that this world contains. It is the ONLY one T 18 B 11 T(663)490
see love not. For love contains the END of guilt, as T 19 F 1 T(711)535
brushed with beauty. The world contains no fear that you laid T 19 F 7 T(712)536
this strange devotion, for it contains the third of the obstacles T 19 I 1 T(721)545
beautiful and gently given, still contains nothing, and neither the receiverT 23 D 2 T(833)652
is within your brother still contains ALL of creation, everything created T 24 H 2 T(860)679
every figure that the dream contains. No-one can fail but your T 29 E 5 T(1000)814
central figure or event it contains; for example: This thought about W 4 L 3 W(6)
central figure or theme it contains, and pass on to the W 8 L 4 W(13)
as casually as possible. It contains the foundation for the peace W 11 L 3 W(19)
in the fact that it contains a correction for a major W 12 L 1 W(20)
searched for the thoughts it contains at that time. As you W 19 L 3 W(32)
central person or theme it contains, and holding it in your W 19 L 3 W(32)
The idea for today contains the only way out of W 23 L 1 W(38)
L 1. This idea contains the first glimmerings of your W 37 L 1 W(60)
idea, and realizing that it contains two parts, each making equal W 71 L 7 W(135)
the thought todays idea contains. Then realize your part is W 100 L 6 W(201)
of your mind this world contains is that you pass it W 128 L 2 W(261)
be stressed again, for it contains the firm foundation for today W 132 L 9 W(275)
for satisfactions which the world contains. There are no satisfactions in W 133 L 2 W(277)
how our Fathers Love contains us all. W 139 W 139 L 11 W(306)
is all brothers. Every mind contains all minds, for every mind W 161 L 4 W(350)
no illusion that the dream contains that will not fade away W 162 L 2 W(354)
great that everything the world contains is valueless before its magnitudeW 166 L 5 W(364)
extend all that their source contains. In that they can go W 167 L 5 W(369)
opposite to everything the world contains that those whose minds are W 169 L 2 W(373)
to realize the lesson which contains all of salvations power W 190 L 10 W(421)
our last twenty lessons. Each contains the whole curriculum, if understoodW 200 R6 2 W(452)
are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must W 243 L 2 W(487)
of battle which your world contains. The real world shows a W 290 W8 2 W(539)
is our goal, for it contains the memory of God. And W 290 W8 5 W(539)
wholly changeless, that the world contains no counterpart. Comparisons are stillW 305 L 1 W(555)
final judgment on the world contains no condemnation. For it sees W 310 W10 2 W(561)
W13 2. A miracle contains the gift of grace, for W 340 W13 2 W(594)
attack our sinlessness. For it contains the Word of God to W 341 L 2 W(595)
it is that remembrance which contains the memory of God, and W 360 FL 4 W(616)
learning gives it. The world contains it not, but learn this M 14 A 8 M(36)
practice periods which the Workbook contains, individual need becomes the chiefM 17 A 3 M(41)
scraps of dreams. Each one contains the whole of fear, the G 1 A 6 G(2)
is particularly likely to be contaminated. Possession versus being possessed isT 1 C 9 T(57)57
for Universal communication, but have contaminated it with possession fallacies. TheT 1 C 18 T(60)60
6. As these two CONTEMPLATE their relationship from the point T 17 F 6 T(647)474
if you would prefer, to contemplating the ideas assigned. Read over W 110 R3 5 W(228)
Nor is a lifetime of contemplation, and long periods of meditation T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
into the mind given to contemplation, or when the goal is T 18 H 7 T(683)631b
given to a century of contemplation, or of struggle against temptation T 18 H 8 T(683)631b
of appreciation and even with contempt; give up these foolish thoughts M 16 A 3 M(40)
was also right that the content of consciousness is fleeting. ConsciousnessT 1 B 24e T(14)14
results but hardly in the content. (This and preceding paragraph go T 1 B 24g T(14)14
actually not translatable into conscious content at all. That is why T 1 B 25e T(15)15
Wholeness is the perceptual content of the miracle. It thus T 1 B 36 T(24)24
What the revelations proper content was that those who change T 1 B 36o T(27)27
pencils. Note that the essential content hasnt changed; its just T 1 B 37af T(36)36
attitude, then, though not in content, he resembles his own Creator T 1 B 41bc T(53)53
means of possession. Here, the content is not physical, and the T 1 C 20 T(60)60
The attempt to unite non-physical content with physical attributes is illustratedT 1 C 20 T(60)60
someone is dreaming, and the content of his dream is fearful T 2 A 14 T(67)67
itself as part of the content of his own dream. However T 2 A 14 T(67)67
the mind level the proper content of the lower-order reality. I T 2 D 3 T(97)96
is responsible for the whole content of the unconscious, which lies T 2 E 23 T(105)104
as shared in terms of CONTENT. The deepest level of the T 2 E 23 T(105)104
an ABILITY. As MIRACLE-MINDEDNESS, the content, (or the particular miracles whichT 2 E 23 T(105)104
2 E 24. The content of the miracle-level is not T 2 E 24 T(106)105
it should be. However, the content IS a matter for the T 2 E 24 T(106)105
they attempted to uncover unconscious CONTENT. You cannot understand unconscious activityT 2 E 25 T(106)105
activity in these terms, because content is applicable ONLY to the T 2 E 25 T(106)105
NOT in terms of the CONTENT of the creation. This, however T 2 E 33 T(108)107
is emptiness. Being without substantial content, it lends itself to projectionT 3 B 4 T(130)129
always occurs when method and content are separated, it has not T 3 G 7 T(160)159
is precisely the kind of content which should never be taught T 4 B 37 T(196)C 23
be clear that, while the content of any particular ego-illusion does T 4 H 1 T(229)C 56
the actual revelation, because its content cannot be expressed, and it T 4 H 10 T(231)C 58
will direct me. I am content to be wherever He wished T 4 I 8 T(233)C 60
HUMAN ideas can conflict in content, because they occur at different T 5 F 15 T(252)C 79
in the Kingdom. However, its CONTENT is somewhat different in this T 7 C 2 T(306)C 133
be unconflicted, but also the CONTENT. T 8 C 5 T 8 C 4 T(349)C 176
is different, but NOT the content.

--- Manuscript
T 9 D 4 T(392)219
of creation, WITH YOUR OWN CONTENT. T 11 F 5 T 11 F 4 T(466)- 293
Son of God, be not content with nothing. What is not T 11 I 6 T(478)305
with Him, could never be content WITHOUT reality. What God did T 11 I 8 T(479)306
real, and he will be content ONLY with his reality. Save T 12 C 10 T(490)317
has many forms, for the content of INDIVIDUAL illusions differs greatly T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
what you will surely lose. Content yourselves with what you will T 12 G 13 T(509)- 336
B 5. Be you content with healing, for Christs T 13 B 4 T(512)- 339
We said before, Be not content with nothing, for you HAVE T 13 G 6 T(529)- 356
HAVE believed that nothing COULD content you. IT IS NOT SO T 13 G 6 T(529)- 356
THE ANSWER. Would you be content with little, which is all T 13 H 10 T(532)- 359
to form, and NOT to content. What you CONSIDER content, is T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
to content. What you CONSIDER content, is not content at all T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
you CONSIDER content, is not content at all. It is merely T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
ego is incapable of understanding content, and is totally unconcerned withT 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
the form is acceptable, the content MUST be. Otherwise, it will T 14 F 8 T(556)- 383
but study form, with meaningless content. For their teacher is senseless T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
and the underlying LACK of content, makes a cohesive system impossible T 14 F 10 T(556)- 383
longer defend its lack of content. The fact of union tells T 14 F 10 T(556)- 383
D 1. Be not content with littleness, but be sure T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
why you could never BE content with it. Littleness is the T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
strange belief that littleness CAN content you. When you strive for T 15 D 1 T(570)- 397
of littleness that can EVER content you. You are free to T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
home-coming. For you will be content ONLY in magnitude, which IS T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
yourself. Believe the little can content you, and, by LIMITING yourself T 15 D 3 T(570)- 397
willing that His Son be content with less than everything. For T 15 D 5 T(571)- 398
everything. For He is not content without His Son, and His T 15 D 5 T(571)- 398
and His Son cannot be content with less than His Father T 15 D 5 T(571)- 398
belief that you can be CONTENT with littleness, are the decisions T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
sense of magnitude that can content them. Neither GIVE littleness, nor T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
learn that ONLY holiness can content you, and give you peace T 15 D 10 T(572)399
with Itself. You will be content with nothing BUT His Will T 15 D 11 T(573)400
for Gods. HIS will content you, for there IS nothing T 15 E 3 T(574)401
receive its sacrifice, it is content. To the ego, THE MIND T 15 H 8 T(586)- 413
in ritual, remember love is CONTENT, and NOT form of ANY T 16 F 12 T(619)446
God, at the EXPENSE of content. There IS no meaning in T 16 F 12 T(619)446
that form has triumphed over content, and love has LOST its T 16 F 12 T(620)447
and that is all. THEIR CONTENT IS THE SAME. They are T 18 C 6 T(665)492
NEVER ask that you remain content with littleness. But it DOES T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
require that you be NOT content with less than greatness which T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
all its happiness and deep content to EVERY part. T T 18 I 7 T(687)511
21 H 11. In CONTENT all the questions ARE the T 21 H 11 T(792)613
on form and DISREGARD OF CONTENT. No-one who thinks that one T 23 C 17 T(830)649
the form they take, with content such as this? Can ANY T 23 C 19 T(831)650
and DO NOT RECOGNIZE the content. IT never changes. Can you T 23 C 19 T(831)650
LIVE? And can you be content with an illusion that YOU T 23 C 19 T(831)650
Illusions ARE but forms. Their content is NEVER true.
T 23 C 20 T(831)650
Him. You who would be content with specialness, and seek salvation T 24 F 8 T(854)673
think your mind will be content and satisfied. It chooses where T 25 B 3 T(865)684
Take not the form for content, for the form is but T 25 C 4 T(869)688
is but a MEANS for content. And the frame is but T 25 C 4 T(869)688
his plaintive call, unchanged in content in WHATEVER form the call T 25 F 3 T(880)699
and meaningful to you. The CONTENT is the same. The FORM T 25 H 8 T(888)707
will the Holy Spirit be content until it is received by T 26 C 5 T(905)724
with which he could remain content. But God has given him T 26 G 2 T(917)743
s Son could never be content with LESS than full salvation T 26 H 13 T(922)748
And you seek to be content with sighing, and with reasoning T 26 I 6 T(926)752
I 8. Be not content with future happiness. It has T 26 I 8 T(927)753
WOULD be reason to remain content to seek for passing joys T 27 B 7 T(936)762
been given Him WITHOUT the content and the purposes for which T 28 A 3 T(967)793
But, for this change in content of the dream, it MUST T 28 C 5 T(973)- 799
a dream, and that its content is not true. This is T 28 C 7 T(973)- 799
But YOU will never be content with being LESS.
T 29 I 9 T(1011)825
do not feel a deep content, a certainty of help, a T 29 J 9 T(1014)828
has NO form, nor is content for its expression in the T 30 D 1 T(1023)837
in all creation CANNOT be content with SMALL ideas and LITTLE T 30 D 2 T(1023)837
in any form that would content you not, but in the T 30 D 5 T(1024)838
you pain? What moment of content has not been bought at T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
does not concern itself with content of the mind, but with T 31 E 13 T(1059)873
come in fearful form, with content still concealed, to shake your T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
in His certainty I rest content. For you WILL hear, and T 31 G 9 T(1071)885
does not imply complexity of content. It is impossible that any W 64 L 6 W(118)
on earth can have a content different from just this one W 64 L 6 W(118)
forms are different, but their content is completely one. W W 66 L 1 W(121)
appearance, and recognize a common content where it exists in truth W 66 L 4 W(121)
try to let all the content which generally occupies your consciousness W 69 L 4 W(128)
sure that we will not content ourselves with less. W W 77 L 3 W(152)
forms and with such varied content, that they confront you with W 79 L 5 W(157)
deceive but those who are content to be deceived. Its goals W 133 L 9 W(278)
dream. What difference does the content of a dream make in W 140 L 2 W(307)
or offer less and still content the holy Son of God W 155 L 12 W(335)
are the same in fundamental content. It is this: Forgive and W 193 L 3 W(428)
unforgiveness. Yet that is the content underneath the form. It is W 193 L 4 W(428)
And they try to be content because another seems to suffer W 195 L 1 W(435)
need. Yet we will not content ourselves with simple practicing in W 220 IN2 4 W(459)
Let us not rest content until the world has joined W 240 W3 5 W(484)
Will and mine. Can dreams content me? Can illusions bring me W 272 W6 1 W(519)
Sons of God, could be content with dreams, when Heaven can W 272 W6 2 W(519)
not yet feasible, we are content and even more than satisfied W 273 W6 1 W(520)
For Your Son can be content with nothing less than this W 334 L 2 W(587)
impossible not to use the content of any situation on behalf M 1 A 3 M(1)
learn. To this the verbal content of your teaching is quite M 1 A 3 M(1)
teaching aids involved. But the content of the course never changes M 2 A 3 M(3)
it is true, he rests content. He will be told all M 17 A 1 M(40)
dream of salvation has new content. It is not the form M 19 A 1 M(47)
seems long, let him be content. He has decided on the M 23 A 2 M(54)
many-faceted curriculum, not because of content differences but because symbols mustM 24 A 7 M(57)
and he will not be content to be delayed by the M 26 A 1 M(60)
form, but having given the content it is His Will that U 4 A 3 U(6)
adapts itself to need; the content is unchanging, as eternal as U 4 A 3 U(6)
of fear, which is the content of all dreams. Yet no P 4 B 6 P(22)
it is pitiful to be content with less. S 1 S 1 E 3 S(10)
in shame because it is content with what it is, knowing S 1 F 2 S(11)
but it is one in content. Never far, even in form G 1 A 1 G(1)
only for an instant. They content the frightened dreamer for a G 3 A 1 G(6)