have willed, therefore, to create unlike Him, and you have made T 4 B 24 T(194)C 21
cannot make creators who are unlike your Creator, any more than T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
created a Son who was unlike Him. If creation is sharing T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
it cannot create what is unlike itself. It can share only T 9 K 5 T(416)- 243
are there. For what is unlike God cannot enter His Mind T 10 D 6 T(428)255
of His Will CANNOT be unlike ITSELF. The real conflict you T 10 F 6 T(434)- 261
autonomy you tried to create UNLIKE your Father, BELIEVING what you T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
to be capable of BEING unlike Him. Yet everything in what T 10 H 3 T(443)- 270
by the desire to be unlike Him. And this desire IS T 11 D 10 T(462)- 289
loves. Seek not to love UNLIKE Him, for there IS no T 13 D 11 T(519)- 346
because each sees the other UNLIKE the way he sees HIMSELF T 14 B 1 T(540)- 367
MEANS. If you would love UNlike to God, Who KNOWS no T 15 F 3 T(577)404
be natural, for it is UNlike the relationship of God and T 16 G 1 T(622)- 449
and ALL relationships that are unlike this One, MUST be unnatural T 16 G 1 T(622)- 449
an AVENGER, with a mind UNLIKE your own, could stamp it T 19 D 1 T(702)526
PART of Him is totally unlike the rest. If sin is T 19 D 8 T(704)528
one still seems fearful, and UNLIKE the others. Yet reason would T 21 H 7 T(790)611
through a world of strangers, UNLIKE themselves, living with their bodies T 22 A 3 T(795)- 616
hold them SEEM to be unlike, and THEREFORE enemies. T T 23 C 2 T(825)644
is nothing in the universe unlike itself. T 24 B T 24 B 3 T(839)658
savior, the creator who creates UNLIKE the Father, and which made T 24 C 3 T(842)661
does not make the same unlike,

--- Manuscript
T 25 J 9 T(899)718
impossible is that you be UNLIKE each other; that they BOTH T 27 I 13 T(966)792
other mind, creating with effects UNLIKE yourself. And, AS their father T 28 C 3 T(972)- 798
This is a feast unlike indeed to those the dreaming T 28 D 8 T(977)- 803
the same appears to be unlike. His dreams are yours, because T 28 E 5 T(980)806
is to attain a state unlike the one in which you T 29 C 7 T(995)821
YOU can set a goal unlike Gods Purpose FOR you T 29 G 3 T(1004)818
W 4 L 1. Unlike the preceding ones, these exercises W 4 L 1 W(6)
your Source, and make you unlike Him. It makes you believe W 68 L 1 W(126)
conceive of his Creator as unlike himself. W 68 L W 68 L 1 W(126)
as well. A creator wholly unlike his creation is inconceivable. W 72 L 4 W(137)
support. Now must it reconcile unlike with like, for this is W 96 L 6 W(190)
present, where a future shines unlike the past in every attribute W 127 L 9 W(260)
for Gods creation is unlike the world in every way W 132 L 11 W(275)
to guarantee a future quite unlike the past, without a continuity W 135 L 17 W(288)
attribute it proves that laws unlike the ones which hold that W 137 L 8 W(297)
The aim of our curriculum, unlike the goal of the world M 11 A 3 M(29)
every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences. It calls M 21 A 2 M(50)
is one with God be unlike Him? Who transcends the body M 24 A 3 M(56)
s, it has one difference. Unlike all other illusions it leads U 4 A 1 U(6)
end will come with this. Unlike the timeless nature of its S 2 A 1 S(12)
I am. A teacher is unlikely to be effective unless he T 3 G 46 T(173)172
made of you seems most unlikely. Even if he did, who T 31 E 9 T(1057)871
accept it intellectually, it is unlikely that it will mean anything W 9 L 1 W(15
s plan. It is most unlikely that changes in his attitudes M 10 A 1 M(27)
advised. And this is most unlikely. He might be advised that M 25 A 5 M(59)
that its creative power is unlimited, but choice itself is meaningless T 5 D 4 T(238)C 65
IS the call to the unlimited. Child of God, my message T 5 D 15 T(240)C 67
This alignment with Light is unlimited, because it is in alignment T 6 C 15 T(281)C 108
boundaries because its extension is unlimited, and it encompasses all thingsT 8 C 8 T(350)C 177
glory, and are therefore as unlimited as He is. To what T 8 C 9 T(350)C 177
because He was created by unlimited Will in ORDER to teach T 8 D 2 T(351)C 78
Gods way of making unlimited what YOU have limited. His T 8 G 4 T(364)C 191
NO ATTACK, but there IS unlimited communication and therefore unlimited powerT 8 G 19 T(368)C 195
IS unlimited communication and therefore unlimited power and wholeness. The powerT 8 G 19 T(368)C 195
Son. His learning is as unlimited as HE is.
T 11 F 12 T(468)- 295
his holy Son. Light is unlimited, and spreads across this world T 12 F 11 T(504)- 331
Rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to God T 15 I 8 T(591)- 418
IMPOSSIBLE. For communication MUST be UNlimited in order to HAVE meaning T 15 I 9 T(591)- 418
His attraction for you remains unlimited, but, because your power, BEING T 15 I 13 T(592)- 419
Son of God, and his unlimited power is thus restored to T 15 J 3 T(593)- 420
How can you grant unlimited power to what you think T 16 F 11 T(619)446
SMALL willingness COMBINED with the unlimited power of HIS Will. You T 18 E 4 T(671)- 498
was MADE to limit the UNlimited. Think not that this is T 18 I 1 T(685) 509
present. Now is he free, unlimited in his communion with all T 20 C 10 T(738)562
the holy instant, and its unlimited beneficence? Is the malevolence of T 20 G 9 T(753)576
are the same. Joy is unlimited, BECAUSE each shining thought of T 22 G 16 T(818)637
denies that EVERYTHING is his, unlimited by loss of any kind T 26 H 13 T(922)748
APPEARS to interfere with power unlimited and SINGLE thoughts, complete andT 27 D 7 T(946)772
that they remain unviolated and unlimited. Your part is merely to T 27 F 9 T(952)778
share. The Guests have brought unlimited supply with Them. And no-one T 28 D 8 T(977)- 803
in quiet and in peace unlimited. T 29 I 3 T 29 I 2 T(1009)823
no form BECAUSE it is unlimited. To seek a special person T 30 D 3 T(1023)837
Real vision is not only unlimited by space and distance, but W 30 L 4 W(51)
kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it W 38 L 1 W(62)
cannot do. My holiness is unlimited in its power to heal W 58 L 3 W(106)
to heal, because it is unlimited in its power to save W 58 L 3 W(106)
I am not limited, but unlimited. I am not doubtful, but W 91 L 8 W(175)
extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness, and love W 105 L 4 W(210)
Himself, and so are you unlimited as well.

W 127 L 4 W(258)
and plain as day, remains unlimited for all eternity. And God W 129 L 4 W(263)
complete because its sharing is unlimited. And thus you learn to W 162 L 4 W(354)
serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever, in all ways, beyond W 199 L 2 W(447)
of God. My brothers are unlimited in all their gifts to W 315 L 2 W(566)
partner who presents him with unlimited opportunities for learning. These relationshipsM 4 A 5 M(7)
dark forest of the sightless, unlit but by the shifting, tiny T 24 F 4 T(853)672
no need, no emptiness, no unlit place which needs a light G 4 A 4 G(10)
chains of time are easily unloosened in this way. Let no-one W 193 L 12 W(430)
for a return to our unlost and everlasting sanctity in God W 159 L 10 W(346)
Every time there is anything unlovable that crosses ones mind T 3 E 1 T(147)146
your judgment says it is unlovable. Who is right? For one M 12 A 2 M(31)
NOTHING is lovely to the unloving. This is because they are T 3 A 33 T(128)127
see of yourselves is deprived, unloving, and very vulnerable. You CANNOT T 7 H 4 T(331)C 158
it has evaluated you AS UNLOVING, and you are going AGAINST T 9 F 5 T(399)- 226
willing to see yourself as unloving, YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY T 9 F 6 T(400)- 227
you made of Him an UNloving father, demanding of Him what T 12 C 11 T(490)317
about which you are harboring unloving thoughts. Note each one casually W 34 L 3 W(55)
closed eyes, search out your unloving thoughts in whatever form they W 39 L 6 W(65)
form they take they are unloving and therefore fearful. And so W 39 L 6 W(65)
or personalities you associate with unloving thoughts of any kind are W 39 L 7 W(65)
them in this way: My unloving thoughts about are keeping me W 39 L 8 W(65)