needless wasted time on thorny byways. God alone is sure, and W 200 L 9 W(451)
wanted a lift in the cab, which was going her way T 3 A 17 T(123)122
had to wait for a cab. He thought he took care T 3 A 18 T(124)123
holding the door of a cab which did come for that T 3 A 18 T(124)123
control. Actually, by giving this cab to her, he was very T 3 A 18 T(124)123
idea that giving her the cab would atone for his previous T 3 A 18 T(124)123
no difficulty whatever in the cab situation. It was not necessary T 3 A 18 T(124)123
you DID remember, in the cab, to ask me about the T 3 A 21 T(125)124
to will right in the cab, you did not quite succeed T 3 A 21 T(125)124
fearful of writing next part.) Cacey sic was wrong about Possession T 1 B 30f T(18)18
30g. While what he (Cacey)sic did came from Me T 1 B 30g T(18)18
you have judged, you cannot calculate. The world grows dim and T 26 K 6 T(932)758
out of place, and well calculated to lead to further error T 3 A 18 T(124)123
the unconscious into mans calculations about himself, a step in T 2 E 40 T(110)109
time of promise in your calendar of days. It is a W 157 L 1 W(339)
him from it. You also call him Jonathan for the same T 1 B 36m T(27)27
37j. I prompted that call from Jack (taxi man couldn T 1 B 37j T(30)30
told Anne that you would call. Then you could have asked T 3 A 29 T(127)126
Bs answer to your call was a clear statement of T 3 A 30 T(127)126
does not matter what you call him, but NOTE that you T 3 A 34 T(128)127
time, you were FORCED to call him Jonathan because you were T 3 A 34 T(128)127
ask. The answer was to call him at 8:30. It T 3 A 35 T(128)127
a gentle way.) (B. did call HS) T 3 A T 3 A 35 T(128)127
the unconscious thus contains the call of God as well as T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
God as well as the call of the body. That is T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
has already willed. Those who call truly are ALWAYS answered. T 4 D 15 T(211)C 38
response to a single unequivocal call. Watch carefully, and see what T 4 D 19 T(212)C 39
without being wholly joyous themselves call forth different kinds of responsesT 5 A 2 T(233)C 60
Third, it is an unequivocal call to love. Every other voice T 5 C 5 T(236)C 63
of Joy. It is the call to return, with which God T 5 C 10 T(236)C 63
would not have understood the call to right thinking. The Holy T 5 C 10 T(236)C 63
God placed in him the call of joy. This call is T 5 C 10 T(237)C 64
the call of joy. This call is so strong that the T 5 C 10 T(237)C 64
the Holy Spirit IS the call to Atonement, or the restoration T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
healed, there will be no call to return, but what God T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
the Holy Spirit speaks. The call to return is stronger than T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
return is stronger than the call to depart, but it speaks T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
are in YOU, because the call of both are in your T 5 D 8 T(238)C 65
you will to serve. The call you answer now IS an T 5 D 8 T(239)C 66
on the basis of which call is worth more to you T 5 D 8 T(239)C 66
The Holy Spirit is the call to awake and be glad T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
of waking it to the call for God. Everyone will answer T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
God. Everyone will answer the call of the Holy Spirit, or T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
tempted by the wrong voice, call on me to remind you T 5 D 12 T(239)C 66
has no limits, because the call for God IS the call T 5 D 15 T(240)C 67
call for God IS the call to the unlimited. Child of T 5 D 15 T(240)C 67
IT IS SHARED. Being the call FOR God, it is also T 5 E 2 T(241)C 68
He may have dissociated the call for God, just as YOU T 5 E 3 T(241)C 68
as the ego to the call of danger, opposing it with T 5 E 12 T(244)C 71
the Sonship which hear the call of the Holy Spirit to T 5 F 12 T(251)C 78
BECAUSE I learned it. I call upon you to teach what T 5 F 13 T(251)C 78
be interpreted as an irrevocable call to sanity which the mind T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
before that you can always call on me to share my T 6 B 2 T(272)C 99
assault rather than as the call to peace for which it T 6 B 14 T(275)C 102
guiding you. I do NOT call for martyrs but for TEACHERS T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
bad dreams come, they will call on the Light THEMSELVES to T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
But He ALWAYS answers their call, and His dependability makes THEM T 6 F 5 T(290)C 117
His light is ALWAYS the call to awake, WHATEVER you may T 6 F 6 T(290)C 117
the NEED for effort, and call upon the BEING which you T 6 H 14 T(303)C 130
speaks. Every attack is a call for His patience, because ONLY T 7 H 8 T(333)C 160
denying Heaven to yourselves. I call upon you again to remember T 7 L 4 T(344)C 171
to the ego is a call to war, and war DOES T 8 A 3 T(346)C 173
Kingdom in answer to the call of God. This is the T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
beginning. The ego does not call upon witnesses who might disagree T 8 H 5 T(371)C 198
the Holy Spirit will never call upon you to sacrifice anything T 8 J 4 T(378)C 205
you taught THEM. What you call upon in them, you call T 9 E 3 T(396) 223
call upon in them, you call upon in YOURSELF. And as T 9 E 3 T(396) 223
in YOURSELF. And as you call upon it IN THEM, it T 9 E 3 T(396) 223
do it. It is a call to the Holy Spirit in T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
Spirit in his mind, a call to Him which is strengthened T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
because it is the remaining call of Creation. Put all your T 9 J 10 T(414)- 241
not retaliate, but He DOES call to you to return. When T 9 K 7 T(416)- 243
He has not answered your call, YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED HIS T 9 K 7 T(416)- 243
Will you not answer the call of love with joy? T 10 B 2 T(420)- 247
will awaken to your OWN call, for the Call to awake T 10 G 9 T(442)269
your OWN call, for the Call to awake is WITHIN you T 10 G 9 T(442)269
you fail to recognize a call for help, you are REFUSING T 11 B 4 T(450) 277 -
help yourselves. But hear his call for the help of God T 11 B 6 T(451)- 278
YOUR need, then, hear every call for help as what it T 11 B 6 T(451)- 278
to perceive attack as a call for love. We have learned T 11 B 8 T(452)279
you see attack as the call for help that it IS T 11 B 8 T(452)279
you. For fear IS a call for love, in unconscious recognition T 11 B 8 T(452)279
Perceive in sickness but another call for love, and offer your T 11 C 6 T(454)- 281
to recognize in hatred the call for love. And to give T 11 C 6 T(454)- 281
brother AS yourself. Answer HIS call for love, and YOURS is T 11 C 6 T(454)- 281
you. I HAVE heard your call, and I have answered it T 11 H 12 T(475)- 302
IMPEL you to answer His call, and leap into Heaven. You T 12 C 3 T(488)315
your joyous response to the call of love if you heard T 12 C 4 T(489)316
so dear, is your real call for help. For you call T 12 C 9 T(490)317
call for help. For you call for love to your Father T 12 C 9 T(490)317
believing it is love, you call it to yourself. Your private T 12 E 5 T(497)- 324
you look at Christ, and call His witnesses to shine on T 12 F 7 T(502)329
503) 330 Call all your brothers to witness T 12 F 8 T(503)330
WILL remember Him, as you call forth the witnesses to His T 12 F 9 T(503)330
His clear answer to your call. For it can never be T 12 F 9 T(503)330
Him, and remained unanswered. His call to you is but your T 12 F 9 T(503)330
to you is but your call to Him. And in Him T 12 F 9 T(503)330
it, it shines forth to call you FROM the world, and T 12 F 11 T(503)330
it is that he can call unto himself the witnesses that T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
LOVE IT. And what you call with love WILL come to T 12 G 3 T(505)332
being unable to deny a call for help, or not to T 12 G 3 T(505)332
what always was. Therefore the call of joy is in it T 12 G 8 T(507)334
can justify insanity, and to call for punishment UPON YOURSELF, MUST T 13 C 5 T(514)341
placed WITHIN him the glad call to awaken and be glad T 13 E 8 T(523)350
sleep will not withstand the call to wake. The mission of T 13 E 8 T(523)350
LIGHT, in answer to the call of the Atonement. Never allow T 14 B 5 T(541)- 368
merely changes them into a CALL FOR what you have ATTACKED T 14 D 6 T(548)- 375
the same response to EVERY call for help. IT DOES NOT T 14 F 6 T(555)- 382
IT DOES NOT JUDGE THE CALL. It merely recognizes what it T 14 F 6 T(555)- 382
It does NOT consider which call is louder, or greater, or T 14 F 6 T(555)- 382
it offers EVERYTHING to EVERY call from ANYONE. There is no T 14 F 7 T(556)- 383
is no order here. A call for help is GIVEN help T 14 F 7 T(556)- 383
love, and the other, the call for love. T 14 T 14 F 7 T(556)- 383
deny Him, but you CANNOT call upon Him in vain. He T 14 G 11 T(561)- 388
ego on behalf of Him. Call not upon the ego for T 14 G 14 T(562)- 389
thus WILL you remember it. Call forth in everyone ONLY the T 15 D 13 T(573)400
YOU are. Hear not his call for hell and littleness, but T 15 D 13 T(573)400
and littleness, but only his call for Heaven and greatness. Forget T 15 D 13 T(573)400
greatness. Forget not that his call is yours, and answer him T 15 D 13 T(573)400
any plan BUT His. I call you to fulfill your holy T 15 E 3 T(574)401
instant will be yours. I call to you to make the T 15 E 5 T(575)- 402
on God for love, YOUR call remains as strong. Nor do T 15 G 2 T(581)408
The will of your creations call to you, to share your T 15 I 3 T(589)- 416
11. Hear not the call of hate, and see no T 16 E 11 T(614)441
NOWHERE ELSE. See in the call of hate, and in every T 16 E 11 T(614)441
to delay you, but the call for help, that rises ceaselessly T 16 E 11 T(614)441
in joyous answer to His call for His completion. T T 16 E 12 T(615)442
time, and answer fearlessly the call of Him Who gave eternity T 16 E 13 T(615)442
PERFECT willingness is GIVEN you. Call upon Him, for Heaven is T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
for Heaven is at His call. And LET Him call on T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
His call. And LET Him call on Heaven FOR you. T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
YOU WILL NOT HEAR the call of truth. In a sense T 17 E 3 T(640)467
it acceptable, or does it call for vengeance. The absence of T 17 G 3 T(651)478
The goals REALITY will call this forth. For you will T 17 H 3 T(654)481
The goals reality will call forth, AND ACCOMPLISH, every miracle T 17 H 5 T(655)482
own relationship. YOUR faith will call the others to SHARE your T 17 H 7 T(656)483
have made it purposeLESS. You CALL FOR faith, because of Him T 17 H 8 T(656)483
the truth has come. Its call for faith is strong. Use T 17 H 8 T(656)483
faith might answer to the call of truth. The holy instant T 17 I 1 T(657)484
it enter, and IT will call forth, and SECURE for you T 17 I 2 T(657)484
you who have ACKNOWLEDGED the call of your Redeemer, the strain T 17 I 4 T(658)485
of NOT responding to His call SEEMS to be GREATER than T 17 I 4 T(658)485
you SEPARATE from Him Whose call you answered.

T 17 I 6 T(658)485
T 18 B 4. Call it not sin, but madness T 18 B 4 T(660)487
should hear no substitutes. Their call is but an echo of T 18 B 10 T(662)489
has experienced what he would call a sense of being transported T 18 G 12 T(679)506
in answer to its gentle call to be at peace. T 18 G 16 T(681)508
be there that you would call on love to enter? Look T 18 I 8 T(687)511
Mistakes are FOR correction. They call for NOTHING ELSE. What calls T 19 D 4 T(703)527
What calls for punishment, must call for NOTHING. Every mistake MUST T 19 D 4 T(703)527
Every mistake MUST be a call for love. What, then, is T 19 D 4 T(703)527
you would keep hidden; a call for help that you would T 19 D 4 T(703)527
him this, for you will CALL to him and he will T 19 D 16 T(706)- 530
answer you, RECOGNIZING in your call the call of God. And T 19 D 16 T(706)- 530
RECOGNIZING in your call the call of God. And you will T 19 D 16 T(706)- 530
which it radiates outward, to call the others IN. You are T 19 E 1 T(708)532
He Who answered you would call. His home is in your T 19 E 6 T(709)533
result of the thought we call the ego, as surely as T 19 I 3 T(721)545
often and how loudly they CALL to it, and bid it T 19 J 5 T(723)547
never to allow union to call you OUT of separation; the T 19 K 3 T(726)550
it. Two voices, raised together, call to the hearts of everyone T 20 F 2 T(748)571
LITTLE the perfect choice to call upon for strength? Judgment WILL T 20 I 5 T(759)582
you THINK you sin you call for help, but if you T 21 G 1 T(784)605
not ACCEPT the help you call for, you will not believe T 21 G 1 T(784)605
is the demand that errors call for punishment, and NOT correction T 23 C 4 T(826)645
they PROTECT its enmity, and call it friend. On its behalf T 24 B 4 T(839)658
soundless voice, and yet the Call of God Himself is soundless T 24 C 4 T(843)662
on which they sleep, and call them to come forth and T 24 D 7 T(848)667
of specialness. They hate the call that would awaken them. And T 24 D 7 T(848)667
Him not; that He may call to them to come to T 25 A 1 T(864)683
do you hear his plaintive call, unchanged in content in WHATEVER T 25 F 3 T(880)699
content in WHATEVER form the call is made, that you UNITE T 25 F 3 T(880)699
senseless shrieks, such IS the Call that God has given him T 25 F 3 T(881)700
might hear in him His Call to YOU, and answer by T 25 F 3 T(881)700
What honest witnesses could THEY call forth, to speak on his T 25 I 10 T(894)713
Your special function is a call to Him, that He may T 25 I 12 T(895)714
The miracle of justice you call forth will rest on you T 26 C 5 T(905)724
him, and NOT alone. We call it wish because it still T 26 H 8 T(920)746
everyone, as theirs to you. Call on your brothers name T 26 H 17 T(924)750
answer, for on Him you call. Could He refuse to answer T 26 H 17 T(924)750
has ALREADY answered all who call on Him? A miracle can T 26 H 17 T(924)750
and all creation freed to call upon the Name of God T 26 H 17 T(924)750
Voice that answers to YOUR call. And think how holy HE T 26 J 1 T(928)754
disappear before the ancient clarion call of life. This call has T 27 C 6 T(939)765
clarion call of life. This call has power FAR beyond the T 27 C 6 T(939)765
it might live. It will call forth its witnesses to show T 27 F 6 T(951)777
of sin are all alike. Call pleasure pain, and it will T 27 G 2 T(954)780
pain, and it will hurt. Call pain pleasure, and the pain T 27 G 2 T(954)780
s witnesses hear but the call of death. T 27 T 27 G 2 T(954)780
it to use, when YOU call forth the

T 27 G 3 T(954)780
he lies, if you should call him by the Holy Name T 27 G 3 T(955)781
but a single sound; a call for healing, and a plaintive T 27 G 6 T(956)782
it PROVES. The laws which call them DIFFERENT are dissolved, and T 27 G 6 T(956)782
senseless things that it can call its own. It looks about T 27 I 2 T(962)788
be feared. Nor will the Call to wakening be heard, because T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
it SEEMS to be the call of fear. T 28 T 28 C 9 T(974)- 800
JOIN you where YOU stand. Call not to him to meet T 28 E 4 T(980)806
little bit of mind you call your own, and all the T 28 G 4 T(986)812
the Source of help, the call to healing and the Call T 28 H 2 T(987)813
call to healing and the Call to heal? Your savior waits T 28 H 2 T(987)813
than that He hear you call Him Friend. T 30 T 30 C 1 T(1021)835
mightier than yours, because they call from God and from your T 31 A 6 T(1043)857
you. And never does a call remain unheard, misunderstood, or left T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
the language in which the call itself was made. And you T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
will understand it was THIS call that everyone and everything within T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
been deceived by forms the call was hidden in. And so T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
you do not leave its call unheard. Without your answer is T 31 A 9 T(1044)858
its calling as the ancient call to life, and understood that T 31 A 9 T(1044)858
who fail to hear the call that echoes past each seeming T 31 A 10 T(1045)859
that echoes past each seeming call to death, that sings behind T 31 A 10 T(1045)859
each form of hate, each call to war. But you will T 31 A 10 T(1045)859
and pain. Hear not the call for this within yourself, but T 31 A 11 T(1045)859
listen, rather, to the deeper call beyond it, that appeals for T 31 A 11 T(1045)859
yourself from this. Perhaps you call it love. Perhaps you think T 31 B 3 T(1047)861
your wish to hear a call that never has been made T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
in you. Hear but his call for mercy and release from T 31 B 8 T(1048)862
it everywhere. And so they call it forth in everyone they T 31 G 11 T(1066)880
God has ordained I cannot call in vain. And in His T 31 G 9 T(1071)885
process of image-making which you call seeing will not have much W 15 L 2 W(26)
exactly what to do to call upon His strength and His W 47 L 3 W(83)
to hear Gods Voice call to you lovingly, reminding you W 49 L 2 W(86)
think without God. What I call my thoughts are not my W 51 L 4 W(92)
world I look upon. I call this seeing. I hold the W 52 L 2 W(94)
of nothing. I can also call upon my real thoughts, which W 54 L 3 W(98)
As my thoughts of separation call to the separation thoughts of W 54 L 3 W(98)
it to me. Let me call upon this gift today, so W 59 L 2 W(108)
Gods Voice ceases to call on my forgiveness to save W 60 L 4 W(110)
that in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while W 62 L 3 W(114)
every time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ W 62 L 3 W(114)
little effort and small determination call on the power of the W 69 L 6 W(129)
seem to attack you and call for righteous judgment. They become W 73 L 2 W(141)
that thinks these things. You call them laws, and put them W 76 L 4 W(149)
who angers you; someone you call a friend, but whom you W 78 L 4 W(154)
with your Father, is a call to all the world, to W 95 L 16 W(188)
yet unborn will hear the call we heard, and answer it W 98 L 4 W(194)
to say the words which call on Him to give you W 105 L 9 W(211)
loudly it may seem to call; if you will not accept W 106 L 1 W(213)
cannot intrude on you. You call to all to join you W 109 L 4 W(222)
peace of God today, and call upon your brothers from your W 109 L 8 W(223)
your mind to one you call a friend. Try to transfer W 121 L 12 W(243)
W 127 L 8. Call to your Father, certain that W 127 L 8 W(259)
danger which has power to call on you to make appropriate W 135 L 2 W(285)
unsupported by His strength. We call upon His strength each time W 153 L 19 W(328)
while on the way you call to them that they may W 155 L 6 W(334)
Such is salvations call, and nothing more. It asks W 155 L 8 W(334)
be Itself. And It will call Its Own unto Itself, in W 160 L 6 W(348)
witnesses your bodys eyes call forth. What you will see W 161 L 10 W(352)
awake in answer to its call. And those who live and W 162 L 2 W(354)
and more distinct; an ancient Call to Which He gives an W 164 L 2 W(359)
answer to your Fathers Call to you. Christ answers for W 164 L 2 W(359)
answers in your name the Call He hears. How quiet is W 164 L 3 W(359)
is lifes opposite. You call it death. Yet we have W 167 L 2 W(368)
open mind can hear the Call to waken. It is not W 169 L 3 W(373)
no guardian, no strength to call upon in danger, and no W 170 L 7 W(378)
carven stone you made, and call it god no longer. You W 170 L 11 W(379)
to you at last. The Call of God is heard and W 170 L 12 W(379)
You will not forget to call us back. Quicken our footsteps W 170 R5 3 W(381)
The Self from Which I call to you is but your W 170 R5 9 W(383)
which we will magnify and call our sins. So, for a W 181 L 6 W(389)
1970 Lesson 182. I call upon Gods Name and W 182 L 0 W(391)
no holier than yours. To call upon His Name is but W 182 L 1 W(391)
His Name is but to call upon your own. A father W 182 L 1 W(391)
the Name of God and call upon your Self, Whose Name W 182 L 5 W(392)
into right perspective. Those who call upon the Name of God W 182 L 5 W(392)
of everything that we would call our own. W 182 W 182 L 6 W(392)
little prayers of those who call on Him with names of W 182 L 7 W(392)
you hear, and this the Call which cannot be denied. The W 183 L 12 W(396)
beyond your naming. When you call upon a brother, it is W 184 L 8 W(399)
makes response to what you call him, for his mind consents W 184 L 8 W(399)
Creator. What we made and call by many different names is W 184 L 15 W(401)
need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope W 185 L 14 W(405)
pride that would deny the Call of God Himself. W W 186 L 3 W(406)
He create such instability and call it Son? He Who is W 186 L 9 W(408)
from us. But now we call them back, and
W 188 L 8 W(414)
of God. For thus you call the memory of Him to W 194 L 8 W(433)
has disappeared. And you can call on Him to save you W 196 L 11 W(440)
as well. We sound the call of freedom round the world W 199 L 5 W(448)
to you each time you call to Him to help you W 200 R6 7 W(453)
given me His Voice to call me home? Lesson 203 W 202 L 1 W(454)
L 1. 183) I call upon Gods Name and W 203 L 1 W(454)
understand that we need only call to God, and all temptations W 220 IN2 11 W(461)
of prayer, we need but call His Name. Instead of judging W 220 IN2 11 W(461)
sure You will hear my call and answer me. W W 221 L 1 W(463)
Fathers answer to our call, to let our thoughts be W 221 L 2 W(463)
created me. I need but call on You to find the W 230 L 2 W(472)
of our rejoicing is the call to all the world that W 230 W2 5 W(473)
be there to hear my call to You and answer me W 232 L 1 W(475)
it is my Fathers call to me. W 237 W 237 L 1 W(480)
be redirected. Sounds become the call of God, and all perception W 240 W3 4 W(484)
with him. He need but call upon Your Name, and he W 244 L 1 W(488)
And if we hear temptation call to us to stay and W 272 W6 2 W(519)
s gift. It is a call from Love to Love, that W 280 W7 5 W(528)
and it is this I call the Son of God. Yet W 283 L 1 W(531)
to bless His Son, and call Him to return to the W 310 W10 4 W(561)
Your loving Voice will always call me back, and guide my W 324 L 1 W(576)
Lesson 327. I need but call and You will answer me W 327 L 0 W(579)
promised He will hear my call, and answer me Himself. Let W 327 L 1 W(579)
me still, awaiting but my call to give me all the W 327 L 1 W(579)
shine into the mind, and call it to return and look W 336 L 1 W(589)
will speak for me, and call Your miracle to come to W 347 L 1 W(601)
that we have attained we call to all our brothers, asking W 350 W14 4 W(605)
The miracle is thus a call to Him. W 356 L 0 W(611)
never fail to answer any call Your Son might make to W 356 L 1 W(611)
to Your Son, because to call Your Name is but to W 356 L 1 W(611)
Your Name is but to call his own.

W 356 L 1 W(611)
Lesson 357. Truth answers every call we make to God, Responding W 357 L 0 W(612)
Lesson 358. No call to God can be unheard W 358 L 0 W(613)
who calls on Him can call in vain. Whatever troubles you W 361 EP 1 W(619)
teaching. Teaching is but a call to witnesses to attest to M 1 A 2 M(1)
ones who have answered. The Call is universal. It goes on M 2 A 2 M(3)
single light, but with the Call at its center it is M 2 A 2 M(3)
world judges it. To the Call itself time has no meaning M 2 A 2 M(3)
was before he heard the Call. He has become a savior M 2 A 3 M(3)
as he has answered the Call. They were chosen for him M 3 A 1 M(4)
so the plan will sometimes call for changes in what seem M 5 B 3 M(9)
given them. Very gently they call to their brothers to turn M 6 D 2 M(21)
Would you now sacrifice that Call? Few have heard it as M 14 A 6 M(36)
with Him. It is His Call Gods teachers answer, turning M 15 A 2 M(37)
into one direction, with the call for help becoming his one M 18 A 3 M(45)
from meaningless symbols to the call of Heaven itself. M 22 A 5 M(53)
heal, nor does an invocation call forth any special power. What M 24 A 1 M(56)
What does it mean to call on Jesus Christ? What does M 24 A 1 M(56)
abilities have been used to call upon the devil, which merely M 26 A 6 M(61)
their ideas. No one can call on them in vain. Nor M 27 A 2 M(62)
that an attack is a call for help. And He responds M 30 A 6 M(70)
that do not exist. We call it that to help us U 3 A 1 U(4)
effect and consequence -- we call a miracle. And here we U 3 A 5 U(4)
and helped us hear His Call. And then let us arise U 8 A 5 U(13)
anyone than to learn to call upon God and hear His P 2 A 2 P(1)
have found the way to call to Him. If any two P 3 C 6 P(7)
it takes, is but to call on Him. And He will P 3 F 6 P(13)
peace forever. Hear a brother call for help and answer him P 3 F 8 P(13)
are Gods saints, who call upon his sanctity to make P 3 H 6 P(17)
be able to hear the call and understand that it is P 4 A 4 P(20)
for only that is the call to awake. And what else P 4 B 4 P(22)
envy and even malice. They call for vengeance, not for love S 1 D 2 S(8)
those who cherish guilt. They call upon a vengeful god, and S 1 D 2 S(8)
8. Forgiveness is the call to sanity, for who but S 2 B 8 S(14)
way to make of every call a help to you, as S 2 D 3 S(18)
this that answers to his call. Forgive him as the Christ S 2 D 5 S(18)
3 C 4. We call it death, but it is S 3 C 4 S(22)
not refuse to hear the call of Love. Do not deny S 3 E 9 S(27)
Father needs you and will call to you until you come S 3 E 10 S(28)
Its forms are many -- call them what you will - G 1 A 1 G(1)
not fail to hear my call, for I have never failed G 1 A 9 G(3)
for Heaven. You need only call my Name, and ask me G 2 A 2 G(4)
would first be forced to call to mind the first dream G 3 A 2 G(6)
3 A 6. My call to you is that you G 3 A 6 G(7)
and hear Him, for His call to you could not be G 3 A 7 G(8)
for it is but the call of Love Itself, Which will G 3 A 7 G(8)
me at the gate, and call with me that everyone may G 3 A 10 G(9)
we do, He comes to call His Son from the far G 4 A 8 G(12)
were not forgotten. Hear the call of love to love, by G 4 A 9 G(12)
to those who have forgotten. Call them now to Me, My G 5 A 4 G(14)
for all the world. I call in love, as you will G 5 A 4 G(14)