alien power, thrust upon you unwillingly. It is the one purpose W 73 L 9 W(142)
make the world, but came unwillingly to what was made already W 132 L 4 W(274)
own fear of Atonement, and unwillingness to reach the altar itself T 2 B 65 T(86)85
usually point up an underlying unwillingness to co-operate. Note that by T 2 C 16 T(93)92
in the end from an unwillingness to accept the unequivocal fact T 2 C 20 T(95)94
it DOES abolish it. The unwillingness to be seen, or submit T 2 E 49 T(112)111
it IS limited by your unwillingness to hear it. T T 5 E 5 T(242)C 69
kind is ALWAYS associated with UNWILLINGNESS to know, and produces a T 9 F 8 T(400)- 227
Him His Son, for your unwillingness to accept His Fatherhood has T 10 B 7 T(421)- 248
do this except for your UNWILLINGNESS to perceive reality, WHICH YOU T 11 B 3 T(450) 277 -
grave. And out of its unwillingness for you to find peace T 15 B 1 T(563)- 390
task to atone for your UNwillingness by His perfect faith. And T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
of YOUR recognition of your UNwillingness for your release, His PERFECT T 16 G 11 T(625)- 452
of forgetfullness is only the unwillingness to remember YOUR forgiveness andT 16 H 12 T(629)- 456
happen. For it IS your unwillingness to overlook what seems to T 22 F 6 T(812)631
it to be true? ONLY unwillingness to learn it could make T 31 A 1 T(1042)856
mistakes be corrected, and an unwillingness to try again. The Holy W 95 L 8 W(186)
held back only by your unwillingness to let them go. W 95 L 8 W(186)
not deceive yourself in this. Unwillingness can be most carefully concealedW 110 R3 2 W(228)
uphold a camouflage for your unwillingness. Those practice periods which youW 110 R3 3 W(228)
Himself. It would be most unwise to start on this step T 3 A 13 T(122)121
but it would be most unwise to have them promulgated as T 3 C 36 T(142)141
material, it would be most unwise even to attempt it. There T 3 C 37 T(143)142
ALL RESPECTS, they are probably unwise NOT to follow him. T 6 B 9 T(274)C 101
this world, your perfection is unwitnessed. God knows it, but YOU T 13 B 8 T(512)- 339
of release. Otherwise, they may unwittingly foster the misbelief that releaseT 2 C 11 T(91)90
a profound sense of personal unworthiness, which, characteristically enough, was sometimesT 3 C 31 T(141)140
and attack them for their unworthiness. That is all the world T 7 G 13 T(328)C 155
everyone. Can you, then, perceive unworthiness in a brother and NOT T 10 G 4 T(440)267
from a state of present unworthiness and inadequacy. T 18 T 18 H 5 T(683)631b
rust a sign of deep unworthiness within himself. He who would W 133 L 10 W(279)
what is refused as something unworthy. T 2 A 8 T 2 A 7 T(64)64
are engaging in a particularly unworthy form of denial. (The use T 2 C 8 T(90)89
The use of the word unworthy here implies simply that it T 2 C 8 T(90)89
Words have clearly stated is unworthy of man? T 3 T 3 C 4 T(132)131
you perceive yourself as so unworthy that deception is more fitting T 3 G 44 T(172)171
place your faith in the unworthy. Your real worth IS your T 4 A 6 T(186)C 13
man who perceived himself as unworthy because he identified with his T 4 A 7 T(186)C 13
not present a false and unworthy picture of yourselves TO others T 4 B 28 T(194)C 21
up images, perceive them as unworthy, and attack them for their T 7 G 13 T(328)C 155
only the DECISION to be unworthy of both. But you COULD T 8 F 7 T(360)C 187
you COULD not make YOURSELF unworthy because YOU ARE THE TREASURE T 8 F 7 T(360)C 187
lofty that nothing that is unworthy of God is worthy of T 9 F 10 T(401)228
you have made is so unworthy of you, that you could T 9 J 7 T(413)- 240
demonstrate that His Son is unworthy, for nothing can prove that T 10 F 18 T(438)265
narrow little beliefs which are unworthy of Gods Son. For T 10 G 3 T(439)266
see, you have judged yourself unworthy, and have condemned yourself T 11 H 14 T(475)- 302
one mind by another as UNWORTHY of love, and DESERVING of T 11 J 1 T(480)307
He has ALWAYS undone everything unworthy of the Son of God T 11 J 8 T(482)309
return it, for it is unworthy of you BECAUSE it is T 12 E 7 T(497)- 324
of you BECAUSE it is unworthy of Him. But He WOULD T 12 E 7 T(497)- 324
WITHOUT His Holiness, nor anyone unworthy of His perfect love. Fail T 13 I 5 T(537)364
you will have judged yourself UNWORTHY of it. And whatever you T 15 D 2 T(570)- 397
have made it little and unworthy, BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID OF T 16 F 10 T(619)446
is weak, and little, and unworthy of value, you would not T 16 F 11 T(619)446
did not create His dwelling-place unworthy of Him. And if you T 18 E 3 T(671)- 498
If you maintain you are unworthy of LEARNING this, you are T 18 E 5 T(672)- 499
faith, you SEE what IS unworthy of it, and CANNOT look T 19 B 7 T(696)520
of God, and judges him UNWORTHY of forgiveness. But, through the T 19 B 10 T(697)521
entrust His Son to the unworthy. Nothing but what is PART T 22 B 10 T(799)619
mercy lost, condemns you as UNWORTHY of forgiveness. The unforgiven HAVE T 25 J 8 T(899)718
brother, focus of your hate, unworthy to be part of you T 27 C 14 T(942)768
from all thoughts that are unworthy of Him Whose host you W 45 L 9 W(80)
you to regard yourself as unworthy of the task assigned to W 64 L 3 W(117)
You give charity to one unworthy merely to point out that W 126 L 3 W(255)
which you bestow on one unworthy of the gift because his W 126 L 3 W(255)
Yet think not healing is unworthy of your function here. For W 137 L 6 W(297)
if another thinks your gifts unworthy. In his mind there is W 197 L 4 W(441)
shares, since both have been unworthy and deserve the retribution of S 2 C 3 S(16)
notebook. I dont give up as easily as HE does T 1 B 22m T(8)-8-
threat connotations which he made up himself. No REAL threat is T 1 B 23f T(11)11
while you were all doped up. Remember, God is not mocked T 1 B 30c T(18)18
does DIRECT, leaving the following up to you. Lead us not T 1 B 30l T(19)19
1 B 30m. Take up thy cross and follow me T 1 B 30m T(19)19
acts as a catalyst, shaking up erroneous perception and snapping it T 1 B 32b T(22)22
may come and say Get up, Dave, and then he will T 1 B 36s T(28)28
man couldnt pick HS up, etc.) to show you that T 1 B 37j T(30)30
underpinnings are uprooted (or given up), equilibrium is experienced as unstableT 1 B 37q T(32)32
is, because consistency always held up better mathematically than test-re-test comparisonsT 1 B 37u T(33)33
it IS a desert (Bring up that dream about the Bluebird T 1 B 37af T(36)36
the way it was set up. It ALWAYS measures what it T 1 B 40 T(37)37
The whole process was set up as a learning experience in T 1 B 40d T(38)38
keep your perception right side up, (or valid), so you will T 1 B 40q T(40)40
voluntary aspects of miracle-mindedness, ARE up to you.

T 1 B 40r T(40)40
In the process of rising up, I AM higher. This is T 1 B 40z T(42)42
the level-confusion involved. This set up a state in which real T 1 B 41w T(49)49
would bother even to get up and go from one place T 1 B 41ak T(51)51
introduce correction from the bottom UP.

--- Manuscript
T 1 B 41aq T(51)51
now operates in space, where up and down are meaningful terms T 1 B 41ar T(52)52
wanted to abandon or give up the fantasies, but because you T 1 B 41av T(52)52
this way. b. They set up substitute goals, which are usually T 1 C 10 T(57)57
of his own creation is up to him. T 2 T 2 A 5 T(64)64
reference made to his waking up. While Christian Science is clearly T 2 A 11 T(65)65
simultaneously, but you are not up to this at the moment T 2 A 27 T(71)71
23. Let us take up the first, because a clear T 2 B 23 T(77)77
while, I decided to give up for the time being, and T 2 B 52 T(82) 82
or inducing it to give up miscreation) is the only application T 2 C 12 T(92)91
erratic behavior, which usually point up an underlying unwillingness to co-operateT 2 C 16 T(93)92
because YOU have NOT MADE UP YOUR MIND. Your will is T 2 D 12 T(99)98
and DOESNt look it up. He believes that, although he T 3 A 2 T(120) 119
much wiser had you built up her confidence, instead of associating T 3 A 21 T(125)124
succeed. The error is showing up now.) T 3 A T 3 A 21 T(125)124
rather ambivalently, and had gotten up to do so, but remembered T 3 A 35 T(128)127
were unwilling to give it up because of its prominent escape T 3 C 6 T(133)132
single instances, rather than building up the generalization after analyzing numerousT 3 C 12 T(135)134
suggest that you voluntarily give up all attempts to do so T 3 D 5 T(145)144
mind arose from the bottom UP. Actually, this is impossible, because T 3 F 11 T(154)153
at it from the bottom UP) because it doesnt understand T 3 F 12 T(154)153
he was getting too far UP for comfort according to his T 3 F 15 T(155)154
CORRECT error from the bottom up. I demonstrated both the powerlessness T 3 F 21 T(157)156
meaning of the celestial speed- up. Strong wills can do this T 3 F 23 T(157)156
knows, but one which is up to him. The first part T 3 G 5 T(160)159
involved must want to give up everything that is NOT true T 3 G 24 T(165)164
of believing that this is up to you. You do NOT T 3 G 46 T(173)172
a straggling road in Spain Up which a lean and foolish T 4 A 8 T(187)?23
endless, unless they are given up by an act of will T 4 A 9 T(187)?23
remember that laws are set up to protect the continuity of T 4 B 15 T(191)C 18
barriers the ego has set up and shine into your minds T 4 D 8 T(209)C 36
entered your minds to give up every idea you have ever T 4 D 17 T(211)C 38
look to find yourself is up to you. We have said T 4 E 2 T(214)C 41
When you have given up this voluntary dis-spiriting, you have T 4 E 11 T(216)C 43
preoccupations with conceptual problems set up to be incapable of solution T 4 F 16 T(223)C 50
did, because he will give up his major misdefense AFTER he T 4 G 19 T(228)C 55
you that I could reach up and bring the Holy Spirit T 5 B 5 T(235)C 62
By choosing one, you give up the other. This IS a T 5 D 3 T(237)C 64
has done so. Having given up its thought DISORDER, the proper T 5 H 1 T(259)C 86
look to find yourself is up to you. The Higher Court T 5 H 13 T(262)C 89
mind could devise to set up a form of therapy which T 5 I 9 T(266)C 93
and turning it right side up. This conflicts with the upside-down T 6 F 15 T(292)119
persuade you that it is up to YOU to decide which T 6 G 8 T(295)122
insane to believe IT IS UP TO YOU to decide what T 6 G 9 T(296)C 123
WANT peace, you MUST give up the IDEA of conflict ENTIRELY T 7 G 10 T(327)C 154
WHAT you can understand as UP TO YOU TO DECIDE. The T 7 G 11 T(328)C 155
TO attack. Therefore, they make up images, perceive them as unworthy T 7 G 13 T(328)C 155
apply it. This choice IS up to you, but it is T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
you, but it is NOT up to you to decide whether T 7 I 2 T(335)C 162
will INSIST on giving it up. Therefore, it tries to persuade T 7 I 3 T(335)C 162
conflict, lest you give IT up and free YOURSELF. The ego T 7 I 3 T(335)C 162
and you WILL be giving up the ego, but you will T 7 K 2 T(341)C 168
peace, which YOU are giving up by attacking them. How can T 8 B 1 T(346)C 173
you have what YOU give up? You SHARE to have, but T 8 B 1 T(346)C 173
you do NOT give it up yourselves.

T 8 B 1 T(346)C 173
When you GIVE UP peace, you are EXCLUDING yourself T 8 B 1 T(347) C 174
perception, the whole is built up of parts, which can separate T 8 H 2 T(369)C 196
egos skill in building up false cases. And no-one can T 8 H 9 T(372)C 199
And this part only is up to you. The rest is T 8 I 2 T(373)C 200
have set this strange situation up so that it is COMPLETELY T 8 J 3 T(377)C 204
your brother gives you is UP TO YOU. What does he T 8 K 5 T(383)210
him. It is the GIVING UP of correction in YOURSELF. T 9 B 1 T(386)213
YOURSELF truly. It is not up to you to CHANGE him T 9 B 3 T(387)214
FEARER, how can this build up ego STRENGTH? These perfectly self-evident T 9 D 5 T(393)220
He believes that it is up to him to teach the T 9 D 6 T(393)220
to everything you perceive, is up to you, because your will T 9 H 3 T(405)- 232
will realize how much IS up to you. When ANYTHING threatens T 9 H 4 T(405)- 232
2. But to give up the dissociation of REALITY brings T 9 I 2 T(407)- 234
waiting for your acceptance. Give up gladly EVERYTHING that would stand T 9 I 2 T(407)- 234
have been willing to give up your own perfect helpfullness, and T 9 I 18 T(411)- 238
19. You can give up the god of sickness for T 9 I 19 T(412)- 239
so, if you give him up for yourself. For if you T 9 I 19 T(412)- 239
are NOT free to give up freedom, but only to DENY T 9 J 6 T(413)- 240
with you, and hold it up to the foundation of the T 10 B 1 T(419)- 246
understand totality by BREAKING IT UP is clearly the characteristically contradictoryT 10 F 14 T(437)- 264
it perceives, by breaking it up into small and disconnected parts T 10 F 14 T(437)- 264
NOT believe. Perceptions are built up on the basis of experience T 10 G 1 T(439)266
dictates, then, can be summed up simply as, Seek and do T 11 E 1 T(463)- 290
do not try to set up curriculum goals, where yours have T 11 F 6 T(466)- 293
as YOU have set it up, is reversed.

T 11 F 11 T(467)294
that WHAT you project is up to you, but it is T 11 H 7 T(473)- 300
you, but it is NOT up to you WHETHER to project T 11 H 7 T(473)- 300
Yet it is no more up to you to decide what T 11 I 3 T(477)304
is invisible, than it is up to you to decide what T 11 I 3 T(477)304
its end, it will roll up like a long carpet that T 11 J 7 T(482)309
His answer but will give up insanity. For His answer is T 12 C 13 T(491)318
are ideas which YOU made up, and you are bent on T 12 D 2 T(492)319
are NOT heard. They make up a PRIVATE world which CANNOT T 12 E 1 T(496)- 323
real, for they are made up ONLY of his REACTIONS to T 12 E 2 T(496)- 323
will merely serve to tighten up your world AGAINST the light T 12 G 10 T(508)- 335
do on earth are lifted up to Heaven, and to Him T 13 B 8 T(512)- 339
But they CAN be given up BY him, for the Source T 13 F 4 T(526)353
universe of learning will open up before you, in all its T 13 G 7 T(529)- 356
from the past, and open up the way to freedom FOR T 13 G 8 T(529)- 356
guilt INSTEAD of love. Give up this frantic and insane attempt T 13 I 6 T(537)364
that littleness can be blown up, BY THEM, into a sense T 15 D 7 T(571)- 398
it is necessary to give up EVERY use the ego has T 15 I 10 T(591)- 418
rituals that you have set up, in which the dance of T 16 F 13 T(620)447
you will be abruptly lifted up, and hurled into reality. Time T 16 G 7 T(623)- 450
the simple willingness to give up nothing, BECAUSE it is nothing T 16 G 10 T(624)- 451
452 - UP NOTHING! The joy of Heaven T 16 G 10 T(625)- 452
and the sun, which opened up the world to beauty, will T 17 C 4 T(633)- 460
12. It is still up to you to choose to T 17 D 12 T(638)- 465
not to have it MADE UP TO YOU elsewhere, as if T 17 H 2 T(654)481
NOT believe that it is up to you to establish the T 18 E 4 T(672)- 499
ITSELF. It is NOT made up of different PARTS, which reach T 18 G 9 T(678)505
is that you have GIVEN UP the illusion of a LIMITED T 18 G 13 T(680)507
scorched and joyless, that makes up your little kingdom. And realize T 18 I 8 T(687)511
ground. See how life springs up everywhere! The desert becomes a T 18 I 9 T(687)511
in which you set it up, surrounded by darkness, guarded by T 18 J 2 T(689)513
to BOTH, is to set up a goal forever impossible to T 19 B 4 T(695)519
DEDICATION TO ILLUSION. And GIVEN UP when BROUGHT to truth, and T 19 B 5 T(696)520
a world IT rules, made up of bodies, mindless, and capable T 19 C 6 T(700)524
this little wisp is lifted up and carried away, never to T 19 E 10 T(710)534
of the body is given up in favor of the Spirit T 19 K 5 T(727)551
help. IT does not open up its secrets, and bid you T 19 L 1 T(728)552
at all. But first, lift up your eyes and look upon T 19 L 1 T(728)552
a toy you would pick up from time to time and T 20 C 6 T(737)561
NEVER crucified. Let us lift up our eyes together, not in T 20 C 8 T(737)561
you disappear. YOU MADE THIS UP. It is a picture of T 20 D 4 T(741)565
the light, do not leap up in joy the instant they T 20 D 10 T(743)567
you LOSE. It is not up to you to give power T 20 E 1 T(745)568
would RECEIVE of him, is up to you. It lies in T 20 E 3 T(745)568
about him are NOT held up to his reality. Here are T 20 H 6 T(756)579
REALLY understood you made it up? What if you realized that T 20 I 8 T(761)583
should be, YOU have set up your idols to something ELSE T 21 C 7 T(769)591
YOUR task, but it IS up to you to welcome it T 21 C 9 T(770)592
strike them dead, and raising up their helplessness AGAINST him. They T 21 H 2 T(788)609
it is ATTAINED by GIVING UP the wish for the INconstant T 21 H 13 T(792)613
and where and when, is up to Him. T 22 T 22 G 8 T(816)635
offer to the other lights up the world. Be not concerned T 22 G 10 T(816)635
beside you! Do not give up this world of freedom, for T 23 A 4 T(820)639
it true? Nor IS it up to you to say what T 23 B 5 T(822)641
take a little; and GIVE UP the rest. Salvation gives up T 23 D 3 T(833)652
UP the rest. Salvation gives up nothing. It is complete for T 23 D 3 T(833)652
now your purpose. Be lifted up, and from a higher place T 23 E 5 T(836)655
to you, and hold you up. For you have chosen to T 23 E 6 T(836)655
it a sacrifice to give up nothing, and to receive the T 24 C 6 T(843)662
prevents you still from giving up the hopeless and unrewarding task T 25 C 3 T(868)687
means to hold the picture up, so that it can be T 25 C 4 T(869)688
as Itself. Its holiness lights up the sinlessness the frame of T 25 C 7 T(870)689
from this, to hold it up and offer it support. This T 25 D 1 T(873)692
be, and light the BODY up INSTEAD of it. The lamps T 25 D 5 T(874)693
you make. The rest is up to God, and NOT to T 25 H 4 T(887)706
would keep and NOT give up. So is the victim seen T 25 I 4 T(892)711
for ONLY justice can set up a state in which there T 25 J 4 T(898)717
ITSELF a sacrifice; a giving up of power, in the name T 26 A 1 T(901)720
lies the ability to give up ALL attempts to choose BETWEEN T 26 D 6 T(908)727
BE hard to give it up, and choose what MUST be T 26 D 6 T(909)728
of God? Can it be up to you to see the T 26 F 8 T(914)740
of Them have miracles sprung up as grass and flowers on T 26 J 3 T(928)754
What hatred claimed is given up to love, and freedom lights T 26 J 4 T(929)755
to love, and freedom lights up every living thing and lifts T 26 J 4 T(929)755
APART from light is given up, that light may shine on T 26 J 5 T(929)755
for Them has been set up. There is no place in T 26 J 5 T(929)755
entered in. Your footprints lighten up the world, for where you T 26 J 6 T(929)755
can you perceive, to lighten up your way. And so you T 26 K 6 T(932)758
silent dead, are gently lifted up and comforted. There IS no T 27 F 3 T(950)776
and these specific shapes make up the world. And no-one understands T 27 F 7 T(952)778
be understood by merely counting up the separate parts. God thanks T 27 F 10 T(953)779
that you have set it up. How COULD there be another T 27 H 2 T(957)783
seen. No-one has difficulty making up his mind to let a T 27 H 2 T(957)783
but a dancing shadow, leaping up and down, according to a T 27 H 9 T(959)- 785
only ONE is seen as up to you? An honest choice T 27 H 10 T(960)786
smile has come to lighten up your sleeping face. The sleep T 27 H 14 T(961)787
dream about, INSTEAD of counting up the hurts he gave. Forgive T 27 H 15 T(961)787
perception, is a skill made up by you, to take the T 28 A 2 T(967)793
wills that he be lifted up, and gently carried over. HE T 28 B 13 T(971)797
he perceives HE MADE THEM UP. The fear was held in T 28 C 7 T(973)- 799
the active role in making up the dream. They are the T 28 C 12 T(975)- 801
uncertain steps to be directed up the ladder separation led you T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
and simple in the rising up to waking and the ending T 28 D 1 T(975)- 801
they have joined, and covered up the space which seemed to T 28 D 5 T(976)- 802
in separation, and its giving up WOULD BE A SACRIFICE. But T 28 E 9 T(981)807
And its inherent weaknesses set up the limitations on what YOU T 29 B 2 T(991)817
Until you realize you give up NOTHING; until you understand there T 29 C 1 T(993)819
a hymn to Heaven rises up to gladden God the Father T 29 F 1 T(1001)815
To sacrifice is to GIVE UP, and thus to be without T 29 H 4 T(1007)821
loss. And, BY this giving up is life renounced. Seek not T 29 H 4 T(1007)821
change all this, and open up a road of hope and T 29 H 6 T(1007)821
What hand could be held up to block Gods way T 29 I 4 T(1010)824
idols that they raise him up? Hear, then, your story in T 29 J 1 T(1012)826
to forget that they made up the dream in which their T 29 J 4 T(1013)827
problem now. You still make up your minds, and THEN decide T 30 B 2 T(1016)830
did not set His kingdom up alone. And Heaven itself but T 30 C 1 T(1021)835
holds it safe, forever lifted up and anchored sure. Its perfect T 30 D 8 T(1025)839
not see you made it up. You ALWAYS fight illusions. For T 30 E 1 T(1027)841
when a wooden head springs up as a closed box is T 30 E 2 T(1027)841
30 F 8. Give up the world! But NOT to T 30 F 8 T(1032)846
And every lesson that makes up the world arises from the T 31 A 4 T(1043)857
thoughts, which are being covered up by them. The good ones W 4 L 2 W(6)
your past experiences of picking up a cup, being thirsty, drinking W 7 L 3 W(11)
look about, near or far, up or down, -- anywhere. During W 11 L 2 W(19)
world I see by giving up attack thoughts. W 23 L 0 W(38)
Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world W 23 L 1 W(38)
from the world by giving up attack thoughts about . Hold each W 23 L 6 W(39)
to be willing to give up the goals you have established W 25 L 5 W(43)
you the holiness that lights up the world, you will understand W 29 L 3 W(49)
idea will the world open up before you, and you will W 30 L 1 W(51)
it. You can give it up as easily as you made W 32 L 1 W(53)
easily as you made it up. You will see it or W 32 L 1 W(53)
figure cross your mind. Pick up any specific situation that occurs W 35 L 7 W(58)
Do not strain to think up specific things to fill the W 35 L 8 W(58)
possible during the day, pick up a specific attribute or attributes W 35 L 9 W(58)
as soon as you get up if possible, sit quietly for W 41 L 6 W(69)
thoughts which you have made up. Properly speaking, this is the W 44 L 5 W(75)
with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts W 45 L 6 W(79)
with illusions which I made up. The illusions are upsetting because W 52 L 1 W(94)
so doing I am giving up nothing. W 52 L W 52 L 3 W(94)
from the world by giving up attack thoughts. Herein lies my W 55 L 3 W(100)
a prisoner. I would give up insane wishes, and walk into W 57 L 1 W(104)
world I see. I made up the prison in which I W 57 L 2 W(104)
the rules which I made up for it to obey. I W 57 L 4 W(104)
my eyes, His Love lights up the world for me to W 60 L 5 W(111)
the ego, and is made up of illusions. The other is W 66 L 7 W(122)
over you, and holding you up. Try to believe, however briefly W 68 L 7 W(127)
in us and holding it up for everyone who searches with W 69 L 3 W(128)
a sense of being lifted up and carried ahead. Your little W 69 L 6 W(129)
that the ego has set up a plan for salvation in W 71 L 1 W(134)
laws which you have set up to save you. You really W 76 L 3 W(149)
a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers W 76 L 5 W(149)
And as you raise it up before your eyes, you will W 78 L 1 W(154)
you regard them. Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think W 79 L 5 W(157)
given the function of lighting up the world! Let me be W 81 L 2 W(164)
am constantly tempted to make up other laws, and give them W 88 L 5 W(171)
what seeing means is tied up with the body, and its W 92 L 1 W(177)
special function. He will open up the way to happiness, and W 98 L 9 W(196)
Light seek out and lighten up all darkened spots, and shine W 99 L 9 W(198)
peace and joy be lifted up, and what is yours can W 105 L 8 W(211)
is the key that opens up the gate of Heaven, and W 110 L 9 W(226)
be sure that you catch up in terms of numbers. Rituals W 110 R3 2 W(228)
Of holiness and truth light up my mind, And let me W 111 L 1 W(231)
lets the veil be lifted up which hides the Face of W 122 L 3 W(244)
hell. In quietness it rises up to greet your open eyes W 122 L 8 W(245)
your mind wherever you give up a false belief, a dark W 127 L 8 W(259)
emphasis is not on giving up the world, but on exchanging W 129 L 1 W(263)
of differences you believe make up the world. They are not W 130 L 4 W(266)
s enemy has made them up. Yet love can have no W 130 L 4 W(266)
is not there, it opens up the way to truth, which W 134 L 8 W(282)
way your true forgiveness opens up to you. For if one W 134 L 8 W(282)
practicing becomes the footsteps lightening up the way for all our W 134 L 14 W(283)
begin to sense a lifting up, a lightening of weight across W 134 L 17 W(284)
plans the unhealed mind sets up to save itself must make W 135 L 14 W(287)
itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings. It W 135 L 16 W(288)
until the world is lighted up with joy. And gladly will W 135 L 21 W(289)
demands for sacrifice. You give up nothing in these times today W 135 L 25 W(290)
escape is necessary, and sets up a series of defenses to W 136 L 4 W(291)
the one who made them up? Who else can see them W 136 L 10 W(293)
we wait in silence, giving up all self-deceptions as we humbly W 152 L 11 W(323)
attests to weakness, and sets up a system of defense which W 153 L 2 W(324)
meet the day. We rise up strong in Christ, and let W 153 L 19 W(328)
world recedes as we light up our minds, and realize these W 154 L 13 W(332)
If truth demanded they give up the world, it would appear W 155 L 4 W(333)
which God has opened up to you, and them through W 155 L 5 W(334)
It go before you, lighting up the path of ransom from W 155 L 8 W(334)
this in value; nor set up a goal which does not W 158 L 8 W(342)
walks with him, and open up his treasures to be free W 166 L 6 W(365)
now, and justice has caught up with you at last. Christ W 166 L 9 W(365)
to us and lifts us up, taking salvations final step W 168 L 3 W(371)
every face as hearts rise up and claim the light as W 168 L 4 W(371)
attack. Yet your defense sets up an enemy within; an alien W 170 L 3 W(377)
stumble, You will raise us up. If we forget the way W 170 R5 3 W(381)
course was sent to open up the path of light to W 170 R5 5 W(382)
the thoughts to hold it up before our minds, and keep W 170 R5 11 W(383)
a special point of firming up your willingness to make your W 180 IN2 3 W(387)
that comes as you give up your tight control of what W 180 IN2 4 W(387)
essential to establishing and holding up your faith in your ability W 181 L 1 W(388)
is His holiness that lights up Heaven, and that brings to W 183 L 4 W(394)
by symbols. You have made up names for everything you see W 184 L 1 W(398)
Its home within, and lightens up the world in innocence. W 189 L 9 W(418)
A miracle has lighted up all dark and ancient caverns W 191 L 8 W(423)
are one, and therefore give up nothing, for we have indeed W 192 L 6 W(426)
at last, to raise it up to Heaven. God will take W 193 L 13 W(431)
they underfoot. And you look up and on toward Heaven, with W 200 L 10 W(451)
relinquishment of everything that clutters up the mind, and makes it W 200 R6 3 W(452)
which you denied be given up in sure and quick exchange W 200 R6 5 W(453)
His hand has held us up. His Thoughts have lit the W 220 IN2 9 W(461)
illusions. Now I give them up, and lay them down before W 227 L 1 W(469)
sin my foolish mind made up. And thanks to You for W 229 L 2 W(471)
Your strength to hold me up today, while I but do W 290 L 2 W(538)
for everything. Yet it is up to us when this is W 292 L 1 W(541)
extend beyond itself, and reaching up to God. The Second Coming W 300 W9 3 W(550)
will come immediately, and fill up the space the ego left W 319 L 1 W(570)
Lesson 322. I can give up but what was never real W 322 L 0 W(574)
created me, I can give up nothing You gave me. What W 322 L 2 W(574)
You ask him to give up all suffering, all sense of W 323 L 1 W(575)
From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing W 325 L 1 W(577)
apart from Yours but makes up dreams. Let me behold what W 325 L 2 W(577)
the signs of life spring up, to show that what is W 340 W13 5 W(594)
The curriculum that you set up is therefore determined exclusively by M 1 A 3 M(1)
9) world made up. It is governed by a M 5 B 1 M(9)
this is interpreted as giving up the desirable it will engender M 5 B 5 M(10)
as he actually does give up the valueless. Through this, he M 5 B 5 M(10)
his whole way out. Give up what you do not want M 5 B 6 M(10)
in the sense of giving up. To the teachers of God M 5 H 1 M(15)
for a time. To give up all problems to one Answer M 5 J 1 M(16)
The patient could merely rise up without their aid and say M 6 C 2 M(19)
the storehouse of treasures laid up equally for the giver and M 7 A 2 M(22)
been received. It is not up to him to judge when M 7 A 2 M(22)
of God learns to give up his own judgment. The giving M 10 A 2 M(28)
his own judgment. The giving up of judgment, the obvious prerequisite M 10 A 2 M(28)
that he cannot. In giving up judgment he merely gives up M 11 A 2 M(29)
up judgment he merely gives up what he did not have M 11 A 2 M(29)
did not have. He gives up an illusion; or better, he M 11 A 2 M(29)
has an illusion of giving up. He has actually merely become M 11 A 2 M(29)
the teacher of God rise up unburdened, and walk lightly on M 11 A 5 M(30)
true. For he has given up their cause, and they, which M 11 A 6 M(30)
in answer to raise it up again. Now is the question M 12 A 4 M(31)
is a sacrifice to give up the things of this world M 14 A 1 M(34)
have no regret on giving up the pleasures of the world M 14 A 4 M(35)
it a sacrifice to give up pain? Does an adult resent M 14 A 4 M(35)
an adult resent the giving up of childrenís toys? Does one M 14 A 4 M(35)
It always means the giving up of what you want. And M 14 A 6 M(36)
half sacrifices. You cannot give up Heaven partially. You cannot be M 14 A 7 M(36)
believe, because you have set up a situation that is impossible M 14 A 7 M(36)
and even with contempt; give up these foolish thoughts. They are M 16 A 3 M(40)
for which they were set up. Broadly speaking, then, it can M 17 A 2 M(40)
It is better to sit up, in whatever position you prefer M 17 A 5 M(41)
not there. What you give up is merely the illusion of M 17 A 6 M(42)
he merely chooses to give up all that he never had M 17 A 10 M(43)
concept of the world built up in just this way. Sins M 20 A 3 M(49)
that you have picked it up again. But you will learn M 21 A 4 M(51)
insanity indeed. It is not up to Godís teachers to set M 23 A 7 M(55)
Him, because it is not up to them to judge His M 23 A 7 M(55)
it really useful in lighting up the way? Like many other M 25 A 1 M(58)
appeal to magic to make up a power that does not M 26 A 1 M(60)
And we, Godís children, rise up from the dust and look M 29 A 4 M(67)
world, as it is lifted up and brought to truth. M 29 A 4 M(67)
see a sudden brightness cover up the world the ego made U 3 A 9 U(5)
them unwilling merely to rise up and to return to Him U 4 A 2 U(6)
Holy of the Holies opens up an ancient door that leads U 8 A 1 U(13)
journey lacked til now. Look up and see His Word among U 8 A 4 U(13)
Name along with His. Look up and find your certain destiny U 8 A 4 U(13)
is a concept he made up. Further, he cherishes it, defends P 2 A 3 P(2)
the end. But that is up to Him. We are all P 2 A 5 P(2)
both will learn to give up their original goals, for it P 3 A 4 P(3)
They are finally given up in the minds of both P 3 A 4 P(4)
who comes. This is not up to you to decide. There P 4 A 1 P(19)
Son of God, and rising up as God created you, dispense S 1 A 3 S(1)
will grow and hold you up as you ascend the shining S 1 A 3 S(1)
8. Answers are not up to you. Any limit you S 1 A 8 S(3)
is an offering; a giving up of oneself to be at S 1 B 5 S(4)
and help to raise you up to Him. One who has S 1 B 6 S(5)
Prayer is a ladder reaching up to Heaven. At the top S 1 C 7 S(7)
remains unattained. Prayer is tied up with learning until the goal S 1 C 9 S(7)
goals, until it reaches even up to God. S 1 S 1 D 1 S(8)
free. Guilt must be given up, and not concealed. Nor can S 1 D 4 S(8)
are always made to set up jailers and to hide from S 1 D 7 S(9)
in prayer, and so reach up yourself. This step begins the S 1 E 2 S(9)
for things, and thus set up but an illusion of a S 1 E 2 S(10)
But here again it rises up, slowly at first, and grows S 1 F 1 S(10)
must come to hold you up and keep your feet secure S 2 A 1 S(12)
becomes unneeded when the rising up is done. Yet now it S 2 A 1 S(12)
and prayer will lift you up and bring you home where S 2 C 8 S(17)
a way to draw you up to where the sight of S 2 D 2 S(17)
the eyes you choose. Give up all else, for there IS S 2 D 2 S(17)
have chosen holiness, and given up all separate dreams of special S 3 E 1 S(25)
healed. Your prayer has risen up and called to God, Who S 3 E 4 S(26)
burden from the world. Lift up your hearts to greet its S 3 E 9 S(27)
of salvaging despair and building up deceptions once again. G G 1 A 6 G(2)