you had engaged at the visionary level in a process of T 1 B 25d T(15)15
refers to experiences at the visionary level, after which HS wrote T 1 B 40l T(40)40
fear (this refers to a visionary experience of HS) introduced some T 1 C 6 T(56)56
a debased form of vision. Visions and Revelations are closely related T 1 B 41r T(47)47
T 3 E 7. Visions are the natural perception of T 3 E 7 T(148)147
knowledge. That is why these visions do not last.
T 3 E 7 T(148)147
worlds arise from their different visions. See through the vision that T 12 E 11 T(499)- 326
Still another is I will visit the sins of the fathers T 5 H 7 T(261)C 88
H 10. I will visit the sins of the fathers T 5 H 10 T(261)C 88
scene and the enormous opening vistas that rise to meet one M 20 A 2 M(49)
eye, because it is a visual misperception. T 2 A T 2 A 10 T(65)65
has made a number of vital contributions to our joint venture T 5 E 3 T(241)C 68
Learning is constant and so vital in its power for change T 7 F 9 T(321)C 148
ELSE truly. Your lack of vitality is due to your former T 4 E 10 T(215)C 42
hands, bereft of justice and vitality, and powerless to save? What T 25 I 8 T(893)712
as being born, aging, losing vitality, and dying in the end M 28 A 1 M(63)
recognize that no matter how vividly you may picture a thought W 8 L 4 W(13)
the separated Sons. This the vocation of the mind. It had T 5 C 10 T(236)C 63
be as one. What better vocation could there be for any T 5 D 11 T(239)C 66
does not understand his own vocation. T 7 F 2 T 7 F 1 T(318)C 145
emphasizes the body, and the vocational orientation stresses the ego. The T 4 I 1 T(231)C 58
This means Listen to My Voice, Learn to undo the error T 1 B 23i T(12)12
If you cannot hear the voice of God, it is because T 4 E 1 T(213)C 40
you DO listen to the voice of your ego is demonstrated T 4 E 1 T(213)C 40
call to love. Every other voice is still. T 5 T 5 C 5 T(236)C 63
literal sense. It is the voice that calls you back to T 5 C 11 T(237)C 64
T 5 D. The Voice for God (N 529 6 T 5 D 0 T(237)C 64
world to hear ONLY that voice and no other. It takes T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
they are as Souls. The voice of the Holy Spirit IS T 5 D 1 T(237)C 64
Him, He gave you a voice to speak FOR Him, because T 5 D 4 T(237)C 64
because you had made another voice through another will. The Holy T 5 D 4 T(238)C 65
though they left Him. The voice they put in their minds T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
their minds was NOT the voice of His Will, for which T 5 D 5 T(238)C 65
5 D 6. The voice of the Holy Spirit does T 5 D 6 T(238)C 65
have made for yourselves. The voice for God is always quiet T 5 D 6 T(238)C 65
he listens to the wrong voice, he has LOST SIGHT of T 5 D 7 T(238)C 65
therefore in your minds. The voice for God comes from your T 5 D 8 T(238)C 65
because it hears only ONE VOICE, and answers in ONE WAY T 5 D 10 T(239)C 66
are tempted by the wrong voice, call on me to remind T 5 D 12 T(239)C 66
is another way, or another voice. Having given this invitation to T 5 D 13 T(240)C 67
you share you STRENGTHEN. The voice of the Holy Spirit IS T 5 E 5 T(242)C 69
from the Holy Spirit, the voice for Creation. Nothing that is T 5 F 5 T(248)C 75
world to listen to ONE voice. If you are part of T 5 F 9 T(249)C 76
by teaching. I heard one voice because I had learned that T 5 F 10 T(250)C 77
11. Listening to one voice MEANS the will to share T 5 F 11 T(250)C 77
the will to share the voice to hear it yourself. The T 5 F 11 T(250)C 77
Listening to the egos voice MEANS that you believe it T 5 G 5 T(255)C 82
it is NOT God-proof. The voice for God will not hear T 5 H 14 T(263)C 90
learned of infinite patience. His voice was in me, as it T 5 H 15 T(263)C 90
the basis for its unequivocal voice. The Holy Spirit NEVER changes T 5 I 5 T(265)C 92
believe you can make a voice that can drown out His T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
because He loves you. His voice reminds you always that all T 5 I 11 T(267)C 94
you, when you KNOW the voice of God Himself is in T 5 I 13 T(268)C 95
hear (and be) only one voice, because it weakens them as T 6 B 8 T(274)C 101
When you hear only one voice, you are never called on T 6 B 11 T(275)C 102
you will listen to His voice, you will know that you T 6 B 13 T(275)C 102
mind, which has a better voice. The Holy Spirit, as well T 6 C 5 T(278)C 105
arose as the egos voice. It could not shatter the T 6 E 14 T(288)C 115
kindly than with a gentle Voice that will not frighten them T 6 F 3 T(289)C 116
of the Holy Spirits voice makes it impossible for the T 6 G 6 T(295)122
not have called upon the voice for PEACE to help you T 6 G 7 T(295)122
to YOU to decide which voice is true. But the Holy T 6 G 8 T(295)122
the quiet power of His Voice AND ITS PERFECT CONSISTENCY, it T 6 G 8 T(295)122
they are beyond question. The Voice FOR God speaks only for T 6 H 9 T(301)128
This can ONLY be the voice of the ego. T T 7 E 7 T(315)C 142
because inspiration comes from the voice FOR God and certainty comes T 7 E 8 T(315)C 142
because it proceeds from His Voice and from His laws. It T 7 E 8 T(315)C 142
it is inspired by His voice, and is in accord with T 7 F 8 T(320)C 147
this WILL obscure Gods voice in you, and will therefore T 7 G 12 T(328)C 155
not left you comfortless. His Voice WILL teach you how to T 7 K 7 T(343)C 170
the power. The egos voice is an hallucination. You cannot T 8 A 3 T(346)C 173
His Will WITH you. His voice teaches ONLY His Will, but T 8 C 4 T(349)C 176
Son of God to the Voice of His Creator, because it T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
Creator, because it is the voice for HIS creations and for T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
the decision to hear His Voice and abide in His Will T 8 E 5 T(355)C 182
one for which Gods Voice speaks in all of us T 8 E 22 T(359)C 186
what YOU have limited. His Voice does not see the body T 8 G 4 T(364)C 191
to its Creator, through His Voice which He has established as T 8 G 6 T(364)C 191
temple to God, because His Voice abides in it by directing T 8 G 10 T(366)C 193
You might ask how the voice of something which does not T 8 H 9 T(372)C 199
gone. The Holy Spirits voice is as loud as your T 8 H 10 T(372)C 199
what life IS, being the voice for Life Itself. T T 8 H 11 T(373)C 200
is in him, and His Voice speaks to YOU through him T 8 K 5 T(383)210
YOU. You cannot hear the Voice for God in yourself alone T 8 K 6 T(383)210
Would God have created a Voice for you alone? Could you T 8 K 7 T(384)211
brothers, in whom Gods Voice speaks. The answer to ALL T 8 K 8 T(384)211
your return. God, through His Voice, reminds you of it, and T 9 G 10 T(404)231
in your memory, and His Voice will tell you that you T 9 I 2 T(407)- 234
God put it there. His Voice still calls

T 9 I 18 T(411)- 238
heard Him, he strengthens His Voice in a sick brother by T 9 J 9 T(414)- 241
for YOU. He is the Voice for God, but never forget T 10 B 13 T(424)251
his OWN ears to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, Whose T 10 C 5 T(425)252
Eternal Guest remains, but His Voice grows faint in alien company T 10 C 6 T(426)253
When His Son lifts his voice in praise of his Creator T 10 E 6 T(431)258
Creator, he WILL hear the Voice of his Father. But the T 10 E 6 T(431)258
You hear but your own voice, and if Christ speaks through T 10 F 19 T(438)265
you are listening to the voice of the ego, which tells T 11 H 15 T(476)- 303
you CANNOT LOSE IT. A Voice will answer every question you T 11 I 4 T(478)305
are preoccupied with your own voice. And the vision of Christ T 12 E 6 T(497)- 324
to join with me. Every voice has a part in the T 12 F 8 T(503)330
til I have lifted every voice with mine. And yet it T 12 G 15 T(509)- 336
to the Holy Spirits voice may be, whatever voice you T 13 E 3 T(522)349
s voice may be, whatever voice you choose to listen to T 13 E 3 T(522)349
whom He would communicate. His voice WILL be heard.
T 13 E 5 T(522)349
and do NOT raise your voice against Him. For He teaches T 14 G 12 T(561)- 388
it temporarily as the ONLY voice, it speaks of hell even T 15 B 4 T(564)391
Holy Spirit, recognizing in His voice, your OWN need to communicate T 15 H 11 T(587)- 414
has called to you. His Voice has spoken clearly, and yet T 16 C 9 T(606)433
Answer, the silencer of the Voice that speaks for God. Yet T 19 J 5 T(723)547
Yet when you heard the voice of love BEYOND them, you T 19 K 5 T(727)551
to OVERLOOK. The still small Voice for God ,is NOT drowned T 21 F 1 T(780)601
as yet. For, on the voice you choose to hear, and T 21 F 2 T(780)601
is ANOTHER vision and ANOTHER voice, in which your freedom lies T 21 F 3 T(780)601
it, if you heard the voice of reason. What CAN there T 21 G 5 T(785)606
blessing and a sign the Voice for God speaks through you T 23 D 2 T(833)652
ears to hear ITS soundless voice, and yet the Call of T 24 C 4 T(843)662
never will you hear the Voice for God beside it. They T 24 C 5 T(843)662
of itself, but through the Voice that speaks for God in T 24 G 5 T(856)675
this judgment. Here is the voice of specialness heard clearly, judging T 24 G 13 T(858)677
him, he hears no other Voice. No effort is too great T 24 H 1 T(860)679
Heaven, and remains without a voice that adds its power to T 26 E 5 T(911)730
joined with but a single voice. This tiny spot of sin T 26 E 5 T(911)730
is? The unforgiven is a voice that calls from out a T 26 F 7 T(914)740
must be, from whom the Voice for God calls lovingly unto T 26 J 1 T(928)754
may awake in him the Voice that answers to YOUR call T 26 J 1 T(928)754
Yet BY your listening, His Voice extends, BECAUSE you have accepted T 27 F 1 T(950)776
It is a loud, obscuring voice, whose shrieks would silence what T 27 G 1 T(954)780
welcome, NOT to fear, the Voice that called with love to T 27 H 13 T(961)787
for YOU. It hears YOUR voice. And it is frail and T 28 G 3 T(985)811
still, and hear Gods Voice in him, and let It T 29 F 3 T(1001)815
not seek to drown His Voice in chants of deep despair T 29 H 8 T(1008)822
block Gods way; whose voice could make demands He enter T 29 I 4 T(1010)824
dream of judgment or the Voice for God. Decisions cause results T 30 B 11 T(1020)834
through Him Who is His Voice, and YOURS as well, reminding T 30 C 3 T(1021)835
great the Holy Spirits Voice seems small and still before T 31 A 4 T(1043)857
overlearning stand implacable before the Voice of Truth, and teach you T 31 A 5 T(1043)857
you. Is this a LITTLE Voice, so small and still It T 31 A 6 T(1043)857
His Will is in the Voice That speaks for Him. Which T 31 A 6 T(1043)857
31 B 5. The voice you hear in him is T 31 B 5 T(1047)861
of yourself, and hear your voice requesting what you want. Before T 31 B 5 T(1047)861
all. Because He hears one Voice, He cannot hear a DIFFERENT T 31 B 6 T(1048)862
not fail to hear my voice and listen to my words T 31 G 7 T(1070)884
safety in every circumstance. His Voice speaks for Him in all W 47 L 3 W(83)
has no exceptions. And the Voice Which speaks for Him thinks W 47 L 3 W(83)
Lesson 49. Gods Voice speaks to me all through W 49 L 0 W(86)
to listen to Gods Voice all day without interrupting your W 49 L 1 W(86)
that is listening to the Voice of God is calm, always W 49 L 2 W(86)
Try to hear Gods Voice call to you lovingly, reminding W 49 L 2 W(86)
try actually to hear the Voice reminding you of God and W 49 L 3 W(86)
wants you to hear His Voice. He gave It to you W 49 L 3 W(86)
you are inviting Gods Voice to speak to you. W 49 L 5 W(87)
4. 49) Gods Voice speaks to me all through W 60 L 4 W(110)
moment in which Gods Voice ceases to call on my W 60 L 4 W(110)
a moment in which His Voice fails to direct my thoughts W 60 L 4 W(110)
can go, because Gods Voice is the only voice and W 60 L 4 W(110)
s Voice is the only voice and the only guide that W 60 L 4 W(110)
I listen to Gods Voice, I am sustained by His W 60 L 5 W(111)
because it is Gods Voice which tells you it is W 61 L 3 W(112)
established by God through His Voice or is made by the W 66 L 8 W(122)
to the Holy Spirits Voice. W 66 L 10 W 66 L 9 W(123)
is not your tiny solitary voice that tells you this. This W 67 L 6 W(125)
you this. This is the Voice for God, reminding you of W 67 L 6 W(125)
your Self. This is the Voice of truth, replacing everything that W 67 L 6 W(125)
your willingness to hear His Voice. Refuse not to hear. The W 71 L 8 W(135)
you may not hear the Voice of truth and welcome it W 72 L 7 W(138)
have not listened to His Voice. We have used our grievances W 72 L 10 W(139)
silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to W 76 L 10 W(150)
is creation endlessly increased. His Voice will speak of this to W 76 L 12 W(151)
do so, someone hears the voice of hope, the stirring of W 95 L 16 W(188)
share with God, because His Voice accepted it for you, and W 96 L 8 W(190)
and Which calls through His Voice to every living thing; offers W 97 L 5 W(192)
he can to drown the Voice Which offers it to him W 101 L 4 W(203)
a while, and let His Voice assure you that the words W 105 L 8 W(211)
lay aside the egos voice however loudly it may seem W 106 L 1 W(213)
you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power W 106 L 1 W(213)
to you through His appointed Voice, Which silences the thunder of W 106 L 1 W(213)
reach Him longer. Hear one Voice today. W 106 L W 106 L 3 W(213)
through you. He needs your voice to speak to them, for W 106 L 5 W(213)
today, and offer Him your voice to speak to all the W 106 L 6 W(214)
and you will hear a Voice Which will resound throughout the W 106 L 7 W(214)
messenger of God today, My voice is His, to give what W 106 L 10 W(214)
They will not hear another voice but yours, because you gave W 109 L 4 W(222)
yours, because you gave your voice to God and now you W 109 L 4 W(222)
truth. Let my own feeble voice be still, and let Me W 118 L 2 W(238)
let Me hear the mighty Voice of truth itself Assure me W 118 L 2 W(238)
world, however mighty be the Voice that speaks, however loving may W 123 L 5 W(249)
the messengers who bring His Voice with you, and let it W 123 L 6 W(249)
We will trust Gods Voice to speak as He sees W 124 L 8 W(251)
stillness we will hear His Voice today, without intrusion of our W 125 L 3 W(253)
God, your Father speak. His Voice would give to you His W 125 L 4 W(253)
He speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His W 125 L 6 W(254)
holy mind to hear the Voice of its Creator speak. W 125 L 6 W(254)
your heart to you. His Voice is closer than your hand W 125 L 7 W(254)
8. It is your voice to which you listen as W 125 L 8 W(254)
Be glad to hear the Voice of truth and healing speak W 126 L 10 W(257)
and ears that hear its Voice. W 127 L 6 W 127 L 5 W(259)
your Father, certain that His Voice will answer. He Himself has W 127 L 8 W(259)
you, as you allow His Voice to teach loves meaning W 127 L 8 W(259)
received your function from the Voice of God Himself? W W 135 L 26 W(290)
still and listen for the Voice of healing which will cure W 140 L 10 W(309)
the Son of God. No voice but This can cure. Today W 140 L 10 W(309)
Today we hear a single Voice Which speaks to us of W 140 L 10 W(309)
given to you through His Voice. Let each idea that you W 140 R4 6 W(312)
things are echoes of the Voice of God. W 151 L 0 W(316)
witnessed to by the eternal Voice of God Himself. W W 151 L 3 W(316)
6. Hear not its voice. The witnesses it sends to W 151 L 6 W(317)
recognize yourself, and let the Voice for God alone be Judge W 151 L 7 W(317)
Christ cannot doubt Himself. The Voice of God can only honor W 151 L 8 W(317)
In everyone and everything His Voice would speak to you of W 151 L 13 W(318)
the echo of Gods Voice.

--- Manuscript
W 151 L 13 W(318)
listen when you hear the Voice of God give honor to W 151 L 16 W(319)
to your Self. Gods Voice will answer, for He speaks W 152 L 12 W(323)
Him and listen to His Voice, and learn what He would W 153 L 17 W(327)
Him, and hear His loving Voice guiding your footsteps into quiet W 153 L 18 W(328)
it was selected by the Voice for God, Whose function is W 154 L 2 W(329)
and listens only to His Voice in you. W 154 W 154 L 2 W(329)
His ability to hear One Voice which is His Own that W 154 L 3 W(329)
at last there is One Voice in you. And that One W 154 L 3 W(329)
in you. And that One Voice appoints your function, and relays W 154 L 3 W(329)
is this joining, through the Voice of God, of Father and W 154 L 4 W(329)
the world. It is this Voice which speaks of laws the W 154 L 4 W(329)
for it is but our voice we hear as we attend W 154 L 10 W(331)
for us, joining in One Voice the getting and the giving W 154 L 10 W(331)
to us. He needs our voice that He may speak through W 154 L 11 W(331)
is the stranger? Hear His Voice assure you, quietly and sure W 160 L 8 W(348)
is the Answer of the Voice of God. W 161 W 161 L 1 W(350)
as surely as Gods Voice proclaims there is no death W 161 L 7 W(351)
for He will hear the Voice of God in you, and W 161 L 12 W(352)
song of Heaven and the Voice of God more clear, more W 164 L 1 W(359)
echoing your Self, using your voice to give His glad consent W 164 L 2 W(359)
we learn, instructed by His Voice. But finally He comes Himself W 168 L 3 W(371)
to us through His Own Voice, His Word, His Love: Your W 168 L 6 W(372)
shut tight against Gods Voice. It has become aware that W 169 L 3 W(373)
looks through them. Now your voice belongs to God, and echoes W 170 L 12 W(379)
the world. You are my voice, my eyes, my feet, my W 170 R5 9 W(383)
things are echoes of the Voice of God. God is but W 171 L 1 W(385)
Father. And his Fathers Voice gives answer in his Father W 182 L 11 W(393)
you do not recognize the Voice, nor what it is the W 183 L 1 W(394)
nor what it is the Voice reminds you of. Yet still W 183 L 1 W(394)
so deeply, so unceasingly, His Voice cries unto you to let W 183 L 5 W(395)
easily shut out, His tiny Voice so readily obscured, His calls W 183 L 6 W(395)
until you hear His gentle Voice within you, calling you to W 183 L 7 W(395)
then will you hear His Voice. So poignantly He calls to W 183 L 8 W(395)
s desire. This is the Voice you hear, and this the W 183 L 12 W(396)
may listen to Gods Voice reveal to us what He W 186 L 4 W(406)
to it. If Gods Voice assures you that salvation needs W 186 L 5 W(407)
humble free to hear the Voice Which tells them what they W 186 L 5 W(407)
retreats in terror as the Voice for God assures you that W 186 L 6 W(407)
7. All this the Voice for God relates to you W 186 L 7 W(407)
knows no error. And His Voice is certain of Its messages W 186 L 11 W(408)
12. Do as His Voice directs. And if It asks W 186 L 12 W(408)
likely to be right? The Voice that speaks for the Creator W 186 L 12 W(408)
of everything? Let not its voice direct you. Hear instead a W 186 L 12 W(408)
W(409) Voice Which tells you of a W 186 L 12 W(409)
L 13. His gentle Voice is calling from the known W 186 L 13 W(409)
They heed your Fathers Voice when you refuse to listen W 188 L 7 W(414)
to yourself to hear His Voice and learn the simple lessons W 197 L 5 W(444)
am free. I hear the Voice that God has given me W 199 L 8 W(448)
Himself has given me His Voice to call me home? W 202 L 1 W(454)
has told us, through His Voice, He would not fail to W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
words of invitation that His Voice suggests, then we wait for W 220 IN2 5 W(460)
wait and listen for Your Voice. My Father, speak to me W 221 L 1 W(463)
I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty W 221 L 1 W(463)
open, and I hear Your Voice. What need have I to W 226 L 2 W(468)
ears which listen to the Voice of God today. Father, I W 237 L 2 W(480)
He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks W 240 W3 4 W(484)
we come to hear the Voice of God, Who speaks to W 245 L 2 W(489)
Lesson 254. Let every voice but Gods be still W 254 L 0 W(499)
I would but hear Your Voice. In deepest silence I would W 254 L 1 W(499)
to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive Your Word W 254 L 1 W(499)
goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your W 256 L 2 W(501)
the Bearers of Your holy Voice to me. In them are W 266 L 1 W(512)
of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love W 267 L 1 W(513)
one is answered by His Voice, assuring me I am at W 267 L 1 W(513)
to listen to Gods Voice, and seek the witnesses to W 271 W6 1 W(518)
Lesson 275. Gods healing Voice protects all things today. W 275 W6 0 W(522)
Let us today attend the Voice of God, Which speaks an W 275 W6 1 W(522)
me in hearing. For the Voice of God tells us of W 275 W6 1 W(522)
this the healing of the Voice of God is found. W 275 W6 1 W(522)
L 2. Your healing Voice protects all things today, and W 275 W6 2 W(522)
anxious over nothing. For Your Voice will tell me what to W 275 W6 2 W(522)
is given me. Father, Your Voice protects all things through me W 275 W6 2 W(522)
you would not let His Voice appeal in vain, nor turn W 280 W7 3 W(528)
The Holy Spirit needs my voice today, that all the world W 296 L 1 W(545)
world may listen to Your Voice, and hear Your Word through W 296 L 1 W(545)
hear the Word Your holy Voice will speak to me today W 296 L 1 W(545)
we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to W 300 L 2 W(549)
and feet. It needs your voice. And most of all it W 300 W9 5 W(550)
the gift to hear the Voice for God proclaim that what W 310 W10 1 W(561)
to us. We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation in W 320 W11 5 W(572)
vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would W 321 L 1 W(573)
be lost to me. Your Voice directs me. And the way W 321 L 1 W(573)
and then return. Your loving Voice will always call me back W 324 L 1 W(576)
until we listen to the Voice of God. It seems that W 328 L 1 W(580)
gifts again today. Gods Voice is offering the peace of W 334 L 1 W(587)
by myself, but hear Your Voice in everything I do; requesting W 339 L 2 W(592)
For he will hear Your Voice directing him to find Christ W 340 L 1 W(593)
still, and hear the gentle Voice for God assuring you that W 347 L 2 W(601)
the ears which hear the Voice of God proclaim the world W 350 W14 4 W(605)
me, my Father, through Your Voice. For He alone gives judgment W 351 L 1 W(606)
Father, I would hear Your Voice, and find Your peace today W 352 L 1 W(607)
brother; then in me. Your Voice instructs me patiently to hear W 357 L 1 W(612)
Son today, I hear Your Voice instructing me to find the W 357 L 1 W(612)
comes from God Himself. Your Voice, my Father, then is mine W 358 L 1 W(613)
not know, and let my voice be still, remembering. But let W 358 L 1 W(613)
learn His lessons through the Voice of His own Teacher. Would W 360 FL 6 W(617)
Whom you accepted as your voice, to speak of what you W 361 EP 2 W(619)
really need. His is the Voice of God, and also yours W 361 EP 2 W(619)
them. Henceforth, hear but the Voice for God and for your W 361 EP 3 W(619)
His way, because Gods Voice directs them in all things M 5 F 1 M(14)
to be judged by the Voice for God on His behalf M 5 K 1 M(17)
heal. It is not their voice that speaks the Word of M 6 D 2 M(21)
different. They seek for Godís Voice in this brother who would M 6 D 3 M(21)
the unreality of a louder voice he hears than to that M 9 A 5 M(26)
prerequisite for hearing Gods Voice, is usually a fairly slow M 10 A 2 M(28)
very few can hear Godís Voice at all, and even they M 13 A 3 M(32)
body they can see. A voice they understand and listen to M 13 A 3 M(32)
is but to let Godís Voice speak through it to human M 13 A 4 M(33)
that keeps it holy. Godís Voice will tell him when he M 13 A 5 M(33)
trust. There is no other voice in all the world that M 14 A 6 M(36)
merely trust that, if Godís Voice tells him it is a M 15 A 4 M(38)
stand aside and hear the Voice of Judgment in yourself? Or M 16 A 2 M(39)
to be quiet, for His Voice is heard in stillness. And M 16 A 2 M(39)
is always there and Whose Voice is available but for the M 26 A 2 M(60)
the holy sound of His Voice. Who transcends these limits in M 26 A 2 M(60)
by their awakening can Godís Voice be heard.

M 27 A 3 M(62)
free because he let Godís Voice proclaim the truth. And all M 29 A 6 M(67)
the means Through which His Voice is heard around the world M 30 A 8 M(70)
or wrong, depending on the voice to which it listens. RIGHT-MINDEDNESS U 2 A 5 U(2)
made to still Gods Voice, which asks of everyone one U 3 A 9 U(5)
Him and to hear His Voice. His is the Voice for U 7 A 1 U(11)
His Voice. His is the Voice for God, and has therefore U 7 A 1 U(11)
He seems to be a Voice, for in that form He U 7 A 4 U(12)
to you to be His Voice along with him. Alone he U 7 A 5 U(12)
little while. And then the Voice is gone, no longer to U 7 A 5 U(12)
Father. Yet He needs a voice through which to speak His P 3 F 5 P(13)
other way to hear His Voice. There is no other way P 3 F 8 P(13)
healing tells him, in the Voice of God, that all his P 3 F 8 P(13)
to all who hear its Voice. This statement cannot be too P 3 G 7 P(15)
telling you; He needs your voice to speak for Him. Could P 4 A 2 P(19)
be god, or hear the Voice of Him Who is God P 4 A 2 P(19)
is to become; the single Voice Creator and creation share; the S 1 A 1 S(1)
interferes with hearing. Gods Voice is silent and speaks in S 1 A 8 S(3)
given by God through His Voice, will suit your need as S 1 B 2 S(4)
of the reply of His Voice. The real sound is always S 1 B 2 S(4)
by His holy Will. His Voice will teach you what forgiveness S 2 D 2 S(17)
given to him in the Voice his Father placed in him S 3 B 4 S(21)
s gift, for through His Voice He still can reach His S 3 B 4 S(21)
more sustained in us; His Voice, the Word of God, more S 3 C 4 S(22)
D 6. Gods Voice alone can tell you how S 3 D 6 S(25)
- the Holy Spirits voice, through whom He speaks for S 3 E 1 S(25)
He speaks for God, Whose Voice He is - such are S 3 E 1 S(25)
in quickened chorus through the voice of prayer. Forgiveness shines its S 3 E 2 S(25)
and defeat there is a Voice that speaks to you of S 3 E 7 S(27)
S(28) voice to Me. The song of S 3 E 10 S(28)
in Him, and mine the Voice that speaks this Word to G 1 A 10 G(3)
It is done. Father, your Voice has called us home at G 3 A 10 G(9)
are one, be yours the voice that echoes what the Voice G 4 A 8 G(12)
voice that echoes what the Voice for God would say: Save G 4 A 8 G(12)
its joy, and let the voice within it speak of Him G 5 A 3 G(13)