these insane perceptions. God has cared for us, and calls us W 195 L 9 W(437)
end of senseless journeys, mad careers, and artificial values. I accept W 298 L 1 W(547)
in the receiver. BE VERY CAREFUL in interpreting this.
T 1 B 16 T(4)-4-
The former needs YOUR careful protection, because it is a T 1 B 40p T(40)40
inherent equality. I have been careful to clarify my own role T 3 A 12 T(122)121
step at all without very careful preparation, or awe will surely T 3 A 13 T(122)121
must be careful that you really understand the T 4 G 2 T(225)C 52
squandering. Actually, prodigal also means careful. This confusion between careful andT 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
means careful. This confusion between careful and careless led him to T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
can? You need be neither careful nor careless. You need merely T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
their teacher is senseless, though careful to conceal this fact behind T 14 F 9 T(556)- 383
YOU. You have been VERY careful to avoid the obvious, and T 16 D 4 T(609)436
will undertake WITH you the careful searching of the mind that T 17 C 5 T(633)- 460
kind. They will be as careful to let no little act T 19 F 6 T(712)536
SAFER to remain a LITTLE careful and a LITTLE watchful of T 26 I 2 T(925)751
needs to be preserved by careful watching. If you let your W 136 L 19 W(295)
devote your practice periods to careful searching of your mind, to W 185 L 8 W(403)
perceived and justified by this careful selectivity in which all thought M 20 A 3 M(49)
into the other, that a careful study of the form a P 3 G 5 P(15)
with strength. If you look carefully at the phrasing, you will T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
of the channel role. Look carefully at Mrs. Albert. She is T 1 B 36i T(26)26
before God. This was rather carefully clarified, even though the quotationT 1 B 36v T(28)28
miracle-minded attitude toward Rosie VERY carefully. She once hurt both of T 1 B 41ab T(50)50
should consider type 4) very carefully. Like all these fallacies, it T 1 C 22 T(61)61
truth. If you will consider carefully what this entails, the following T 2 A 5 T(63) 63
If you review the idea carefully, you will realize that this T 2 B 68 T(87)86
guard your thoughts at all carefully, except for a relatively small T 2 E 17 T(104)103
energy should be re-read very carefully, because it is particularly likely T 2 E 46 T(112)111
the end. The means are carefully explained in the notes. Revelation T 3 A 14 T(122)121
you will read these notes carefully, they will help to prepare T 4 A 10 T(187)?23
Bs course was very carefully chosen, because abnormal psychology IS T 4 B 37 T(196)C 23
Bill, try to listen very carefully. You have never understood what T 4 D 1 T(208)C 35
a single unequivocal call. Watch carefully, and see what it is T 4 D 19 T(212)C 39
14. Watch your minds carefully for any beliefs that hinder T 4 E 14 T(216)C 43
lives, you will see how carefully the preparations were made. I T 4 E 18 T(217)C 44
the case against you, however carefully YOU have built it. T 5 H 14 T(262)C 89
consider the unhealed healer more carefully now. By definition, he is T 9 D 1 T(392)219
its insane premise, which is carefully hidden in the dark cornerstone T 10 A 2 T(419)- 246
10 D 7. Guard carefully His temple, for He Himself T 10 D 7 T(428)255
Selective perception chooses its witnesses carefully, and its witnesses ARE consistentT 10 F 17 T(438)265
on an organized, well-structured, and carefully planned program, aimed at learningT 11 C 17 T(458)- 285
made mad by guilt. Look carefully at this world, and you T 11 J 2 T(480)307
Light, and search your minds carefully for any thoughts which you T 12 C 8 T(490)317
FUNCTION IN HEAVEN, and consider carefully whether you WANT to make T 13 I 6 T(537)364
of darkness watch over it carefully, and you who made these T 14 C 2 T(544) - 371
which nothing at all is carefully concealed. We must open all T 14 C 8 T(546)- 373
all your holy relationships been carefully preserved, to serve Gods T 17 E 4 T(641)468
did this to him. Think carefully before you let yourself use T 17 I 5 T(658)485
than mistaken. But think you carefully before you allow yourself to T 19 C 9 T(701)525
The infancy of salvation is carefully guarded by love, preserved from T 19 J 8 T(724)548
19 L 13. Think carefully how you would look upon T 19 L 13 T(732)556
adorn its chosen home most carefully, making it ready to RECEIVE T 20 C 2 T(735)559
aside. Listen and hear this carefully, nor think it but a T 20 C 6 T(737)561
the veil. It has been carefully prepared for you, and it T 20 C 7 T(737)561
sickly picture of yourself is carefully preserved by the ego, whose T 20 D 5 T(741)565
senseless mystery, a meaningless enclosure carefully protected, yet

T 20 G 5 T(751)574
21 H 9. Consider carefully your answer to the last T 21 H 9 T(791)612
in your illusions, -- think carefully why it should be you T 21 I 4 T(794)615
of peace, and wrapped it carefully in sin, to keep it T 24 C 3 T(842)661
and think of it more carefully. It MUST be so that T 25 H 3 T(886)705
that God is mad, look carefully at this, and understand that T 25 H 12 T(889)708
awareness, that it may be carefully preserved from reasons light T 26 H 1 T(918)744
unhealed, where sickness is kept carefully protected, cherished, and upheld byT 28 D 3 T(976)- 802
not real. The gap is carefully concealed in fog, and misty T 28 F 7 T(984)810
friendship, limited in scope and carefully restricted in amount, became theT 29 A 3 T(990)816
what you have learned, how carefully you learned it, and the T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
dismiss it as preposterous. Note carefully, however, any signs of overt W 13 L 5 W(23)
then the mind should be carefully searched for the thoughts it W 19 L 3 W(32)
has been intentional, and very carefully planned. We have not lost W 20 L 1 W(34)
eyes and search your mind carefully for situations past, present or W 21 L 2 W(36)
A few subjects, honestly and carefully considered in each of the W 24 L 3 W(40)
occurs to you, and enumerate carefully as many goals as possible W 24 L 5 W(40)
again, and watch your mind carefully to catch whatever thoughts cross W 65 L 5 W(120)
L 6. To this carefully prepared arena, where angry animals W 72 L 6 W(138)
this. Unwillingness can be most carefully concealed behind a cloak of W 110 R3 2 W(228)
of true forgiveness may be carefully concealed. Because they are illusionsW 140 R4 3 W(311)
false. It guides your senses carefully, to prove how weak you W 151 L 4 W(316)
Walk safely now yet carefully, because this path is new W 155 L 9 W(334)
the gift He has most carefully preserved within our hearts, waiting W 168 L 3 W(371)
4. If you consider carefully the means by which your W 170 L 4 W(377)
our practicing in which we carefully review the thoughts the Holy W 200 R6 2 W(452)
be learned and learned very carefully. Like all the other attributes M 5 H 1 M(15)
on just some problems, remaining carefully limited for a time. To M 5 J 1 M(16)
to consider it still more carefully. It is the one fixed M 28 A 1 M(63)
3 H 2. Think carefully, teacher and therapist, for whom P 3 H 2 P(16)
swell within its sight. It carefully picks out all evil things S 2 B 2 S(12)
are obvious, and some are carefully concealed beneath what seems like S 2 C 1 S(15)
Its whole thought-system is a carefully-contrived learning experience, designed to leadT 16 F 15 T(620)447
This confusion between careful and careless led him to confuse the T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
need be neither careful nor careless. You need merely cast all T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
but a dream; -- a careless thought to play with, or T 20 C 6 T(737)561
need take thought for nothing, careless of everything except the only T 20 E 9 T(747)570
and pass him by in careless thoughtlessness. T 25 H T 25 H 10 T(889)708
cherished by a SEPARATE mind. Careless indeed of him this mind T 27 H 8 T(959)- 785
stranger in him, who wandered carelessly into the home of Truth T 20 D 7 T(742)566
need merely cast all your cares upon Him because He careth T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
enters of ITS will, and cares not for YOURS. T T 12 C 6 T(489)316
it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but T 15 A 1 T(563)- 390
I 11. As specialness cares not who pays the cost T 25 I 11 T(895)714
In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens W 109 L 5 W(222)
are obvious to anyone who cares to look for them. Here W 133 L 9 W(278)
Thought of God protects you, cares for you, makes soft your W 165 L 2 W(362)
in an eternal home which cares for him. And He would W 193 L 9 W(429)
s Son can have no cares, and must remain forever in W 255 L 1 W(500)