But there is one more complication which you have interposed between T 12 C 1 T(488)315
obscured by heavy clouds of complication, which were MADE to keep T 27 H 2 T(957)783
When you fail to comply with the requirements of this W 95 L 10 W(186)
of the lack of love component. This kind of psychic juggling T 1 C 10 T(58)58
the paranoid solution. The underlying component of being possessed is retainedT 2 A 20 T(70)70
others becomes the more obvious component. In the more virulent forms T 2 A 21 T(70)70
kind of arrogance, whose narcissistic component is perfectly obvious. It endowsT 3 G 33 T(168)167
them is not without fearful components, if only in innuendo. T 4 C 21 T(204)C 31
it IS, there ARE conflicting components within it which have engendered T 7 G 8 T(326)C 153
but a teaching device for COMPOUNDING guilt, until it becomes all-encompassingT 15 B 6 T(565)392
too deep for you to comprehend, a sight too holy for W 124 L 11 W(252)
tomorrow, you will understand and comprehend and see. Add further jewels W 124 L 11 W(252)
Love Whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your W 233 L 1 W(476)
into fear can be fully comprehended. Projection, as defined above, (this T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
lower mind it is quite comprehensible in connection with IDEAS. If T 5 B 3 T(234) C 61
because of mans limited comprehension, and is probably better dropped T 1 C 20 T(60)60
characterized by any genuine or comprehensive re-awakening, or re-birth.
T 2 A 12 T(65)65
ended on a note of compromise with your agreeing with Jack T 1 B 37z T(34)34
The neurotic devotes his to compromise. The psychotic tries to escape T 1 B 41bd T(53)53
more basic inhibitions. As a compromise solution, the illusion of interpersonalT 1 C 10 T(58)58
cannot be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH insatiable possessiveness andT 1 C 25 T(61)61
cannot be tolerated, a strange compromise involving BOTH insatiable possessiveness andT 2 A 16 T(69)69
be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body T 2 C 9 T(90)89
that ultimately there is no compromise possible between everything and nothingT 2 E 51 T(113)112
a device by which all compromise in this respect can be T 2 E 51 T(113)112
it. This is a curious compromise, in which the nonphysical attributes T 3 C 30 T(140)139
be attempting to make a compromise which will not work. If T 3 G 44 T(172)171
decision is open to NO compromise whatever. When B. says that T 3 G 44 T(172)171
to accept as reasonable a compromise which is clearly senseless, to T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
COMPLETE RELINQUISHMENT OF ATTACK. No compromise is possible in this. TeachT 6 D 6 T(283)C 110
your sight. There is NO compromise that you can make with T 13 H 3 T(530)- 357
NOT the body. The INEVITABLE compromise is the belief that the T 19 B 4 T(695)519
power of belief. It CANNOT compromise. And faith in innocence IS T 22 C 4 T(802)622
T 23 D. Salvation Without Compromise (N 1674 11:49) T 23 D 0 T(833)652
3. Salvation is no compromise of any kind. To compromise T 23 D 3 T(833)652
compromise of any kind. To compromise is to accept but part T 23 D 3 T(833)652
everyone. Let the IDEA of compromise but enter, and the awareness T 23 D 3 T(833)652
recognized. It is DENIED where compromise has been accepted. For compromiseT 23 D 3 T(833)652
compromise has been accepted. For compromise is the belief SALVATION is T 23 D 3 T(833)652
just BECAUSE it makes no compromise. Yet it SEEMS difficult to T 23 D 4 T(834)653
those who still believe that compromise is possible. They do NOT T 23 D 4 T(834)653
not truce for peace, nor compromise for the ESCAPE from conflict T 23 D 5 T(834)653
seeks for bargains and for compromise that would establish sin love T 24 C 12 T(845)664
the pivot upon which ALL compromise, ALL desperate attempts to strike T 26 A 1 T(901)720
be unfairly treated is a compromise attempt that would COMBINE attack T 27 A 1 T(934)760
you hate. There is no compromise. You are your Self or T 28 F 3 T(982)808
Wholeness that is His. The compromise the least and littlest gap T 29 A 1 T(990)816
the Spirit. There is no compromise between the two. If one T 31 F 1 T(1061)875
Today we will attempt no compromise where none is possible. The W 130 L 6 W(267)
the thought which ends all compromise and doubt, and go beyond W 130 L 7 W(267)
is that there is no compromise in what your choice must W 133 L 5 W(278)
live and cannot die. No compromise is possible. For here again W 163 L 6 W(357)
185 L 4. Yet compromise alone a dream can bring W 185 L 4 W(402)
to sleeping minds intent on compromise, each to his gain and W 185 L 4 W(402)
They do not ask for compromise, nor try to make another W 185 L 7 W(403)
that it is otherwise. No compromise is possible in this. You W 185 L 9 W(404)
life, death is denied. No compromise in this is possible. There M 28 A 4 M(64)
be stated thus: Accept no compromise in which death plays a M 28 A 7 M(65)
them are but attempts to compromise by seeing just a little P 3 E 8 P(11)
The attempts of therapists to compromise in this respect are strange P 4 B 9 P(23)
the form of bargaining and compromise. I will forgive you if S 2 C 6 S(16)
There is no hope of compromise

--- Manuscript
G 1 A 4 G(1)
as of validity. The ego compromises with the issue of the T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
has also countenanced some strange compromises with the idea of the T 4 F 15 T(223)C 50
these. You have tried many compromises, in the attempt to avoid T 15 J 11 T(596)- 423
them in purpose. And no-one COMPROMISES with an enemy but hates T 23 D 5 T(834)653
The world attempts a thousand compromises, and will attempt a thousand M 28 A 4 M(64)
can die? The inconsistencies, the compromises and the rituals the world M 28 A 6 M(65)
question in ANY way. By compromising in connection with all TANGENTIAL T 4 F 14 T(223)C 50
must escape the dream, for compromising is the goal of dreaming W 185 L 4 W(402)
been needlessly wasted in repetition compulsion. It re-enacts the Separation, theT 4 A 9 T(187)?23
the body, or death. Repetition compulsions can be endless, unless they T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
2) are likely to become compulsive for several reasons, including: a T 1 C 10 T(57)57
example is the inveterate or compulsive gambler, particularly the horse-racing addictT 1 C 25 T(61)61
example is the inveterate or compulsive gambler, particularly the horse-racing addictT 2 A 16 T(69)69
forces them to engage in compulsive activity in order NOT to T 7 I 6 T(336)C 163
the opposite of pro is con. Strictly speaking, then, the opposite T 2 A 7 T(64)64
Repression thus operates to conceal not only the baser impulses T 4 D 6 T(209)C 36
the egos attempts to conceal this part, it is still T 5 E 14 T(245)C 72
have denied its power to conceal love, which was its only T 11 C 2 T(453)- 280
it, but you actually merely conceal it. You DO experience guilt T 12 A 2 T(485)312
is senseless, though careful to conceal this fact behind a lot T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
9. What madness would CONCEAL, the Holy Spirit still holds T 21 G 9 T(786)607
The FORM it takes cannot conceal its emptiness from REASONS T 22 D 3 T(805)625
that the dream can not conceal completely all your sense of T 29 J 9 T(1014)828
look upon what your grievances conceal. Because your grievances are hidingW 69 L 1 W(128)
before the miracle it would conceal. And as you raise it W 78 L 1 W(154)
that only your defenses would conceal. W 135 L 21 W 135 L 20 W(289)
no dark corners sickness can conceal and keep defended from the W 136 L 16 W(294)
it, for all decisions but conceal this one by taking different W 138 L 6 W(301)
for the uncertainty it would conceal. It needs irrational defense because W 151 L 1 W(316)
every dream serves only to conceal the Self Which is God W 322 L 1 W(574)
in cruelty, nor let attack conceal the truth from you. What M 28 A 7 M(65)
be a truth that lies conceal effectively. The egos unreality U 3 A 3 U(4)
your only hope. Darkness cannot conceal the gifts of God unless G 1 A 8 G(3)
rest. For BENEATH them, and concealed as long as THEY are T 12 C 7 T(489)316
in joint appreciation. What is concealed CANNOT be loved, and so T 14 C 1 T(544) - 371
not dispel, unless it is concealed from loves beneficence. What T 14 C 2 T(544) - 371
nothing at all is carefully concealed. We must open all doors T 14 C 8 T(546)- 373
awareness of time, but not CONCEALED within it. The instant remains T 17 F 12 T(650)477
which you sought to keep concealed the truth about yourself. Time T 28 B 4 T(968)794
God in broken pieces, each concealed within a separate and uncertain T 28 D 6 T(977)- 803
real. The gap is carefully concealed in fog, and misty pictures T 28 F 7 T(984)810
kind, you see your own concealed desire to kill. T T 31 E 14 T(1059)873
fearful form, with content still concealed, to shake your sorry concept T 31 G 2 T(1063)877
and keep it static and concealed within your mind. Give it T 31 G 6 T(1064)878
all the loveliness which they concealed appear like lawns of Heaven T 31 G 8 T(1071)885
of darkness that keeps it concealed. We are trying to let W 69 L 2 W(128)
your awareness what the mistake concealed. W 91 L 7 W 91 L 6 W(175)
Unwillingness can be most carefully concealed behind a cloak of situationsW 110 R3 2 W(228)
unforgivable, at best to be concealed, denied, or called another name W 134 L 5 W(282)
without effects. They cannot be concealed because their nothingness is recognizedW 138 L 9 W(302)
true forgiveness may be carefully concealed. Because they are illusions, theyW 140 R4 3 W(311)
distinction to perceive. It is concealed behind a vast array of W 152 L 4 W(321)
could hide what cannot be concealed except illusion? What could keep W 165 L 1 W(362)
what you will offer was concealed from Him Who teaches what W 169 L 7 W(374)
split. And this had been concealed while you believed attack could W 196 L 10 W(440)
can, in fact, be easily concealed beneath a wish to help M 18 A 2 M(44)
that its illusive nature is concealed behind the words that seem U 3 A 2 U(4)
be given up, and not concealed. Nor can it be without S 1 D 4 S(8)
obvious, and some are carefully concealed beneath what seems like charity S 2 C 1 S(15)
is not made of fear, concealed perhaps, but which is surely G 1 A 2 G(1)
from illusions. Truth may be concealed from you by evil dreams G 3 A 4 G(7)