all such delusions is to withdraw your faith from them, and T 3 D 5 T(145)144
have experienced this, you will withdraw all protection from your ego T 4 B 27 T(194)C 21
ego truly, and you MUST withdraw allegiance, protection, and love from T 4 E 15 T(217)C 44
alert to any tendency to withdraw from your brothers. Withdrawal is T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
approach me, and as you withdraw from him I become distant T 4 G 21 T(228)C 55
strain of divided will. You withdraw to allow your ego to T 4 I 4 T(232)C 59
s need to avoid and withdraw. T 4 I 8 T 4 I 7 T(233)C 60
correctly, that its maker may withdraw his support from it at T 6 E 1 T(284)C 111
to dispel illusions is to withdraw ALL investment from them, and T 7 H 5 T(332)C 159
from me. But you CANNOT WITHDRAW FROM ME ALONE. You can T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
ME ALONE. You can only withdraw from yourself AND me. T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
The energy which you withdraw from Creation you expend on T 8 J 12 T(380)C 207
whether to attack NOW, or withdraw to attack later. If you T 9 G 3 T(402)229
TO it. He must HIMSELF withdraw that power, remembering that all T 11 C 5 T(454)- 281
you invest in guilt, you withdraw from God. And your sight T 15 I 13 T(592)- 419
all the gifts it would withdraw from you in rage at T 21 E 5 T(778)599
this, you will try to withdraw the goals you have assigned W 25 L 2 W(42)
are making a commitment to withdraw your preconceived ideas about the W 28 L 3 W(47)
that table, if you could withdraw all your own ideas from W 28 L 5 W(48)
it. Now I choose to withdraw this belief, and place my W 53 L 3 W(96)
hold more dear. When you withdraw the value given them, allow W 110 R3 4 W(228)
does not hold it dear. Withdraw all value you have placed W 127 L 7 W(259)
we will be unable to withdraw a little while and turn W 153 L 16 W(327)
W 197 L 6. Withdraw the gifts you give, and W 197 L 6 W(442)
Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity W 514 L 1 W(514)
T 2 B 26. Withdrawal is properly employed in the T 2 B 26 T(77)77
really understand detachment, distantiation, and withdrawal. He is interpreting them asT 2 B 73 T(88)87
or ego-inflation, resulting in either withdrawal or attack. The ego literallyT 4 C 17 T(203)C 30
to withdraw from your brothers. Withdrawal is frightening, and you do T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
to mistake these attempts for withdrawal, but the difference is easily W 74 L 5 W(145)
feel yourself slipping off into withdrawal, quickly repeat the idea for W 74 L 6 W(145)
refusing to allow retreat into withdrawal, even if you do not W 74 L 6 W(145)
employed in the service of withdrawing from the desert. It is T 2 B 26 T(77)77
you can dispel it by withdrawing belief FROM it. Do NOT T 7 I 8 T(336)C 163
not from sleeping. Sleep is withdrawing; waking is JOINING. Dreams are T 8 I 3 T(374)C 201
you are sick, you are withdrawing from me. But you CANNOT T 8 I 8 T(375)C 202
at it clearly, and, by withdrawing your INVESTMENT in it, to T 15 H 3 T(584)- 411
no longer BELIEVES in them, WITHDRAWING faith that they can hold T 21 D 3 T(772)594
to its real purpose by withdrawing the one I have given W 55 L 5 W(101)
disown its miscreations, and having withdrawn belief from them, they will T 2 F 3 T(118)117
it yourself. He has not withdrawn His gifts from YOU, but T 8 G 7 T(365)C 192
from YOU, but YOU have withdrawn them from Him. Let no T 8 G 7 T(365)C 192
painful, for as blame is withdrawn from without, there is a T 10 E 4 T(430)- 257
to you that you have withdrawn into insanity. For you see T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
they meet, acceptance MUST be withdrawn from one of them. T 14 D 4 T(548)- 375
in seeing it would be WITHDRAWN from it. T 16 T 16 G 3 T(622)- 449
NEED do nothing, you HAVE withdrawn the bodys value from T 18 H 9 T(684) 631c
Where ALL reality has been withdrawn from what was NEVER true T 26 D 6 T(909)728
belief, and when it is withdrawn, the idol dies. T T 29 I 5 T(1010)824
s idle wishes have been withdrawn. Yet the light that shines W 73 L 4 W(141)
the world bestows can be withdrawn as they are raised to W 184 L 7 W(399)
with honor, lest they be withdrawn. And so you think God W 197 L 1 W(441)
is given you has been withdrawn. But learn to let forgiveness W 197 L 6 W(442)
gifts of God could be withdrawn. That was a mistake, but M 8 A 3 M(24)
perceive their meaninglessness. Fear is withdrawn from them and so they M 17 A 11 M(44)
powers. As investment has been withdrawn from the world’s material gifts M 26 A 5 M(61)
share in Him. But who WITHDRAWS his mind from sharing them T 28 F 1 T(982)808
he receive Atonement, for he withdraws his judgment from the Son M 23 A 7 M(55)
as you approached, he instantly withdrew. A cautious friendship, limited inT 29 A 3 T(990)816
be cut off and will wither away. Be glad! The light T 3 I 15 T(184)C 11
of all. And their bodies wither and gasp and are laid T 11 J 2 T(480)307
Spirit remove it from the withered kingdom in which you set T 18 J 2 T(689)513
all living things within its withered hand; all hopes and wishes W 163 L 2 W(356)
cold chill of fear and withering blight of sin alike. Your T 20 C 10 T(738)562
and all the blight and withering have passed forever from the T 26 J 3 T(928)754
throat, and put aside the withering assaults with which you seek W 190 L 9 W(421)
s mercy would remove this withering and poisoned thinking from your S 2 B 7 S(14)
own eyes. It grows and withers, flourishes and dies. And you T 24 H 10 T(863)682
what is fully shared be withheld and then revealed? T T 7 B 5 T(306)C 133
His Gift, for, as He withheld Himself not from you, He T 15 I 5 T(589)- 416
Himself not from you, He withheld not His creation. Nothing that T 15 I 5 T(589)- 416
faith has been DENIED, being WITHHELD from where it rightfully belonged T 17 G 7 T(653)480
the same SUSPENSION of faithlessness, withheld and left UNUSED, that faithT 17 I 1 T(657)484
faith can no longer BE withheld. The strain of REFUSING faith T 17 I 3 T(657)484
5. Salvation cannot BE withheld from you. It IS your T 19 E 5 T(709)533
attack for what has been withheld; and the inevitable loss the T 23 C 10 T(828)647
has come. Forgiveness cannot BE withheld a little. Nor is it T 23 D 4 T(834)653
gift to some, to be WITHHELD from others as LESS worthy T 25 J 6 T(898)717
TIME in which forgiveness is withheld a little while. This makes T 26 I 3 T(925)751
time in which forgiveness is withheld and given seem dangerous, with T 26 I 3 T(925)751
gift of what has been withheld so long. For They have T 26 J 5 T(929)755
seem fearful, for you have WITHHELD its peace and comfort, leaving T 27 F 4 T(951)777
you have ASKED it be withheld from power to heal all T 30 I 4 T(1041)855
the saviors vision is withheld, and what they see is T 31 G 15 T(1068)882
at times, at other times withheld. Unmerited, withholding it is just W 126 L 4 W(255)
should suffer when it is withheld. The sin which you forgive W 126 L 4 W(255)
remain itself although it is withheld from others. To believe these W 127 L 2 W(258)
is a right to be withheld from you. You cannot judge W 151 L 4 W(316)
would not have it be withheld from anything we look upon W 187 L 11 W(412)
heal? What miracle can be withheld from him?

M 23 A 1 M(53)
and where it should be withheld. Now can he say with M 23 A 7 M(55)
to weakness, for what is withheld from love is given to M 26 A 4 M(61)
made. No miracle is now withheld from anyone. The world is U 3 A 9 U(5)
J 2. Do not withhold your gifts to the Sonship T 7 J 2 T(337)C 164
to the Sonship, or you withhold yourself from God. Selfishness is T 7 J 2 T(337)C 164
FOR you. He would not withhold creation from you, because HIS T 8 F 7 T(361)C 188
your own teachers. No-one can withhold truth, except from himself. Yet T 10 H 7 T(445)- 272
to perceive reality, WHICH YOU WITHHOLD FROM YOURSELF. It is surely T 11 B 3 T(450) 277 -
due, for you will not withhold it from them alone. T 14 B 4 T(541)- 368
NEED of healing. Do not withhold this glad acknowledgment, for hope T 14 B 6 T(541)- 368
have you GIVE, He would withhold from YOU? You have NO T 14 G 10 T(560)- 387
are some things you would WITHHOLD from truth. You believe that T 17 B 1 T(630)457
JOIN in His blessing, and withhold not yours upon it. For T 17 F 10 T(649)476
forever changeless, can you now WITHHOLD from it. Your release is T 17 I 6 T(658)485
most holy Friend. Let him withhold it not, for by receiving T 19 L 8 T(730)554
Christ? And can they long withhold the memory of their relationship T 20 G 13 T(754)577
not, then, this little offering. WITHHOLD it, and you keep the T 21 C 4 T(768)590
force for peace. He will withhold no blessing from it, or T 22 G 10 T(816)635
THE GIVER is long deceived. WITHHOLD forgiveness from your brother, and T 23 D 2 T(833)652
Love IS extension. To withhold the smallest gift is not T 24 B 1 T(838)657
YOU. His errors can NOT withhold Gods blessing from himself T 24 G 8 T(857)676
his specialness demands does he withhold. Nothing it needs does he T 24 H 1 T(860)679
He CANNOT use what you withhold. For He can NOT take T 25 I 1 T(891)710
No reinforcement will its thanks withhold from you who let yourselves T 27 F 6 T(951)777
D 2. If you WITHHOLD agreement, and accept the part T 28 D 2 T(976)- 802
from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves toW 46 L 1 W(81)
His promise fail? Can you withhold so little when His Hand W 164 L 9 W(361)
you are sick you but withhold their healing. What you fear W 166 L 14 W(367)
saves the world. Do not withhold salvation longer. Look about the W 191 L 10 W(424)
as His Own. Would You withhold the gifts You gave to W 279 W6 2 W(526)
of Him. He will not withhold all answers that you need W 361 EP 1 W(619)
what was required, would God withhold the rest? M 23 M 23 A 2 M(54)
it has no cost. To withhold it from where it rightfully P 4 C 2 P(25)