the presence of knowledge. The upper level of the unconscious thus T 4 D 7 T(209)C 36
afraid that you will be uprooted. But remember that a cobweb T 1 B 22i T(7)-7-
the underlying mechanism must be uprooted (a word you both should T 1 B 37p T(31)31
shallow roots have to be uprooted, because they are not deep T 1 B 37q T(32)32
As these false underpinnings are uprooted (or given up), equilibrium is T 1 B 37q T(32)32
drive for vengeance HAS BEEN uprooted, and has disappeared. The stillness T 16 H 6 T(627)- 454
Your relationship has been uprooted from the world of shadows T 18 K 3 T(693)517
belief in sin has been uprooted in its smile of love T 19 D 11 T(705)529
the world, this little wish, uprooted and floating aimlessly, can land T 19 E 8 T(710)534
back at the reference to uprooting, you will understand it better T 1 B 30p T(20)20
in this respect, and thus uproots the REAL source of fear T 1 B 30p T(20)20
into a fit. I am upset, but the spelling slip is T 2 B 55 T(83) 83
your Right-Mindedness, and has literally upset it. (i.e. turned it T 2 C 16 T(93)92
has always BEEN. What can upset you except the ephemeral, and T 9 H 2 T(405)- 232
Lesson 5. I am never upset for the reason I think W 5 L 0 W(8)
is the cause of your upset, using the description of the W 5 L 1 W(8)
seems accurate to you. The upset may seem to be fear W 5 L 1 W(8)
specific perceived cause of an upset in any form, use both W 5 L 2 W(8)
in which you see the upset, and the cause which you W 5 L 2 W(8)
your mind for sources of upset in which you believe, and W 5 L 2 W(8)
you believe, and forms of upset which you think result. W 5 L 2 W(8)
to some perceived sources of upset than to others. If this W 5 L 4 W(9)
cannot keep this form of upset and let the others go W 5 L 4 W(9)
number of different forms of upset that are disturbing you, regardless W 5 L 4 W(9)
both the source of the upset as you perceive it, and W 5 L 4 W(9)
Lesson 6. I am upset because I see something that W 6 L 0 W(10)
name both the form of upset (anger, fear, worry, depression, and W 6 L 1 W(10)
to anything that seems to upset you, and can profitably be W 6 L 2 W(10)
cannot keep this form of upset and let the others go W 6 L 3 W(10)
reason why you are never upset for the reason you think W 7 L 1 W(11)
the reason why you are upset because you see something that W 7 L 1 W(11)
Lesson 12. I am upset because I see a meaningless W 12 L 0 W(20)
period, add: But I am upset because I see a meaningless W 12 L 4 W(21)
then, should a meaningless world upset you? If you could accept W 12 L 5 W(21)
5) I am never upset for the reason I think W 51 L 5 W(93)
I think. I am never upset for the reason I think W 51 L 5 W(93)
1. 6) I am upset because I see what is W 52 L 1 W(94)
is impossible that it could upset me. Reality brings only perfect W 52 L 1 W(94)
perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I W 52 L 1 W(94)
of mine. I am always upset by nothing. W 52 W 52 L 1 W(94)
2. 12) I am upset because I see a meaningless W 53 L 2 W(96)
or disturb your peace, or upset you in any way. Today W 70 L 2 W(131)
perfect it can never be upset? W 122 L 2 W 122 L 1 W(244)
that you did not anticipate upsets your world, and hurls it T 24 D 3 T(847)666
statement: There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing W 5 L 3 W(8)
lesson: There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing W 6 L 3 W(10)
distortion. You think that what upsets you is a frightening world W 12 L 1 W(20)
Word of God. The truth upsets you now, but when your W 12 L 5 W(21)
situation, person, or event which upsets you. You can see them W 20 L 5 W(35)
the worlds standards, completely upsets the mental balance. What the M 9 A 1 M(25)
HS. The reason this is upsetting to you is because the T 2 B 49 T(81) 81
of the idea to each upsetting thought uncovered in the search W 6 L 2 W(10)
applying the idea to some upsetting thoughts more than to others W 6 L 3 W(10)
situations which appear to be upsetting, rather than in those which W 50 R1 4 W(90)
made up. The illusions are upsetting because I have given then W 52 L 1 W(94)
meaningless world. Insane thoughts are upsetting, and They produce a world W 53 L 2 W(96)
that ALL perception still is upside down, until its PURPOSE has T 24 H 8 T(862)681
cobwebs of iron. This is upside-down as stated. The part about T 1 B 22e T(7)-7-
and having placed this rule upside-down, the reverse of miracles, or T 1 B 30e T(18)18
than an orientation which is upside-down. Anything that holds it this T 1 B 37q T(32)32
horrible examples of inverted or upside-down thinking (and history is full T 1 B 37s T(32)32
reliable, even if it IS upside-down. In fact, the more consistently T 1 B 37u T(33)33
In fact, the more consistently upside-down it is, the more reliable T 1 B 37u T(33)33
God, it CANt be upside-down. Jack and the other very T 1 B 37aa T(35)35
only because it is invalid. Upside-down logic produces this kind of T 1 B 40h T(39)39
aspect of fear proceeds from upside-down perception. The TRULY creative devoteT 1 B 41bd T(53)53
type of paranoia is an upside-down form of religion, because of T 2 A 22 T(70)70
particularly likely to occur when upside-down perception has induced the beliefT 2 C 9 T(91)90
it. (i.e. turned it upside-down). T 2 C 17 T 2 C 16 T(93)92
is an outstanding example of upside-down perception. Actually, if it is T 2 F 4 T(118)117
Crucifixion is seen from an upside-down point of view, it certainly T 3 C 2 T(132)131
gave a very graphic but upside-down account of how the divisions T 3 F 11 T(154)153
5. In its characteristic upside-down way, the ego has taken T 4 D 5 T(208)C 35
are two glaring examples of upside-down thinking in the New Testament T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
too well to engage in upside-down thinking myself. If the Apostles T 6 B 15 T(276)C 103
rather than to re-awakening. The upside-down nature of this association isT 6 B 18 T(276)C 103
up. This conflicts with the upside-down perception which you have not T 6 F 15 T(292)119
T 6 G 5. upside-down as always, the ego perceives T 6 G 5 T(294)121
which EVERYTHING is backward and upside-down, arose from this? IT WAS T 18 B 3 T(660)487
a world COULD everything be upside-down. This IS the strange illusion T 19 C 6 T(700)524
yet can be SEEN as upside-down. And this must be corrected T 26 H 4 T(919)745
at it. I see everything upside-down, and my thoughts are the W 57 L 3 W(104)
72 L 8. Our upside-down perception has been ruinous to W 72 L 8 W(138)
all things we perceive are upside-down until we listen to the W 328 L 1 W(580)
miracle inverts perception which was upside-down before, and thus it ends W 340 W13 2 W(594)
Intellect may be a displacement upward, but sex can be a T 1 B 37ad T(35)35
MY credentials in fact, I urge you to do so. You T 1 B 22q T(8)-8-
it, and I can only urge you to avoid it. T 3 A 10 T(121)120
concerned with your minds, and urge you to follow my example T 4 E 5 T(214)C 41
For the egos destructive urge is so intense, that nothing T 12 B 1 T(485)312
periods for a while, and urge you to omit as few W 95 L 7 W(186)
determined it. And yet we urge you to bear witness to W 169 L 4 W(373)
refuse to listen. And they urge you gently to accept His W 188 L 7 W(414)
fear of dying and the urge to kill, the brotherless illusion U 3 A 8 U(5)
In peace I come, and urge you now to make an G 1 A 8 G(3)
arise. Five practice periods are urged, allowing a full minute for W 21 L 1 W(36)
A full five minutes are urged for the four longer practice W 39 L 5 W(64)
highly desirable, and you are urged to attempt this and to W 40 L 1 W(67)
and more frequent ones are urged. Close your eyes and begin W 47 L 4 W(83)
practice periods, which you are urged to follow as closely as W 110 R3 1 W(228)
judgment? You have often been urged to refrain from judging, not W 151 L 4 W(316)
You have many times been urged to look beyond the body W 161 L 6 W(351)
no form of exercise is urged, except a deep relinquishment of W 200 R6 3 W(452)