from exhaustion, and because you act under direct communication the tranceT 1 B 30h T(19)19
the Atonement itself, was an ACT of love. Acts were not T 2 B 41 T(80) 80
of error. The body can ACT erroneously, but this is only T 2 C 5 T(89)88
receiver. However, as a creative act, the miracle need not await T 2 C 15 T(93)92
has no choice except to ACT upon his thought, or behave T 2 E 13 T(103)102
is still a genuine creative act in terms of the underlying T 2 E 33 T(108)107
before, because even if you act ACCORDING TO will, you wouldn T 3 A 9 T(121)120
Louis, both of whom DID act stupidly. But one stupidity at T 3 A 16 T(123)122
choosing. The Atonement was an act based on true perception. I T 3 F 22 T(157)156
the authority. This is an act of will on their part T 3 G 38 T(170)169
are given up by an act of will, or, more properly T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
1. Healing is an act of thought by which two T 5 B 1 T(234) C 61
and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true T 5 D 9 T(239)C 66
mind. It was not an act, but a thought. Therefore, the T 5 E 13 T(245)C 72
understood except as a PURE ACT OF SHARING. That is what T 5 F 9 T(249)C 76
perceives it as a POSITIVE ACT OF ASSAULT. This is an T 5 G 8 T(256)C 83
you that the body can ACT like the mind, and therefore T 7 F 2 T(318)C 145
be so, because you CAN act in accordance with what you T 7 F 2 T(318)C 145
The miracle is the act of a Son of God T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
do likewise. It is an act of faith, because it is T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
as they enable you to ACT. And the results, of your T 11 H 2 T(471)- 298
GIVING of specialness AS AN ACT OF LOVE, would MAKE LOVE T 16 F 9 T(618)445
it chooses, in which to act out its hate, are fantasies T 16 H 3 T(626)- 453
for the past. Would you ACT OUT the dream, or let T 16 H 4 T(627)- 454
for you. That WAS an act of faith. Do not ABANDON T 17 F 6 T(647)474
that you are making them act out FOR you, for if T 18 C 5 T(665)492
and direct the body to act them out. But it is T 18 G 3 T(676)503
do. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACT OUT FANTASIES. For it is T 18 G 6 T(677)504
guilts messenger, and will act as it directs, as long T 18 J 6 T(691)515
careful to let no little act of charity, no tiny expression T 19 F 6 T(712)536
DREAM of power, and to act out their dream. How would T 21 H 4 T(789)610
dream. How would an army ACT in dreams? Any way at T 21 H 4 T(789)610
believe such senseless laws, nor act upon them. And, when you T 23 C 19 T(831)650
perfect choice. And, BY this act of special faithfullness, to one T 25 G 4 T(884)703
missed. Yet, in each unforgiving act or thought, in every judgment T 26 F 5 T(913)732
REAL. No worldly thought or act or feeling has a motivation T 27 B 5 T(936)762
To forgive may be an act of charity, but NOT his T 27 C 1 T(938)764
and thought to feel and act, and hold you in its T 29 C 9 T(996)822
as purposes, but ACTIONS. Bodies act, and minds do not. And T 31 C 3 T(1050)864
the mind. The body must act on its own, and motivate T 31 C 3 T(1050)864
cannot think or speak or act in vain. He cannot be W 54 L 4 W(98)
things you value by the act of giving them away, and W 187 L 4 W(410)
than to himself. Further, the act of teaching is regarded as M 1 A 1 M(1)
opposes any other thought; no act belies your word; and no M 5 C 1 M(12)
judgment. It is the dishonest act that follows a dishonest thought M 5 E 1 M(13)
appear to be a humble act, and can indeed become a S 2 C 3 S(16)
from protection to assault, and acted literally insanely. It was essentialT 2 B 44 T(80) 80
3 A 25. B. acted inappropriately toward YOU, by saying T 3 A 25 T(126)125
spoke of before, when he acted as if universal laws applied T 3 G 44 T(172)171
is this theme that is acted out in the special relationship T 16 F 10 T(619)446
face of innocence, the aspect acted ON. It is this face T 31 E 2 T(1055)869
if someone else spoke or acted differently, if some external circumstance W 71 L 2 W(134)
upon it are your wishes, acted out so you can look W 132 L 4 W(273)
of violence, fantasied or apparently acted out. It does not matter M 18 A 4 M(45)
self he sees as being acted on, reacting to external forces P 2 A 3 P(2)
perfectly justified, because he IS acting from scarcity. He then becomes T 1 C 10 T(58)58
did not solve this by ACTING graciously. The lunch need not T 3 A 31 T(127)126
You, Helen, were definitely not acting right-mindedly by writing these notesT 3 A 34 T(128)127
When you say you are ACTING on the basis of sure T 3 E 9 T(149)148
it were a separate thing, acting on its own. This was T 4 G 6 T(225)C 52
could help them are surely acting destructively, if you accept their T 11 D 3 T(459)286
not SEEM to be an acting out of vengeance that you T 16 H 5 T(627)- 454
the special relationship is the acting out of VENGEANCE ON YOURSELF T 16 H 5 T(627)- 454
require a DIFFERENT form of acting out, for satisfaction. While this T 18 A 3 T(659)486
or rejection of suitability for acting out a special FORM of T 18 A 3 T(659)486
BELIEVES the body is ACTUALLY acting out ITS fantasies, it T 18 G 3 T(676)503
becomes the instrument of illusion, acting accordingly; seeing what is notT 19 B 1 T(694)518
the sin is denied the acting out, but, while the guilt T 19 D 1 T(702)526
is the state which PRODUCES action, though it DOES NOT Inspire T 1 B 24k T(14)14
the other hand, induce interpersonal ACTION. In the end, these are T 1 B 25e T(15)15
are the essential course of ACTION for both of you. They T 1 B 25h T(16)16
state of Grace, but the ACTION aspect of the miracle should T 1 B 39b T(37)37
source of motivation for human action. All behavior is essentially motivatedT 1 B 41aj T(51)51
given.) Unified need produces unified action, because it produces lack of T 1 B 41ap T(51)51
determines what you DO, and action MUST occur in time. Knowledge T 3 E 5 T(148)147
him. Certainty does not require action. When you say you are T 3 E 9 T(149)148
have no guide to appropriate action, and no way of judging W 24 L 1 W(40)
does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting W 220 W1 3 W(462)
in every breath; in every action and in every thought. Peace W 267 L 1 W(513)
follows as his guide for action. This becomes easier and easier M 10 A 2 M(28)
same person classifies the same action as showing good judgment at M 11 A 1 M(28)
miracle level underneath. In conscious actions, then, his interpersonal relationships alsoT 1 B 24m T(15)15
1 B 37t. All actions which stem from reverse thinking T 1 B 37t T(32)32
bring them into ALL your actions as the true criteria for T 2 B 38 T(78)78
You also speak of some actions as thoughtless, implying that if T 2 E 9 T(102)101
to different circumstances. Only his actions are capable of appropriate variationT 3 G 35 T(169)168
And the results, of your actions you CAN see.
T 11 H 2 T(471)- 298
strange forms and feelings, and actions and reactions, that you have T 13 G 3 T(528)- 355
stand out and move about, actions seem real, and forms appear T 18 J 8 T(691)515
control its actions, or its purpose, or its T 27 I 7 T(964)790
not seen as purposes, but ACTIONS. Bodies act, and minds do T 31 C 3 T(1050)864
body seems to be. The actions of the body are perceived T 31 G 3 T(1063)877
using weakness to direct your actions, you have given it no T 31 G 2 T(1069)883
direct my thoughts, guide my actions, and lead my feet. I W 60 L 4 W(110)
the Spirit Which directs my actions, offers me Its Thoughts, and W 222 L 1 W(464)
thoughts direct our words or actions. When such thoughts occur, we W 254 L 2 W(499)
and thus conflicted in my actions. No-one can serve contradicting goals W 257 L 1 W(502)
may unify our thoughts and actions meaningfully, and achieve only what W 257 L 1 W(502)
It can be taught by actions or thoughts; in words or M 2 A 3 M(3)