You KNOW when you have ceased to ask questions. T T 3 E 5 T(148)147
has created. It has not ceased to create because your ego T 4 D 3 T(208)C 35
KNOW that He has never ceased to acknowledge you, and that T 9 K 8 T(416)- 243
why your creations have not ceased to be extended, and why T 10 B 5 T(421)- 248
Him. So he has never ceased to be his Fathers T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
miracle of creation has never ceased, having the holy stamp of T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
think that He has ever ceased to offer thanks to you W 197 L 8 W(442)
the teacher of God has ceased to confuse interpretation with fact M 19 A 1 M(47)
that his prayer has never ceased to sing his joyful thanks S 3 E 7 S(27)
will think that God has ceased to care for you who G 1 A 3 G(1)
20. The egos ceaseless attempts to gain the Soul T 4 C 20 T(204)C 31
another, silently, and yet with ceaseless urgency condemning still your brotherT 31 E 5 T(1056)870
We will not engage in ceaseless arguments about what it is W 66 L 3 W(121)
back from re-uniting with the ceaseless song that all creation sings S 2 B 8 S(14)
call for help, that rises ceaselessly from you to your Creator T 16 E 11 T(614)441
pursuit, where we are badgered ceaselessly and pushed about without a W 195 L 9 W(437)
dissociated material is ACCEPTED, it ceases to be fearful, for the T 9 I 1 T(407)- 234
worth. For the Father never ceases to remind Him of His T 11 G 2 T(469)- 296
His Son, and He never ceases to remind His Son of T 11 G 2 T(469)- 296
1. When the body ceases to attract you, and when T 15 J 1 T(593)- 420
becomes dull and lifeless, and ceases to distract you from the T 17 E 13 T(644)471
the activity of the body ceases to demand attention. Into this T 18 H 9 T(684) 631c
in which Gods Voice ceases to call on my forgiveness W 60 L 4 W(110)
better still. And as distraction ceases to arise to turn us W 153 L 15 W(327)
to the door where learning ceases, and we catch a glimpse W 157 L 2 W(339)
him back to where perception ceases. God does not perceive at W 193 L 2 W(428)
awaits one when the pathway ceases and time ends with it M 20 A 2 M(49)
Yet it is when judgment ceases that healing occurs, because only P 4 B 7 P(23)
one end to another without ceasing, so that YOU will continue T 8 H 3 T(370)C 197
be chosen for him by ceasing to decide for himself what M 22 A 4 M(53)
as life. Everyone prays without ceasing. Ask and you have received S 1 C 2 S(5)
the season when you would celebrate my birth into this world T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
teach you, and let ME celebrate YOUR birth through Him. The T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
The time of Christ we celebrate TOGETHER. For it HAS no T 15 J 2 T(593)- 420
in healing. And let us celebrate our release together, by releasing T 15 K 3 T(597)- 424
to Him. And we but celebrate HIS Wholeness, as we welcome T 15 K 9 T(599)- 426
2. This week we celebrate eternal life, NOT death. And T 20 B 2 T(733) 557
on your risen Friend, and celebrate his holiness, along with me T 20 B 4 T(734)558
It is HIS loss you celebrate when you behold the body T 29 C 10 T(996)822
light has come. Today we celebrate the happy ending to your W 75 L 1 W(146)
it everywhere today, as we celebrate the beginning of your vision W 75 L 9 W(148)
is this that we will celebrate today. W 77 L W 77 L 1 W(152)
take this giant stride, and celebrate your Easter time with you W 135 L 27 W(290)
Who returns to us to celebrate salvation and the end of U 8 A 6 U(14)
your Father. Let today be celebrated both on earth and in W 197 L 10 W(445)
In this season, which celebrates the birth of holiness into T 15 D 8 T(572)399
joy. Let us join in celebrating peace by demanding no sacrifice T 15 K 8 T(599)- 426
long days and nights in celebrating death. Today you learn to W 157 L 1 W(339)
He joins us in the celebration of His Sons Creation T 15 K 9 T(599)- 426
s praise continually, in solemn celebration of the egos rule T 19 H 9 T(720)544
This is Palm Sunday, the celebration of victory, and the ACCEPTANCE T 20 A 1 T(733) 557
Son, but happily in the celebration of his RELEASE. For Easter T 20 A 1 T(733) 557
Easter is not the celebration of the COST of sin T 20 B 4 T(734)558
is a time for special celebration. Give thanks for mercy and W 75 L 8 W(147)
is a time of special celebration. For today hold out the W 241 L 1 W(485)
him into the sphere of celestial order. In this order, man T 1 B 27d T(17)17
which are needed for the Celestial speedup at this time. But T 1 B 41m T(47)47
the real meaning of the celestial speed- up. Strong wills can T 3 F 23 T(157)156
and perfect purity, in love celestial and so complete It wishes T 25 B 4 T(866)685
see the world in the celestial gentleness with which creation shines W 265 L 1 W(511)
you and separate in his cell, you are demanding sacrifice of T 26 B 2 T(902)721A
also right in regarding the censor as an agent for the T 2 E 26 T(106)105
contain. Let them come without censoring unless you realize that your W 42 L 5 W(70)
experiences threat, and not only censors but also re-interprets the data T 4 D 5 T(209)C 36
places the Spirit at the center, where Souls can communicate directly T 1 B 26 T(16)16
the Atonement belongs at the center of the inner altar, where T 2 B 66 T(86)85
BELIEVE YOU ARE. If the center of the thought system is T 6 G 2 T(293)C 120
a lie is at its center, only DECEPTION proceeds from it T 6 G 2 T(293)C 120
will be pushing toward the center of your thought system, where T 6 G 13 T(297)C 124
to identify ONLY with the center, where God placed the altar T 6 H 9 T(301)128
The more you approach the center of HIS thought system, the T 10 B 1 T(419)- 246
corridors, AWAY from Lights center. You may choose to lead T 14 D 13 T(550)- 377
heart of knowledge. At Its center, and ONLY there, you are T 16 E 13 T(615)442
this offering, the fantasies which center around this, are often quite T 16 F 2 T(616)443
which RETAIN the fantasies which center on them, are the ones T 17 D 5 T(636)- 463
of truth shines from the center of the situation, and touches T 17 H 7 T(656)483
more aware of the quiet center of the storm, than all T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
its raging activity. This quiet center, IN WHICH YOU DO NOTHING T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
are sent. For, FROM this center, will you be directed how T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
body sinlessly. It is this center, from which the body is T 18 H 10 T(684) 631c
keep it. YOU are the center from which it radiates outward T 19 E 1 T(708)532
and disappears. For, at its center, Christ has been reborn, to T 22 C 12 T(804)624
what is at the very CENTER of your life. What gives T 25 A 1 T(864)683
of love. For at its center is His Love for you T 29 E 6 T(1000)814
while it stands at the center of your concept of yourself W 72 L 7 W(138)
home of sin becomes the center of redemption and the hearth W 159 L 7 W(345)
with the Call at its center it is a light that M 2 A 2 M(3)
faith and my belief are centered on what I treasure. The T 13 D 13 T(519)- 346
vengeance is REALLY sought, are centered on, and SEPARATED OFF, as T 17 D 4 T(636)- 463
of difficulty in miracles is centered on this. Everything God wills T 18 E 9 T(673)- 580
s purpose, and brought illusions, CENTERED ON THE BODY, to stand T 19 B 2 T(695)519
like our last review, are centered round a central theme with W 200 R6 3 W(452)
your lack of love by centering your hate on trivial behavior T 1 B 36m T(27)27
rigid in his solution, and centers on ONE source of projection T 2 A 22 T(70)70
system, and EVERY thought system centers on WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU T 6 G 2 T(293)C 120
That is why Atonement centers ON THE PAST, which is T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
egos plan for salvation centers around holding grievances. It maintains W 71 L 2 W(134)