taken only under good learning conditions. The same goes for review T 1 B 15b T(4)-4-
WT re sex under existing conditions) (HS raised previous question about T 1 B 41at T(52)52
C 5. Together, the conditions needed for consistent miracle-mindedness, theT 1 C 5 T(55)55
internally controlled ONLY if EXTERNAL conditions are peaceful. This is notT 2 A 30 T(72)72
is not safe, because external conditions are produced by the thoughts T 2 A 30 T(72)72
miracles of correcting the external conditions, which proceed from lack of T 2 A 32 T(72)72
of Atonement, and the necessary conditions for its fulfillment were plannedT 2 B 42 T(80) 80
of the healing. Under these conditions, it is safer for them T 2 C 14 T(92)91
instead, for help in the conditions which have brought the fear T 2 D 8 T(98)97
trying to create better learning conditions for the study periods. We T 3 A 23 T(125)124
therapy must include the following conditions: T 3 G 21 T 3 G 20 T(165)164
has all of the miracle conditions we referred to at the T 3 G 36 T(169)168
condition as the ego sets conditions. It is the glorious condition T 4 D 14 T(211)C 38
as he approaches it. This conditions him to associate his misery T 4 G 23 T(229)C 56
of thought CANNOT occur under conditions of vacillation. Unless a mind T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
ABSENCE. Only in these two conditions can you validly COMPARE responses T 7 D 2 T(310)C 137
restored when YOU meet its conditions. This is not a bargain T 8 A 2 T(346)C 173
make you aware of the CONDITIONS of truth, but the experience T 8 F 12 T(362)C 189
Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon T 8 F 12 T(362)C 189
you, WHEN YOU MEET ITS CONDITIONS. Its conditions are part of T 8 I 2 T(373)C 200
YOU MEET ITS CONDITIONS. Its conditions are part of WHAT IT T 8 I 2 T(373)C 200
is only to meet the conditions FOR meaning, since meaning itself T 8 I 10 T(376)C 203
it has NOT MET ITS CONDITIONS. T 9 H 6 T 9 H 5 T(406)- 233
you have NOT met its conditions, and until you do you T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
resulted. Under the proper learning conditions, which you can neither provideT 11 F 11 T(467)294
is not taught, but its conditions MUST be acquired, for it T 13 F 2 T(525)352
The happy learner meets the conditions of learning here, as he T 13 G 7 T(529)- 356
as he also meets the conditions of knowledge in the Kingdom T 13 G 7 T(529)- 356
do not accept the necessary conditions for knowing Him, YOU HAVE T 14 A 1 T(539)- 366
been willing to meet its conditions.

--- Manuscript
T 15 E 4 T(574)401
of the mind, and its CONDITIONS are in the mind, WITH T 15 G 7 T(582)- 409
to seek for, and ESTABLISH, conditions in which this, beauty CAN T 17 D 9 T(637)- 464
T 17 I. The Conditions of Forgiveness (N 1450 10 T 17 I 0 T(657)484
BE accepted, APART from its conditions. And you had faith in T 17 I 6 T(658)485
your special relationship meet its conditions. In your relationship, the HolyT 18 C 11 T(667)494
to you to establish the conditions for peace. GOD HAS ESTABLISHED T 18 E 4 T(672)- 499
Peace and guilt are both conditions of the mind, to be T 19 H 3 T(717)541
to be ATTAINED. And these conditions are the home of the T 19 H 3 T(717)541
it can show you the conditions in which AWARENESS of reality T 21 F 2 T(780)601
know. It does NOT set conditions for response, but merely asks T 27 E 5 T(948)774
mind need serve, nor sets conditions that it must obey. It T 31 C 4 T(1051)865
today begins to describe the conditions which prevail in the other W 34 L 1 W(55)
mind as separate from bodily conditions. And you will impose upon W 135 L 10 W(286)
shifts in feeling, alterations in conditions of the body and the W 152 L 5 W(322)
Creator. It is the belief conditions change, emotions alternate because ofW 167 L 4 W(368)
He gives not, nor make conditions which He does not share W 167 L 8 W(369)
who but seeks out its conditions. Godís peace can never come M 21 A 3 M(50)
for these are the true conditions for your coming home. M 24 A 4 M(57)
tolerant of Mind-wandering, thus passively condoning its miscreation. The particular resultT 2 D 9 T(98)97
it this way is hardly conducive to greater stability. T T 1 B 37q T(32)32
temporary roles would not be conducive to mutual profit. Freedom from T 3 G 37 T(169)168
in between which seems most conducive to readiness. All applications shouldW 34 L 2 W(55)
does calling on his Name confer? Why is the appeal to M 24 A 1 M(56)
induces a false feeling of confidence in the solution, based on T 1 C 10 T(57)57
This reflected two levels of confidence lack, one in My readiness T 2 C 16 T(93)92
for a shift of will. Confidence cannot develop fully until mastery T 2 E 55 T(115)114
involves a much more complete confidence in the ability than either T 2 E 55 T(115)114
is only the beginning of confidence. T 2 E 56 T 2 E 55 T(115)114
had you built up her confidence, instead of associating with her T 3 A 21 T(125)124
in reality. Whenever you lack confidence in what someone else will T 3 D 4 T(144)143
each case, the amount of confidence is expressed in some form T 4 C 25 T(206)C 33
are AN EXPRESSION OF THIS CONFIDENCE. They are reflections both of T 7 J 8 T(339)C 66
I can share my perfect confidence IN His Promise because I T 8 E 20 T(358)C 185
know He gave me this confidence for both of us and T 8 E 20 T(358)C 185
your abilities, but you gain confidence in their existence as they T 11 H 2 T(471)- 298
And you will find ever-increasing confidence in your safe inclusion in T 14 B 8 T(542)- 369
can ONLY obscure. Put no confidence at all in darkness to T 14 G 4 T(558)- 385
been sufficient to give you confidence in yourselves, so long despised T 18 D 3 T(668)495
you, in love and perfect confidence in what He sees. He T 20 F 8 T(750)573
to SHARE his Fathers confidence in him. What IS he T 20 F 8 T(750)573
yet it is impossible the confidence of God should be misplaced T 20 F 8 T(750)573
here can He RETURN in confidence, for faith in one another T 22 B 12 T(800)620
gentle smile of faith and confidence with which you bless each T 22 G 10 T(816)635
eternal saneness rest, in perfect confidence and perfect peace. Reason is T 25 H 13 T(890)709
and high resolve and happy confidence, holding each others hand T 26 F 2 T(912)731
with forces massed against your confidence and peace of mind. They T 29 I 2 T(1009)823
need to walk with perfect confidence away from fear forever. And T 30 F 7 T(1032)846
forward, then, and walk in confidence, with happy hearts that beat T 30 F 9 T(1032)846
sure and happy in the confidence that it will go at T 31 E 15 T(1059)873
that you will gain confidence. But the strength of God W 47 L 5 W(84)
one in giving you the confidence which you need and to W 47 L 6 W(84)
gain an awareness that your confidence in your real strength is W 47 L 6 W(84)
and holiest of thoughts with confidence, knowing that in doing so W 49 L 3 W(86)
without effort and in sure confidence. Tell yourself this often today W 50 L 4 W(88)
69 L 7. Have confidence in your Father today, and W 69 L 7 W(129)
the light, to hold this confidence in your mind. Try to W 69 L 7 W(129)
ask. Whenever you feel your confidence wane and your hope of W 72 L 11 W(139)
exercises for today in happy confidence, certain that we will find W 73 L 8 W(142)
Heaven looks to you in confidence that you will try today W 95 L 15 W(188)
as His in you. His confidence in you will bring the W 98 L 7 W(195)
all bright with faith and confidence so strong and steady they W 98 L 8 W(195)
But turn to It in confidence that It will set you W 101 L 7 W(204)
by Him. We come in confidence today, aware that what belongs W 104 L 4 W(208)
to share His joy. His confidence is with you as you W 107 L 9 W(218)
time you tell yourself with confidence, Truth will correct all errors W 107 L 11 W(218)
in perfect trust; in perfect confidence that you would use them W 110 R3 7 W(229)
in that same trust and confidence and faith. It will not W 110 R3 7 W(229)
part at all, for present confidence directs the way. W W 135 L 17 W(288)
that time today with present confidence, for this is part of W 135 L 22 W(289)
to You, and rest in confidence upon Your Love, Which will W 220 IN2 8 W(460)
you will hear. Accept my confidence, for it is yours. Our W 221 L 2 W(463)
all things to Him. In confidence we wait His answers, as W 361 EP 6 W(620)
you, but offer them in confidence. They are far wiser than M 22 A 5 M(53)
guidance at night. And your confidence will be well founded indeed M 30 A 5 M(69)
created so he is. In confidence I place you in His M 30 A 7 M(70)