excellence or merit. Man is capable of this kind of creation T 1 B 23b T(10)-10-
in the world, and is capable of responding to both external T 1 B 24e T(14)14
INDUCE it. He is quite capable of miracles already, but he T 1 B 25c T(15)15
No Child of God is capable of losing this ability, because T 2 A 4 T(63) 63
of love from without, and capable, through your own miracles of T 2 A 32 T(72)72
rises only because man is capable of INJUSTICE if that is T 2 B 8 T(74)74
will can temporize, and is capable of enormous procrastination. But it T 2 B 68 T(87)86
occur. Only the mind is capable of error. The body can T 2 C 5 T(89)88
communication of which he is capable. But it DOES mean that T 2 C 10 T(91)90
communication of which he is capable NOW. T 2 C T 2 C 10 T(91)90
ONLY the mind is capable of illumination. The Soul is T 2 C 18 T(94)93
cannot see error, and is capable only of looking beyond it T 2 C 19 T(94)93
concepts of which man is capable now are time-dependent. Charity is T 2 C 21 T(95)94
that God Himself would be capable of the kind of thinking T 3 C 4 T(132)131
The body is not capable of understanding. Only the mind T 3 C 20 T(137)136
levels of the Trinity are capable of Unity. The levels which T 3 F 2 T(152)151
created for himself. It is capable of asking valid questions, but T 3 F 6 T(153)152
particularly unfortunate, because he was capable of going much higher, if T 3 F 11 T(154)153
circumstances. Only his actions are capable of appropriate variation. His beliefT 3 G 35 T(169)168
this choice. You are either capable or not. This does not T 3 G 44 T(172)171
you have judged yourself as capable of being tired. When you T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
disheartening. You are not really capable of being tired, but you T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
tired, but you are very capable of wearying yourselves. T T 3 H 6 T(176)C 3
creations as if they were capable of destroying their own Purpose T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
idea of which ego-thinking is capable. This is because it contains T 4 C 9 T(200)C 27
her. B., you were more capable of a long-range view, and T 4 C 9 T(200)C 27
realize that the ego is capable of making and accepting as T 4 F 18 T(224)C 51
himself as a separate consciousness, capable of direct communication with theT 4 G 8 T(226)C 53
having made time it is capable of perceiving its opposite. T 5 E 15 T(245)C 72
as God created it IS capable of creating reality. We said T 5 G 7 T(256)C 83
be understood, and therefore is capable of being appreciated and loved T 7 G 13 T(328)C 155
and so it is as capable of being used positively as T 7 H 2 T(330)C 157
the body is regarded as capable of shifting its control from T 8 H 3 T(370)C 197
shifting. The ego is therefore capable of suspiciousness at best, and T 9 F 4 T(399)- 226
dreaming of exile, but perfectly capable of awakening to Reality. Is T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
gave it. Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it T 9 K 9 T(417)- 244
wants ONLY your will, be capable of this? Your will is T 10 B 11 T(423)250
what you made to be capable of BEING unlike Him. Yet T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
because IT WILL MAKE YOU CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING IT. The perception T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
wills only to RESTORE, be capable of MISinterpreting the question you T 10 H 9 T(445)- 272
for help, for both are capable of bringing love into YOUR T 11 B 4 T(450) 277 -
emotions of which you are capable. One is false, for it T 11 C 1 T(452)279
knowledge, for ONLY perception is capable of error. And perception has T 11 I 9 T(479)306
merely show you what is CAPABLE of being wholly shared. It T 13 E 2 T(521)348
IS. Only His wisdom is capable of guiding you to follow T 13 H 12 T(533)- 360
up of bodies, mindless, and capable of COMPLETE corruption and decay T 19 C 6 T(700)524
a power BEYOND Gods, capable of making another will, which T 19 D 10 T(705)529
as STANDING BY ITSELF, and capable of serving as a CAUSE T 21 C 10 T(770)592
to STAY in it is CAPABLE of reason. How can the T 21 F 5 T(781)602
thus reduced to form, and CAPABLE of change. Reality is changeless T 30 I 1 T(1040)854
satisfying, filled with joy, and capable of offering you peace. Think W 129 L 1 W(263)
the term, an individual is capable of good and bad judgment M 11 A 1 M(28)
one in the world is capable of making only just interpretations M 20 A 1 M(49)
cannot see himself as really capable of making decisions. And he P 2 A 4 P(2)
ego fosters; that it is capable of true change, and therefore P 3 B 2 P(4)
of a very advanced therapist, capable of joining with the patient P 3 H 3 P(16)
opportunity for questioning in his capacity as chairman of the flu T 1 B 30ad T(21)21
and therefore have developed the capacity FOR allegiance. It has indeed T 6 A 3 T(271)C 98
which SUFFERING is shared. The CAPACITY to empathize is VERY useful T 16 A 1 T(601)428
you let Him use YOUR capacity for strength, and NOT for T 16 B 1 T(602)429
a little while. In this capacity is health assured. For everything W 135 L 14 W(287)
even sometimes spelled with a capital S. If you want to T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
spelled their appalling error with capital letters. I shed many tears T 1 B 37s T(32)32
Effect, which should also be capitalized, is HIS Sonship. This entails T 2 E 30 T(107)106
energy. When the term is capitalized it refers to God or U 2 A 1 U(2)
speaks first, because it is capricious and does NOT mean its T 6 E 1 T(284)C 111
has been blocked by the capricious and unholy whim of death T 13 F 5 T(526)353
ASSEMBLE reality to its own capricious liking, offering for YOUR seeking T 15 F 7 T(578)405
together by its erratic and capricious maker, to which you pray W 95 L 2 W(185)
all anxiety comes from the capriciousness of the ego, and NEED T 4 E 7 T(215)C 42
it, making it a willing captive to its sick appeal. Sin T 19 D 1 T(702)526
sin APPEAR to hold love captive, and let sin go free T 23 C 15 T(830)649
and then in that, evading capture and escaping grasp. It does W 107 L 6 W(217)
Note that by inserting the carbon backwards, B. created a situation T 2 C 16 T(93)92
typed for you on the card. That WAS a gracious offering T 3 A 37 T(129)128
one in which I hardly care to become engaged myself. PLEASE T 2 E 38 T(110)109
cab. He thought he took care of it by holding the T 3 A 18 T(124)123
Actually, the girl was taking care of the younger child who T 3 A 20 T(124)123
a real waste. Maybe he’d care to let me control it T 3 F 19 T(156)155
although not one he would care to exercise if he were T 3 G 4 T(160)159
distractibility, but he does not care enough to use it. Helen T 4 F 10 T(221)C 48
to confuse the escape from care with something desirable. In fact T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
for YOU. You ARE His care because He loves you. His T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
is yours BECAUSE of His care. T 5 I 12 T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
CANNOT choose to escape His care, because that is not His T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
CAN choose to accept His care, and use the infinite power T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
the infinite power OF His care for all those He created T 5 I 12 T(267)C 94
him, but he does not care. He will, however, become very T 8 J 8 T(379)C 206
protection, but only because your care is a sign that you T 10 C 6 T(426)253
place ANY relationship under His care, and be sure that it T 15 F 5 T(578)405
of this. His concern and care for you are limitless. In T 15 I 2 T(588)- 415
believe? But remember how much care you have exerted in choosing T 16 D 2 T(608)435
Him with equal love and care. The Christ in you CAN T 24 G 10 T(858)677
All of the love and care, the strong protection, the thought T 24 H 3 T(860)679
precious, and in need of care. There will be no assault T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
ones especially entrusted to his care. And this he learns when T 31 G 8 T(1065)879
yourself as often as you care to, but with no sense W 31 L 3 W(52)
me in all things. His care for me is infinite, and W 58 L 5 W(107)
the world? Do you want care and safety, and the warmth W 122 L 1 W(244)
how deep and limitless His care for you, how perfect is W 123 L 8 W(249)
question His protection and His care. No meaningless anxieties can come W 124 L 4 W(250)
on this? Would not His care for you be small indeed W 126 L 5 W(256)
has such frailty that constant care and watchful, deep concern are W 135 L 5 W(285)
defense, no health-inducing medicine, no care and no concern at all W 135 L 6 W(286)
light and warmth and kindly care Christs charity provides. They W 159 L 8 W(345)
are yours, entrusted to your care, to give to all who W 166 L 13 W(366)
little while. We do not care about our future goals, and W 181 L 3 W(388)
untroubled and serene, without a care in an eternal home which W 193 L 9 W(429)
disappear. To every apprehension, every care, and every form of sufferingW 193 L 13 W(431)
present peace, and certainty of care the world can never threaten W 194 L 7 W(433)
about without a thought or care for us or for our W 195 L 9 W(437)
me with kindness and with care, and holds in love the W 222 L 1 W(464)
my safety, certain of Your care, and happily aware I am W 232 L 1 W(475)
world of mercy and of care; of loving kindness and the W 306 L 1 W(556)
not forget Your Love and care, keeping Your promise to Your W 358 L 1 W(613)
his benefit. His sense of care is gone, for he has M 11 A 5 M(30)
it off without regret or care, perhaps today. Or if he M 28 A 2 M(63)
under the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance. Ask and He M 30 A 2 M(68)
has sent to you to care for as I care for U 6 A 6 U(11)
to care for as I care for you. 7 U 6 A 6 U(11)
abandoned to the devils care, swearing He will deliver it S 3 E 5 S(26)
through safely, and without a care that would arrest its progress G 1 A 3 G(1)
that God has ceased to care for you who have betrayed G 1 A 3 G(1)