for is it not a well-known fact the world deals harshly T 31 E 3 T(1055)869
already spoke of. It is well-meant but ill-advised. T 1 T 1 B 37i T(30)30
are embarking on an organized, well-structured, and carefully planned program, aimedT 11 C 17 T(458)- 285
look out from the endless wells of joy within. What they W 189 L 4 W(416)
will find this inescapable. I went on very personal record to T 1 B 22q T(8)-8-
desirable. In fact, he even went so far as to equate T 5 I 8 T(266)C 93
could be sure His sanity went there WITH him, so he T 25 D 2 T(873)692
is over. In its passing went its consequences, left without a T 28 A 2 T(967)793
see ANOTHER meaning in what went before. What have you really T 30 H 2 T(1037)851
the pains to which you went to practice and repeat the T 31 A 3 T(1042)856
after, and to those who went before or stayed with us W 124 L 3 W(250)
of Christ but his who went a moment into timelessness, and W 169 L 13 W(375)
to You, remembering we never went away; remembering Your holy gifts W 306 L 2 W(556)
calls to mind nothing that went before. It brings with it M 21 A 2 M(50)
laid all limits by, and went beyond the farthest reach of M 24 A 6 M(57)
further joy in them. We wept because we did not understand W 301 L 2 W(551)
doesnt matter either. You were just afraid.) T 1 T 1 B 3d T(2)-2-
to dissociate the two. Instructions were: refer to point 1 and T 1 B 3e T(2)-2-
might remember that the Scribes were very wise and holy men T 1 B 22j T(7)-7-
You had everything when you were created, just as everyone did T 1 B 23g T(12)12
forgiven to forgive. The Disciples were officially and specifically told toT 1 B 24a T(13)13
Physicians of the Lord. They were also told to heal themselves T 1 B 24a T(13)13
told to heal themselves, and were promised that I would never T 1 B 24a T(13)13
earlier points, especially because you were writing while you were all T 1 B 30c T(18)18
you were writing while you were all doped up. Remember, God T 1 B 30c T(18)18
at the start. The Disciples were also prone to this. T 1 B 30g T(18)18
1 B 30y. You were created ABOVE the angels because T 1 B 30y T(21)21
the correction ONLY because you were inaccurate, and the whole question T 1 B 36r T(28)28
recently (for work) because you were taking dictation is merely because T 1 B 37i T(30)30
role with no interruptions, and were also on time. T T 1 B 37k T(30)30
mathematically than test-re-test comparisons, which were ALWAYS on shaky ground. YouT 1 B 37u T(33)33
than the one you yourself were making. You might recall that T 1 B 37y T(34)34
opposite sides. The sexual aspects were naturally touched off in both T 1 B 37y T(34)34
Child of God, you were created to create the good T 1 B 40i T(39)39
lose sight of this. You were right in telling B. to T 1 B 40i T(39)39
would be honored if there were any notes.) T 1 T 1 B 41p T(47)47
tyranny. I told you you were now restored to your former T 1 B 41r T(47)47
very great scribal abilities. These were turned to secret rather than T 1 B 41aa T(49)49
selected them precisely BECAUSE they were NOT suited to gratify your T 1 B 41av T(52)52
the fantasies, but because you were AFRAID of them. You saw T 1 B 41av T(52)52
hardly be useful if it were bound by the laws of T 1 B 42b T(54)54
is noteworthy that these words were said by Oberon in releasing T 2 A 1 T(62)62
of being and perceiving. These were the words which re-established her T 2 A 1 T(62)62
the lies of the serpent were introduced, they were specifically called T 2 A 10 T(65)65
the serpent were introduced, they were specifically called lies because theyT 2 A 10 T(65)65
15. The preceding sections were inserted because of the necessity T 2 A 15 T(68)68
of knowledge. All of them were subsumed under possession fallacies. The T 2 A 15 T(68)68
an ACT of love. Acts were not necessary before the Separation T 2 B 41 T(80) 80
necessary conditions for its fulfillment were planned. It became increasingly apparentT 2 B 42 T(80) 80
to use constructively or destructively were not enough to save him T 2 B 42 T(80) 80
enough, because the Separated ones were not interested in peace. They T 2 B 43 T(80) 80
had already split themselves, and were bent on dividing rather than T 2 B 43 T(80) 80
51. (The above notes were taken with great difficulty by T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
only series this far that were written very slowly. When HS T 2 B 51 T(82) 82
experience, now as if it were FROM Him TO me: Behold T 2 B 53 T(82) 82
the Separation and the fear were MISCREATIONS of the mind, which T 2 B 66 T(86)85
fact, both TIME and MATTER were created for this purpose. This T 2 B 68 T(87)86
stated very directly, because you were unfearful at the time) that T 2 C 3 T(89)88
inner illumination is because you were aware that your Right-Mindedness IST 2 C 17 T(93)92
happy, and I wish you were. I thought Id take T 2 E 6 T(101)100
his thoughts, and if he were not free to choose one T 2 E 19 T(104)103
have done this if you were not afraid of your own T 2 E 20 T(105)104
in his schema. His archetypes were also meaningful concepts. But his T 2 E 23 T(105)104
s unconscious, because if it were, it would not be automatic T 2 E 24 T(106)105
accurate than his followers, who were essentially more wishful. Energy CAN T 2 E 32 T(108)107
the split which their therapies were intended to heal had not T 2 E 35 T(109)108
individual feels AS IF both were occurring AT THE SAME LEVEL T 2 E 36 T(109)108
inevitable. His instincts for creation were given him by his own T 2 E 44 T(111)110
I told you that you were ready for Revelation, I did T 2 E 55 T(115)114
inevitable. His instincts for creation were given him by his own T 2 E 57 T(116)115
of fear producing attitudes. They were fleeting enough to be more T 3 A 16 T(123)122
but I am afraid you were under some strain in doing T 3 A 16 T(123)122
was quite apparent that you were extremely cold, and also very T 3 A 18 T(124)123
3 A 20. YOU were still suffering from strain (see T 3 A 20 T(124)123
than was necessary, and you were angry because this made you T 3 A 20 T(124)123
outside, and both of them were really mentally retarded. If you T 3 A 20 T(124)123
about the bus, and you were well aware at the time T 3 A 20 T(124)123
instead of assuming that you were necessarily to arrange to meet T 3 A 21 T(125)124
not do so. Answer: You were right about the misuse of T 3 A 22 T(125)124
number of earlier errors. You were wrong to be pleased with T 3 A 28 T(127)126
A 34. You, Helen, were definitely not acting right-mindedly by T 3 A 34 T(128)127
to use. This time, you were FORCED to call him Jonathan T 3 A 34 T(128)127
call him Jonathan because you were ATTACKING him when you took T 3 A 34 T(128)127
than any other error, men were unwilling to give it up T 3 C 6 T(133)132
was NOT punished because YOU were bad. The wholly benign lesson T 3 C 7 T(133)132
recently observed how many ideas were condensed into relatively few pages T 3 C 24 T(137)136
a man whose communication channels were open, it was virtually impossible T 3 C 32 T(141)140
accept certain magical beliefs which were alien to his own Christianity T 3 C 32 T(141)140
you see them as they were really created and can really T 3 D 6 T(145)144
essentially irrelevant) partly because you were dissatisfied with yourself at theT 3 E 2 T(147)146
regard others as if they were on a different level. All T 3 F 2 T(152)151
levels of his psyche. They were conflict-prone by definition, because theyT 3 F 2 T(152)151
care to exercise if he were in his Right Mind. T 3 G 4 T(160)159
the functions of the Soul were not referred to as abilities T 3 G 9 T(162)161
All of the points that were given for miracles apply to T 3 G 25 T(165)164
to be vicious. If we were willing to forgive other people T 3 G 27 T(166)165
their errors AS IF they were true. By reacting self-destructively, you T 3 G 34 T(168)167
not exist AS IF they were on different levels. The same T 3 G 38 T(170)169
it makes them unhappy. Souls were given their own true authorship T 3 H 10 T(177)C 4
as to doubt whether they were ever created at all. Despite T 3 H 11 T(177)C 4
his will as if it were NOT free, or the obviously T 3 H 14 T(178)C 5
His creations as if they were capable of destroying their own T 3 I 7 T(182)C 9
upon you, as if it were the fear of death. There T 3 I 14 T(184)C 11
(Aside to HS. You were both wise and devoted (two T 4 A 1 T(185)C 12
exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the T 4 C 1 T(197)C 24
literally alters both, because they were not made either BY or T 4 C 2 T(197)C 24
merely confused her. B., you were more capable of a long-range T 4 C 9 T(200)C 27
eyesight is good. But you were willing to see because you T 4 C 9 T(200)C 27
see how carefully the preparations were made. I am in charge T 4 E 18 T(217)C 44
be found if the question were recognized. If you remember, there T 4 F 8 T(221)C 48
recognized. If you remember, there were a number of solutions you T 4 F 8 T(221)C 48
the ego as if it were a separate thing, acting on T 4 G 6 T(225)C 52
dissociation, and these weaker forms were always more evident in him T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
to hide it because you were not aware that it was T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
of their stunning knowledge. You were right that this will occur T 4 G 20 T(228)C 55
this is not why you were chosen to go. You have T 4 I 3 T(232)C 59
what the children of God were before healing was needed, and T 5 C 8 T(236)C 63
you back to where you were before and will be again T 5 C 11 T(237)C 64
be like yours, because we were created as equals. It was T 5 D 9 T(239)C 66
the terms as if they were related, because in HIS mind T 5 E 1 T(241)C 68
His mind, because unless it were, the separation between the two T 5 E 1 T(241)C 68
of UNDOING it. What you were really advocating, then, was adopting T 5 F 7 T(249)C 76
did NOT share, and which were therefore too weak to increase T 5 F 8 T(249)C 76
in the same position. You were eternally fixated on God in T 5 I 10 T(267)C 94
for years AS IF you were being crucified. This is a T 6 B 3 T(272)C 99
would understand later, because they were not wholly ready to follow T 6 B 17 T(276)C 103
all the time, because they were created as creators. Their influence T 6 B 20 T(277)C 104
with each other because they, were created neither partially nor in T 6 C 8 T(279)C 106
perceived both AS IF they were part of His perfect creations T 6 C 12 T(280)C 107
that was only because you were asleep and DID NOT KNOW T 6 E 6 T(285)C 112
PROVED to you that you were wrong. This would demonstrate that T 6 E 11 T(287)C 114
would demonstrate that the perfect were inadequate to bring THEMSELVES to T 6 E 11 T(287)C 114
which frightened them so badly were not real, because children BELIEVE T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
child would experience if he were told, Do not do THIS T 6 F 4 T(289)C 116
the solution of sleep. You were not consistent in teaching it T 6 F 16 T(292)119
saw yourself AS IF you were WITHOUT it. By making another T 6 H 12 T(302)C 129
I told you that you were just beginning the second step T 6 H 14 T(302)C 129
seeing him as if he were ABSENT from the Kingdom or T 7 B 6 T(306)C 133
when you questioned it, you WERE answered. The answer merely UNDOES T 7 E 5 T(314)C 141
Exceptions ARE fearful because they were made BY fear. The fearful T 7 F 7 T(320)C 147
only BE created as YOU were. T 7 F 13 T 7 F 12 T(322)C 149
of thought AS IF it were weak, because you do NOT T 7 G 12 T(328)C 155
are DISPELLED together, as they were MADE together. Teach no-one that T 7 H 4 T(331)C 158
have honored all those who were created LIKE you. T T 7 H 7 T(333)C 160
by which you create and were created. It is the law T 7 I 1 T(335)C 162
therefore responds as if it were the part that is being T 7 J 2 T(337)C 164
created for you, as you were created for it. God watches T 7 L 4 T(344)C 171
which and for which you were created. You do not know T 7 L 6 T(345)C 172
because this is how you were created. Because your Creator creates T 8 C 8 T(350)C 177
8 E 4. You WERE in darkness until Gods T 8 E 4 T(354)C 181
POWERFUL AS MINE. If it were not so, the Sons T 8 E 8 T(355)C 182
is not yours. If it were, you would have destroyed yourselves T 8 F 3 T(359)C 186
and the laws of happiness were created FOR you, NOT BY T 8 J 13 T(380)C 207
the same time, if he WERE healed physically, the threat to T 8 K 2 T(382)- 209
to them AS IF THEY WERE REAL, is to MAKE them T 9 B 4 T(387)214
sensible now as they ever were, because they speak of ideas T 9 C 5 T(389)216
did not know who you WERE. Had you REMEMBERED, you could T 9 C 11 T(391)218
healing approach, IF THE DREAMER were properly identified AS UNREAL. But T 9 D 5 T(393)220
to your reality, as YOU were created witnesses to Gods T 9 E 6 T(397)224
cannot escape from them. They were established for your protection, and T 9 H 1 T(405)- 232
of what you awake to WERE violated while you slept. T 9 H 6 T(406)- 233
Will will ever be. You were created through His laws and T 9 J 7 T(413)- 240
hardly want it, IF YOU WERE WILLING TO SEE IT AS T 9 J 7 T(413)- 240
all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
not OF yourselves. If you were, what you have made would T 9 K 4 T(416)- 243
know His Son if he were not free. To interfere with T 9 K 10 T(417)- 244
When you denied HIM, you WERE insane. Would you have Him T 9 K 10 T(417)- 244
B 5. If you were not part of God, His T 10 B 5 T(421)- 248
that neither beginnings nor endings were created by the Eternal, Who T 10 B 6 T(421)- 248
as HIS Son, for yours were created in honor of Him T 10 B 7 T(421)- 248
again, implying that before YOU WERE NOT PERCEIVING AT ALL. What T 10 H 1 T(443)- 270
your interpretations as if they WERE correct, and control your reactions T 11 A 2 T(449)- 276
it into truth. If you were LEFT with the fear, having T 11 B 7 T(452)279
I once asked if you were willing to sell all you T 11 D 1 T(459)286
would be learned, IF YOU WERE UNWILLING TO SHARE THEIR POVERTY T 11 D 1 T(459)286
11 D 10. You were willing to accept even death T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
FROM your mind, because you were AFRAID of it. T T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
mind and all its works were not created by the Father T 11 I 2 T(477)304
His Son receive it. You were redeemed the instant you thought T 11 I 6 T(478)305
J 3. If this were the real world, God WOULD T 11 J 3 T(480)307
you will see that you were redeemed WITH him, and have T 12 B 7 T(487)314
in your right minds. You were at peace until you asked T 12 C 11 T(490)317
of which it thinks you were made. While it is reasonably T 12 D 1 T(492)319
the final proof THAT YOU WERE RIGHT. T 12 D T 12 D 2 T(492)319
from the fact that you WERE wrong? For while it could T 12 D 3 T(492)319
the present AS IF it were past. For the ego cannot T 12 D 5 T(493)320
by responding as if it were present. Thus, it dictates reactions T 12 D 5 T(493)320
your brothers as though they were SOMEONE ELSE, and this will T 12 D 5 T(493)320
PAST, and because your dreams WERE not holy, the future CANNOT T 12 D 7 T(494)321
the figures that he sees were NEVER real, for they are T 12 E 2 T(496)- 323
of them AS THOUGH IT WERE THE OTHER. For love cannot T 12 E 5 T(497)- 324
from reality, as if you were ALONE in all the universe T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
no sight of what you were, you look at Christ, and T 12 F 7 T(502)329
in your giving, for you were NOT alone. Even in sleep T 12 F 13 T(504)- 331
unto His Father, as they were offered unto Him. There is T 13 B 4 T(511)338
to be NOT as you were. Use no relationship to hold T 13 D 5 T(517)344
to dispel REALITY. If GUILT were real, ATONEMENT would not be T 13 D 6 T(517)344
perfect purity in which you were created. Fear not to look T 13 D 8 T(518) - 345
be as you believed you WERE. Your guilt is without reason T 13 D 10 T(518) - 345
dream. Seeing is ALWAYS outward. Were your thoughts wholly of YOU T 13 F 4 T(526)353
indirect, as DOING is. You were created ONLY to create, neither T 13 F 5 T(526)353
as gently, as if you were being carried along a quiet T 13 I 7 T(538)365
have DEFINED themselves as they were NOT created. Their creation was T 14 D 3 T(547)- 374
BEEN recognized that, if they were BROUGHT TOGETHER, their joint acceptanceT 14 D 4 T(548)- 375
does not MAKE holy. You were CREATED holy. It merely brings T 14 E 1 T(552)- 379
to BE NOT as you WERE. Thus, truth was made past T 14 E 1 T(552)- 379
IS chaos, and if it were all of you, no order T 14 F 5 T(555)- 382
and recognized that they never were. There ARE no dark lessons T 14 G 10 T(561)- 388
FEAR of death. If death were thought of merely as an T 15 B 2 T(564)391
not BE Atonement, if there were no NEED for Atonement. You T 15 E 9 T(576)403
you needed them AS THEY WERE NOT. Unless you had seen T 15 F 6 T(578)405
mind, WITH it. If you were not ONLY an idea, and T 15 G 7 T(582)- 409
you experience yourself as you were created, AND AS YOU ARE T 15 I 1 T(588)- 415
a mistake in WHO YOU WERE. For the holy host of T 15 I 4 T(589)- 416
meaning. For, unless the universe were joined in YOU, it would T 15 K 6 T(599)- 426
of His teaching, if you were not AFRAID to acknowledge what T 16 C 5 T(605)432
with gratitude, because your creations were created in union WITH them T 16 E 8 T(613)440
evident impossibility? For, if it WERE possible, you would have made T 16 F 13 T(620)447
the special relationship, IF THEY WERE SEEN. For, in seeing THEM T 16 G 3 T(622)- 449
in. If one such union were made IN PERFECT FAITH, the T 16 G 4 T(623)- 450
the past, and those that were given you. ALL the rest T 17 D 1 T(635)- 462
their source, but where they were NOT made. And thus it T 17 D 8 T(637)- 464
466 - were not created to enable you T 17 D 13 T(639)- 466
HURT yourselves through them. They were created to CREATE with you T 17 D 13 T(639)- 466
makes Heaven glad. If Heaven were OUTSIDE you, you could NOT T 17 F 14 T(650)477
the situation AND THE PROBLEM were in the same place. The T 17 G 8 T(653)480
HIM, because of what YOU were. Yet YOU are as innocent T 17 H 6 T(656)483
as innocent of what you were, as HE is. What never T 17 H 6 T(656)483
seems as if the world were GIVEN you, to make it T 18 C 3 T(664)491
you joined each other you were not alone. Do you believe T 18 D 4 T(669)496
you ever had, or ever were. T 18 D 6 T 18 D 5 T(669)496
acceptance of yourself as YOU were meant to be. T T 18 E 2 T(671)- 498
could only BE, IF God were wrong. God would have had T 18 G 10 T(679)506
reality, only SOME of which were love. Yet love must be T 18 G 10 T(679)506
could not EXIST if it were separate, nor would the whole T 18 I 6 T(686)510
fury, vengeance, and betrayal that were made to keep the guilt T 18 J 5 T(690)514
holy instant in which you were united, is but a messenger T 18 K 3 T(693)517
the altar from which they were sent forth, TOGETHER. T T 19 B 13 T(698)522
wrong made right. But sin, were it possible, WOULD be irreversible T 19 C 1 T(699)523
humility, or madness? If sin were real it would forever be T 19 D 10 T(704)528
holy sight. For you who were sightless have been GIVEN vision T 19 D 13 T(705)529
and overcame the world, you were WITH me. Would you see T 19 G 7 T(716)540
it seem to be. Death, were it true, would be the T 19 J 5 T(723)547
pleasure, and remember all these were made to make seem lovely T 20 C 1 T(735)559
will we find what we were MEANT to find, by Him T 20 C 9 T(738)562
This world IS merciless, and, were it outside you, you SHOULD T 20 D 6 T(741)565
to it as if it were the truth? The world you T 20 D 8 T(742)566
us becomes impossible. You who were prisoners in separation are now T 20 D 11 T(743)567
created not. Your insane laws were made to GUARANTEE that you T 20 E 3 T(745)568
with his Creator. If it were elsewhere, it WOULD rest upon T 20 G 1 T(750)573
to be possible, ALL relationships were made meaningless. In that unholy T 20 G 8 T(753)576
open doorways that they THOUGHT were closed. And so it is T 21 B 1 T(763)585
through the doors you THOUGHT were closed, but which stand open T 21 B 1 T(764)586
how you loved those who were there, and listened with you T 21 B 5 T(765)587
happenings that come to him were NOT his choice. His power T 21 C 3 T(767)589
the idle witness that you were RIGHT. This witness is insane T 21 C 5 T(768)590
Yet the truth is you were both created by a loving T 21 C 13 T(771)593
the Source by which YOU were created, and have never left T 21 C 13 T(771)593
hold, perhaps, if other things were equal. They are NOT equal T 21 F 1 T(780)601
away at once, if reason were applied. There IS no reason T 21 F 10 T(782)603
not without His Son. Only were both IN BODIES could this T 21 G 3 T(784)605
for itself, unless the body WERE the mind. For ONLY bodies T 21 G 3 T(784)605
WOULD be real, if sin were so. For an unholy relationship T 22 A 2 T(795)- 616
OPPOSITION to it. If this were true, thoughts would not be T 22 C 9 T(803)623
times before. ONLY if it were possible the Son of God T 22 C 9 T(803)623
cannot see BEYOND what they were MADE to see. And they T 22 D 5 T(806)626
MADE to see. And they were made to look on error T 22 D 5 T(806)626
at nothingness, as if it WERE a solid wall, see truly T 22 D 6 T(806)626
be real as if it WERE. What cannot see BEYOND what T 22 D 7 T(807)627
straight ahead, the way you were going before you came to T 22 E 1 T(808)808a
weary now as once you were. How thankful will they be T 22 E 6 T(809)628
G 13. If you were one with Him, AND RECOGNIZED T 22 G 13 T(817)636
if each one of you were SEPARATE from the other, and T 22 G 13 T(817)636
from the other, and all were separate from your Creator. For T 22 G 13 T(817)636
on its reality, if it were not ESSENTIAL to attack to T 22 G 14 T(818)637
victory CONCEIVABLE? And if it were, is this a victory that T 23 B 2 T(821)640
death of God, if it were possible, would be YOUR death T 23 B 2 T(821)640
overcome than others. If it were realized that they are all T 23 C 3 T(825)644
guilty ones protest their innocence. Were they not forced into this T 23 C 10 T(828)647
This is their PURPOSE; they were MADE for this. There is T 23 C 14 T(829)648
hate your brother if you were like him? COULD you attack T 24 B 6 T(840)659
if his attainment of it were yours? You ARE his enemy T 24 B 6 T(840)659
it to you, when you were ready to accept His plan T 24 C 14 T(846)665
enemy, while sin, if it were possible, WOULD be its friend T 24 E 5 T(851)670
YOU may lead as you were led. T 24 F T 24 F 5 T(853)672
FIRST, but recognized that you were not complete. And so He T 24 F 6 T(853)672
longer hold the vision you were MEANT to see from you T 24 G 6 T(856)675
the truth, FOR, if it were, you would be lost indeed T 24 H 3 T(860)679
and purpose separate, because they were so made and so perceived T 24 H 8 T(862)681
with them as if they were. It is essential it be T 24 H 8 T(862)681
alien will, AND WISHES IT WERE SO. And thus does his T 24 H 12 T(864)683
where they THOUGHT their bodies were. Then will their bodies melt T 25 A 1 T(864)683
and place AS IF they were discrete, for while YOU think T 25 B 6 T(867)686
reverence, as if a masterpiece were there to see? T T 25 C 4 T(869)688
It was for this YOU were created, and your brother WITH T 25 C 11 T(871)690
thoughts that entered it, and were mistaken for a little while T 25 E 6 T(879)698
in one unless the other were the truth, for each attests T 25 F 1 T(880)699
belief so deeply valued here were true, then every Thought God T 25 H 4 T(887)706
BECAUSE another loses. If THIS were true, then God is mad T 25 H 12 T(889)708
Holy Spirit as if He were a messenger from hell, sent T 25 I 7 T(893)712
the Holy Spirits gift, were given specially to an elect T 25 J 6 T(899)718
right to them, because you were unjust to one with EQUAL T 25 J 7 T(899)718
gain for anyone. If THIS were true, then God WOULD be T 26 C 2 T(904)723
BETWEEN. And ONLY if there were could choosing be a necessary T 26 D 1 T(907)726
your heart, as if it were before you still. The tiny T 26 F 4 T(913)732
seems real, as if it WERE the present. Voices FROM the T 26 F 10 T(915)741
grounds for hell. If this were so, would Heaven be opposed T 26 H 5 T(919)745
and thus unknown, though they were known BEFORE they were denied T 26 H 8 T(920)746
they were known BEFORE they were denied. T 26 H T 26 H 8 T(920)746
Illusions serve the purpose they were MADE to serve. And FROM T 26 H 14 T(922)748
gave to ALL illusions that were made ANOTHER purpose that would T 26 H 14 T(922)748
health. BECAUSE it proves illusions were not true. T 27 T 27 B 4 T(936)762
of the grave. If this were true, there WOULD be reason T 27 B 7 T(936)762
from the past, when you were sure you KNEW its purpose T 27 B 10 T(937)763
on YOU, to demonstrate they were not real. How else COULD T 27 C 4 T(939)765
lies the proof that they were merely errors. LET yourself be T 27 C 4 T(939)765
He UPHELD divided function, you were lost indeed. His INABILITY to T 27 C 15 T(942)768
your mind. For if it were, there were no NEED for T 27 F 2 T(950)776
For if it were, there were no NEED for healing any T 27 F 2 T(950)776
the many friends he thought were enemies. T 27 F T 27 F 6 T(952)778
to problems that you thought were NOT your own. And it T 27 F 8 T(952)778
heavy clouds of complication, which were MADE to keep the problem T 27 H 2 T(957)783
LOOKS as if the world WERE hurting you. And so it T 27 H 3 T(957)783
H 7. Once you were unaware of what the cause T 27 H 7 T(959)- 785
be. Of one thing you were sure; of all the many T 27 H 7 T(959)- 785
and saw as if it were its start and ending, both T 27 H 11 T(960)786
it acts as if it were a person, to be seen T 27 I 1 T(962)788
sees them as if they were real?

T 27 I 4 T(962)788
dream you knew that YOU were dreaming. Let them be as T 27 I 10 T(965)791
the past, as if it were occurring NOW and still were T 28 A 2 T(967)793
were occurring NOW and still were there to see. Memory, like T 28 A 2 T(967)793
injustices and hurts that you were saving, this is what you T 28 B 3 T(968)794
you taught yourself, for you were badly taught. Who would keep T 28 B 5 T(969)795
that made them what they were, or seemed to be. Be T 28 B 5 T(969)795
you have remembered consequences which were causeless, and could never BE T 28 B 7 T(969)795
a dream in which you were an alien to yourself, and T 28 C 4 T(972)- 798
you see as if it were the CAUSE of pain. The T 28 D 4 T(976)- 802
where the seeds of sickness were. And there will be NO T 28 E 9 T(981)807
the voices which its ears were made to hear. Yet sights T 28 F 4 T(983)809
bear witness to illusion. They were made to look upon a T 28 F 5 T(983)809
persuade their maker his imaginings were real. Creation proves reality becauseT 28 F 6 T(983)809
No to Heavens calling, were you not afraid to find T 29 B 5 T(992)818
and they MUST be present were their cause has entered in T 29 C 2 T(993)819
of something else. The miracle were treacherous indeed if it allowed T 29 E 2 T(999)813
your dreams become, if you were NOT the one who gave T 29 E 5 T(1000)814
T 29 G 4. You were NOT born to die. You T 29 G 4 T(1005)819
if a part of it were separated off, and found where T 29 H 2 T(1006)820
All idols of this world were made to keep the truth T 29 H 5 T(1007)821
wish for one UNLESS he were in terror and despair? And T 29 J 3 T(1012)826
be better off if you were WRONG. This tiny grain of T 30 B 7 T(1018)832
whole is meaningless. If there were change in him; if he T 30 D 5 T(1024)838
time in which His Thoughts were absent, or could suffer change T 30 D 6 T(1025)839
was ALWAYS there, but YOU were unaware of it. The Thought T 30 D 7 T(1025)839
so still in loving gentleness, were you AWARE of it, you T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
when you made idols. They were made that this might be T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
brought you joy, but neither were they things to frighten you T 30 E 4 T(1028)842
dreams of what you never were, and seek no more to T 30 E 7 T(1029)843
here deceive in retrospect. They were NOT free from bitter cost T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
and SHARED a purpose, they were free to learn their will T 30 F 9 T(1032)846
has not occurred. If pardon WERE unjustified, you WOULD be asked T 30 G 2 T(1033)847
be overlooked. For, if there were, it would be necessary FIRST T 30 G 5 T(1035)849
of God. Only if this were possible could there be SOME T 30 G 5 T(1035)849
And now you see YOU were mistaken. You had been deceived T 31 A 8 T(1044)858
He BE Love. For God were fear indeed, if he whom T 31 A 9 T(1044)858
upon the things you thought were precious, and in need of T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
did not want, and that were NEVER true. T 31 T 31 B 7 T(1048)862
you BEHAVE as if it were. Does he REACT for you T 31 E 8 T(1057)871
know, if all its underpinnings were removed? Your concept of the T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
would go, if either one were ever raised to doubt. The T 31 E 10 T(1058)872
chose your brother be, alternatives were there to choose between, and T 31 E 11 T(1058)872
that what you once believed were your thoughts did not mean W 10 L 1 W(17)
way you think. If it were not so, perception would have W 17 L 1 W(30)
love them even though they were made of hate. For you W 23 L 4 W(38)
day you feel that you were perfectly sincere while you were W 27 L 4 W(46)
were perfectly sincere while you were repeating todays idea, you W 27 L 4 W(46)
could see now if it were within the range of your W 30 L 3 W(51)
mind that thought these things were real, and suffered out of W 41 L 3 W(68)
mind, exactly as they always were. W 45 L 7 W 45 L 6 W(79)
them replaced by what they were intended to replace. My thoughts W 51 L 4 W(92)
refers to you as you were created by God. It simply W 61 L 1 W(112)
guidance. Did you find it? Were you happy? Did they bring W 66 L 9 W(122)
the Son of God. You were created by Love like Itself W 67 L 6 W(125)
L 1. You who were created by Love like Itself W 68 L 1 W(126)
if you believed all this were so? Perhaps you do not W 68 L 4 W(126)
stood beside you when you were in hell. He is your W 69 L 1 W(128)
some external circumstance or event were changed, you would be saved W 71 L 2 W(134)
believe, that says, If this were different, I would be saved W 71 L 2 W(134)
In fact, if the body were real, it would be difficult W 72 L 5 W(138)
stands in light, but you were in the dark. Each grievance W 78 L 3 W(154)
what is true about you were revealed to you, you would W 93 L 1 W(180)
pure and holy as you were created, and that light and W 93 L 4 W(180)
forever be exactly as you were created. Light and joy and W 93 L 7 W(181)
the sinlessness in which you were created, and in which you W 94 L 2 W(183)
away by realizing that they were but mistakes. W 98 W 98 L 2 W(194)
overlooked, and sins forgotten which were never real? W 99 W 99 L 4 W(197)
thought the thoughts that never were His Will. This part belongs W 99 L 8 W(198)
interrupt your peace; when you were certain you were loved and W 107 L 2 W(216)
when you were certain you were loved and safe. Then try W 107 L 2 W(216)
will give you yours. You were not meant to suffer and W 107 L 6 W(217)
and blood and bone, but were created by the selfsame Thought W 107 L 8 W(217)
that all its frantic fantasies were but the dreams of fever W 109 L 5 W(223)
Mind in Which these Thoughts were born, and where they rest W 109 L 9 W(224)
the images which you believed were you. Today we make a W 110 L 8 W(226)
have given it as they were given you. W 110 W 110 R3 6 W(229)
to live, yet wishes it were dead. It wants forgiveness, yet W 121 L 4 W(241)
hundred thousand more than they were given. He will bless your W 123 L 6 W(249)
equal love in which we were created, smiles on us and W 124 L 3 W(250)
of mind in which they were created. And we see it W 124 L 5 W(250)
from all we wish it were. Thus do we lift the W 128 L 5 W(261)
His Thought by which you were created, so it is your W 132 L 11 W(275)
for his sins if this were so? W 133 L W 133 L 10 W(279)
the corrupt as if they were as blameless as the grass W 134 L 4 W(281)
lay upon your brother, which were laid upon yourself. W W 134 L 17 W(284)
the purpose all of them were made to realize. They are W 135 L 15 W(288)
be the plans you thought were needed, nor indeed the answers W 135 L 24 W(290)
seen as if each one were whole within itself. W W 136 L 2 W(291)
to them as if they were the truth? W 136 W 136 L 10 W(293)
overlooks all sins that never were accomplished, healing but removes illusionsW 137 L 5 W(297)
weakness overcome. And minds which were walled off within a body W 137 L 8 W(297)
the foolish thoughts that ever were imagined. Now we come together W 137 L 15 W(299)
one who knows the answer. Were it part of you, uncertainty W 139 L 5 W(305)
them be received where they were meant to be. W W 140 R4 7 W(312)
give them everywhere that they were meant to be. Like earthly W 154 L 6 W(330)
are like them as you were before. W 155 L W 155 L 1 W(333)
yet rejoiced to find they were mistaken in the choice. They W 155 L 3 W(333)
forever, wholly unafraid because you were created out of Love. Nor W 158 L 1 W(341)
your Source, remaining as you were created. This was given you W 158 L 1 W(341)
161 L 3. Thus were specifics made. And now it W 161 L 3 W(350)
mind to heal as you were healed. For now you are W 165 L 6 W(363)
their making be. As they were born, so will they then W 167 L 5 W(369)
He created perfect. As we were, so are we now and W 167 L 12 W(370)
grateful to return, as you were glad to go an instant W 169 L 14 W(376)
haunting you, as if there were a place which called you W 183 L 1 W(394)
perception be. The nameless things were given names, and thus reality W 184 L 3 W(398)
indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all W 184 L 9 W(400)
world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching W 184 L 9 W(400)
are glad and thankful we were wrong. All our mistakes we W 184 L 15 W(401)
you as well, for they were born within your mind, as W 188 L 7 W(414)
back your gifts because they were not honored? It is you W 197 L 3 W(441)
of God, for as you were created you contain all things W 197 L 7 W(442)
by its presence. If this were the truth, the mind were W 199 L 1 W(447)
were the truth, the mind were vulnerable indeed! W 199 W 199 L 1 W(447)
sufficient for salvation, if it were learned truly. Each would be W 200 R6 1 W(452)
believed that our insane desires were the truth. Now we are W 220 IN2 10 W(461)
truth will enter where illusions were, light will replace all darkness W 274 W6 1 W(521)
is given us. Deny we were created in His Love and W 276 W6 1 W(523)
laid aside. And where they were perceived before, forgiveness has made W 280 W7 1 W(528)
it off as if it were a thing apart. And then W 311 L 1 W(562)
L 2. Father, we were mistaken in the past, and W 314 L 2 W(565)
s Thoughts exactly as They were and as They are, unchanged W 320 W11 1 W(572)
from what we thought we were.

--- Manuscript
W 330 L 2 W(582)
ends the strange distortions that were manifest. Now is perception open W 340 W13 2 W(594)
all the world. In holiness were we created, and in holiness W 360 L 1 W(615)
wrath because we learned we were mistaken. Nothing more than that W 360 FL 5 W(617)
has answered the Call. They were chosen for him because the M 3 A 1 M(4)
really wants in every circumstance. Were not each step in this M 5 B 7 M(11)
empty. And if one gift were missing it would not be M 7 A 4 M(23)
judgment, and how wrong you were! Is there anyone who has M 11 A 4 M(29)
times you merely thought you were right, without ever realizing you M 11 A 4 M(29)
right, without ever realizing you were wrong? Why would you choose M 11 A 4 M(29)
cause, and they, which never were but the effects of his M 11 A 6 M(30)
very goals for which they were set up. Broadly speaking, then M 17 A 2 M(40)
as he was before illusions were accepted into his mind, and M 17 A 7 M(42)
injustices aside. If Godís Son were fairly judged, there would be M 20 A 1 M(49)
not understand words, for they were made by separated minds to M 22 A 1 M(52)
be fair if their pupils were denied healing because of this M 24 A 1 M(56)
not go alone. And you were with him then, as you M 24 A 6 M(57)
dealt with now. If it were responsible for some of the M 25 A 2 M(58)
a definite stand on it were required of him, it would M 25 A 3 M(58)
the world recognizes. If it were there would be little point M 26 A 2 M(60)
must be illusory. If God were reached directly in sustained awareness M 27 A 3 M(62)
but seemed real while you were dreaming it. Where there was U 3 A 6 U(5)
at all. And so they were but dreams. Arise with him U 6 A 4 U(10)
whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he U 6 A 5 U(10)
projected its effects on him were made by his projections on P 2 A 4 P(2)
indeed if belief in God were necessary to psychotherapeutic success. Nor P 3 C 4 P(6)
It is as if God were the devil and must be P 3 E 4 P(10)
constant defense. Yet if such were really the self, defense would P 3 E 6 P(10)
3. If this world were ideal, there could perhaps be P 3 F 3 P(12)
the ways of God: You were lost in the darkness of P 4 C 8 P(27)
freedom be possible if this were true? You would be slave S 2 B 5 S(13)
see the gifts we gave were saved for us. For Christ S 3 C 4 S(22)
A 2. If you were certain wholly sure and with G 1 A 2 G(1)
where all gifts of fear were born. For now creation could G 3 A 1 G(6)
fail. For if the dream were real, escape would be impossible G 3 A 5 G(7)
not think that their mistakes were not your own as well G 4 A 8 G(12)
In the far country you were lost indeed, but you were G 4 A 9 G(12)
were lost indeed, but you were not forgotten. Hear the call G 4 A 9 G(12)